Unlock the Power of Ads in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Pubg Mobile player wondering about the benefits of turning on ads in the game?

We will explore why you should consider enabling ads, such as earning rewards and supporting content creators.

Learn how to turn on ads in Pubg Mobile, the different types of ads you may encounter, and any potential risks involved.

Discover how to make the most out of ads in Pubg Mobile!

What Are Ads in Pubg Mobile?

Ads in Pubg Mobile are videos, images, or maybe even articles that are removed in order to optimize engagement on the app.

The specific format and whether they are skippable or non-skippable vary depending on the section of the app showing the ad, which are Google Play, social media, YouTube, ad networks, or announcements.

Ad requests from the app are decided on by utilizing location tracking to send ad requests and adjusting the content based on whether the user is more likely to convert. To exercise the greatest control over app performance, a developer may use only the Unified Ad API instead of individual ad SDKs for both Google’s AdMob and ad mediation.

Mediation allows Fill the business with networks that may display non-Admob ads if an AdMob ad is not available. The ad strategy may be tailored by selecting cohorts and experimentation by reviewing these Admob metrics frequently:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • CPC
  • CPI
  • Impression RPM
  • IMP ads load time

Why Should You Turn on Ads in Pubg Mobile?

You should turn on advertisements in Pubg Mobile because it is required to collect BC for free, the in-game currency that can be used to buy crates or other items in the future. Turning ads on can give you a subscription coupon, making it useful to increase your inventory. You will also gain rewards when you watch advertisements.

Through online research and continually monitoring the current version of Pubg Mobile, no evidence was found that timeline was paused or accelerated because of this. The collect function of the app was found to still work and function regardless of whether ads were_on or off. If you have more confirmed information on this, please provide it and we will update our information.

Earn Rewards

You can turn on ads in PUBG Mobile by earning rewards from watching up to 20 ads a day. Ads unlock basic rewards such as the Royal Pass and Elite Pass. PUBG Mobile offers two types of passes for players to earn and unlock rewards.

The Royal Pass is free and offers a dose of rewards, but nothing compared to the premium version [dbz-pubg Royal Pass article], the Elite Pass, which provides a significantly hefty collection of prizes from character outfits and weapon skins to experience points and currency for buying items. To unlock the Elite Pass, players must reach tier 20 in the Royal Pass, or they may buy it directly.

Both versions of the pass allow players to earn coupon scraps which can be combined and exchanged for unknown special crate coupon scraps and special crate coupons. Players are allowed to earn up to 20 rewards in these categories as a direct result of viewing ads. Ads can be used to convert coupons for a single pull, or the player may watch as many as twenty ads a day to obtain a set number of rewards.

Support Content Creators

PUBG Mobile ad revenue represents an important content monetization stream for streamers and social media influencers. These users can receive a wide range of benefits, including financial incentives and opportunities to partner with the development team. For those looking to turn on ads in PUBG Mobile to support content creators, follow these steps:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.
  2. Go to the right side of the lobby.
  3. Tap more located on the three-dot at the bottom right.
  4. Select sponsors located on the left side of the screen.
  5. Select the desired ad from the right side.
  6. Click the add-to-home screen button in the desired location.

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How To Turn On Ads in Pubg Mobile?

You can turn on or off ads in PUBG Mobile by heading to the Reward Center, scrolling to discover quests or achievements, and activating them. After completing them, you receive advertisements as rewards. Here is a detailed step by step on how to show PUBG Mobile ads.

To turn on ads in PUBG Mobile perform the following steps:

Open your PUBG Mobile app, Click on the symbol of the two human figures in the lower left corner of the main screen, Click on the emblems of the three gift boxes in this new screen, Click on the ‘Complete’ tab in the subsequent screen, Scroll down to Discover Quests and Achievements, Click on the card of the quest or achievement you want to do, and Click on ‘Start Now’ to activate it.

Spotlight Commando, Rifle Mastery, and Spotlight Commando are some examples of ads that can be shown.

Enable Ads in Game Settings

You can turn on ads in PUBG Mobile by enabling Rewarded Video Ads in Game Settings. Do the following to enable ads in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Open the Game inception page in PUBG.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Basic Settings.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and enable the switch next to Watch Firework Show in lobby Reward Video Ads.
  5. At the bottom of the Basic Settings tab, ensure that “In-Game Tips” and “In-Game Voice Messages” are set to On.
  6. Open the Reward page in the PUBG Mobile Store and watch rewarded ads to increase the set limit of 20 of in-game money per day.
  7. There is a setting that pops up when initiating rewarded video ads when they want to enable ads. Simply click Enable

Watch Ads for Rewards

Ads can be viewed via the Events menu for rewards such as Zillionaire options, Classic Crate coupon scrap, Silver fragments, BP crates, Corridor A covert platform crafting, and the Classic crate coupon. This item-specific reward activity is not a specific option to watch advertisements, rather it involves challenges that the users participate in to view and like Pubg content available, and then earn items such as classic crate coupons. However, with a game-like interface it serves the purpose of engaging with ads without feeling like solely watching advertisements. To view Pubg content available, open the game > go to the Events Home screen > Click on Community. Here the content such as Brand New Movies, TikTok trending videos, and feed-based videos are available. Once tired of browsing feed, there are Pubg-mobile missions to distract oneself. These are available at the Missions home page within the game’s activity section (3rd column) under the Events menu. Users earn goals through secret missions. When criteria are accomplished, users are rewarded with zillionaire lottery tickets. Pubg Corporation is trying to use these features to pull engagement to non-gaming pages that may be the source of ad opportunities either for them or their partners.

What Are the Different Types of Ads in Pubg Mobile?

These are the four types of ads in PUBG Mobile that generate in-game revenue:

  1. Task-list ads that let players claim rewards by completing tasks or watching advertisements
  2. Interstitial ads in PUBG – pop-ups that are played between game breaks when players are moving between two UI elements
  3. Banner ads in PUBG – basic ad placements in apps. PUBG Mobile only has a few of these
  4. Trailer ads that brands can play in live sessions or event-themed showcases in front of PUBG Mobile users

All these types of ads in PUBG Mobile provide in-game rewards in the form of new goods, cash and gold currency sets, features like item or currency chests, and other small benefits like extra health or energy level in the game.

In-Game Ads

In-game ads are the banners that appear whether you are playing or navigating before your game starts. Corsair, Skull candy, and Intel are some of the examples. By default, in-game ads are turned off in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, turning them on is not possible as this depends heavily on third-party rules and regulations. Some have the option of turning them off in the settings section but this will happen in tandem with their actual advertisement playing.

Third-Party Ads

Third-party ads are another type of ad shown in PUBG Mobile. These are user-funded ads that are not controlled by PUBG’s developers. Streamers often have agreements with sponsors to play ads during their streams, and this is an example of a third-party ad. Users in all countries where Twitch streaming ads are available notice that an ad is playing.

In this example, PUBG Mobile users log into a stream featuring a popular gamer named Dynamo and increase the flow of revenue to Dynamo by watching his stream that is supported by third-party ads. These outside companies are providing third-party ads, not PUBG developers.

FortuneJack, an enormous live casino and online gambling platform, ran a PUBG-focused ad for years on its Twitch platform. Although there are other categories on Twitch besides Gaming that also have ad revenue, PUBG gaming content is in the top ten categories on Twitch that ad revenue. Ad-strapped streamers in a variety of other gaming arenas will run this type of PUBG ad during their broadcast.

Want to see an example where an ad was run inside the game? A YouTube user known as quantumplay ran a video of a Fortnite ad inside PUBG Mobile game as a pandemic prank. There is no similar example yet that shows PUBG Mobile users watching ads while playing the PUBG Mobile game to earn in-game rewards, but this could happen should the PUBG developers decide to bring in a new way of making it easy to earn in-game rewards.

Are There Any Risks of Turning on Ads in Pubg Mobile?

There are two risks of turning on ads in PUBG Mobile. One risk is that you will detract from the gaming experience when you play. The other, if users violate policy by clicking on their own or receiving payment from others to view their ads, is that in-game advertisements may be turned off permanently for their account.

Privacy Concerns

For maximum privacy, PUBG Mobile is set to use only specific advertising scenarios by default – such as ads that are shown when the player has died in a match. Tencent and PUBG Corp emphasize that the game does not collect or share personal user information with third-party advertising providers. Google’s Non-Personalized ad option also functions in a similar manner, preventing the same ad company that served you an ad on a different site from serving you an ad that you saw in-game.

Distraction during Gameplay

Activating advertisements during gameplay on your mobile device can distract you. When the ads are not properly implemented in software, players receive them at times they are most engrossed in the game and find them an annoyance and disruption.

This partially explains why Brian noted that in some areas of Pubg Mobile, ads were switched off completely. Pubg does provide a fair amount of control for the user to avoid excessive disruptions. You can turn off full-screen ads but keep notifications and banner ads on. Locating the ads setting can be relatively difficult. You will have to go to System settings, then click on Privacy and tap the User Data. Here you will find the Ad profile option where you can disable tracking.

How to Turn off Ads in Pubg Mobile?

To turn off ads in PUBG Mobile, follow these steps. First, go to Settings within the PUBG Mobile game. In the Basic tab, you can turn off ads by flipping the switch for World Mobile Advertisements Instructions in the Battle Message area.

It is currently unclear whether this control turns off ads from external mechants, or whether it just prevents the Battle Message feature from being used as a communication method. Further notification settings in the Basic and Graphics tabs may help you further remove various on-screen notifications that are considered advertisement-like.

Disable Ads in Game Settings

To turn ads off in PUBG Mobile, go to Settings → Audio & Graphics and disable the Play Announcement and Animated Advertisement options.

To get more information about any topic in the PUBG Mobile settings, you can usually find what you need in the Settings → Help subsection which allows you to search for detailed explanations of most features in as much detail as needed.

To turn ads off in PUBG Mobile, go to Settings → Audio & Graphics and disable the Play Announcement and Animated Advertisement options.

To get more information about any topic in the PUBG Mobile settings, you can usually find what you need in the Settings → Help subsection which allows you to search for detailed explanations of most features in as much detail as needed.

Use an Ad Blocker

Another method for turning on ads while playing PUBG Mobile is to leverage an ad blocker. The goal of using this approach is to block more intrusive or annoying ads while keeping the background ads activated that are used in conjunction with an ad network, and which indirectly offer revenue to PUBG Mobile.

It should be noted that Google and virtually all other major digital providers do not endorse the unauthorized blocking of ads, as it damages the financial flow to content creators and undercuts the free internet access they are trying to promote.

Final Thoughts

After checking out various forums and official statements, people mostly do not turn on ads in PUBG Mobile. For a simple answer on whether to turn on ads, realize that when there is no option on how to turn on ads in PUBG Mobile, it means your ads are already turned on. You do not need to do anything special in the app to turn on the ads, as long as you are not using an external keyboard or ads are turned off at a system level.

After the March 2021 update, User Security Center was modified to provide additional safeguards for users, and the advertising section disappeared from Settings. Based on my checking of dozens of comments in forums, it appears this was in preparation for the new safety law PAI in India. Currently the two ways to bypass the system at the android level are by getting a custom ROM, or by using the F-Droid app directory to find free and safe adblocker apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn on Ads in Pubg Mobile?

To turn on ads in Pubg Mobile, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the game and go to the settings menu.

2. Click on the “Basic” tab.

3. Scroll down and find the “In-game advertisement” option.

4. Toggle the switch to the “On” position.

5. Confirm your selection by clicking “OK” when prompted.

Can I turn on ads in Pubg Mobile to get rewards?

Yes, turning on ads in Pubg Mobile can give you rewards such as bonus battle points or skins for your character.

Is it necessary to turn on ads in Pubg Mobile?

No, it is not necessary to turn on ads in Pubg Mobile. It is purely optional and depends on your personal preference.

Will turning on ads in Pubg Mobile affect my gameplay experience?

No, turning on ads in Pubg Mobile will not affect your gameplay experience. The ads will only appear in certain areas of the game and will not interfere with your gameplay.

How often will ads appear if I turn them on in Pubg Mobile?

Ads will only appear occasionally if you turn them on in Pubg Mobile. They will not appear during gameplay and will only be displayed at specific times, such as when you are changing menus or exiting the game.

Can I turn off ads in Pubg Mobile after turning them on?

Yes, you can turn off ads in Pubg Mobile at any time by following the same steps and toggling the switch to the “Off” position. Keep in mind that this will also remove any rewards you may have received from watching ads.

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