Mastering the Art of Jumping Fast in Pubg: Tips and Tricks

Are you a PUBG player looking to improve your jumping skills in the game?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, knowing how to jump strategically can make a significant difference in your gameplay.

From reaching different locations to gaining a tactical advantage, jumping in PUBG is a crucial aspect of the game.

We will explore the importance of jumping, how to jump farther, the best places to jump, common mistakes to avoid, and tips on improving your jumping skills.

Let’s dive in and level up your PUBG jump game!

What Is Pubg?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer battle-royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Krafton. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017 but has since moved onto other platforms, the primary two being mobile and console versions.

The concept of the game is that one hundred players parachute onto an island and must find weapons and equipment to fight one another. The key advantage that PUBG offers over traditional first-person shooter games is that the in-game graphics are extremely detailed and the gameplay is slower and more methodical in a tactical and sneaky way, as opposed to popular first person shooters like Call of Duty, which reward fast and aggressive gameplay. The game features several modes. So players can cater their favorite gameplay from FPP (First-Person Perspective) mode, to War Mode, which allows respawn within an internal playzone, to Custom Matches.

PUBG costs a one-time upfront fee for desktops and consoles but can be downloaded for free on mobile platforms. Players on every system compete on a level playing field and can search for games on a broader range of geographical servers. The game was hugely popular in 2017 but has seen a decrease in pubg gamers since then. It is still the fourth most-played game on earth.

What Is Jumping In Pubg?

Jumping in PUBG is the means by which a player can make their character leave the ground and move in a forward motion. Specifically, this involves pressing the spacebar in PUBG on PC and hold and release the jump button on PC/XBox and mobile, tapping the jump button in PUBG mobile.

Jumping motion helps in some but not in all game scenarios. Dr. DisRespect explains that jumping is useful when getting hit from behind or on the side because it can disrupt an opponent’s aim. Jumping is not recommended in encounters where there are multiple enemies and the situation is up to chance. Different players have different tactics on how to jump at different times depending on the situation, which you can learn by watching them and listening to their strategies. If you are having trouble implementing a jumping strategy, play with your teammates in Duos where shots will not be fatal because you’ll only have to fight against a max of two players and your teammate will revive you.

How To Jump In Pubg?

Jumping in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG is simple and is done with the Space key by default on the PC version of the game. Before jumping, players should reassess their environment and their next tactical move. The game uses a leap mechanic for all players rather than a run and jump mechanic, so you can jump from a static position. Hold the shift key to sprint towards a direction, then release all keys and immediately press and hold the space bar to do long jump flip to cover horizontal distance quickly. The in-game settings will allow you to remap your jumping key if you wish.

Tactic for jumping in PUBG: make unpredictable jumps. In the heat of a firefight or as you are rushing to cover, jumping can help you decrease hitbox height, sidestep oncoming fire, or increase overall avoidability of shots by simply breaking predictability. This is crucial, particularly in the top ranks. By stopping momentarily while jumping so that your path is unpredictable and jerky you can decrease the chances of an opponent hitting you on your mid-jump trajectory. Utilizing this tactic continuously requires some skill and expertise as only a very short window opens for your opponent to be able to hit you. Therefore, it stands to your benefit to not repeat the hopping pattern and posture.

Why Is Jumping Important In Pubg?

Jumping is important in PUBG as it can disrupt another player’s aim, allow a player to leap around cover as they move, and help the player make unpredictable movements in general. Players are sometimes undecided and start to jump around randomly. If another player is trying to shoot them at the same time, it makes aiming at them difficult. Acting as a distraction or disruptor with random jumps can help players avoid gunfights and territorial conflicts.

To Reach Different Locations

In PUBG Royale Crossing – The Ultimate Pubg Guide it was documented that battlefield mobility helps in landing at different locations faster. Battleground Royale notes that BM gaming etiquettes encourage players to move and support their teammates as they hop among points of interest. By knowing the fastest way to move on the map, you can outrun enemies or find better gear from a distant location. This style of play is ideal if your goal is to cover more ground or gather supplies, vehicles, and points of interest. You are also able to stay ahead of the shrinking play zone circle, which inflicts increasing damage.

To Avoid Enemy Fire

Jumping can help avoid enemy fire if used properly. The first step in avoiding enemy fire is becoming aware of their position. This can be done by video, auditory, or in-game map cues such as distance gunshots, steering sounds, and on-the-ground knowledge about what areas have already been searched or fought over and where they are likely to be headed.

Once their position is known, jumping may be the best way to avoid their projectile. Time spent on the ground not avoiding enemy fire should be spent listening for enemy movements. If you believe you are being followed, jump sideways or in another direction or strafe (moving from side to side while maintaining forward or backward movement).

Jump every time you reload to make sure you are constantly moving and harder to hit.

To Gain Tactical Advantage

Faster jumps get players deeper into the map and closer to useful loot, and they also ensure a tactical advantage over other players by getting them to a favored high-traffic skirmish point faster than the competition. High-traffic choke points are often good locations for strategic positioning, as more kills and loot opportunities can arise. In the video Where to Survive? Pro Tips (Episode 6) | PUBG MOBILE TIPS & TRICKS, PUBG Mobile YouTuber DWOZ spends roughly 20 seconds looting, explaining that high-traffic Pochinki offers minimal loot on the roof. Since the bulk of kills take place at Pochinki, he is eager to avoid it.

The tactical advantage of a fast initial drop allowed him the control of initial positioning. Other examples are the following. The Central of Play Zone from Season 1 of PUBG Mobile indicates that if you land far from the center of the safe area you have a long way to run as the shooting range contracts. Further information on jump speed. Farther from the center of play will have fewer strategists on average. The screenshot from Most Powerful Loot Locations of All time in PUBG Mobile shows where they land on Erangel and sanhok. In their study, their data indicates that players will on average face 5 or more opponents on the first 37 seconds following their landing when they land in Pochinki or School. In contrast, if you get to Gatka, the ruins, or Zharki quickly then you will on average meet only 2 players in the same period. So go, follow the path of these high-skilled Twitch PUBG streamers, and practice.

How To Jump Farther In Pubg?

To jump further in Pubg, follow this process. In the customize controls area of settings, go to the movement button. Once there, you need to pull your character’s back towards you and angle the movement button to the right or left of your screen to fix it in place. Utilizing this technique perfectly, the character jumps with a backward motion, hence doubling the jump distance entry. Practice this for some time. Do not forget to find the dead zone area in the game before making any critical changes.

The Jumping far distance technique in Pubg mobile doesn’t really give any solid or tangible advantages, but knowing how to make some extra jump distance in the game can help you while you operate in Pubg mobile. During firefights or during gameplay when you need to jump for a wide distance. Utilizing jumping with a forward impulse (without a rotational jump) will sometimes give more advantage when you are out in open grounds or want to take elevation advantages to attack similar to the PUBG Mobile thumb guide.

Use The Parachute Properly

To jump fast in PUBG, use the parachute properly. Try to fly parallel to the flight path of the plane to reach the target destination faster. Cut the parachute a few times immediately upon reaching the ground to gain an advantage over those who do not cut the parachute. Prioritize highest-flying fuel areas such as Miramar Hacienda del Patron. Do not cut the parachute at high altitudes, because if they do it, other users who are close will reach the spot before you.

Utilize Terrain Features

Jumping in the direction of less friction and then turning towards the desired destination between jumps is a good strategy to increase your speed. In the real world less friction is typically represented by ramps or downhill movement. The rate of speed increase further rises when both ramps and downhill movement are combined. In PUBG, the rate of speed increase during a long jump is further increased by things that decrease friction such as diving or taking steps often. If the rate of friction increase and the rate of speed increase match, you will maintain the same constant velocity. Some players maximize their drop speed and then reduce the dropping trajectory angles slightly by pressing the forward walk button. Try not to dive before you hit the ground as walking before diving provides more acceleration. But research by Medium indicates there could be a bug that shifts your running direction if you walk before diving.

Use Vehicles

Vehicles make travel faster in PUBG as they add speed while ensuring you are hidden from enemy detection. It is especially helpful to switch locations such as islands or cross wide open fields. Boats, Aquarails, Aquarails Two-seaters, and even swimmers use this strategy to enter a circle from across the body of water but keep a low profile. With strategic use, vehicles are more than just a faster way to jump maps in PUBG, they are also important tools to keep safe.

What Are The Best Places To Jump In Pubg?

The best places to jump in PUBG are the Malaysian island of Sambar Region, Pecado, and the Novorepnoye Motor Plant. They have the highest building densities, providing the best chances of finding early loot, while having fewer opponents than Pochinki and earning good find-and-camp play strategies. Panners in Novorepnoye Motor Plant do not all fall into the plant location area, so there are good camping spots for later in the game.

High Loot Areas

Veteran PUBG players know high loot areas have a lot of gear to collect, so one of the best ways to jump fast in PUBG is to utilize high loot areas. The main difference between high loot areas in Erangel and Arangel is the expected player population. High loot areas in Erangel are more occupied by other players since there are more competitors in Erangel. The best high loot area in Erangel is the School in Pochinki, which doubles as an Erangel deathmatch arena. Other high loot areas in Erangel map include Pochinki, Military Base, Georgopol, Lipovka, Novorepnoye, Cosmodrome, and Sosnovka Military Base.

High loot areas in Arangel such as C-D complex, boardrooms, and apartments have the same loot density but will frequently be less occupied because there are fewer competing players on the Arangel map. When high loot areas are far from the airplane flight path they will be emptied early. Pro players know this and vacate areas even though they still have a good ratio of equipment, in search of less busy areas. Therefore, make sure you are in the lower half of the flight path to avoid having the high loot area you have chosen looted.

Remote Locations

Remote locations can be beneficial for jumping in PUBG, as they provide a stable looting environment. Jumping to a remote area allows you to spend ample time looting for weapons and consumables without aggressive competition from other players. Places such as Cambodia, Minas Generales or other areas with sparse buildings and violent red zones (some with names) are good for this slow pace of play at the beginning of a match.

Areas With Good Cover

In PUBG, good cover frequently means bumpy terrain. As such, practitioners of PUBG jump movement often take advantage of hilly countryside. The least hilly map is Sanhok and is one of the least jump-evident of the four maps except in the Ruins area. Jumping in PUBG matches on Sanhok to move quickly builds gaming skills that can be taken to other maps and areas of life (although not into trees).

Pecado, which is to the east of the ruins in San Martin, is another good place to practice jump movement skills in PUBG. PUBG Sanhok is also good to practice moving from shadow to shadow. You will find this map light years beyond PUBG Mobile. Here’s Why.

What Are The Common Mistakes When Jumping In Pubg?

The two most common mistakes when juming in PUBG are jumping too early and jumping in the same place. Jumping too early can cost you precious time if enemy players land before you and getting the weapon first which is an advantage. According to ShadowzGaming, this is the most common mistakes. Another common mistake is jumping and deploying parachute in same spot. Avoid this as it just makes an easy target for other players.

The most important part three seconds is the moment of landing. Focussing on your onscreen environment is the mistake that happens after the frequently seen mistakes and should be avoided. Aasi commented on what he sees as the most common error during his live streams. The most important part, jump and look directly across. Don’t look down, left, and right too much. Most deaths happen because people focus on the visual. Be totally quiet. Running before players because of a fear of other enemy players in the plane is another mistake which could happen.

Not Paying Attention To The Map

If you are wondering how to jump fast in Pubg, an initial mistake that many new players make is not seeing the importance of the map and map knowledge. It is foolish to jump poorly located. Do not jump until you have a good idea of terrain and where the flight path will be.

You need to study the Playzone. This is the initial arena featured on the map at the start of each level. While the map is not live and doesn’t tell you what exact location the Red Lightning will follow, it gives you an idea to plan for.

The Red Lightning, which initially imposes the restriction of the Playzone to guide players to high action areas, typically appears on the map at a right lateral movement (as seen facing the top of the map). So when you’re on the plane or about to choose your jumping location, it doesn’t make sense to jump to the lumberyard at the bottom right if you want to be in the middle of action because you know the lightning for the initial playzone will hit the map roughly around the top-middle area.

Not Communicating With Teammates

Besides not having as much fun, not communicating with your teammates can cut down on how quickly you progress through matches. Your teammates can warn you when enemies are approaching, coordinate fire with you, allow you to complete challenges more easily, and give you directions that help you get to the safe zone more quickly. Communication is a key here, especially if your team is strategically positioned throughout the map.

Not Using The Parachute Properly

The parachute in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is very useful and one of the key controls for how to jump fast in Pubg, but there are also many mistakes that players are prone to when using it. Here are the main ways the parachute is misused.

  1. Waiting too long after the flight path starts for material to form. Players should have their Pubg parachute deployed before the inward spiral closes on the plane’s flight path, or they will not have enough speed to reach their chosen Pubg jump location.
  2. Spiraling in the wrong direction is a common parachute mistake in Pubg. The map in the top right can be used to see which direction is fullest with air drops and make adjustments.
  3. Landing with the Pubg parachute open. Experienced players know the parachute should stay open for five to six seconds as this causes yaw and slows descent.
  4. Bad angle for landing. Try to remember in which direction the Pubg plane was moving and keep the Pubgharachute open right before hitting the ground to ensure they do not take damage. Even more experienced Pubg players can misjudge distances and should heed this strategy.

In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, players spawn in the waiting area that functions as a transition area where they can get ready for the flight and drop off to combat zones in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and other maps. The Pubg waiting area is also referred to as Spawn Island. When waiting for all players to join, the airplane arrives and travels directly over Spawn Island, offering players the chance to become accustomed to the controls, equipment, and gather feedback, or simply dick around. Use this time wisely to establish your jumping and parachuting skills.

How To Improve Your Jumping Skills In Pubg?

You can improve your jumping skills in PUBG by doing the following:

  1. Jumping constantly until you can master jumping over rough terrain and exchanging shots in midair.
  2. Have a high run and jump sensitivity. This will make jumping easier and more snappy for you. Use t training room to get used to a higher sensitivity by practicing your grenade throws.
  3. Watch pros play to get ideas on what jumping styles will work best for you.

Constantly jumping is the most tried-and-true way of getting good at it. To improve your jumping skills, it is recommended that you make jumping a consistent element in your game as you play in an average PUBG mobile match. You will pick up on small details that will help by devoting a small amount of your game time to practicing jumps and techniques in a lower pressure scenario.

Practice Regularly

Practice jumping and shooting regularly in custom rooms when you are not in a hurry to join a regular match. Create a humorous or silly atmosphere during training by encouraging your friends to do things like three-man skydiving wrestling matches. A stable internet connection is necessary for practice so that there are no frustrating hiccups in the middle of an attempted jump shot. Afterward, have a beer and discuss the results and experiences. This encourages positive behavior the next time you practice.

Watch Tutorials And Tips

There are many general PUBG tutorials, tips, and tricks on Youtube that you can follow. Guides such as ‘How to play PUBG for beginners’, or ‘The Best PUBG Moments’ and ‘The Best PUBG Plays’ may not focus solely on jumping but can still provide useful tips to new players in this area and help them improve quickly. Pro players who are known for their gameplay and speed, such as Shroud, Chocotaco, Seokju, and many others, share general gameplay streams in which they often show their rapid movement and jump fights, which you can observe and learn from them.

Everyone learns at their own pace, so watch these videos regularly to catch new ideas. On the other hand, there are tutorials specific to jumping. In the PUBG Mobile edition, technical tutorials such as ‘Extreme Jumping Techs’ and ‘Pro Jumping Tips Tubes’ explain how to get better at jumping in PUBG Mobile. Sometimes simply enjoying the stream of jump action in these types of videos can help you get ideas for your own moves, while the technical jump-tech tutorials can provide the necessary information for a more knowledgeable improvement in jumping skills.

Play With Experienced Players

This is a helpful strategy for finding high-tier loot in the form of gear and weapons and can be important to jumping fast in PUBG. Experienced players know where the best loot is located, so following them during parachute time could provide you a good boost at the start of your game. The chances of success in PUBG increases multiple folds when playing with an experienced squad.

You can get the real feel of this experience by streaming Scout and Entity Jonathan, two of the top performed gamers of PUBG Mobile. Both players hold good positions in the international gaming scenario. Scout stays top-notch with his sniping skills and his attacking, as well as map moving strategies, while Entity Jonathan has supported his team with excellent strategies and attacking actions, and has an impressive win percentage.

A highly experienced player is able to get proper positioning, and they can find enemies quickly in a well-coordinated and mapped way. An experienced player can spot and kill 10+ enemies per game. They actively check their surroundings and plan their path ahead to avoid dangerous areas. Thus, playing with an experienced player can improve your own skill because you can watch and learn from their strategies. Also, you can move around quicker if you have security everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Jump Fast in Pubg?

What is the best way to jump fast in Pubg?
The best way to jump fast in Pubg is to use the “vaulting” feature. Hold down the jump button while approaching an obstacle and your character will automatically climb over it, allowing you to move faster.

Can I jump further in Pubg using a vehicle?

Can I use a vehicle to jump further in Pubg?
Yes, you can use a vehicle to jump further in Pubg. Simply drive towards a ramp or hill and use the vehicle’s momentum to launch yourself into the air.

Do certain weapons or equipment affect how fast I can jump in Pubg?

Are there any weapons or equipment that can help me jump faster in Pubg?
No, weapons and equipment do not affect how fast you can jump in Pubg. However, having a lighter loadout can make it easier for your character to jump and move quickly.

What is the “super jump” glitch in Pubg and how can I do it?

What is the “super jump” glitch in Pubg and how can I perform it?
The “super jump” glitch in Pubg is a bug that allows players to jump much higher than normal. To perform it, you need to press the jump button while crouched and then quickly switch to prone position. It may take a few tries to get it right.

Are there any tips for jumping faster in Pubg?

Do you have any tips for jumping faster in Pubg?
Yes, there are a few tips for jumping faster in Pubg. First, try to avoid obstacles and uneven terrain, as they can slow down your movement. Also, make use of the “slide” feature by sprinting and then tapping the crouch button to slide and cover more ground quickly.

Is there a specific timing or technique to jump fast in Pubg?

Is there a specific timing or technique I should use to jump fast in Pubg?
Yes, there is a specific timing and technique that can help you jump faster in Pubg. Practice using the “vaulting” and “slide” features to move efficiently, and try to time your jumps to avoid obstacles and maintain your speed. It may take some practice, but you’ll soon be jumping fast and dominating the game.

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