Mastering Recoil Control in Pubg Mobile Without Gyroscope

Are you struggling to control recoil in Pubg Mobile? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, mastering recoil control is essential for improving your gameplay.

We will explore what recoil is, why it’s crucial in Pubg Mobile, the different types of recoil, factors affecting recoil, and most importantly, how to control recoil without using the gyroscope feature.

By following our tips and advice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro at managing recoil in Pubg Mobile.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose the right weapon and attachments to effectively control recoil in Pubg Mobile without using a gyroscope.
  • Practice burst firing and controlling your movement to improve your recoil control in Pubg Mobile.
  • Utilize tips such as using the gyroscope feature, thumb sleeves, and staying calm and focused to further enhance your recoil control in Pubg Mobile.

What Is Recoil in Pubg Mobile?

Recoil in Pubg Mobile is the visible movement of a weapon in the game up and down or side to side, which is designed to mirror the way an actual gun will move when shooting. Recoil is a system used in games so that mastering a weapon requires skill, with a player having to properly adjust and control their weapons, both in initial aiming and during sustained fire.

There are two types of recoil which have different definitions in weapon design terminology. Where guns in real life will experience both types of recoil, Pubg Mobile only has them affect accuracy and therefore aiming in some instances, while other instances do just cosmetic recoil. Understanding the importance and knowing how to control recoil in Pubg Mobile are prerequisites to playing the game well.

If we look at the M416 in Pubg Mobile, the competitive loss of control in maintaining stability during automatic fire often referred to as muzzle climb recoil. The shooter or player has to use control inputs to prevent any increases in aiming angle but will not benefit from any increase in acuity. Additionally, sidearm/muzzle dispersion recoil is not their concern in Pubg Mobile.

Why Is Recoil Control Important in Pubg Mobile?

Recoil control is important in Pubg Mobile because a weapon has a certain amount of deviation or kick to its aim when fired. The bullets fired from a gun will shoot in a different direction to where the crosshair is because non-moving guns do not have return-to-origin technology. Smaller recoil means that the actual bullet and not the gun will be accurate to the aiming overlay. Learning to control recoil allows players to achieve weapon accuracy. The spray performance of Pubg Mobile guns shows the points where extra game control is required. If the gun has a very high horizontal and low vertical recoil, you need to learn to control it. If it has a very low horizontal but medium vertical, you need to learn to control that instead. The gun’s individual accuracy and shot placements can only be mastered by learning to control the weapon’s different sound fractals.

What Are the Different Types of Recoil in Pubg Mobile?

The two types of recoil in Pubg mobile are Weapon Recoil and Character Movement Recoil. Weapon recoil describes the random up and to the left or right movements of your weapon after you take a shot. These movements are referred to as recoil patterns. Character movement recoil describes the random changes in your character’s position after you take a shot, which you might notice as sudden clunky movements.

Horizontal Recoil

Hearthy at 6 PM analyzes horizontal recoil by recommending that the AR be automatically fired against an in-game wall with a stability grip. Based on their advice, the heavily horizontal-recoil-oriented gun like the Berly M762 (5.56mm) should be ideally stable at certain distances.

M416 (5.56mm), on the other hand, has the smallest horizontal recoil. Never choose to fire beyond its highest point because it will start to rebound again. This means you can play close to the first point on the graph. AKM (7.67mm) should be played close to the first point as well as its vertical recoil continues while it is rebounding. PUBG recommends that you play close to the third point on the graph of the G36C (5.56mm), but we advise the opposite.

AUG A3 (5.56mm) plays into the third point of the graph. PUBG says you should fire while maintaining a horizontal trajectory funnel with M16A4’s (5.56mm) weapon, but users should play as close to the third point as possible instead. The M16A4 (5.56mm) weapon is still good at very great distances if played optimally for its maximum armor penetration and least recoil, despite its reduced firing frequency.

Vertical Recoil

Vertical recoil is a measure of the automatic rifler’s or gun’s tendency to move vertically after firing. Vertical effect is influenced by speed of firing, interference with horizontal recoil, and/or the player’s adaptability to the rifle. Vertical recoil upwards or downwards refers to the automatic rifle’s vertical motion due to the momentum released by the arm or downwards firing. This motion is increased by the operator whether up or down, depending on the weapon the velocity of the bullets and the player’s judgment. Recoil management of the negev and the bizon is straightforward for the player, as the recoil points directly upwards and requires next to no movement from the player and furthermore provides a great base to manage. There are relatively few weapons with negative vertical deviation. Horizontal deviation is an additional effect in game which adds another dimension of skill or randomness to weapons in the game. It represents the range of lateral displacement in which the center of the bullet can vary following firing. Learning to manage the recoil level of a weapon to keep the center of the bullet on target is a crucial skill implemented by focus and tap firing.

Random Recoil

The most difficult type of recoil pattern to deal with is random recoil. As its name suggests, this pattern cannot be predicted and the muzzle of the weapon moves in arbitrary ways for each new shot. Some shotguns including the S686, S1897, and S12K have more random and less predictable recoil patterns. Dealing with random recoil is difficult without practice, so constantly playing around with different sensitivities and watching how your gun moves while shooting is the best way to get better.

What Are the Factors That Affect Recoil in Pubg Mobile?

The factors that affect recoil in Pubg Mobile are the gun type, attachments, accuracy value, and ballistics type. Each gun has its own rate of fire and recoil properties and each can be modified using attachments. Guns with higher rates of fire, like SMGs and DMRs, are characterized by their lower damage and range. Guns such as ARs, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles typically have higher damage, but also higher recoil and slower rates of fire.

Laser sights on Vector are extremely beneficial because they massively decrease the horizontal and vertical recoil of the gun, converting the spread into a smaller, more accurate circle within which the bullets will hit. The below PUBG Mobile chart shows how spray pattern accuracy can be improved by laser sights. Ballistics are the process by which a firing object (a bullet) moves through the air before hitting a target. The damage done by each gun in Pubg Mobile is determined by its ballistics. Different guns have different velocities, which determine the speed at which the bullet hits the target. Bigger, slower, more damaging guns generally have more pronounced recoil.

Weapon Type

Recoil in pubg mobile varies based on weapon type and how many attachments the player has. The gun with the lowest recoil is the UMP-45, while the gun with the highest recoil is the Beryl M762. Weapons like the M416, SCAR-L, and AKM are the “middle ground” weapons for recoil between the M762 and UMP-45.

These are generalized ideals, but having some knowledge of each weapon type’s spray will help to adapt your own playstyle with them.


Attachments are special pieces of gun equipment that you can find throughout the map in every match. There are four main attachment groupings that can help you improve your gunʼs stability, as well as some specific gun parts. The main attachments that improve stability are the Suppressor, Compensator, Flash Hider, and Muzzle Brake. Improvements are generally found in decreasing muzzle flash and vertical and horizontal recoil. The Half Fore Grip, Vertical Forward Grip, and Angled Fore Grip are the main under-barrel grips that help the most in controlling recoil. You see a gun attachment upgrade when the gun icon in the inventory screen is indicated by the attachmentʼs name in a yellow box on the lower left of the icon.

Through in-game practice, players will learn which guns perform best with which attachments. As a general rule of thumb, the ZH-29, M249, and UMP45 perform well with Muzzle Brakes. The Thompson performs well with a compensator, the Tommy Gun performs well with a suppressor, and the AKM performs very well with any grip, using the Half Fore Grip as its theoretical strongest aid to recoil.


Similar to the first and second points of combined adsorbing and swaying of the weapon barrel, the movement of padding can be useful for controlling recoil to a certain point. This can even be seen in the first person, and over longer engagement distances.

Lower and move your finger slightly to the left in the absence of joystick movement during washing. To account for the greater difficulty of controlling recoil on the left, direct enemies to the right. This same principle applies to the right. The level of difficulty remains low because visual coordination is not required.

Adding movement to control recoil is a skill that requires practice at your own leisure. If one spends several hours each day playing and tries these tips under fire, they may start seeing improvements within a week. Experts argue that including movement not only to avoid a kill shot but also to work towards making a kill shot increases an individual player’s mobility, agility, mouse control, and overall development. This therefore should be beneficial not just for handling recoil but for most match situations requiring swift response.


Many players recommend adjusting how you move after firing in order to control recoil. Standard movement is to strafe while aiming, but some players say to move slightly forward after you start firing. This comes from CEO Jonathan Pan’s video on how to control recoil in PUBG. He explains the mechanics between the AWM and the M416 to illustrate this point, noting that you almost never actually have to strafe during a firefight, movement can easily be simplified to fight and reposition yourself effectively.

Robert Dowling has a similar majority opinion on when moving can be of use. He believes that movement is more key for adjustments when he notes that just strafe to the left or right only – you can move up left or right as you aim for better results.

How to Control Recoil in Pubg Mobile Without Gyroscope?

You can control recoil in Pubg Mobile without a gyroscope by using user controls and finding a weapon with an easy, familiar recoil, according to AmanAnkit, Content Head at Knotscorp and contributor at Digital Ready. A quick way to become a pro at controlling weapon recoil is to use the training room. You can also fire your weapon into a wall to see the pattern when no training room is available.

Follow these steps to control weapon recoil in Pubg Mobile without a gyroscope, according to Mir Assad (OWNER of Group Tech):

  • Choose a familiar attachment
  • Choose a weapon that is easy to control
  • Save ammo by burst firing
  • Adjust your view
  • Switch to another weapon
  • Don’t stay still
  • Win the aim battle
  • Hit heads using Automatic aim
  • Familiarize yourself with weapons
  • Warm-up by playing TDM

To avoid recoil in PUBG Mobile, use a combination of the training room and custom games to your advantage. This marriage of training grounds allows you to learn the patterns of your preferred weapon’s recoil. Through practice and consistent aiming, you should be able to lower recoil and improve your performance in the game.

Use the Right Weapon

Submachine gun recoils are the lowest while light machine guns have the highest recoils in PUBG Mobile. When reducing your recoil, keep this in mind. Submachine guns have a high rate of fire and can be very stable under automatic fire, providing they stabilize while the weapon is firing. If you’re stuck using one of the high-recoil guns, it is suggested that you fire one at a time rather than in bursts or continually ‘spray’ bullets. To maintain a better shot pattern, this will allow for prolonged firing and a brief pause occasionally. In terms of overall control and recoil, SMGs as well as assault rifles such as the UMP 45, M416, Beryl M762, AKM, AUG A3, M762, DP-28, SCAR-L are good options.

Choose the Right Attachments

Recall refers to how automatic weapons move as they are fired. The Pubg wiki recommends the following attachments for the type of weapon you have acquired if you know that your gun has high vertical, horizontal, or left-to-right recall:

  • Vertical Recoil – Scar-L, Beryl, AKM, M416, Groza, M16A4, QBU, AUG, AWM, VSS, UMP-45.
  • Horizontal Recoil – MK47, DP-28, S686, Sawed-off, Tommy Gun.
  • Left-Right Recoil – UZi, Vector.

For the first category that tends to drift upward, choosing attachments that reduce that upward drift is the most important. But that will then make the left-right drift more difficult, meaning some adjustments may also be required. Horizontal recall for most shotguns, SMGs, and the weapon systems associated with both. Left-right recall for Vector and UZI because these attachments will keep the weapons in line even if these weapons tend to drift left or right.

According to the Google Play Store page for Pubg Mobile, the standard weapons with the highest horizontal recall are the AKM, Sawed-off, Tommy Gun, and DP-28. The standard weapons with the highest vertical recall are Kar98k, M24, and AWM. The standard weapons with the highest left-right recall are the UZI and Vector.

Practice Burst Firing

Burst firing automatically reduces the likelihood of getting shot when missing and gives you the opportunity to adjust your aim while your crosshairs center back on the opponent. Even a small pause between each shot can significantly control your weapon’s recoil in PUBG Mobile.

This is significant because the game’s guns tend to jerk upward with each shot while maintaining a sustained rate of fire. Burst firing will give you space and time to bracer gun’s recoil, providing better control, even when there isn’t much time for a tactical delay.

Recoil patterns are well known for the guns in PUBG PC, but the mobile version makes it so difficult that it’s best to opt for the burst and control method if not using a gyroscope. The same basic game physics and gun qualities are there on mobile as well, which makes this a great skill to improve without needing gyroscope control.

Control Your Movement

When you move more, significantly greater recoil builds up. It increases the number of gameplay complexities in keeping control of recoil. If you stand still while firing, recoil is easier to control contrary to if you are running. When you turn around or change walls, aim recovery becomes difficult. If you do not always run, shoot, and jump, however, there is a technique for movement management that definitely allows to learn how to control recoil. When going to change positions, aim instead of doing a random jump, it will help the player to control the spray.

With proper swipe or drag movement techniques users have greater flexibility than by using a gyroscope. Plus the direction of the spray transferring left to right, other factors such as the speed of the spray, which can be described as a component of the recoil, will also vary accordingly based on the swipe and hold technique in use. Experiment with sensitivity (below 19 is recommended by many pro players as it helps with control) and try varied drag extensions on the screen to find a strategy that fits your pace and that you are most at ease with.

Use the Right Sensitivity Settings

PUBG recommends generally low sensitivity settings for new users. When the settings are too high, aiming is often negatively affected, especially in close range shooting. On the other hand, when trying to make fast movements at a high level of sensitivity, players may face longer aiming times at a high level of sensitivity, making it hard to aim properly between shots. For example, if the sensitivity of non-scoped shots is kept too low, then it can be difficult to aim in close range combat and hard to hit enemies with quick movement. However, if the sensitivity of non-scoped shots is too high, it can be hard to aim precisely at players that are further in the distance.

We suggest that players experiment with settings that start more towards the middle. Notch settings up or down, specifically for the non-scoped shots section. For the most effective spray control and recoil management, we recommend trying sensitivity settings that are particularly low for non-scoped assault rifle shots, such as 0.1 sensitivity. This allows for very controlled movement during spray, making it easier to control the majority of assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. For precise assault or sniping, switch to a higher sensitivity setting. They recommend 0.1 – 0.2 sensitivity settings in order to control weapon spray.

Utilize the Gyroscope Feature

In Pubg Mobile, the gyroscope setting is a smart technology that utilizes the motion-tracking capability within your device to control the game with a tilt rather than screen tap or control pad forces.

6. Utilize the Gyroscope Feature

on this page because it assists you with recoil control by adding precision in aiming, adjusting your gun on moving targets, and peek shooting around corners.

For those who are mobile gamers, the gyroscope can help significantly aid in controlling the recoil of your guns, as Pubg Mobile designed it to have an impact on the playing and firing experience in their favor. The gyroscope combined with a comfortable custom HUD, camera sensitivity, and Y-axis sensitivity settings to your liking can significantly help in controlling recoil and hopefully no longer necessitating the Pubg Mobile gyroscope feature only being required in FPP flight mode. If your device supports a control pad, implement that along with the Gyroscope feature and adjust the sensitivity, acceleration, and move-time settings till you are comfortable with the recoil.

Use a Thumb Sleeve or Claw Grip

A thumb sleeve is essentially a glove worn on the thumb. Some folks prefer an alt solution that protects the whole index finger. This reduces friction with the touchscreen, making control of the thumb on the screen easier, and aiding in being able to control the gun scope with ease. As an observation, three Chinese female gamers who play PUBG all spoke about the increased control that the thumb sleeve provides.

The Claw Grip is another option to increase precision and control when it comes to recoil management. What makes the claw grip unique is that the pointing finger is mostly used to fire (often for tap firing) while the thumb focuses on a majority of the camera movement control. This technique became popular in the days of gaming console controllers but works just as well with PUBG Mobile. Using the Claw Grip allows better control of buttons on the left-hand side of the screen. Claws are also illustrated to have better scope control than their three and four-finger counterparts.

The gun scope is a helpful tool in increasing the precision of shots and taking control of the recoil of the gun. For many users not comfortable with the claw grip, selecting a thumb sleeve may be a helpful trick that allows a user to control recoil through the utilization of their thumb.

What Are Some Tips for Improving Recoil Control in Pubg Mobile?

Some tips for improving recoil control in Pubg Mobile are to learn the recoil patterns of favored weapons, keep the mobile phone at the flank side while moving, use thumb sleeves to reduce friction, use headphones with a mic, use appropriate attachments – particularly compensators, and use scopes. Mobility and awareness should not be sacrificed in an attempt to control recoil but should be adjusted as required.

Practice in Training Mode

Training mode lets you practice without consequences such as injury, as well as offers a wide variety of weapons and attachments that you would not normally be able to find or use during a match. You can equip all types of grips and get a feel for both horizontal and vertical recoil by firing weapons at all sorts of targets at any range and without interference from opponents. Practice makes perfect.

Watch Tutorials and Guides

YouTube is a source of thousands of helpful content such as tutorials for how to minimize recoil in PUBG mobile. This three-minute video by pro player for entity gaming Jonathan Amaral is one of the most popular in the genre, with almost 13 million views.


If you want more specific instructions, you are able to download AMOLED apps from the play store on your mobile.

Adjust Your Settings

Adjusting your sensitivity settings is the easiest way to control recoil in PUBG Mobile without using gyroscopes to micro-manage your recoil. Liu `one` Zeming recommends being familiar with position-related adjustments to fine-tune your sensitivity settings. Sensitivity determines how fast your aiming reticle moves on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) planes. A higher sensitivity means a faster-moving reticle but this makes small movements harder to control and can cause accidental overshooting. Vice versa for lower sensitivities. A left-handed grip can use lower vertical, and a split-grip can use higher horizontal and vertical settings, according to Battle Area Gaming. Zeming recommends that beginner players start with low sensitivity settings and gradually increase.

Stay Calm and Focused

Stressing out and panicking during a gunfight is common, but try to force yourself to stay calm and think through the situation in order to more effectively control PUBG Mobile recoil and win the gunfight. Hyperventilating, shaking hands/fingers, and disordered thoughts can all make it harder to control your recoil. Instead of being overwhelmed by your opponent and the gunfight itself, trust in your skills, focus on your crosshair and the enemy movements, aim where you want the bullets to go, and control your recoil by dragging down and moving the crosshair according to the recoil pattern. Keep in mind that calmness and focus is something that develops gradually and does not happen overnight. Certain breathing techniques or mini-meditation exercises before gameplay can aid you in developing a calm demeanor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Control Recoil in Pubg Mobile Without Gyroscope?

Recoil control is an important skill to master in Pubg Mobile to improve your accuracy and increase your chances of winning. However, not everyone has access to a gyroscope in their device. Here are some commonly asked questions about controlling recoil without a gyroscope.

Can I still control recoil without a gyroscope in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can still control recoil without a gyroscope in Pubg Mobile. While a gyroscope can make it easier, it is not necessary to have one. With practice and the right techniques, you can still control recoil effectively.

What are some tips for controlling recoil without a gyroscope?

There are a few tips you can follow to control recoil without a gyroscope. These include using a low recoil weapon, using attachments to reduce recoil, practicing burst firing, and adjusting your sensitivity settings.

Should I use a thumb grip or a claw grip to control recoil without a gyroscope?

It ultimately depends on your personal preference and what works best for you. Some players prefer a thumb grip while others find a claw grip more effective. Experiment with both to see which one helps you control recoil better.

How can I practice controlling recoil without a gyroscope?

The best way to practice is by playing in training mode or in arcade matches. You can also watch tutorial videos or play with experienced players to learn different techniques and get feedback on your recoil control.

Is it possible to completely eliminate recoil without a gyroscope?

No, it is not possible to completely eliminate recoil without a gyroscope. However, with the right techniques and practice, you can significantly reduce it and improve your accuracy in Pubg Mobile.

Can using a gyroscope give me an advantage over players without one when it comes to controlling recoil?

Yes, using a gyroscope can give you an advantage as it allows for more precise and smoother movements. However, with enough practice, players without a gyroscope can also control recoil effectively and compete with those using one.

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