Mastering the Art of Driving in Pubg – Tips and Tricks

Are you new to PUBG and wondering how to navigate the game’s vehicles effectively?

This article covers everything you need to know about driving in PUBG, from basic controls like accelerating, braking, and steering, to more advanced strategies for using vehicles to your advantage.

Whether you’re looking to find and approach a vehicle safely, drive without making common mistakes, or use vehicles strategically in gameplay, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and level up your driving skills in PUBG!

What Is PUBG?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online game in which individuals are parachuted across an anonymous battleground and fight other players with the objective of being the last person surviving. CEO Chang Han Kim told CNN that the meaning of `Battlegrounds in `Playerunknown s Battleground signifies that `You are competing with others on an unknown map .` The game was created by Brendan Greene, who previously designed the Battle Royale game mode of Arma II and Arma III. It commenced as a subsidiary game mode for Arma series and eventually moved to standalone game titles developed under the game’s parent company, Greenland Studios. The game has crossed international borders to gain success in South Korea, China, Japan, and India.

What Are the Basic Controls for Driving in PUBG?

The basic controls for driving in PUBG are described in the help menu and include using the following keys.

  1. Vehicle Control (Driving): W, A, S, D / Left-click, Right-click, Scroll-wheel. The keys used to control a player on land are the same for a player driving a vehicle (w forward, a left, s reverse, d right).
  2. Vehicle Control (Land): W, A, S, D / Left-click, Right-click, Scroll-wheel. The keys used to control a player on land are the same for controlling a player driving a vehicle (w forward, a left, s reverse, d right).
  3. Switch Seat in Vehicle: Ctrl-1, 2, 3 – Controls the seat a player takes inside a vehicle and the position from where they can shoot. The default is the driver seat, sometimes called Seat 1.
  4. Horn: Left-click / Right-click – Activates the horn. A brief, periodic beep is recommended. This keys activates the horn, but only in certain vehicles like the bus, truck, and minicarz. The horn was added to PUBG for public implementation in 2019.
  5. Focus on Vehicle: /.

The default first-person controls for driving in PUBG for PC appear at the bottom right of the screen when users are driving, they are Scroll wheel to lock, Right Mouse Click to start or show accessory and light skills, and Middle mouse Click to switch what to throw out. Tip: A player should see a message entitled Wheel Drive Locked before tipping any other buttons, as the vehicle could tip while driving. Read most comfortable driving controls when entering a vehicle.

How to Accelerate?

Accelerating in PUBG is easier than it used to be as the speed limit of cars has been raised across the board in the game, with smaller cars like the buggy now able to do 110 km/hr (68 mph), slow trucks able to do around 60 km/hr (36 mph), and more powerful muscle cars or SUV jumping to as high as 150 km/hr (93 mph). Regardless of speed, there are still some key car accelerations techniques to remember when driving in PUBG. If you are having trouble accelerating in PUBG, using forward acceleration as a solid handhold is the easiest technique. Be sure to release the accelerator in turns to keep safe from flipping.

Whether driving at low speed in a slow car, or high speed in a fast car, real-world driving norms are helpful to follow in PUBG for successful gameplay. Accelerate quickly at the beginning but back off the throttle once your car gets going, so as to not slam into a tree or flip. Slow acceleration is likely all any vehicle needs across the majority of the map in PUBG. As brake and accelerator pedals on the right side, it appears that drivers in Asia use the right pedal on the floor for acceleration and the left behind-the-steering wheel pedal for the brake just like pedestrian vehicles.

Some cars accelerate faster than others, with bikes being the fastest at three seconds and a van nearly twice as slow as a buggy for the same. Each vehicle in PUBG has its own unique acceleration system. A bigger vehicle may not turn or steer as sensitively because of its weight which can cause some players to engage in massive hand brake turns around tight corners. These turns, while they may look cool, can often cause death or extreme injury in the game, so understanding the implications of different cars’ acceleration levels is important.

How to Brake?

In PUBG, the brakes are on by default, so you just release the forward key (default ‘W’ in most situations) when you want to start braking. There is little need to check your speed on flat terrain so it is fine to release the forward key entirely until you come to the stop. Trying to strafe at high speeds or changing to reverse gear to use braking leverage is too complicated for this simple and streamlined system and should not factor into normal play. Remember that whether if using the brakes or not, you will come to a stop much more quickly if you release the right key (usually the accelerate key) and keep your vehicle wheels in line with the motion of the vehicle.

How to Steer?

In PUBG, you steer vehicles much in the same way you would in real life. The three controls at your disposal for this job are A for turning left, D for turning right, and the mouse or joystick for determining your desired trajectory.

If you want to turn left, press A and attempt to steer the mouse or the joystick marginally to the left side of the screen. The wheels of the vehicle will turn outwards in the direction of the driving motion in order to navigate turns more efficiently with this strategy.

The controls to turn right are just as simple. D must be pressed. Again, a gentle easing of the mouse or joystick along your desired trajectory is applied until the maneuver is performed. This user, Kj Driving and Training, demonstrates how to effectively turn left and right on the spot in a car in PUBG when explaining this technique in British English.

How to Change Gears?

To change gears, you need to be in the cockpit view in Transmission mode 2 in order to get a manual gearbox. You need to touch the shifting panel above or below the speedometer or RPM meter to change gears up or down. This is the same interface as PUBG gear shifts which control throttle and braking so you will need to take your finger off these for a second before shifting. Gears are changed while pressing the increase or decrease speed buttons. The vehicle will automatically change to the next gear when accelerating if you are in Transmission mode 1.

The transmission slider on the left with N (neutral) in the center allows you to control the acceleration of the vehicle. The more the slider is pressed to the right (toward D), the faster you will accelerate and vice versa. Additionally, depending on the vehicle, the transmission slider will also have ‘+’ (gear change up) and ‘-‘ (gear change down). You can use these buttons along with the speed and brake controllers to change gears.

The only two settings required for this to work is to have Manual gear selection, which you can change in e Vehicle Settings menu, and have the speed increase set to a hold (which is the setting most people will use).

How to Switch Seats?

Another way to quickly pivot is to simply switch seats within the currently occupied position. To switch between the passenger and driver as well as TECHNICAL slots press the ctrl + number of the spot you want to instantly switch. This is very useful for if the passenger has a better angle of attack or damage to the passenger side makes it advisable under fire to switch them out to the driver or back to TECHNICAL. Be quick, though, because switching seats takes several seconds where the player is undefended.

What Are the Types of Vehicles in PUBG?

The types of vehicles in PUBG are four-wheel cars, tractors, buggies (both driver and passenger), step motorcycles (dirt bikes) with one or two sidecars, and standard motorcycles with a sidecar. Some vehicles have either all-terrain or rubber wheels – the UAZ-469 for example has rubber tires, and there are three variants of the Pick-Up Truck that have all-terrain tires.

Land Vehicles

The following are the main points of Tenpears advice for driving in PUBG – BATTLEGROUNDS:

  1. The three typical land vehicles in PUBG are Motorcycle, Buggy, and Dacia.
  2. Vehicles are loud, do not stop quickly, have fewer firing angles, and can explode if hit hard enough.
  3. If the blue zone is closing in, gather a vehicle for example and make a dash for it.
  4. Fast vehicles can briefly cross over water to reach the safe side quicker.
  5. Motorcycles and three wheeled bikes are the most fragile vehicles.

Water Vehicles

The game has four types of water vehicles. Two of them are meant for crossing the water separating the mainland and the island. The PUBG Jet Ski and the PUBG Aquarail are the fastest water vehicles compared to the ones for land. It takes 5 seconds to accelerate the PUBG Jet Ski from a standing start to an ideal cruising speed, after which it can cover the next circle point in about 29 seconds. The PUBG Aquarail can cover the same distance in 34 seconds, making it the second-fastest vehicle on water. You can use these figures to decide which water vehicle to use when the plane does not have a marker close to the coast. These vehicles are very vulnerable, so be careful if there are other enemies located along the coast. Boats are your best choice of near-coast vehicles because they are the fastest water vehicle with about 76 km/h top speed and 140 km/h on boost.

Air Vehicles

In Battlegrounds mobile India, air vehicles are good for getting to the location you want but are not ideal for driving by at high speeds. There are 4 air vehicles in PUBG. The UH-60M (Huey) has two parts that both have driver seats. The BRDM-2, Rony, and Mirado have driver seats in the front vehicle cabin. Only helicopters can go on a large map between areas quickly.

Destination map below keyboards as they press proper key constantly when landing choreographed file into starch in an unnatural manner. BRDM-2 has 1/4th speed of car on street, 1/3rd off-road driving. Rony has 1/7th speed of car on street and 1/25th off-road driving. Mirado has 1/5th road speed and 1/11 off-road driving. The smallest impact on the speed of land systems in the sky and on land.

Ideal uses: Getting to far-off locations on large maps. Making packages on large maps and taking them quickly close to each other and back.

Not so ideal uses: Air vehicles are not ideal for driving by as their sound alerts the entire map to your presence. Even if players can’t kill you, they will likely crouch in a building and not expose themselves until you fly away. They are almost as slow as walking and deny you loot opportunities.

You have to think of yourself as a War Thunder aircraft of driving and flying with nearly the same ease, speed, and destructive ability, depending on the simulation level.

How to Find and Approach a Vehicle in PUBG?

You find vehicles in PUBG by looking specifically on roads and in bunkers. Street maps are included in PUBG’s play zone maps, where you can see where the streets are. PUBG vehicles are marked as white icons on the map, and once someone takes them, the markers are removed. The players are not returned, nor are they disabled at some times in restricted zones. Basic vehicles taken has only up to 50 seconds to feed, while armored pickups can endure up to 70 seconds.

PUBGs most useful vehicle in the games’ arsenal, the BDRM-2, has up to two minutes of fuel once filled. This is important to know since PUBG has an enormous 8×8-km map where you can not move on foot quickly. There are too few PUBG vehicles on the game map and spawning sites so using a vehicle is vital to survive. Buggies, motorbikes, and small sports cars must be used strategically but light vehicles like hypercars and sedans can be used as protection during major battles.

What Are the Best Locations to Find Vehicles?

The best locations to find vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are on roads, compounds, and garages in the southwest and northern edges of the map. Roads between farms and compounds such as Pochinki, Mylta, and Yasnaya often offer several spawn points which can yield easy pickings. In the northeast corner of the map, geysers of vehicles may be found in the Lipovka and Yasnaya Polyana regions.

Compound driveways and garages near the edges of the map, especially the west feature ridiculously high instance rates (up to 3 or 4 frequently) and a low chance of being looted. The entire northern edge of the map always features vehicles available as long as the circle is spawned there, and apartment complexes on the east side of Erangel tend to provide good pickings.

For athletic players, Sanhok offers an awful lot of tactics because vehicles on Sanhok are simply less common than Rangle due to the north-westerly region not having much in the way of spawn locations. The map is developed on an equal scale to the real world and features forests and mountains. Garages in housing developments often provide quick escapes, but there’s always the preference of simply driving the light, nimble vehicles called the tuk-tuks.

How to Approach a Vehicle Safely?

Approaching a vehicle on foot in PUBG entails several steps. One of the most vital is to conduct a proper situational awareness assessment. This involves scanning the environment and listening for any audio cues. If additional players are near the car, players planning to camp the vehicle will know what to expect. Scot at LatinGoddess says, ‘We need to be ready for us to have to quickly retreat or deal with another team’. Here are five tips to improve preparedness for campers or attackers when approaching a vehicle on foot?

  1. Select the right vehicle.
  2. Check your surroundings as you walk to vehicle.
  3. Re-assess surroundings after reaching vehicle.
  4. Diversity in vehicle selection.
  5. Keep security of vehicle in mind.

How to Drive Safely in PUBG?

These are the best practices to drive safely in PUBG to avoid being run off the road, hijacked, or shot while driving:

Safer vehicles. Dacia, Scooter, Buggy, and Snowmobile are the easiest to find vehicles, but the UAZ, Zima, or Motorcycle and Sidecar can hold more fuel and handle rough terrain better. None are safe if you do not stick to safe areas of the map and choose to drive skillfully.

Drive decisively. Changing direction in the middle of driving automatically slows you down which can leave you vulnerable to a drive-by. If you are about to be run off the road, choose the safer direction as if you end up tipping over, you want it to be on the side of the car with greater protection.

Avoid driving into buildings and sticking to the middle of the road as these are places where you can be trapped or ambushed more easily.

Use alt-look in FPP mode to check surroundings while driving. Perfect the brake and handle brake turns. Never be confused. You must remain aware of the other vehicles/zones of the map if you are attacked. Someone shooting at you means someone else can take advantage of the situation to ambush you. Finally, drivers should use the throw item function to get rid of enemy throwables in case enemies target your vehicle.

What Are the Tips for Safe Driving?

The best tip for safe driving in PUBG is to always alert your teammates when you see an enemy, especially within a running enemy strategy or mobile ambush strategy. This will ensure the safety of your squad members and prevent alert enemies from flanking you too easily.

If you stop at your enemies’ sight, you put yourself at risk of being flanked or camped. You must use good driving skills as well. Make use of your utility items such as the healing pack to gain an advance in driving competitiveness. Plan your route and stops carefully, including taking into account drops and ambushes. Time your entry, wait for a moment, and see what is in the surrounding area.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid?

  • Not being behind cover. If an enemy suddenly shows up, they will have the advantage if you are out in the open.
  • Playing without a copilot. Copilots can help improve decision-making while driving as they have more/others to keep track of and are thus likely to spot the types of people/vehicles that lack control if you are momentarily distracted.
  • Getting distracted. If driver or gunner looks where they cannot see or anticipates enemies appearing, they might swerve and lose control, giving enemies more time to anticipate your movement and decimate your vehicle while you remain an easy target.
  • Driving too fast. Trying to drive 200 km/h or faster is never a good idea. You will barely have time to react to potential obstacles or maneuver the vehicle if enemies show up.
  • Not driving over enemies. This allows them to get clear shots on the vehicle and its passengers.
  • Not waiting long enough to drive off once hiding your vehicle. Enemies might be closer than you think, or waiting for you to make your move.
  • Driving when too damaged. If your vehicle is UNUSEABLE or AT HALF-TILT, you are at an equal risk of crashing and taking more damage to the vehicle and its passengers as if you simply drive it as a weapon against on-foot enemies.
  • Grinding the wheels against the terrain. This can cause less than ideal traction and partially destroy the durability of the vehicle.
  • Loitering for too long. This allows enemies to more easily set up an ambush or other tactics against you. Within several seconds, where you once thought you were safe may now be guarded by enemies.

How to Use Vehicles as a Strategy in PUBG?

Vehicles in PUBG are excellent tools for several strategic maneuvers. They are most useful for transportation, as the playing field is quite large and players sometimes have to run for several minutes to reach the next circle boundary. You can try to drive vehicles into the central closing area in the final moments, set up ambush squads inside vehicles, or use them to run over enemies in a run-and-gun style before they respond.

What Are the Advantages of Using Vehicles?

The advantages of using vehicles in PUBG include the fact that other than walking, they help the player move much more quickly, they can be used as a defensive measure and are particularly useful in the final circles to help improve the survivability of the player or the squad.

Vehicles greatly increase the efficiency by which players can get around the game map. They usually provide some measure of overhead cover from enemy fire, though this cover is usually easily destroyed. Entering and staying inside a vehicle gives the player a much greater amount of hitpoints in the form of the vehicle HP. Players can choose to drive by suicide and blow up the vehicle and themselves when they are going to lose a battle anyway. This can be an effective strategy when playing solo, and enemies have significantly damaged the vehicle’s remaining durability

Additionally, many vehicles add an increase in speed that can hinder the aiming of an opponent who runs away from another vehicle. They can be used as mobile barricades to block or delay enemy lines of sight. These all can give the player using the vehicles a decent advantage, especially in the later circles where there is less room to seek cover. Vehicles become particularly important in the final circles, as they significantly help the survivability of the player or the squad.

Finally, players can drive over loot crates of other dead players. This will allow the player and their team to snag any remaining loot left from the crates of opposing players or teams.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Vehicles?

The disadvantages of using vehicles in PUBG include them being noisy, offering little or no protection, and in some cases hurting players if not driven properly.

  1. Noisy: Vehicles are very loud. If you’re inside the safe zone, you may be safer not to use a vehicle, as the engine noise is a dead giveaway to others of your location, even from hundreds of meters away.
  2. No Protection From Firing: In a regular car, players are completely exposed from gunfire, which makes moving to other locations dangerous since one well-placed headshot from an assault rifle from even hundreds of meters away will kill them.
  3. Vehicles Can be Used Against the Players Using Them: Opponents can attempt to blow up vehicles by aiming and shooting at them. Additional damage can also be done by causing vehicles to collide with other vehicles.
  4. Poison Smoke: Vehicles inhale and consume a lot of gas. A road vehicle suffocates anyone inside it if taken into water.
  5. Restriction to Vehicles Only: Separate cars with enhanced fuel that will not explode when it enters the sea exist on Erangel. Useless if there are no such vehicles on the map.
  6. Unsafe Driving: Players driving anticipates an accident. Players may take damage if they land or crash if they leap out of a moving car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drive by in Pubg?

A drive by in Pubg refers to the act of driving past an enemy player or squad and shooting at them from the vehicle.

How do I perform a drive by in Pubg?

To perform a drive by in Pubg, you need to have a vehicle and a weapon. While driving, approach an enemy player or squad and shoot at them from the vehicle.

What type of vehicles can be used for a drive by in Pubg?

Any type of vehicle in Pubg can be used for a drive by. This includes cars, motorcycles, and even boats.

What weapons are best for a drive by in Pubg?

Weapons with high rates of fire, such as SMGs or assault rifles, are ideal for drive bys in Pubg. Shotguns can also be effective at close range.

Are there any tips for successfully executing a drive by in Pubg?

Yes, it’s important to have good aim and control of the vehicle while performing a drive by. It’s also helpful to have a teammate driving the vehicle while you shoot.

Is a drive by a viable strategy in Pubg?

Yes, drive bys can be a successful strategy in certain situations, such as when you need to quickly eliminate an enemy player or squad while on the move. However, it’s important to use caution and not become too reckless while performing a drive by.

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