Unlock the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile: A Complete Guide

Curious about Pubg Mobile and the different types of weapons available in the game? Interested in learning more about the Glacier M416 and how to obtain it? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore the various weapon categories in Pubg Mobile, including Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols.

We will also delve into the details of the Glacier M416, how to get your hands on this coveted weapon, and the benefits it offers. Stay tuned to discover all you need to know about obtaining the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile and alternative options available!

Key Takeaways:

  • Obtain the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile through lucky spins, in-game events, redeem codes, or purchasing from the in-game store.
  • Enjoy increased damage and range, unique design and appearance, and increased prestige and bragging rights with the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile.
  • If unable to obtain the Glacier M416, consider customizing other weapons with skins and cosmetics or using other weapons with similar stats.
  • What Is Pubg Mobile?

    Pubg Mobile is a free-to-play (f2p), first-person and third-person, battle royale mobile game developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Bluehole studio. Pubg Mobile was first released to the public on March 19, 2018, and is available on both the Apple app store and Google play store. In the game, 100 real-time players are matched against each other with the player being able to either participate solo, in duos, or as a team of four. The players are placed on a remote 8×8 km map where they must Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, Livik, and Kraken to scavenge for equipment and eliminate opponents while avoiding being eliminated by opponents themselves or environmental hazards.

    What Are the Different Types of Weapons in Pubg Mobile?

    The different types of weapons in Pubg Mobile are as follows:

    1. Solid Weapons: PUBG MOBILE’s original weapons, which are suitable for players of importance and heavy attack.
    2. Cold Weapons: These are the things in the game that can harm the enemy in a direct-contact melee. The player can sometimes obtain the M416 Glacier by getting them.
    3. Famous Weapons: Weapons that have been inspired by history, and are similar. These types of guns are arranged by a character’s choice, rather than by the virtual game settings.

    These three types can provide a range of gun accessibility options based on maps, real weapons that historically occurred, and imaginative weapons catering to the developer’s fantasy storyline. Ice walls are used as undiscovered places for legendary guns in PUBG MOBILE, a completely new map feature.

    Assault Rifles

    The M416 assault rifle is a bow action, selective fire weapon. Assault rifles are generally referred to as regular rifles in military vernacular.

    Assault rifles have intermediate power cartridges that offer the best of both worlds, according to the U.S. Army’s definition. They are capable of hitting targets at greater ranges, while at the same time allowing soldiers to carry more ammunition than they would with heavier rounds used by the US in the past.

    The AKM and Groza are examples.

    Submachine Guns

    Although a submachine gun, the M416 can be equipped with an extended magazine enabling you to use it as a short range light machine gun. This means all information REGIFUKO showed for light machine guns in the PUBG Mobile official M416 stats still applies.

    M416 Vs DP-28: The DP-28 does more damage and is more stable if only looking at the recoil force. But it is less stable in terms of movement inertia as a light machine gun. Therefore, the M416 has an edge if the character doesn’t use the scope at all. The following information applies only if the character uses the scope for sniping. The M416 has higher vertical and horizontal recoil, meaning the line of sight takes longer to be fixed, and it may be more difficult to aim after the first shoot. Therefore it is better as a light machine gun than as a sniper.

    Sniper Rifles

    The Glacier M416 skin can be used as a sniper rifle as skins like the Glacier series M416 can be used together to create a matching combination. Using it with a matching sniper rifle from the same series can be a dynamic and striking use of the skin.

    As the M416 is part of the Glacier weapon skin series, the different weapons which utilize the series have a consistent and harmonious appearance. The following weapons can be used to pair with the M416 as a sniper rifle:


    Unlike rifles, shotguns lack versatility due to their limited effective range, but they offer the advantage of spraying over a larger area, leaving the target with little room to maneuver. This is usually beneficial in close and confined spaces.

    There are nine Shotguns in PUBG Mobile’s classic mode. The S1897, S686, S12K, DBS, M870, Sawed-Off, M1014, Lever Action Shotgun, and Double Barrel Shotgun are pump-action, over-under, semi-automatic, double barrel, lever action, and sawed-off shotguns respectively. Many shotguns have similar characteristics, but where they differ, shotguns are best used in two ways.

    + Crowd control in PvP encounters. Shotguns have a wide spread of bullets over close range, allowing players to tackle a range of threats when they are surrounded in a sudden ambush from enemies hiding in tight spots. Strategy: Carry a shotgun and swap to it uncertain CQC (Close Quarters Combat) situations.

    + Early phase looting gun. A small number of looter players use shotguns as their main looting weapons. The prepared spreads are effective for fast creature clears and for grabbing early-stage kills whereas players start with less ammunition. Strategy: If you start with a good capability shotgun (such as the S12K), use paratroopers to quickly tackle the threats.

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    You will get better results playing PUBG Mobile if you choose the appropriate weapon. Medical experts recommend using rifles, but there are times when medicine is not on your list. MEDIATEK THAT RELIEFS is a unique collaboration with Oxe Cure and is definitely your best go-to medicine. Are there times when you suffer from body aches, pain, or fever? MEDIATEK THAT RELIEFS a powerful combination from Oxe Cure may help you to relieve it.


    The pistol category offers some distinctive weapons that are not used heavily because of the limitations of their design. Notably few, the M1911TT, , and P99 are the only weapons that appear in the pistol category. In general, pistols are even rarer to find than sanitary items. But the appearance of sanitized means that pistols are easier to find in Pubg. The flare gun can also bring vehicles or air supply. M416 Glacier will not be found in a pistol search, but while looking for something rare like a pistol, you may be fortunate and pick the Glacier up on the way.

    What Is the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile?

    The Glacier M416 is a rare M416 gun skin in Pubg mobile known for a distinctive light-blue ice pattern on the weapon’s body and a snowflake pattern etched in ice on its lower receiver. The Glacier M416 was first introduced in Season 2’s Royale Pass, available in a Mini Royale Pass with a royal theme. The Glacier M416 has been available in subsequent Royale Passes but is rare to see in use.

    How to Obtain the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile?

    The Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile is obtained by first unlocking the gun by logging in on 7 calendar days between November 27th, 2020 and December 13th, 2020. Once you have the gun you can unlock weapon finishes by playing a total of 200 Classic Mode matches. This color set ranges from the orange, light green, and dark green variant you will receive for the first milestone up through a light blue, white, and green shaded variant you get for your 13th and 14th milestones at 70 matches and 140 matches respectively.

    Upon reaching the milestone indicator in the achievements section of Pubg Mobile, you will then receive the Glacier M416 set that is attached to your account. For example, once you complete the 2nd milestone you will receive the bluish version. After the Pubg Mobile Season 17 week 8 update there are only 14 new milestones to work through instead of the original 20. You can still get a wide array of colors and gun finishes. One of the big changes was a reduction of battle point costs. You will spend just under 60,000 battle points for all finishes.

    Through Lucky Spins

    The Glacier M416 gun in PUBG mobile can be acquired by purchasing a Lucky Spin pack at the cost of 150 UC, whereby players get a chance to obtain the Glacier M416. Opening the Spin Pack costs 60 UC points, which grants 1 Lucky Draw which in return allows the player to win the Glacier M416 gun. Continuous spins inches players closer to getting it.

    Moreover, the Lucky Cycle Spins feature on PUBG Mobile is a helpful addition as it allows players to buy the gun through UC CP points after completing a cycle of lucky spins successfully. Lucky SPIN Packs do not guarantee a Glacier M16, so success relies mostly on chance. Players can check the `Redeem section` to see how many spins they have done as the spinner time is counted towards the cycle clock.

    Through In-game Events

    Glacier M416 in PUBG Mobile can be acquired by participating in in-game events. In-game events are the premiere way derived from PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Mountain Dew to acquire the Glacier M416 skin and many potentially other mystery items such as flyers, BP rewards, gym bags, etc. Previous PUBG Mobile events for Glacier M416 skins have centered around summer and winter events, but the timing and availability of these events remains at PUBG Mobile’s discretion.

    It should be noted that acquiring the Glacier M416 in PUBG Mobile through in-game events typically requires money as well. In the case of the Mountain Dew event, a unique code on the bottle of Mountain Dew products was required to participate and receive the rewards. Special promotional digital layouts on the PUBG Mobile/ Mountain Dew webpage were designated for the unique codes to be entered. For this and similar events, it should be recommended that players visit the game’s official website to check in-game rewards or follow their social accounts to learn about new events.

    Players should set reminders, turn on push notifications, and check the game every week to learn about weekly new events. The only requirement for obtaining the Glacier M416 in PUBG mobile through in-game events is having a supported device and an internet connection. While other PUBG platforms exist, the Glacier M416 is specifically only part of PUBG Mobile.

    Through Redeem Codes

    Glacier M416 skin is obtained through redemption codes that can be redeemed at specific platforms such as the official PUBG Mobile site, official social media accounts, PUBG Mobile partner sites, authorized distributor partner stores, PC emulators such as GameLoop, digital platforms or in-game shops, or during game promotions, and tasks.

    Redemption codes for Glacier M416 have not been released and it is rare to obtain this way. Art contests are also one route by which players have been able to obtain the skin.

    Through Purchasing from the In-game Store

    You can get the Glacier M416 in PUBG Mobile by Purchasing it from the in-game store, but it is not currently listed there. The Glacier M416 used to be available in gun stores as a crate gun. It appeared on October 15, 2018, with a 3% probability. One of the only gun skins with progressive upgrades, the glacier has multiple versions T1 to T5, with the latter being the post-evolution form. When looted from crates or vents, a form of alteration or add-on that can improve the rifle is required.

    The interface changes alongside the color, followed by barbed wire at levels two and four along with frozen snow over it in stages three and five. The additional advantage of this skin is the customization of the ever-changing color and materials allowing you to disguise it efficiently in the arid Flag map or snowy Vikendi map to camouflage it in the surroundings.

    What Are the Benefits of Having the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile?

    The Benefits of Having the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile are that it can be automatically acquired by redeeming achievement points and it stands out from other M416 skins due to its stat changes and appearance.

    The Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile has three benefits over the stock M416: increased range, increased fire rate, as well as improved horizontal and vertical recoil.

    It has been stated that in-game weapon stats are identical to the M416. However with the M416’s official power measured at 43.5, it has lower power (at 40) compared to the Midnight Chicken M416 (41) and Frostbite SCAR-L (42). It has an easier-to-control recoil compared to the default version, making it easier to target distant opponents. The M416 is initially unstable, but the problem is solved after a few bullets have been fired.

    In terms of appearance, players enjoy the look of the Glacier M416. Its look resembles ice which is a patented design and one of the few white weapon skins available. It is the flipside to glacier UAZ and M16A4 skins, often making a unique white theme when combined. Though it does not have a custom finish, it has the default M416 on-hit animations that can be covered with an eye-catching solid iceberg effect.

    Increased Damage and Range

    The Glacier M416 in PUBG Mobile has increased damage and range from the stats of the normal M416 assault rifle in the game. The normal M416 has a 43 (body)/101 (head) damage rating while the Glacier M416 has a 45/106 rating. The Glacier variant has a 30% increase in range from 300m to 400m and a .085s shortened time between its bullets from .083s.

    These stats will make the Glacier M416 assault rifle easier and more efficient to use at 400m distances. The Glacier M416 assault rifle is a loot item and can be found in airdrops. Airdrops occur at 4:30, 3:45, 3:00, 2:30, 2:00, 1:30, and 1:00 minutes remaining on the battleground. The chances of getting the Glacier M416 in an airdrop are slightly increased the later in the game. They also appear in the Classic Crate and Cloth Crate spins with low probabilities.

    Unique Design and Appearance

    The Glacier M416 rifle has a unique design and appearance that separates it from the default M416 available to all PUBG players. The Glacier M416 has a dark blue body with a light blue grip, magazine, stock, side rail, and end piece. The Glacier M416’s look can fit the snowy arctic bathing the PUBG map in winter or the brilliant ice glaciers prevalent in hot summer months.

    Increased Prestige and Bragging Rights

    Another motivation to get the Glacier M416 can be increased Prestige and Bragging Rights. It is an exclusive skin that provides only the best players with a mark of distinction. Only player’s top less than 1% are going to get the Glacier M416. Given that 1.305 billion people play PUBG and around 133 million PUBG accounts are active per month, this means that there are only going to be a maximum of 1.33 million Glacier M416s.

    This rarity is really what makes it so special and what makes so many people work hard to get it. The skin is frequently a topic of discussion on PUBG + Reddit with people sharing stories of being killed by a Glacier M416 wielding player and acknowledging that they met their match. Exclusive PUBG streamers such as the popular Youtuber PUBG WICK, have a special Valhalla game mode that includes M416 toting players having special powers and attributes. Getting that Glacier M416 is a mark that separates the great from the good and for this reason is one of the rarest and most special items on PUBG.

    Are There Any Alternatives to Obtaining the Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile?

    There are not any alternatives to obtaining the Glacier M416 in PUBG Mobile. Part of the popularity of the Glacier M416 skin is its rarity, making it sought after by both competitive gamers and collectors. Players may choose from a variety of other M416 skins, including the Desert M416 and the Barricade M416, if they are looking for rare and attractive alternatives to the Glacier M416.

    Using Skins and Cosmetics to Customize Weapons

    Players who want to get Glacier M416 in PUBG Mobile can turn their normal M416 into it cheaply by using Battle Points or a bit more money using Unknown Cash (UC). Players can only purchase the Glacier M416 at the current time on the weapon page by filtering for the M416. Players can select the Glacier M416 and choose purchase, just like they would any other skin or customization item. This purchase can only be completed using Unknown Cash (UC) or via a lucky crate.

    Using Other Weapons with Similar Stats to the Glacier M416

    Different PUBG weapons vary in several categories. If you are looking for the Glacier M416 weapon for its specific weapon statistics, the next best weapons with similar characteristics in the game are the Hotshot M416, Chicken Dinner AKM, and Desert Fossil AKM. The M416 is a versatile weapon having great hit damage, low burst damage, low initial bullet speed rate, and moderate spray. Several other weapons in the game are close in their statistics to the Glacier M416.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Get Glacier M416 in Pubg Mobile?

    The Glacier M416 is a highly coveted weapon skin in Pubg Mobile. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to obtain this rare skin.

    Is the Glacier M416 available for purchase in the game?

    No, the Glacier M416 cannot be purchased in the game. It is only available through specific events or promotions.

    What event is currently offering the Glacier M416 skin?

    As of now, the Glacier M416 skin is available through the Lucky Spin event with a very low probability of obtaining it.

    Are there any other ways to obtain the Glacier M416 besides events?

    Currently, there are no other known ways to obtain the Glacier M416. It may be offered in future events or promotions, but there is no guarantee.

    Can I trade or gift the Glacier M416 to other players?

    No, the Glacier M416 is bound to the account that obtained it and cannot be traded or gifted to other players.

    Is there a way to increase my chances of getting the Glacier M416 in events?

    No, the chances of obtaining the Glacier M416 in events is entirely based on luck and cannot be influenced by any means.

    Can I still get the Glacier M416 if I missed the event offering it?

    Unfortunately, once the event offering the Glacier M416 is over, it is no longer possible to obtain the skin. You will have to wait for it to be offered again in future events.

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