Unlock In-Game Style: A Guide to Buying Clothes in Pubg With Bp

Are you a PUBG enthusiast looking to spruce up your in-game character with new clothing items and weapon skins? If so, you’ll need to earn BP points to make those purchases.

Learn what PUBG is, what BP points are, and how you can earn them through playing matches, completing missions, and selling items on the Steam Marketplace.

Find out what you can buy with BP points, how to buy clothes in PUBG, and get valuable tips for optimizing your BP point purchases.

What is PUBG?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a competitive first-person shooter video game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It was first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam‘s Early Access beta program in March 2017. From there, it saw early and stable launch success and kept millions of players engaged and excited, and generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue from copy sales and in-game purchases. It is available on the major gaming platforms including PlayStation, Stadia, Xbox, Android, and even Cloud Gaming Services that can stream the game to televisions.

The basic goal of PUBG is for characters to enter one of several game maps, search for weapons, armor, other equipment, and vehicles while killing as many other players as possible until only one player, duo, or small team remains. It then rewards surviving players with in-game currency both purchased with real money and acquired through gameplay that can be redeemed for additional gear for future rounds.

What are BP Points in PUBG?

BP (Battle Player) Points are the currency in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) used to unlock new weapon skins and characters as well as purchase Random Crates. This in-game currency of BP Points are earned through combat performances, game successes, and time played according to the number of runs or minutes played, and are used to buy items related to skins, characters, matchmaking, and treasure crates in the game.

As of PUBG Update 13.1 the BP Point Shop includes the following categories which can be purchased both alone or as part of a crate set: Character, Laggard, Glider, Suits, Backpacks, Headgear, M1911, and UMP45 which are all part of the Dress Up category.

How to Earn BP Points in PUBG?

You can earn BP (Battle Points) in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) just by playing the game normally. You earn 1 BP every time you survive a second of gameplay, a few BP if you do some damage but are killed, and even more if you kill someone.

Battle points are used to purchase Wanderer Crates that contain a variety of clothing items. To do this, you raise sufficient BP by completing games and surviving for as long as possible. The better you and your teammates do in the game, the more BP you get.

Once you have some BP points, go to the Lobby screen and click on the Store icon. The Store will display any crates currently available for BP purchase. If Wanderer Crates are not listed, you must wait for them to become available again. As soon as they do, you can purchase the crates for 700 BP each.

After you have the crates, go to the Customization area, click on the Crate you wish to open, and select Open Crate. You will receive the number of random cosmetic articles that the crate promises you, picked from a set of possible items already included in the crate. You will receive a message that you have received the clothing in your PUBG inventory after the crates are opened.

Playing Matches

The simplest and most fun way to earn Battle Points (BP) is to play matches on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) games on an account linked to your Steam, Xbox, PS4, or Stadia account. You earn Battle Points every few minutes based on your total survival time in a match. These are then added to the BP earned by the performance and random daily victories, which is then added to your BP total which you can use for purchasing social clothes, crates, and other items on and off of the game map.

Completing Missions

In Battle Royale PUBG, you can earn BP by completing missions. These are daily challenges that are easy to complete if you play a few rounds of PUBG every day. Missions range from landing in specific areas on the map to achieving a certain kill count within a certain time frame. They can be completed on single, duos, or squad modes and each subsequent mission can grant you more BP.

Selling Items on the Steam Marketplace

One method to make money in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is via selling duplicate weapon skins, PUBG sets, emotes, and other items for Steam Wallet Funds. If you receive a repeat item in a locked crate, funds in PUBG are increased when you sell this item on the Steam Marketplace. These funds can be used either to buy new crates or items directly by using the PUBG marketplace (see above).

The StreamReader website explains the process of listing items for sale on the Steam Community Market as following:

  1. Open your Steam Inventory
  2. Click on ‘Sell an item’
  3. Choose the item from your inventory that you want to sell.
  4. Fill in the price and price history fields for your unique item. Steam will make suggestions, but you are free to choose and make changes before listing the item.
  5. Click the green ‘Sell’ button

What Can You Buy with BP Points in PUBG?

You can buy in-game cosmetic items such as outfits, weapon skins, and parachute skins with Battle Points in PUBG. When you use the in-game shop that is accessed via the forefront of the screen by clicking on the shop button, you can see these items that are available for purchase. Known as the classic or soldier currency, BP was the original in-game reward currency in PUBG. Introduced alongside the 1.0 release of the game in 2017, BP could be earned by completing matches and could then be spent on loot boxes from the in-game store called the white or welfare crate.

However, due to valve restricting play time of under 18 year olds of PUBG in Korea and the resulting mass exodus of the game, game publisher PUBG Corp announced in September 2018 the introduction of blue coupons, a token currency, to the game. This was announced as a way for players to be able to unlock specific items in PUBG. In essence, the Blue coupon system removed the option for players to earn cosmetic items and weapon skins by playing the game and participating in in-game events. Blue tokens can now be obtained by completing daily objectives and challenges or by purchasing them with the Survivor Pass: Badlands premium in-game currency, which costs real money.

Clothing Items

You can buy clothes with Battle Points (BP) through crates in PUBG. All items in PUBG that are available in crates from before Patch 6.1 are permanently accessible from the carpentry menu using BP and Silver Fragments. Until you receive the item you want through the lottery crate system or buy an item to permanently unlock it via the BP or premium currency shop, none are automatically accessible. Many clothing and set items were previously military-crate tier items that are no longer obtainable at all, such as the sleeveless tuxedo set that has returned as rare loot from the picnic crate.

Weapon Skins

As of December 2020, there are 120 items available from the Supply Crate Classic such as the Birds of Prey Pack set which includes every slot. The set includes a black helmet, blue coat, gray gloves, green trousers, and black boots. A total of 68,850 BP is needed to purchase the complete set. Similarly, with the PGI Ringside set you can expect to spend 67,250 BP for all parts.


PUBG sells exclusive Unsolved Mysteries costume sets, which are collections of military tactical clothing that manager B holds back from the shop to sell for B520 Crate Keys instead. They rotate costumes from the crates after about 6-8 weeks. They are PUBG’s premium cosmetics and are all designed according to the prevailing and upcoming themes of new maps. Info on clothing in the military and how to earn it can be found in PUBG’s Cosmetic Items Guide.

How to Buy Clothes with BP Points in PUBG?

You can buy clothes with BP points in PUBG when you are following these steps under the customization section of the PUBG interface.

Select the item class as apparels.Clothes can be bought with BP points in PUBG Marketplace which gets enabled only during the Prime Time of the battlegrounds as announced by PUBG. You can also then choose any gear or box and look for the RP price. The price of PUBG clothes in BP ranges from 1500 to 3000 RP per item. The most expensive clothes are the Combat Pants_(Black) for 3300 RP. The Ghost Shirt for 2700 RP, and the Error Shirt for 2700 RP. These are the most expensive PUBG clothes in BP, and the most cost-efficient clothing items are the Worker Jacket_(Grey) for 1500 RP, the School Pants for 1500 RP, and the Spike_Rubber_(Green) PUBG backpack for 1500 RP.

Go to the In-Game Store

Go to the in-game store by clicking on the store widget at the bottom of the homepage. There are two ways to gain access to the Outfit section with BP, through ‘Special supply crate TF2 and TF2 weekly’ and the ‘Metal’ premium rank upgrade. The in-game store is divided into the following sections:

  1. Special supply crate: Randomly gives old BP skins, most of which are not worth much, but some can cost as low as $1.
  2. Classic crate (Electric Shock): A previous premium crate that returns before the new crates are released. Note that new items in Crates are only available for real money purchase, no longer purchasable with BP.
  3. Outfit Recommendation: Outfits randomly suggested based on the user’s preferences and collection.

Select the Item You Want to Buy

Select the item you want to purchase after choosing your category. In this case, we are looking at backpacks, one of the clothing items available for purchase in the utility slot. There are numerous backpacks available in the shop, each with a different price tag. Here is a summary of some of the basic backpacks you can buy in PUBG Mobile’s Shop with their BP prices and storage capacity.

  1. Noob backpack with 20 points capacity and a price of 120 BP coins
  2. Explorer backpack with 50 points capacity and a price of 500 BP coins
  3. Survivor backpack with 100 points capacity and a price of 1200 BP coins
  4. Cool backpack with 200 points capacity and a price of 2700 BP coins
  5. Stylish black backpack with 300 points capacity and a price of 4500 BP coins

I’ll choose Noob backpack in the utility tab which brings up the purchase button to buy the item since it is priced at 120 BP coins. If by chance you don’t have the required BP coins, it will show you an additional option to get these using UC currency created when you spend real money on the game. If you have sufficient BP coins, you can now click the Buy button which will automatically add it into your account after the BP coins are deducted. Make sure you have enough storage capacity available for your chosen clothing item if you have already planned to use some of your backpack’s storage capacity.

Confirm Purchase with BP Points

After confirming the purchase with UCs, players receive the item. If there is a purchase with BP, they must confirm it by pushing it to the right. If you are not ready or think the purchase does not suit you, you can cancel the purchase by pushing it to the left. Hit the empty box in the upper right to close the shop due to the time required to read the item.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has a box on the right side with a big white tag on top in the store area that shows the players what they have purchased and need to confirm. It is time to go back to the main lobby, unsuited players will have the pause page as an opportunity to cancel the sale and return to the normal game.

You will need to access clothing and other items back in the main playing lobby, so tap on the store icon. Tapping buttons in the store after players have completed purchases allows PUB-G users to confirm a purchase with BP at this point.

Are There Any Limitations to Buying Clothes with BP Points?

There are no limitations on the type of clothes you can buy using Battle Points (BP). You can purchase any type of crates, skins, clothes, or attire. Unlike with UC, no item is restricted from being sold in exchange for BP. Thus, it gives you a chance to increase your style and self expression in battle royale matches without spending a penny, or to save your costlier UC expenditures for other items and just buy clothes with BP.

If you find any in-game clothes in which you are vested, be sure to have enough BP in your account when it happens, as there may not be a purchase window for every item at every time. For example, Battlestat Mark II Crates which were available for BP without a purchase window available for L1 Combat Sets were available for BP, as you could see from the picture of the white L1 Combat Set purchased for BP, without a purchase window available for BP. Thus it is mandatory to monitor the PUBG store for better offers on a daily basis. If you do not have enough BP to buy in-game items, then buy some useless/random clothes from the PUBG store. This will help in rotating the existing clothes in the store as something new might be shown as a purchase option for BP.

Limited Availability of Items

When an item is re-pushed into the crate pool, it remains there for a period of time, so once you acquire items from Pioneer, you will find them in the crates too and these items will then be available to other players until the pools are switched up again.

Fortunately, Gone Rogue Brahmas Shako and Survivalist Combat Boots have false rarity in that they will always only be available for purchase with BP. This means there will always be some good ways to spend BP as long as these are not removed from availability in the store.

Badges used to show the rarity of PUBG items, but with the addition of cards, medals, and scrolls for the item, badges no longer need to do that. Grey badges are for Classic items that will always be available, Blue are for rare items that have a timer and will eventually be replaced, Purple badges are for rare and false rarity items only available in Pioneer crates, Green badges are used for rewards from reimbursements or use of BP at the crew shop. Orange is not used by PUBG at this time.

If the items are not coming up for you and the BP is not burning a hole in your pocket, you are free to wait and check the store as often as you like or accumulate it until a better spending opportunity comes along.

Limited Amount of BP Points

You can only purchase things with BP you earned yourself in game or by selling item crates on the Steam Marketplace. BP has a weekly cap of 5200 points earned, which prevents players from simply buying massive amounts of BP to acquire virtual items. There are sometimes double BP events which pepper the year but for the most part, BP must be earned. This is further encouragement to continue to engage in PUBG gameplay, developing tactics and gear preference.

Regional Restrictions

Regional restrictions vary and can affect which PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) clothes are available to you. Some items are banned in more restrictive regions – usually because of symbols like the swastika or Imperial Japanese symbols. A significant number of items are not available for purchase in countries subject to US or international economic sanctions, such as Iran, Libya, Lebanon, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela.

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is an example of a title affected by such restrictions.

Tips for Buying Clothes with BP Points in PUBG

Although there are no guarantees of getting crates, these tips salways apply and should help you get more BP in PUBG:

  1. Putting in time: The more you play, the higher total BP you will probably get.
  2. Winning: Along with a higher survival rating, winning matches can earn you extra BP on the Leaderboards.
  3. Missions: Completing Survival and Challenge Objectives is a good and consistently reliable way to earn BP in PUBG.
  4. Careers: You will earn more BP for trying to kill players and doing damage rather than just hiding.
  5. Steam Client Bonuses: Participating in Steam Community Activity boosts means increased BP drops so you can buy clothes or more keys in the Steam Marketplace after the drop limit is met.
  6. Bingo Rounds: Completing a row of missions within seven days can earn you thousands of BP in PUBG.

Save BP Points for Special Events

Featured events offer exclusive crates with clothing skins available for BP Points. It might be wise to save up your BP to take advantage of clothing promotions during events.

These events occur at various times throughout the year and are often themed for that time. For example, for the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI) Tournament in 2018, the Aviator Crate was available for purchase. Another example is the Joker Crate. The Joker Crate was available for BP in patches 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 of the PUBG Test Server. Creating a new account is one way to start again from scratch with no clothing, but this time doing better knowing different ways to earn clothes.

Prioritize Items You Want to Buy

Like UC, BP is hard to come by, and most players use what few BP they get to purchase items quite infrequently. So when buying clothes with BP, you should prioritize which items you buy first. Make sure to stock up on any item available with a “BUY” button first as they may not be available later cycles and might only be purchasable later on at the BPs-tier price once their “sold out” or monthly-limited date is reached.

Keep an Eye on the In-Game Store for New Items

If you frequently buy items of clothing with your BP and you are looking for new ways to spend your PUBG earnings, definitely keep an eye out in the in-game store because PUBG Corporation and Krafton are always adding new loot. Some of it may be available for BP-Tokens, so be sure to check the in-game store frequently for the best clothing options that can be bought with BP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BP in Pubg and how can I use it to buy clothes?

BP, or Battle Points, is the in-game currency in Pubg that can be earned by playing matches or completing challenges. You can use BP to buy clothes and cosmetic items in the game’s store.

Can I buy clothes with BP in Pubg on all platforms?

Yes, BP can be used to buy clothes in Pubg on all platforms, including PC, console, and mobile devices.

How do I access the store to buy clothes with BP in Pubg?

To access the store, click on the “Store” tab on the main menu. From there, you can browse and purchase clothing items using your BP.

Are there any special or limited edition clothes that can only be bought with BP in Pubg?

Yes, there are some special or limited edition clothing items that can only be bought with BP. These items usually have a time limit, so make sure to check the store regularly to see if there are any new additions.

Can I sell or trade clothes that I bought with BP in Pubg?

No, once you have purchased clothes with BP, they cannot be sold or traded. However, you can dismantle them for a small amount of BP.

Is there a limit to how much BP I can earn or spend on buying clothes in Pubg?

There is no limit to how much BP you can earn or spend on buying clothes in Pubg. However, some special items may have a higher BP cost, so make sure to save up if there is something you really want to buy.

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