Mastering the Art of Scavenging in Pubg: Tips and Tricks to Get Scrap!

Are you wondering what scrap is in Pubg and how you can obtain it? Scrap is a valuable in-game currency that can be used for crafting outfits, purchasing items, and more. In this article, we will explore how to get scrap in Pubg through dismantling items, daily login rewards, achievements, and purchasing from the shop. We will also discuss how to maximize your scrap earnings by completing missions, participating in events, and more. We will address the risks of using cheats or hacks for getting scrap in Pubg. Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about scrap in Pubg!

What Is Scrap in Pubg?

Scrapped from the PUBG store is a special currency as of 2022. When PUBG launched on Steam in 2017, the scrap system started as an opportunity for players to exchange wasted items they already owned for credits that could be used to buy limited-time low-cost items. At the time, the new goods were sold using battle points (BP). After the BP modification in 2019, it was determined that for better pricing, Federation Crates needs a new in-game currency that refers to bipinnate leaves fallen from the tree. The usage of scrap was low, so it was replaced by G-Coin which is a premium in-game currency. It is purchased with real money, while G-Coin is also used for in-game transactions for digital goods such as clothing.

How Is Scrap Obtained in Pubg?

Scrap is an in-game currency in PUBG used for repurchasing equipment after death. It is obtained by picking up an amount from an enemy’s deathbox or the spot where they died. The specific rules are as follows:

  1. An opponent provides a minimum of 10 scrap when they are killed.
  2. The scrap amount carried by an opponent is decided according to the endgame conditions.
  3. Based on the level of the item scraps from their inventory, ammunition scraps, and/or protection scraps, that opponent was defeated with, either a fixed rate will be paid out in scrap. Or the amount of scrap in the deathbox and once-looted supply crate scraps that were dropped will be multiplied by 1, 2, or 3 times to determine the actual fee.
  4. At least one player on the opponent’s team must survive for any scrap bonus to be received.
  5. When an opponent is killed after their own team has perished, then solo players will grow to receive scrap from that enemy. They have the right to fight other individuals until they perish, and the number of individuals they successfully destroy decides that the return (1 destroyed, 1 scrap, 2 destroyed, and so on). The relationship between scrap and victories is simple: every 10 wins provides an opportunity to show off an appreciative hand gesture.

Through Dismantling Items

Both classic and death match modes allow dismantling unneeded weapons for scrap metal in PUBG. Metal ore which can be converted to Scrap is collected from stone rocks that are not part of buildings or vehicles. A pickaxe or salvaging kit can be used to wack the rocks to get the material.

The Advanced Salvaging (upcoming feature and option in the game’s settings) allows automatic salvaging of weapons picked up by the player during the auto-salvage time, either immediately or with a short delay. The Lockpicking (upcoming feature and option in the game’s settings) allows automatic salvaging of weapons picked up by the player during the auto-salvage time, either immediately or with a short delay. at dismantled weapons, the dismantling item and newly created material i.e. metal ore are the same. As the player dismantles more and increases levels, special benefits and features are unlocked.

Through Daily Login Rewards

Daily login is another method to obtain scrap in PUBG. Every day that you log in you receive bonuses, these bonuses are known as Daily Login rewards, and might be meal coupons, supply crates, coupons for parlor vouchers or gasoline in the PC, console, and mobile versions respectively. A homeclaim mythic dress earned from a login reward in PUBG.

If the Daily Login gives Battle Points (BP or AG in BGMI) that you do not want to use, you can convert them into scrap. There’s a golden chance that the Daily Logins will frequently grant you BP. Typically you will receive 800 BP based on your daily login and following three-day streaks, seven-day streaks, and 28-day streaks another 3000 BP respectively. The total BP from fifteen days is 7750 BP, which you can transfer into 250 scrap. This is calculated using BP value which is 31.20 silver coins per BP. 31.20 is taken by averaging out costs of different amounts of BP, and 10 silver coins for opening one classic crate with convertibility of that crate into 1 BP.

The following are the daily login rewards for the PC/Console version that can be converted into scrap. 250 scrap can be earned by logging into PUBG for 15 days. This can be earned in 15 days by activating bonus silver for $0.99 per month. This can be further accelerated by playing for an hour a day and inviting friends. Literally you can earn scraps for $0.049 in charge. In the mobile version, scraps or AG can be earned mostly through redeemable rewards as well. Although heavily concentrated in the Royale Pass through different types of scraps and alloy, there are myriad ways scraps can be earned in redeemable rewards.

Through Achievements

In PUBG Mobile, players can earn free scrap by claiming achievements. There are a total of 80 achievements that can be completed, all of which provide a specified amount of scrap. Collecting a large number of these rewards will award you with scrap. The amount collected differs by the specific achievement, so it is worth looking at how many are needed. One example is the Grilled Squid Collector achievement which gifts 10 scrap for unlocking all achievements in the Ace Challenge Season developed by the company.

Through Purchasing from the Shop

You can purchase Scrap directly from the Shop using UC and Royal Pass Rush. More commonly, you’ll also get UC from completing achievements, clan points, supply crates, clan points for creating a room, premium crates, or directly from other players. The amount varies based on Scrap quantity, so you may end up paying a higher price per unit if you only buy in small amounts. Though it’s unlikely you’ll complete achievements solely for the UC.

What Can Scrap Be Used For in Pubg?

The main use of scrap in PUBG is to buy randomized crates in the Store section of the menu. If you choose the Locked Classic Crate, the price is 100 BP which is roughly 3000 scraps. These crates have a random chance of providing common to rare items. The prices of other crates range from 200 to 550 BP. Note that the rewards unlocked from crates include permanent items and default limited items which only last for 30 days. These items have a trade value in the PUBG economy. Items can be bought and sold in the marketplace by gifting or selling them to others. While using the Steam market, items on average sell for around 15 peak scrap points, but prices may fluctuate, sometimes being worth less or more than their market-bought value. For example, the Aviator set can be bought for 1200 peak BP points and is worth €62.20 on the Steam market as of late October 2021. This rate makes one in-game BP point worth 1 €1.23. You Expand Your scrap until it is almost totally used on the market.

Crafting Outfits and Weapon Skins

Scrap is obtained while playing PUBG by dismantling duplicate items, real money items, event items, or non-usable items. Upgraded player names, clothes, and skins provide more brownie points. Players may use scraps as a currency in exchange for items such as rewards, milestones, and codes. Outfits, weapon skins, costumes, and other game items are some ways to use scrap.

BattleStat Skins: An organization coloring similar to how pilot and pickup skins turn blood or chrows green. Pistol Finish: A solo set with a unique skin for all pistols. Fusion Series: A collection of skins for the M4, Vector, and SLR that combines science and the fantastical. M4 Finish: The success of the recent game series, in which each of three grades is rare. Rahbani Behind-the-Scenes: About the making of the M4A1 skin.

Purchasing Items from the Scrap Exchange Shop

All gun skins and most other cosmetics found in PUBG can be purchased using scrap. These items include permanent, seasonal, and premium skins such as Triumph Crate skins. Each item in the shop has its own price in scrap. or you can similarly piece together items as you like with the purchase. This is the key value of scrap in PUBG and to earn Scrap in PUBG, one must use it to bring value to items they can purchase.

Unlock the shop by completing tasks and spending levels at the Battlestat Ball or by purchasing directly with Blue Coupons or Donkastu Medals. Steam levels and playing rounds both earn the player Blue Coupons, for free. When a player purchases items with a paying account, the Donkastu Medals items require UC (the paid virtual currency used by PUBG Mobile). The more consistently a player is playing and performing well in PUBG, the better scrap deals can be made in the shop, having an impact on performance outcomes.

If you want even more scrap pieces, the permanent Vault suit and a couple of bonuses, as an example, do the fireworks event of the My Likewise, roast or PUBG PC PAYBACK soda app rewards and keep up to 50k of the award receipts. Use these as special events, or as backup and encouragement for the payback funds from UC purchases. The exact specifics of how you get free scrap in PUBG change from time-to-time and a wide range of non-payback choices might be available throughout various conferences.

Epic and Premium items in the PUBG scrap exchange shop may feature both permanent and temporary use options. If an item does have an option available, a dropdown box will show this information labeled ‘Select Cost’. The benefit of temporary items is their lower price in terms of scrap. For only a limited amount of time an inexpense can be tested out before being given the go-ahead and bought permanently. The gaming equipment and memorial items are very easy to unlock and give the greatest value per credit entitled to Uncommon and Rare items. It makes excellent usage of scrap on these accessories, as they provide immediate returns to a player. Epic and particularly Premium items should then be saved for and only bought after carefully reviewing and evaluating options. These are then the optional pleasures that should be bought to make playing the game more enjoyable rather than the rough course of the game. Scrap does not decay or change and the player can maintain it for future use if desired. The following are some examples of the use of premium crates and scrap to achieve a better experience, particularly for PUBG Prodigies… Video from Metalzz about VGUC may the bai. The PUBG scrap shop is easy to find on the right-hand side of the game interface. Click the SHOP icon, and then the SCRAP EXCHANGE tab to display it. Each item is nicely displayed in the SHOP with the full price in UC or Blue Coupons and the Scrap pieces. These are black squares with the shape of a target in the middle of them. The minimum size item, usually some machine parts, costs 2 scrap. PUBG weapons and the better limited items tend to range from 20 to around 50 scraps. See all PUBG players will service them to maintain the level of required minimum purchases but they will tell and follow instructions.

How to Maximize Scrap Earnings in Pubg?

You can maximize scrap earnings in Pubg by playing more and playing more competitively. Gameplay scraps are granted based on how long you are alive in a game, your kills, and your competitive rank. Thus, getting a larger number of scraps is the same tactic for making your average amount of scrap higher which is to Survive Longer, Fight More, and Win More. The best way to do this is play the game often and play games precisely according to your skill level (matches where you can confidently get a healthy number of kills and points but are not too difficult for you).

Complete Daily Missions and Achievements

The easiest and most surefire way to get scrap in PUBG Battlegrounds pubg reward is to finish daily missions and achievements associated with the game. Daily Missions are easy assignments that reward free pubg rewards that help you advance in the game and increasingly difficult Daily Missions. They are excessively easy until done in PUBG.

The day-by-day missions of PUBG Battlegrounds can be found in the area-limited, single SW, single duo, single group, single group, and single event modes of PUBG. They allow pubg item and pubg skin claiming using the earned scrap points. From levels of difficulty, assignment duration, and target number to the degree of education, no annoying PUBG daily mission is left out to be completed twice.

PUBG achievements that reward players with additional scrap rewards can be seen at any time in the upper right-hand corner of the game. Other achievements related to the game can be viewed in the Career section.

Participate in Events

There are a surprising number of events for all purposes in PUBG, and many offer the opportunity to earn SCRAP. To check what events are available, tap on the Events icon (located on the right side of the Home screen). Navigate the Events page for an overview. Events that offer free rewards, including nominal amounts of SCRAP, are under the Recurring (Weekend/Game Mode Series) and Time-Limited categories. User-created events may also be sponsored events which offer large payouts. Some events have special PUBG scrap prizes as part of the rewards.

To earn most PUBG SCRAP rewards, you usually only need to complete 2 to 10 games, with the final rewards unlocking after breweries play and win. Some PUBG events only require playing regularly for an extended period. For example, the Tier Protection for Royale Pass Mission Card Collect requires playing a specific number of ranked games which some players believe accelerates SCRAP earning speed through normal PUBG play. Get more SCRAP in PUBG at events.

Purchase Battle Pass

You can get scrap in Pubg by purchasing the Battle Pass for Season 13. The game earned a 4.2-star review on IGN for season 12, so it is likely that the perks in Season 13 will also have strong reviews. The seasonal pass costs about $9.99, but it offers a lot of valuable rewards. You will earn 500 BP when redeeming a seasonal pass, in addition to 4500 G- and 50 Scrap.

Sell Unwanted Items on the Market

The fourth way to get scrap in PUBG is to sell unwanted items on the market for money. This depends on what items you are willing to sell and what the prices are. It sometimes fetches quite a bit of money and can be quite a lucrative side business depending on the rarity of the items you have.

This requires you to have a steady inventory of clothes and weapon skins you are willing to sell. Items directly sold to the market can only be bought back within a 7-day cooldown period. They can only be re-obtained on a cooldown period by (1) repurchasing the crate they were opened from (2) finding the specific skin in another crate to reuse, or (3) farming duplicates of the item to be used some other time.

If the items are not bought back within 7 days, they are permanently kept by the buyer unless he/she/it decides to sell them back to the market. This strength in PUBG Market transactions is referred to as the scarce lossless currency property by economist and game developers. This occurs due to the buyer having to pay a 20% tax if they wish to cancel the sale of an item.

Are There Any Cheats or Hacks for Getting Scrap in Pubg?

There are cheats or hacks for getting scrap in Pubg. To prevent hacking and cheating, the developers at PUBG Corp have designed PUBG Labs, which is a space for experimenting with different game modes and rules. As of July 2021, PUBG Labs had not been updated for a year or activated since April 2021, meaning even on the special development servers, there was no way to cheat in new items.

What Are the Risks of Using Cheats or Hacks for Scrap in Pubg?

The biggest risk of using cheats or hacks to get scrap in Pubg is getting your account banned permanently by Krafton. The company has a zero-tolerance policy regarding players found to be hacking or cheating, which includes using scrap hacks. Accounts associated with cheating are permanently disabled, which means all progress and purchased content will be lost, and the player will be unable to start or link new accounts using the same device. This will prevent you from taking part in any official Krafton-sanctioned esports activities such as PUBG Continental Series (PCS), PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC), or internal competitions.

Additionally, because this can include shared devices, all invited users will also be prohibited from taking part in Krafton-sanctioned events. Successfully uninstalling cheat software after using it no longer provides protection. Krafton scans for gaming accounts linked to machines with cheat software even if cheat software is no longer present on that machine. Local laws can determine what penalties might occur from getting caught hacking but are unlikely to provide recourse for an account ban for cheating when so clearly outlined in the games own rules.


  • no major advantages to cheating
  • subject to account ban


  • loss of account in the game
  • ban may extend to all krafton products
  • loss of all krafton esport competition


You can get scrap in PUBG by finding scraps of paper scattered throughout New State which contain a unique code. Go to the Scrapyard safe, enter the code, and win random rewards from the keypad. Codes can be shared with other players in exchange for greater rewards for the original finder. And enter your friend´s code to help them out and multiply their reward.

Scrap metal can be found in the same areas of the game as lobbies but is much rarer. Do not pass it up when you see it, but do not go out of your way for it.

During the erangel special garza mission and special map process, the graffiti in the garza city center warehouse can be climbed to find a storage box containing a supply box coupon. The supply box coupon is used in the garage city center warehouse to exchange for rare rewards including some with scrap.

With the game being fairly new and not much information on how to get scrap on the internet as of October 2021, expect there to be more ways added regularly as the developers expand the game’s economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Scrap in Pubg?

1. What is scrap in Pubg and how do I obtain it?

Scrap is a type of in-game currency in Pubg that can be used to purchase cosmetic items or unlock crates. You can obtain scrap by dismantling unwanted items in your inventory, purchasing them from the in-game store, or by completing missions and challenges.

2. Can I sell my scrap for real money?

No, scrap cannot be sold for real money. It is strictly an in-game currency that can only be used within Pubg.

3. What items can I dismantle for scrap?

You can dismantle any unwanted cosmetic items, such as clothing, weapon skins, and even duplicate items. However, keep in mind that once an item is dismantled, it cannot be retrieved.

4. Are there any other ways to obtain scrap besides dismantling items?

Yes, you can purchase scrap directly from the in-game store using real money. Additionally, you can earn scrap by completing missions and challenges in the game.

5. Can I use scrap to buy weapons or items that give me a competitive advantage?

No, scrap can only be used to purchase cosmetic items or unlock crates. It cannot be used to buy weapons or items that give you an advantage in the game.

6. Is there a limit to how much scrap I can have in my inventory?

Yes, the maximum amount of scrap you can have in your inventory is 10,000. If you reach this limit, you will need to spend some scrap before you can earn more.

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