Mastering Pubg: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Mark Effectively

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Understanding the different types of marking in PUBG and how to effectively use them can make a huge difference in your strategy.

This article will guide you through the various ways to mark locations in PUBG, from basic marking to team marking. Learn how to mark using the map, compass, communication wheel, and voice chat.

Discover why marking is crucial in PUBG and get tips on zeroing in the game for effective communication with your teammates.

Let’s dive in and level up your PUBG skills!

What Is PUBG?

PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) is a Popular Online Royal Battle Game developed and published by the South Korean video game company Krafton, Inc.. The game was developed based on ideas by Brendan Greene, whose online moniker is Playerunknown, hence the title. It was initially released on desktops by Bluehole Studio as early access software in 2017 and was subsequently formally published later that year.

At present PUBG is available on an array of gaming platforms including PC, Tp, consoles, and Android/iOS smartphones. The South Korean holding and investment company Bluehole, Krafton, and PUBG Corporation collectively own the publisher of the game. PUBG is one of the blockbusters of the gaming world and has been a prototype for streamlining and popularizing the Battle Royale genre. The game’s open-world aspect makes it both fun to play and simultaneously challenging.

The current upgrades to the extremely popular PUBG Mobile, in particular, have made it available for users with gaming consoles. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an entirely new gaming experience of the top-tier, with its rich graphics, huge map options, PvE and PvP models, as well as a mixture of adventure and strategy playing styles. The game has several different modes, including the standard Battle Royale, Payload 2.0, TDM: Warehouse, Mini-Zone, and several Arcade modes.

What Are The Different Types Of Marking In PUBG?

  • Enemy marking. This is done by pointing enemy weapons or showing hostility towards players and letting your team know that an enemy is at the marked location. If you see an enemy, tap the screen with your right thumb twice to pull up the death markers on top of your character, then tap the screen with your left thumb at the spot you want to mark effectively.
  • Item marking. Indicating the presence of important items such as weapons or ammunition. If you see an item you wish to mark, tap the screen with your right thumb twice to pull up the death markers on top of your character and then tap the screen with your left thumb at the spot you want to mark.
  • *Safe zone marking. Indicating where your team should head to or where they should leave. If you are aiming to a marker then drag the look around cursor towards the marker, and your character will point out in the desired direction. Similarly, if you see somewhere you would like to point towards to show your teammates, double-tap near the minimap to remove old markers and then drop the marker next to the map at the desired spot by double-tapping.
  • Impulse marking. Used for fun environments and to get the attention of the audience. It is basically the act of jumping to indicate that you are happy, frustrated, or in need of something. To do an impulse mark, let your thumb move off the joystick allowing your character to jump multiple times.

Basic Marking

Basic marking is what is generally referred to when discussing marking in PUBG. This is the process of alerting team members to different objects such as locations, gear, danger, or even when no enemy is found. Basic marking focuses on the targeting reticle’s look and the different buttons used for target marking and switching between types of marking.

The most important fundamentals for basic marking in PUBG are as follows:

  1. Use the targeting reticle to center on targets and mark them.
  2. Tap on the move-location mark button and run to create a move mark with a line that indicates your planned movement path.
  3. Active engage with a dire target well using basic targeting.
  4. Use the equipment mark to point out different gear types found on the map.

Map of marking options

  1. Mission initiator during all missions
  2. Attack command initiator
  3. Team commander in process of command
  4. Emergency backup
  5. Help

Marking is best done in major field of activity in Mission initiator during all missions and best used in a focused assault.

Quick Marking

The second way to `mark` a position in Pubg is with the `Quick Mark` feature, which briefly shows the mark without needing to display last piece of equipment in hand prior to displaying it.

In an active game, you can assign keys in the menu (`Settings > Controls`) and press them in quick succession to mark something immediately without bringing up the mark menu. The same set of protocols for marking applies (%2 3, `9 O’Clock`, etc.).

Detailed Marking

The default rule in PUBG for the Alt key (and its equivalent on mobile), allows for detailed marking. All a player has to do is mark an area or target as they normally would, but hold down the Alt key. This can mark the map with high degrees of specificity, depending on the user’s graphics settings. In the diagram below, markers on the bottom left and bottom right are what happens when this high-detail marking method is used. The left marker is zoomed out a slightly larger area (notice the town is still identified in the marker). The right marker is viewing a different town on the other side of the hill. This could be useful for communicating complex information to teammates, or highly precise targeting information for the enemy with less voice communication.

On pubg mobile a more useful way to mark more detailed information without talking is in combination with the free-look feature the same time they make the mark, providing a more detailed look at the target area. This requires sliding one’s right thumb from their main fire or aiming to the free-look button while pressing the mark location. This is more in detail than the high detail marker which shows exact details such as trees or location of rocks.

Team Marking

Team marking or teammates marking in PUBG can occur in two situations. The first is while playing in squads or duos. According to Andy.g in a GameWith article, personal teammates can see team markings in the form of one another’s character name when standing close to the mark. The second situation is when random teammates are chosen by the player during matchmaking. In the latter case, team marks are the same as personal marks, seen only on the map and when close enough to the marked location. Teammates are essential for improving chance of survival and overall team performance, making team marks especially useful in contrasting otherwise similar areas before moving.

How To Mark In PUBG?

In PUBG, marking is the method used to provide information on a target’s location, organize with teammates, or to warn of danger. There are two primary ways of marking in PUBG: using the Map Marker Tool and setting a Quick Marker. PUBG does not include a built-in system for voice command marking. They can be set to a frequently used hotkey combination, or assigned a mouse button.

To use the PUBG Map Marker Tool, open the map with the M key and click the location you wish to mark. This enables other players, including those not in your squad, to see the mark on their maps. To set a Quick Marker, point at the location in your screen view and press the key or mouse button that has been assigned as the quick marker key. Edges of the map are oppositely oriented, so if I want to mark something to the northeast of the map while playing in TPP mode, I would look to any position on the southeast corner of my screen and press the scope usage tips hotkey.

If you are playing Squad/Team Mode in PUBG Mobile and want to produce an Air Drop Marker, open the map and press the up-arrow icon at the bottom right to go to a different interface. Here you can choose to use the Air Drop Marker Tool.

Using The Map

Equipment and probability can be marked on the Map by pressing the M key on the keyboard, or tapping the Map icon on the HUD of a mobile device. A player can use Color code according to what is there in the marked area. In all modes, Scroll the Mouse Wheel on the PC or Move two-finger up-down on mobile devices to Zoom in and out so viewers can have a clearer view of your marking when streaming.

Using The Compass

Using the compass is another way to mark the location of enemies or show players where you are on the map. To show your location on the map, players must look at their compass which appears in the upper right corner of the screen in traditional First-Person Shooter (FPV) view, and then press the Nearby Location button.

Showing location using compass in PUBG Mobile: Tap the mini-map icon in the lower right corner to enable or disable a larger map. After you open your map you can press the Nearby Locations option in the lower right hand corner which brings up the compass with stop locations whenever you press the button that signifies your location. To remove or add stop locations for other players, you must press the compass, then toggle over to the point you want, and press one of the appropriate points on your own compass map such as the blue or yellow markers on the mini-map.

Compass marking for PC PUBG: Press the map hotkey (M) and ensure you have enabled the labels like cardinal directions, grid, or in-game locations. You then simply position your player beacon on the map by clicking on the corresponding point which assigns it the marker mode defined on your options bar back in-game.

Using The Communication Wheel

The Communication Wheel, first introduced in Pubg Mobile version 0.6.0, includes 8Quick Mark options located around the Thank You option which remains user-customizable. I am not aware of the communication wheel ever being introduced into the PC or console versions of Pubg.

Press Thank and slide your finger to the desired quick mark to quickly express your emotions on the battlefield. The Communication Wheel gets rid of the need to stop and type sentences with the time and thought involved when on the go that does not bode well for the success of a mission.

Using Voice Chat

PUBG is unique in that they provide a means for voice chat between all players across the entire map. This is naturally a huge advantage when outgoing directional pinging becomes inappropriate. With split-second decision-making being possible entirely within the social signals provided by outgoing pinging, belligerence and anti-social behavior by one or more team members can be especially compromising during sorting. This makes outbound pinging that much more important.

Why Is Marking Important In PUBG?

Marking is important in PUBG because it allows you to provide real-time information about enemy locations in the environment, track enemies in the map, signal to team members where to go (or where NOT to go), designate alternate routes to avoid congested or danger areas, lay down specific areas of operations, and log areas which have already been scavenged. Originally, artillery and aerial bombardment had to be called in by which ever team member issued the mark, thus they needed to know the general direction and distance in order to estimate the time of arrival of the support. This is no longer the case in PUBG, but the actual act of marking still serves all the previous purposes. Beyond that, it is a much faster and clearer form of communication in the heat of battle compared to speaking. A clear and adaptable system of marking in the environment minimizes dangerous confusion and misunderstandings.

What Are The Tips For Effective Marking In PUBG?

  • Be concise: Use different markers for important actions .
  • Attach a compass direction: Keep it simple like North, South, East. Directions like SE or components like UP are not needed.
  • Use on a strategic level: Communicate with markers regarding game plans.
  • Improve your teammates play: Use markers to direct fire at enemies. Use the marker to check if the enemy is within visibility range.

Be Clear And Precise

When marking in PUBG, players should avoid using overly technical or complex communications. The fewer words you use when marking in PUBG, the more impactful it will be. Generally, players should define where a mark is located and why the information is important to team strategy. These should be followed by a marker mark as to what other squad actions need to be done to respond to this information. Occasionally direct markers will be used for quick responses with no verbal communications.

Here is a tactical plan explained including markers but also all three types of message markers. Team Alpha is playing squads in Erangel. As they are moving in the circle, player A2 notices the airdrop in the northeast to east direction. After noticing it he says to team A through open mike “Ok, there is an airdrop at 0 70 past Rozhok”. The rest of the team reacts to the information either by agreeing (someone else saying “Yes I saw it” through an open mike or someone else saying “Ok go get it” over voice or chat) and make a direct marker as to what to do to accomplish the task or disagree and discuss for a few seconds if the information is of strategic importance. The message can be followed by chat usernames, but these are generally not used in the actual game chat.

Use Different Colors For Different Types Of Marking

There are two colors available for marking in PUBG, white and yellow. The default color for marking crates is white, which is helpful if the mark does not need to be seen right in front of your eyes. You can change the color to yellow for another less important mark.

The best way to remember white is the marking stands for important enemy items such as crates, while yellow is for different situations such as where a team member has gone off solo. Along with item marking, white is used for team route marking because it is more prominent and easier to trace from afar.

Communicate With Your Teammates

Before you go to the Marking & Engulfing radio message in the PUBG training ground, remember that your teammate can only see messages on the map or minimap unless you communicate with them verbally. If you mark a location on their map and they ask why you marked it, they will not be able to see your textual reasoning. Some users may find this message confusing or simply annoying if they try to mark away from the path someone else is pinging.

Re-mark When Necessary

Re-mark when necessary in Pubg in order to alert teammates to enemies’ updated locations. Constantly monitor changes in enemy locations and re-mark them. Additionally, use the marking as a distraction. Enemies will be on the lookout if they see your marker. This can be to your advantage as you can plant a false location and use the distraction caused by the marker to flank them. Do not use them if you are engaging an enemy from a concealed location like behind a ridge as this may inadvertently help your enemies locate you.


Marking in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is accomplished by going to the space on the map where users wish to mark, and depending on console, controller, or mobile device is pressed on the screen to create a 3D marker. Other options for marking in PUBG include throwing sticky notes in the game, opening the map with the map button, and designating where other players should go. A maximum of 4 markers are allowed on PUBG, as number 5 deletes the earliest marker that was put down. Marking in PUBG supports positive teamwork, coordination, and communication. Both professional and beginner players in PUBG should take the time to learn and develop their tagging skills in order to improve their gameplay and levels of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of marking in Pubg?

Marking in Pubg allows players to communicate specific locations or items to their teammates during gameplay.

How do I mark a location in Pubg?

To mark a location in Pubg, position your crosshair over the desired spot and press the designated key or button for marking. This will create a visible indicator for your team to see.

Can I customize my marking key or button in Pubg?

Yes, you can customize your marking key or button in the game settings. This allows you to choose a key or button that is most comfortable and convenient for you to use.

Are there different types of marking in Pubg?

Yes, there are different types of marking in Pubg such as marking a location, an enemy, an item, or a direction. Each type of marking serves a specific purpose and can be used in different situations during gameplay.

How long do marked locations remain visible in Pubg?

Marked locations in Pubg will remain visible for a certain period of time, which can be adjusted in the game settings. By default, they will disappear after a few minutes, but this can be extended or shortened according to your preference.

Is marking important in Pubg?

Yes, marking is an essential aspect of team communication in Pubg. It allows players to coordinate their movements, strategize, and effectively navigate the game’s large map. Mastering the art of marking can greatly improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

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