Mastering Sudoku Strategy: How to Effectively Use Battle Tickets

If you’re a Sudoku enthusiast looking to take your gameplay to the next level, you may have come across the concept of Battle Tickets.

But what exactly are Battle Tickets in Sudoku, and how can you get them? In this article, we’ll explore how to use Battle Tickets in Sudoku, including selecting the battle mode, choosing opponents, and playing against them.

We’ll also discuss the benefits of using Battle Tickets, any limitations or restrictions you may encounter, and how to acquire more Battle Tickets.

So, let’s dive in and enhance your Sudoku experience!

What Are Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

  1. Battle tickets
  2. Classic Sudoku boards (3 difficulties)
  3. Mini-Duels
  4. Trophy leaderboard and battles with different opponents

Battle tickets are a special item in Sudoku by Puzzle apps. They are used to unlock Mini-Duels where you can compete in real-time against one between two and eight other players. The app then features a realtime Sudoku game with the selected players. Alternatively, players in need of practice or not wishing to wait for others to join can also choose to play against an AI.

Points are given based on the speed and correctness of answers. They are lost for incorrect answers. You earn tickets by ‘battling’ in both the Duel and Challenge modes, and can also buy them in the shop, trade coins for tickets, or watch videos for tickets.

In all, Sudoku by Puzzle offers three main sections of battle, where battle tickets are sometimes used in SECTION. Players can play only the Mini-Duels to use battle tickets, with no ticket spend needed for gaining access to those matches.

How To Get Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

Battle tickets refer to Sudoku Royale tournament passes that allow one entry into a one-on-one Sudoku Royale PvP tournament. To get battle tickets in Sudoku Royale, follow these steps.

  1. Install the Sudoku Royale mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up for a Sudoku Royale account using either Facebook or an email account.
  3. Play Sudoku Royale against the computer or other players to earn tickets.

One battle ticket is awarded after every 3-4 standard ranked games. A battle ticket costs 88 keys. Earning tickets is a reward for playing Sudoku Royale regularly.

How To Use Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

To use Battle Tickets in Sudoku, open the Sudoku game within Google Play Games. Select Play at the bottom left, then choose Battle. Pick an opponent to battle with. Your opponent may come from the list of Google friends or be a randomly selected player whose ability rank is closer to yours. Once the battle starts, choose which of the four Sudoku games you want to play. You start with 10 Battle Tickets which are displayed in the upper right. Each game played consumed a Battle Ticket which the player must replenish by waiting approximately an hour or by buying tickets. The winner is the player who earns the most game points over the period of the battle. After each game session of 4 games, the player’s progress is displayed and the choice shown for how many battle tickets the player wishes to expend to resume battle.

Selecting Battle Mode

The first way to use battle tickets in Sudoku Galaxy is the following: after opening the game and connecting to the server if online, the player uses a single battle ticket for the battle mode option. This version of two-player Sudoku allows real-time play against an opponent, making it a test of Sudoku speed.

After clicking on Start Battle, the player will either play with a new opponent randomly selected by the game, play with a friend by using the opponent’s ID number, or invite someone on the Internet to join a battle with a code for that specific battle. The rules from classic Sudoku apply with these variations: the player must at least look down on the leaderboard before starting the game and switching to the head-to-head Sudoku, the player who pauses the game for more than 10 seconds without locking a block will transfer the advantage to his or her opponent, and the battles stop as soon as one of the player’s timers a zero second.

When battle mode is chosen, the game picks the level of difficulty and the random opponent. A considerable number of the opponents are AI players to allow the player duo experience, whether or not they are online. The following example shows how the system selects both difficulty and an opponent. The good-natured Captain Sudoku player is a default partner for a battle with teammates. His focus on achieving mutual success is seen by him being rewarded with victory and points when the player scores points.

Choosing Opponent

The opponent is automatically predefined. Every player has the chance to challenge an opponent to a specific battle and play for a specific prize in the daily challenge. Ultimately the choice is determined by the randomized awards that are preassigned to each of the daily challenges. It is not up to the players to define a 1v1 battle and select an individual opponent such as a friend or acquaintance.

Using Battle Tickets to Play Against Opponent

The basic idea is to play a regular game against an online opponent and either at the beginning or during the match play a game-in-game where you win or lose whether you win or lose the larger game. As a player approaches victory in the main game they try to spend tickets betting against themselves so they do not benefit from the reduced odds of randomness and the higher odds that their opponent can capitalize on a mistake.

People who are used to role-playing or gambling pool this is akin to sandbagging. Poker players for example might bet on the side with the weaker hand. Battlemods have the additional element of allowing gambling before the game actually starts with the tier system and ticket prices. This means that unsportsmanlike cheaters (especially with alternate accounts) have the potential to benefit unfairly as they can rig the system to their advantage.

What Are The Benefits of Using Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

The benefits of using Battle tickets in Sudoku Royale to wager against an opponent include increasing stake amounts and likelihood of larger credit/winning amounts, as well as a refocus signaling mechanism to aid concentration.

With regular play using free tickets, effort is stimulated by default as you make moves. But by introducing battle tickets as a wagering system, the monetary incentives are raised high enough to guarantee there is a distinct reward for the player when he has mastered the level. This ensures that players progress to harder levels more quickly rather than lose interest in repeating levels they have already mastered.

The money at stake, even when no real money is wagered, adds a thrill and more of a sense of competition to the game. Before launching into a match, players sharpen their focus on the grid and on the game. This is a key behavior in E-Sports but is rarely seen in mobile gaming. Fast thinking and faster acting now is not only a fun pastime but also has opportunities for serious monetary gains.

Compete Against Other Players

If you use Battle Tickets in Sudoku, you will be able to compete against other players, rather than playing the game alone. Competing against other players in the Sudoku app’s player base is the main feature of the Sudoku Battles mode. In this mode, you have your chosen time limit, and the player who scores the most points within that time limit is the winner. These points are gained by playing the three daily challenges as quickly as possible before other players. For a nominal fee in gold, you may purchase additional opportunities to play and win in battles against others. The concept is explained well in the video by the Sudoku team. Sudoku Battles is the best game feature for players on advanced difficulty levels, working professionals, as it has multiple unique puzzle patterns with a medium level of difficulty, making it attractive to a broad base of players, Bang of PLAY Corporation explained.

Battling with other players in fact promotes awareness and a sense of urgency in your gameplay. You’ll try to solve a puzzle as quickly and accurately as possible in order to get more points than your competitor.

Earn Rewards

Earn rewards are tickets that can be purchased for real money instead of being earned through playing against other players. Aspect2i has different pricing for different numbers of earn reward battle tickets. Below, is an excerpt from their game’s pricing structure.

According to the official webpage defining tickets, earn rewards are used in two ways – to gain additional hint tickets and to extend the time you have to find passcodes. Each earn ticket you earn by playing the game can be redeemed for 2 hint tickets. If you have time left and you approach the point where your time runs out, you can use earned earn tickets to extend your time left until you are able to find a passcode or furnish the round.

Improve Skills and Strategies

You can use Battle Tickets in Sudoku to improve your skills and strategies. This can be done by competitively playing the game against other players. When you use a Battle Ticket, you are assigned an entry number in a tournament chart against another player’s number. The winner of the round advances to the next round just like an elimination-style sports tournament. So with each game you play, you can attempt to learn from your opponent. This is difficult to fully realize in the automated version of this process, as limited information is available on your opponent’s strategies during gameplay since there is no live action suspense. However, it still provides an effective way to practice and refine your Sudoku strategies.

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions When Using Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

Yes. the biggest limitations and restrictions are that you cannot use Battle Tickets in Sudoku to request help from other team members to solve cells that are part of a Backbone Pattern.

A Backbone Pattern is a pattern that relies on the existence of a restricted common chain or channel of boxes to show the uniqueness of the solution or to solve it. A Backbone Pattern per se does not imply any restrictions on the displayed puzzle and should solve it uniquely without any change in the puzzle grid. If you ever want to learn to use Battle Tickets visit the official AI Batteship Help Center’s ‘Sudoku Rules & Tactics’ page.

According to the AI Battleship team, they track each battle ticket solution for bones that occur during those cells. If at the very end of the puzzle, the existence of a backline is the only reason these cells can be solved, they remain as clues and are not replaced by hints. Counting the positions of all possible digits in the backline cells of the ticket, if one can find several solutions, these are classified as bones and are eliminated from the puzzle. The remaining cells on the ticket grid can only be used by the player right there and then.

Limited Number of Battle Tickets

You will receive five battle tickets daily and each of these may be used up to three times for a total of 15 Battle Tickets possible during a 24-hour period. After one use, the tickets will regenerate after 3 hours.

If you do not use any of the Battle Tickets during a 24-hour period, the number available the next day will remain 5, not 20. There is no way to collect or trade-in unallocated Battle Tickets.

Additional Battle Tickets may be purchased (usually paid for with real money) using in-game currency.

Time Restrictions

Time restrictions on Dispatch battle tickets are common in apps that do not allow unlimited printing. This is why the term temporary dispatch ticket is commonly used for an eTicket that can be used immediately to print real tickets, or one that is time-restricted and kept by staff to print later.

Some online review and third-party seller websites (such as Headout in India) also structure ticket sales under a temporary ticket permit, where the purchasing customer has a very short window (e.g. 30 minutes to an hour) to cancel their online purchase with a full refund.

Limited Opponent Selection

A battle ticket is used to limit opponent selection on Battle Mode. They are used to only fight opponents at the same level of Battle League. From levels 1-150 (higher than 150 will be implemented in the future) they are only used if you want to compete at a certain level. Using them unnecessarily against weaker opponents could be considered manipulating the system. Until they are used, they preserve the slot.

How Can You Get More Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

You get more Battle Tickets in Sudoku by purchasing offers, which may give you a small number of tickets with other in-app items or gold/powder. You can also get more tickets through subscriptions which may open extra options within the game as well. You can also get an additional free daily tickets by watching an ad. Lastly, you can earn them by performing well in tournaments. Regular gold and powder can be used to purchase up to 30 extra tickets per week.

You can get 25 passing tickets for 400 gold and up to 5 new battle tickets for 3000 light powder. After finding the right number of battles needed, convert whatever excess light and dark gems you have to light powder. You may get battle tickets directly through a special campaign from the battle tickets section. It may give you rewarding outcomes such as Golden tickets (10x chances), Diamond (30x chances), or free battle tickets upgrades.

Try to participate in as many tournaments as possible to get battle tickets. Players receive coins and tickets used to open chests. Open a golden chest after winning five matches, a diamond chest after 15, a 4-leaf clover chest after 25, and the top lucky clover chest after 40 wins. The more chests you open, the more battle tickets you receive.

Purchasing Battle Tickets

To battle and win rewards, AD-FREE Sudoku users must purchase Battle Tickets. Two modes may be utilized to purchase the tickets for battle. Under the lowest difficulty level, users can win Battle Tickets at C-Low levels. In the higher difficulty levels, tickets are available to purchase by the pack.

To purchase battle tickets at the lowest difficulty, A user selects the post-battle screen and clicks the Get Tickets button. High-level users may go to the Shop section and purchase them by the pack. A pack of 3 tickets is 200 Gold Coins. Spend blue diamonds on Extra Tickets after they have run out. Prices for additional tickets are currently unavailable for the version of the app used for this description.

Completing Daily Challenges

2. Completing daily challenges is another way to use battle tickets to play for cash in Sudoku. This feature is unlocked at Level 3. Daily Challenges rise in difficulty with better perks.

Basic users are given 73 days of easy challenges with 2 free battle tickets. Expert users are given 27 days of challenges with 3 free battle tickets. Paid users must use tickets to complete these daily challenges. They can earn between 0.06 USD and 0.75 USD with easy challenges and 0.1 USD and 1.35 USD with expert challenges.

For the paid users, the intention behind gaining a daily challenge can be using the new feature and earning cash.”b” refers to balance on the right side of the screen and “c” indicates the ticket amount.

Inviting Friends to Play

You can invite friends to play by spending your lifeloads to turn game tickets into colorful challenge tickets friendly to other individuals. From there, simply click the SEND AS A GIFT button on the main battle ticket page and search for a user to send that battle ticket to. The recipient will see the invitation in the gifts menu on their end and can begin playing on their own schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Battle Tickets and how can I use them in Sudoku?

Battle Tickets are a special in-game currency in Sudoku that can be used to participate in online battles against other players. You can use them by selecting the “Battle Mode” option in the game menu and choosing a battle to join.

Where can I get Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

You can earn Battle Tickets by completing daily challenges, winning battles against other players, or purchasing them with real money in the game’s store. They can also be rewarded for achieving certain milestones in the game.

Can I use Battle Tickets to play against my friends in Sudoku?

Yes, you can use Battle Tickets to challenge your friends and other players in Sudoku. Simply select the “Friends Battle” option in the game menu, choose your opponent, and use your Battle Tickets to join the battle.

Are there any limitations on how many Battle Tickets I can use in a day?

There is no limit on the number of Battle Tickets you can use in a day, but you must have enough of them to participate in a battle. You can earn more by completing challenges or purchasing them.

What happens if I win a battle using Battle Tickets in Sudoku?

If you win a battle using Battle Tickets, you will receive a higher amount of rewards such as coins, power-ups, or even more Battle Tickets. This allows you to continue participating in battles and improving your skills.

Can I exchange my Battle Tickets for other in-game items in Sudoku?

No, Battle Tickets can only be used to participate in battles and cannot be exchanged for other in-game items. However, you can use them to earn more rewards and progress faster in the game.

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