Mastering Pubg: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Hacker

Curious about the world of hackers in PUBG?

There are various ways people become hackers in the popular game, from downloading hacking software to exploiting glitches.

We will explore the consequences of hacking in PUBG, how to spot a hacker in the game, and the different methods hackers use, as well as the repercussions they face.

Also, discover how to protect yourself from hackers and get tips for becoming a skilled player in PUBG.

Grab your snacks and get ready to level up your PUBG knowledge!

What Is a Hacker in PUBG?

A term for someone using cheats in PUBG, the term Hacker has controversially come to include people who are simply better at the game than others. Original use of the term was for a developer who hacks in gaming space, so even the most skilled player can be called a hacker in the original sense.

In the commonly understood cheating sense, the two most widely used hacks in PUBG are called Aimbots and Wallhacks. Aimbots are hacking applications that allow automatic aiming and shooting by creating a game data file that allows you to record players’ health, weapons, and outfits as well as creating a game that shows enemies and other players’ locations. Wallhacks are less popular and involve only the ability to see through walls and obstacles. Cheating users provide programmers with the code for new protections to be cracked. Program acces is subscription-based and can cost between $10 and $10,000 per month depending on the system, reputation, and quality required.

How Do People Become Hackers in PUBG?

There is evidence that a number of avid players are learning to hack to reproduce the amazing effects that they have seen by other hackers in different games. However, unlike a game such as Minecraft which has a variety of articles online that give information on how to cheat in the game, there is little information on how to hack in PUBG that is clear and concise. So players who wish to experience the new information of how to hack on PUBG probably have to pick up tidbits from different hacking forums like Reddit, near-tech, or anonymous hackers, where there is information that can be found but it is quite dangerous since it is illegal and can even land those who partake of it in jail. This article and the answer provided earlier regarding why people hack have provided far more detailed information on PUBG hacking than is normally discussed in public, but this is likely intentional as it stems the flow of new hacks that emerge as a result of information becoming widely disseminated. Gray markets involving hacks, streaming cheat games, and cheat codes that make PUBG easier to hack cost the company and the gaming industry as a whole massive amounts.

Downloading Hacking Software

Downloading hacking programs is the way to be a hacker and cheat in PUBG. Google is filled with such software. They will promise you everything from ESP wall hack features, infinite life, and any other way to be a PUBG hacker.

Be warned, not all PUBG hack tools are safe. There is a significant risk that your system will be infected with spyware, malware, spyware or potentially ransomware if you choose to test such illicit software.

Using Cheat Codes

Hackers can cheat by using cheat codes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Cheat codes are often agreements between game developers and users. They can help with testing the game or offer unique features. They can even be secrets the developers have left for players to find accidentally. However, players often use the term cheat codes to refer to malicious code that they or third party hackers input or inject into the game. These codes give an unfair advantage or can be used to target other players. Many popular games track players who use cheat codes and then ban them from using the game. PUBG takes cheating very seriously, and has an entire page dedicated to identifying and reporting cheats.

Exploiting Glitches

Glitches are user-end issues in the software code and one of the most common ways that people hack PUBG. Players can use glitches for benefits like clipping into solid objects or map terrain which allows then to hide, clip into battlegrounds terrain to gain sniper shot vantage points and shoot at others without being seen, and being able to do things like open doors without removing their weapons.

Clipping around in buildings is an irritation to those genuinely trying to play and an effective cheat maneuver to use against others. Hackers who are found to have used glitches are banned for a period of 3 days followed by a 5-day restricted matchmaking period alongside a 10,000 deducted RP (Reward Point) penalty.

Regular PUBG programmers fix glitches when discovered by identifying the root cause of the glitch and adding fail-safe triggers to ensure that if similar bug-causing actions occur in the future, unwanted clipping into solid objects, or increased performance within enemy terrain and battleground can be avoided.

Players can notify PUBG of glitch discoveries through the PUBG customer service website. It is open 24 hours a day and can be accessed at This platform can be used to file and review filed complaints. Be sure to provide as much information as possible to assist developers in identifying and correcting the glitch.

What Are the Consequences of Hacking in PUBG?

The consequences of PUBG Mobile cheating and hacking include a 10 year ban from the PUBG Mobile game, with other levels of bans including a 3 day ban or a player being banned permanently. Players that get banned violate the rules outlined in the Anti-Cheat and Reporting and Ban Policy as outlined on These ban levels escalate if a player is caught cheating or hacking multiple times.

Millions of players around the world have been banned for cheating in PUBG Mobile. The PUBG website maintained a webpage that published daily numbers of players that were banned, with a highly noticable optimistic increase of bans from 760 thousand on August 26 to more than 2.6 million around October 9 before the ban numbers were taken down. These statistics mean that, on average, PUBG developers have been banning about 40 thousand hackers and cheaters per day.

Temporary or Permanent Bans

Bans in PUBG are decided by community managers or automatic systems after hacking is identified. PUBG carries out permanent bans against the users who have installed cheating software, and their stats are not carried on to the new accounts. 48,229 permanent bans have been distributed from November 2 to November 8, 2021 according to player reports.

Community managers today are more equipped than they have been to arrest hacks, cheats, and even hacks for PUBG Mobile. Battleye has been PUBG’s primary anti-cheat system on PC for some time, and their achievements have set a decent benchmark for the online FPS environment, despite some cheats and hacks still present. In turn, the developers of PUBG continue to strive to keep the game free from cheaters. While there have been complications, PUBG has brought out its security service, Micorsoft’s TruePlay, which detects software abuses and ultimately takes the necessary action by banning the players. Mobile gamers who are often users of hacks have seen their accounts banned in one or two days. Akin to PUBG, Muksan Mobile Game Protection tools were established by Muksan Corporations in 2018 for their member games, that cover popular titles like Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Fortnite, and Area F2.

Loss of Reputation

Using a PUBG Mobile hack tool can lead to the loss of reputation and pride among friends and on social media. Having infamy as a hacker can cause friends to not want to play with a player, and even paradoxically cause players to quit PUBG to avoid this.

Legal Action

Legal Action against PUBG Cheaters is the last measure taken by the developer due to slow processes and resources constraints. In many PUBG hacker documentary examples in 2021, PUBG suing hackers took time anywhere from 4-12 months after initial detection. The current status of legal action by PUBG against hackers during the period of April 2021 to October 2021 is unknown.

How Can You Spot a Hacker in PUBG?

You spot a hacker in PUBG via various methods including suspicious prefire, bullet spread, poor display names, no-recoil weapons, and using third-party software for ESP or wall hacks. In general, any behavior associated with aimbots, wall hacks, or radar hacks should be reported immediately. These include unerring aim, knowing enemy locations through walls, and the use of other insta-kill tactics. You can additionally identify exploits such as a use of invisible car hacks, but these are less common.

Unnatural Movements and Actions

When players start teleporting, running quickly, moving left and right, raising their guns, or jumping in an odd way, it is reasonable to suspect that they might be hackers. These unnatural and excessively exaggerated actions are unique to hackers and are due to the software being used. Once a player has been identified, immediately report them. Make sure to observe the individual for a minimum of 1-2 minutes before forming an opinion. Sometimes, abnormal acting players aren’t hackers but large-caliber players who have different playing techniques or have lessons.

This player might show signs of hacking which are they showing on purpose? Even if you don’t ultimately report them, it’s always a good idea to be on guard if a player is acting unnaturally. Watch a player’s back when they are taking cover from the air. Hackers are aware of this reality and frequently use the wall to avoid being shot. They will frequently take a shortcut and pass you when they leap. One of their legs hovers above the surface when they move, and they look to be running slightly faster.

These are all signs of someone using cheats. More sophisticated will use cheats designed to more closely mimic typical human play. A player who is sprinting into a game but who suddenly stops when they discover an opponent they did not know was there and still kills them despite their sudden stillness is frequently using cheats. This player has ESP cheats when he can always avoid the place where his opponent is hiding.

Constantly Winning Matches

A successful PUBG hacker has a high winner winner chicken dinner rate. When looking to improve your rating, getting one or two Victory Royales (VRs) daily is a good way to ensure this.

Setting aside sufficient time to win helps, because ending searches early will only improve your kill-death ratio rather than your overall performance. You may need a VPN service to keep connecting if the system locks out your account, and you may need to stay in lower-tier moves to prevent being spotted as a hacker who wins constantly.

Unrealistic Stats

Unrealistic stats are a good sign that someone is hacking. If a player is still able to land every hit on you after you are completely hidden, then that player probably knows your every move, and can likely see you through walls and other terrain elements.

If a player is waiting for you to appear around corners , and they’re still aiming at the exact spot where you will appear after you’ve altered your course unpredictably multiple times, then that person may be hacking.

If a player is not damaged at all, then gets hit multiple times in rapid succession by you, and then takes shelter, heals back to maximum health, and rushes at you, then they are most likely using an aimbot and are highly suspicious.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Hackers in PUBG?

You can protect yourself against hackers in PUBG by securing perimetric access to user accounts and file systems, securing internal paths, supporting users in secure practices, backing up important files, and using operating system-specific security tools. Here are steps for securing against hackers in PUBG:

  1. Establish a secure perimetric defense
  2. Secure internal paths to the user account and file system
  3. Encourage users to practice safe computing
  4. Back up important files regularly
  5. Implement operating system-specific security tools

Securing access to user accounts and file systems, encouraging safe computing, and keeping regularly-backed-up software all contribute to overall system security for protecting against hackers in PUBG. While it is not possible to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities, strategies to control exposure are essential.

Report Suspected Hackers

One of the most important things you can do as a good player while hacking is to report suspected hackers in PUBG. You are in the best possible position to detect other hackers and report them because you can discern suspiciously inhuman behavior. BattlEye, the anti-cheat software used in PUBG, can also detect speed, no recoil, and other cheats, but its AI is not perfect and humans at PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS need to review reports to catch them all.

Play on Secure Servers

Playing on secure servers known as SSGS is one of the best methods to prevent hacking according to the recommendations of the popular YouTube channel Ruppo Gaming. These games have a very low cheating rate and are closely monitored by the game’s creators for dishonest behavior. According to the hacker Ryusei, most paid cheat software has 5-20 minutes banned, a dangerous time if you want to play for a whole day since you won’t get a refund. But taking advantage of SSGS is removing this safety ledge and you have to use the cheats accordingly.

In many SSGS games, all the team members must agree before anyone using cheats because it runs the risk of all team members being banned. Rupoo suggests playing games like Cod Warzone, Apex Legend, Destiny 2 and even multiplay Valorant because they all have SSGS. In addition, playing these games in the less hacked Japan region is an additional level of protection because Japan uses DDoS protection which increases the security of the account as it makes it difficult to find out the password.

The most popular game in the world, Fortnite has had major issues with hackers even though it has incorporated SSGS. In the past, it has gone as far as canceling some Arena mode matches to protect the competitive gaming integrity of the matches. Ryusei mentions that PUBG has a partnership with Battleye anti-cheat to prevent hacking and provide a safe gaming atmosphere for their players.

Avoid Sharing Personal Information

While hacking in PUBG there is a risk of being identified or traced. In China, where hacking is illegal, with the help of VPN and virtual mobiles, hackers frequently make throwaway VK profiles available, as well as openly discussing hacking tips.

Browserstack recommends hackers wishing to hide their internet protocol (IP) address have their IP certified. If hackers wish to avoid infection, they should avoid turning off antivirus programs, enabling secure online browsing. It is also risky to provide private information related to the credit card or the bank security account.

What Are Some Tips for Becoming a Skilled Player in PUBG?

PC Gamer has compiled a list of 75 of the best PUBG tips, and a couple of hours of reading through them is highly suggested for newer players but here are 20 of the most essential PUBG guides to help intermediate and advanced players to navigate the game smoothly.

  1. Use a vehicle tactically
  2. Form groups of friends to play
  3. Don’t pick a weapon by its tier
  4. When using a vehicle, make sure it’s not too loud
  5. Alternate your landing locations based on the plane’s path at the start
  6. Don’t cram yourself into a bunker with an enemy
  7. Use your system’s resources to their maximum
  8. Self-killing isn’t a good option
  9. Stay calm and never panic
  10. Aim for the optimal in gunfights
  11. Expect somebody to shoot you in the back
  12. Being patient lets you outlast the competition in PUBG
  13. Protect your in-game assets strategically
  14. A solitary gun is not sufficient
  15. Never underestimate the power of time
  16. Be aware of how the PUBG leaderboard works
  17. Know the game’s location perfectly
  18. Quickly make your way through the inventory screen
  19. Get up the hill in a crouched position to gain the advantage

Practice and Familiarize Yourself with the Game

The first step before becoming a hacker in PUBG is to have a good understanding and know how to play the game. Just as a baseball player must understand the rules of baseball before learning how to swing a bat, hacking becomes more effective if you first solidify your foundation in the game itself. All advanced hackers need the basics.

Playing PUBG daily for weeks or even months is the perfect way to improve your base knowledge and make you comfortable with the game. Establishing the skill to master opponents in matches will enhance your aim, motion, and basic understanding of other gamers. Simply knowing how and when people act and destroy adversaries is an ideal beginning stage.

Remember that a critical step in learning PUBG comes from doing and experiencing it firsthand.

Learn from Experienced Players

It is important for beginners wanting to be hackers in PUBG Mobile to watch good experienced players to understand their playing styles, actions, etc. Experienced players understand game mechanics and behavior and can give invaluable advice for you as a PUBG Mobile hacker to get better. Always listen to their advice and learn from their tactics. No one has ever become successful by themselves and is interconnected with one person to another.

Interaction with these highly skilled players in the game provides with the advantages and knowledge against opponents. There are multiple YouTubers and twitch streamers that give very useful advice on how to improve in PUBG Mobile.

Jonathan Tan – MortaL and the alpha gods ClutchGOD and DRSOUL all have popular Twitch streams as well as their own YouTube channels where they stream live PUBG Mobile matches and discuss their strategies and techniques.

Use Legal Strategies and Techniques

Some legal strategies to follow in PUBG are as follows. Pursue the safe zone. Always be in the secure zone or near it since people outside the safe zone often travel in vehicles and are thus easy targets. As the game progresses, make sure to keep looking behind you. When someone far from the safe zone sees the last of the safe zones displayed on their map, they will have only one goal: to ensure that they move into it and do nothing else. In such a situation, lying in a concealed and safe place is the best way to await their arrival.

Cube TV gamer and PUBG enthusiastic livestreamer Ipoopmagickarp recommended an approach to surviving cheating hackers, an approach that is legally safe in the game. PUBG has approximately 3.5 million active hackers. In 2019 alone, 30 percent of PUBG users were hacking on the European server. Numerous hackers break into the game out of boredom, to test their computer abilities, or to make a living. As a result, the best way to avoid defeat is to apply for a legal and reasonable resolution. An allegation of hacking or, even worse, carrying it out, will get you removed, In this sense, the fair way to deal with hackers is to use engaging defensive strategies to avoid defeat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Be a Hacker in Pubg?

What is a hacker in Pubg?
A hacker in Pubg is someone who cheats and uses unauthorized methods to gain an unfair advantage over other players in the game.

How to Be a Hacker in Pubg?

Why do people want to become hackers in Pubg?
Some people want to become hackers in Pubg because they want to win at all costs and be at the top of the leaderboards, while others may do it for the thrill and challenge of breaking the game’s security.

How to Be a Hacker in Pubg?

Are there any consequences for hacking in Pubg?
Yes, hacking in Pubg is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a permanent ban from the game. It is also considered cheating and can harm the overall gaming experience for other players.

How to Be a Hacker in Pubg?

What are some common methods used by hackers in Pubg?
Some common methods used by hackers in Pubg include using aimbots, wallhacks, speed hacks, and other third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

How to Be a Hacker in Pubg?

Is it difficult to become a hacker in Pubg?
Becoming a hacker in Pubg requires technical knowledge and skills, as well as access to cheats and hacks. It is not recommended to pursue hacking in the game, as it can have serious consequences.

How to Be a Hacker in Pubg?

Can you report hackers in Pubg?
Yes, players can report suspected hackers in Pubg through the in-game reporting system. This helps the game developers identify and ban cheaters to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

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