Mastering Ping in Pubg on Xbox – The Ultimate Guide

Are you an avid player of PUBG on Xbox and wondering what exactly is ping and why is it important in the game?

If you want to know how to check and improve your ping, as well as effectively communicate with your teammates and ping enemies, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of ping in PUBG on Xbox, including different types of pings and how to use them to your advantage.

Let’s dive in and level up your gaming experience!

Key Takeaways:

  • Ping is a measure of your connection’s speed and stability in PUBG on Xbox.
  • A good ping is essential for smooth gameplay and communication with your team.
  • To improve your ping, choose the right server, check your internet connection, and close unnecessary applications. Use the in-game voice chat and ping system to communicate with your team and alert them of enemies and danger.
  • What Is Ping in PUBG on Xbox?

    Ping in PUBG on Xbox is a way of signaling information or giving feedback to recalibrate the estimated latency and the representation of the world lag in the game. For example, if the player points at a building and selects the ping option, it will inform all other team members about the location of the building and that there might be danger inside. Your team might decide that you all check out the building or simply avoid it.

    Why Is Ping Important in PUBG on Xbox?

    Ping is important in PUBG as it provides you with an opportunity to rapidly communicate where enemies are. Knowing the location of enemies at all times – particularly late game – is vital in winning your match. On Xbox assists your teammates by relaying enemy positions more quickly and potentially accurately than a mic communication.

    Ping automatically displays the distance in meters from you to the designated location so that you can better gauge the nature of the threat you are communicating. A green ping means good, an orange means medium, and a red ping means close. Utilize this information alongside the information shown on the map and the direction wheel of the compass at the top of the HUD to best assist your cells. This is why is pinging important in PUBG on Xbox?

    How to Check Your Ping in PUBG on Xbox?

    You can check your PUBG ping in the PUBG game settings on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. This can be done by navigating to Settings (the cog icon to the far left on the PUBG home screen), then pressing Gameplay. On the far right-hand side, there should be a field called Network information. Make sure this is turned on. To check your ping, simply press the View button on your controller. Your ping information now appears over the minimap.

    How to Improve Your Ping in PUBG on Xbox?

    You can improve your ping in PUBG on Xbox by closing background applications that are using your connection while in-game, solving common network problems, or changing to a wired connection.

    To manage background applications, you should press the Xbox button, scroll to the application you want to close, press the menu/Start button, and choose Quit. This will ensure you are not devoting bandwidth to unecessary apps while playing PUBG on Xbox. Read here for 29 common network problems and solutions.

    Choose the Right Server

    To ping in PUBG on Xbox, choose the right server for your specific geographical location. Pings are small packets of data sent between your device and the game’s server to measure Round-Trip Time (RTT) and determine input latency. Pings can fluctuate during play, depending on your internet connection, but PUBG tries to minimize the issue by assigning a local server.

    If you are playing on Xbox, only European servers are available, but there are multiple regional servers on PC. You should always try to use the server most local to you for the lowest latency to avoid lost connections or game stuttering.

    Select the server closest to you by going to Loading and then Setting. Check whether geographical selection is specifically made for PUBG. PUBG players in the Middle East and North Africa were suffering from serious ping and lag problems on the EU (264 ms) and NA (226 ms) servers and were unable to connect to the Korean (230 ms) server.

    The new regional server called MEAF2021 (20 ms) has been open for Middle Eastern players since December 2021, decreasing latency to provide a better gaming environment.

    Check Your Internet Connection

    If you suspect network lag you can check your internet connection or ask another player on a different server. You can check your internet connection on Xbox by going to Settings > Network.

    If you happen to be on a server far from your current physical location, then it may impact the quality of your connection. Try changing your server region and see if this improves latency between the server and your client. Additionally, depending on the time of day, some servers may be experiencing higher load than others which can also impact connection quality.

    Close Unnecessary Background Applications

    After you close all of your game’s extra applications, the best adjustment you can make is to close any extra programs on your PC that may be interfering with your system’s ability to both play and send the game information. When you close an application, your processor and memory allocations open up. This makes the game easier to run in the background and for your PC to transmit relevant information back to the game’s servers. Playing PUBG on XBox via Steam does not have this issue since the game is only connected to the server data used to host the match, freeing your copy of PUBG on your XBox to direct the appropriate amount of system resources to transmission of commands and data between the devices.

    Use a Wired Connection

    If your network is spread thin, the most common advice for reducing lag is to move your Xbox and router closer together. Alternatively, if you must play PUBG on Xbox over Wi-Fi, you can upgrade by purchasing a Wi-Fi extender or a powerline adapter which sends signals through the electrical wiring of your home. This improves reliability by reducing interference and minimizing ping fluctuations.

    Reduce Network Congestion

    Users can interfere with proper PUBG gameplay for various reasons unknowingly. Some activities (most notably items 1 through 4 below) can use an excessive amount of a network’s capacity frequently causing network congestion. Multiple active applications and devices using the network at the same time (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output – MIMO) can frequently lead to network congestion as well.

    Consequently, shutting down any devices, applications, and/or misbehaving users that might be stealing bandwidth so as to prevent network congestion will help the smooth functioning of PUBG Mobile and assist further efforts to learn how to fix PUBG network lag on Xbox.

    How to Ping Your Teammates in PUBG on Xbox?

    You can ping your teammates in PUBG on an Xbox by aiming at them and pressing X. This is the default button command according to PUBG Corp. During the game, your teammates have specific roles to fulfill, and skilled communication and the tactical use of features such as pinging can be critical. Utilizing the pinging features is vital for informing your team of items of interest, informing them of your location, asking for items, pointing out enemies, and requesting cover. All of these can be communicated simply through the tap of a button that creates an easy-to-see pinpoint on the teammates’ screen.

    Use the In-Game Voice Chat

    To ping in pubg on xbox, use the in-game voice chat. Access the voice chat by pressing the left thumbstick on an idle controller or if you are aiming-down-sight (ADS) click it once, ad at the bottom of the HUD, the little voice symbol turns white. While holding the left thumbstick, use the A button to start voice communication, and then speak to team members through the headset to give them information on marker locations.

    This in-game chat has the advantage of providing real-time audio communication, which is very important in a fast-paced game like pubg, as well as a level of depth to team strategy. This option has the disadvantage of requiring a headset with a microphone for each player, as well as access to a pre-existing group or the chance of encountering toxic behavior through Open Mic communication with opponents.

    Use the Ping System

    The Ping System is a highly advanced system for communicating with your team without using voice chat. It is a tactical communication tool originally created by Respawn Entertainment for their game Apex Legends, similar to the already existing quick chat features in PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile.

    In the version of the Ping System in PUBG PC and Console, the player has the ability to use their controller to emphasize the tone of the message chosen. When the Ping System was first introduced to PUBG Mobile, it was seen as a replacement for its voice chat option (which had highly negative feedback associated with it). But in PUBG Console, PC, and PUBG Mobile after a large update on April 1st, 2020, the two co-execute together, giving the best of both worlds.

    To ping on Xbox and Pubg via the Ping System in PUBG, you have to be playing in a squad or duo match in the Default or Custom Controller Mode. Use the following parameters to access the Ping System and tag your specific callout.

    1. Double-tap A to mark as seen.
    2. Push A once to mark as safe.
    3. Push X to mark on an enemy.
    4. Push Y to be aggressive.
    5. Push LT or RT to set a route.

    You will be able to see the smooth execution of the ping while you are mirroring what you want on your own screen, allowing your teammate to see it. You can use it to e.g., give a subtle direction to lesser-skilled players during a match, or to mark opponents who have not seen your squad.

    How to Ping Enemies in PUBG on Xbox?

    To ping enemies in PUBG on Xbox, have an enemy in sight then aim and press the Q button on the Xbox controller. Your player will automatically ping the enemy’s last-known position and engage in battle. You must keep your aim directly on the target, as the player will ping elsewhere if you aim off-target. To stop pinging, stop aiming.

    What Are the Different Types of Pings in PUBG on Xbox?

    • Dismount / Player marker / Location Ping: This one is the most commonly used and useful peripheral marker system as mentioned, and has been a part of PUBG Mobile TDM and PC versions since prior to Season 8. It is in a refined form the basic version of the more complex armored bravo system of previous PC versions. A simple tap of the right bumper will mark the highlighted area in the center of the screen, to which teammates can refer. It has been described by Project Director Dave Curd as a part of efforts to make PUBG a more team-based battle royale in conjunction with additional features such as a number of overhauls to the analog movement system, the introduction of battle and boost parameters to compliment healing, and a new communication style.
    • Point of Interest Pinging: This refers to the enhanced versions of markers added when the player presses and holds the right bumper, which gives up to six different pings to mark enemy presence, equipment, etc. in different colors such as a yellow mountain for a good sniping position, or angry red for the location of an enemy. Quick chat substitutes for this ping will generate short codified automatically translated on-screen messages, but most players prefer the pinging system.
    • Enhanced Ping Systems: In conjunction with 2, above, these provide a squad wide drone transmission system referred to by PUBG as a Tactical Drone Communication System and will get specific limited tactical drone views of areas not immediately visible to the player. These are activated by keeping the right bumper pressed and tapping it and using sight controls in conjunction with the left joystick. This in-game unit is auto-replenishing, so Django won’t have to worry about stocking up on some.

    Location Ping

    The location ping is used to mark a spot on the map that the player’s teammates may find important or want to group at. This could be an item that has dropped during a firefight, a location to head to or that enemies are located and should be approached with caution.

    To use location ping, open the map with the back button and press the B button to open the ping interface. Then select the pink downward triangle for the sink marker and drop it on the map where you want the ping. Move the pinging triangle as a set interval to the spot you want to mark. Select Done to place this ping marker where you touched and Close to cancel placing the marker. To open or manage the existing ping markers, select the X button.

    Item Ping

    Ping using the compass indicators assists teammates in locating dropped items and gears that are useful for battles. To find useful items anywhere on the map, press the LB button to switch to the map showing the same area as your surround. Select multiple points on the area, press the View button to zoom in, and then drop the selected maps from the Drop button following the instructions.

    Enemy Ping

    When you spot an enemy player, you should ping them using the enemy ping. This notifies your teammates of the enemy’s location and aids in eliminating or tracking them. Enemy pings appear as orange and white markers and show you the remaining markers for when teammates need them.

    Danger Ping

    Danger ping shows an orange message and alert with an exclamation mark and audio announce of danger. This allows players to indicate the current presence of a dangerous situation or enemy. For example, if a player is encountering an enemy or knows that an enemy is nearby, this type of ping should be used.

    The danger mark can be pinged by selecting the Tactical Map and then pressing the Y key on Xbox to bring up the mouse to choose the danger call, followed by confirming with the A key. Danger pings do not produce colored markers like other pings, nor do they appear in the team members tracking.

    How to Use Pings Effectively in PUBG on Xbox?

    • Use them with your teammates.
    • Use them to communicate that there are enemies spotted.
    • Use them to call an item that you or your teammates might need.

    Once close to your teammates, spoken language is much more informative and contributes to better teamwork. Because of this, the in-game microphone may not be the most useful in PUBG because of the need to keep ambient noise in your real-world context audible.

    If in-game audio is the main method of communication, voice volumes in PUBG have preset increments. Make sure that your audio is on manual and change the voice volume to the maximum so you can hear the pings from teammates.

    A newer function added to the game is the Wheel Radio Display system. In the lower left-hand corner, hold the`RB`button, then you can press and hold`B` to choose from 9 different call-out signals by moving the right thumbstick.

    These call-outs are what you can use pings for. This allows you to give call-outs without necessarily giving unnecessary audio information to the enemy.

    Yes, pings are a revolutionary feature in video games and a desired addition to the real-world user experience. However, they cannot and should not replace verbal communication for actual tactical play. This is not just the case for PUBG on Xbox, but for pinging functions in all Xbox games.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the ping feature in PUBG on Xbox and how do I use it?
    The ping feature in PUBG on Xbox allows players to mark specific locations or items on the map for their team to see. To use it, simply aim at the desired location or item and press the right bumper button on your controller.

    Can I ping multiple locations or items at once in PUBG on Xbox?
    Yes, you can ping multiple locations or items at once in PUBG on Xbox. Simply continue using the ping feature at each desired location or item, and your team will see all the markers on their map.

    How do I communicate with my team using the ping feature in PUBG on Xbox?
    While aiming at a location or item, you can press and hold the right bumper button to bring up a list of different ping options, such as “loot here” or “go here”. This allows you to communicate specific objectives to your team without using voice chat.

    Can I customize the ping options in PUBG on Xbox?
    Yes, you can customize the ping options in PUBG on Xbox by going to the game’s settings and selecting “control options”. From there, you can change the button mapping for the ping feature or even turn off certain ping options.

    Are there any limitations to using the ping feature in PUBG on Xbox?
    The only limitation to using the ping feature in PUBG on Xbox is that your team must be within range of the ping for it to appear on their map. If they are too far away, they will not see your ping marker.

    Can I use the ping feature in PUBG on Xbox while playing solo?
    Yes, you can use the ping feature while playing solo in PUBG on Xbox. This can be helpful for marking specific locations or items for yourself to remember later in the game.

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