Simple Steps to Change Your Name in Pubg Without a Rename Card

Are you a PUBG player looking to change your in-game name but unsure of how to do so without a Rename Card?

This article will explore various methods that players can use to change their name in PUBG without the need for a Rename Card.

From using in-game rewards to third-party apps, we will discuss the risks involved and provide tips for choosing a new name.

Stay tuned to learn more about the process of changing your name in PUBG without a Rename Card.

What is PUBG?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a player versus player shooter game in which up to one hundred players drop onto an island and scavenge for equipment and weapons. As the game progresses, the available safe area shrinks in size and players outside it begin to take damage and die. The last player or team left alive wins the match.

PUBG Mobile is a lighter and less realistic version of the original PUBG that does not pay as much attention to graphic details and has a smaller map for fewer players operating, as well as more on-screen information. It has PUBG missions and events that provide opportunities for more play time. There are slight but noticeable differences in gun mechanics and controls, as well as larger team sizes. In general, PUBG Mobile is an easier experience for the less serious gamer who wants a moderate challenge, and it is better suited for playing on the go or on tablets and smartphones.

What is a Rename Card in PUBG?

A Rename Card in PUBG is a virtual card that allows you to change your name, specifically your in-game In-Game Name (IGN) name, one time. Once the card is redeemed, the player will have their one lifetime change and they will not be able to change their ign name again. Players have to purchase this Rename Card, typically from the in-game shop with UC (Unknown Cash which is the currency of PUBG). Since some players do not want to spend money just to change their name one time, they are looking for other methods to change their name without the rename card. Play on console or your Facebook name to change your PUBG name without a need for the card.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Name in PUBG?

  • Change of taste. Many players regret their decisions to choose the name they did and find that PUBG does not provide them a way to change them. This often leads to players simply leaving their old accounts behind and starting new ones with new names. The special characters, color gradients, attention-grabbing names, and use of favorite Game ID abbreviations are some ways in which annoyed players try to make the old account memorable.
  • Backlash over junk names. Many parents are entirely unaware of PUBG and game name culture when they first buy their children devices on which to play PUBG. After learning that the only way to change it is via a rename card, many continue to share their annoyance online. However, that is not the end of it. Parents who provide parental feedback and ask about the possibility of a free name change almost universally opt to change the name again despite the bureaucratic PUBG hurdles taking the magic out of the surprise birthday present.

Is it Possible to Change Name in PUBG Without a Rename Card?

It is not possible to change names in PUBG without a rename card. A rename card in PUBG is purchased from the in-game store or obtained from a Royal Pass reward, bonus challenge, or by opening a crate. Rename cards include a pre-fixed and pre-selected name. This means that the exact name that you see will not be yours permanently to keep enabled later as the only name filed in your PUBG profile. It will be a unique name that you have never set for your PUBG username before.

PUBG Corporation chose to allow name changing only after special effort and activity – such as leveling up in a game challenge or obtaining a bonus card – to promote scarcity and differentiate unique usernames in the game. You can change your code name in PUBG more easily by friending a person, changing your code name, and then unfriending that person in order to keep your original name available.

PUBG requires a rename card to change names in the game, and the use of a rename card is part of the PUBG incentive to promote alternately unique in-game names. However, renaming other profile fields such as your profile’s description and titles can be changed by altering your account profile section.

Using In-game Rewards

Your name cannot be changed in PUBG without a Rename Card and is only obtainable via in-game merits. Players can choose a new name by tapping on the ‘Rename’ card icon found in the ‘My Stuff’ box while in their ‘Profile’ menu. Rename Cards are the only types of cards used for renaming characters and can be purchased with UC, BP, AG, or acquired as an open crate or event reward for free. Players begin with 2 rename cards and earn them quickly through different aspects of gameplay. See 2. Using In-game Rewards.

Using Third-Party Apps

PUBG Mobile players used unofficial apps to change their nickname before the 0.12.5 2019 update. Before that update, changing the in-game identity required the use of a rename card or one-time account change. Apps such as WeGamers, Name Creator for PUBG, Clean Master, GFX for PUBG and even chat translating apps were some of the ways players changed their monikers.

Now, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA players can use these Android or iOs apps to add cool symbols and fancy text to their name. This is something unique only to Indian players. Parents should be aware that the use of these third-party apps is discouraged due to possible negative side effects that may result from using these applications.

Creating a New Account

Creating a new account is probably the simplest solution to problems of how to change the name in PUBG without rename cards. One downside is that you lose all progress, stats, friends list, in-game rewards, achievement progress, and everything else you have achieved while playing PUBG. Logging back into your primary account gives you all these back, but from level one.

Creating a new account involves signing out of your current account and creating a whole new account in PUBG. All username boxes will now be user modifiable without using any Rename Card, and no prior restrictions on following or friending certain people will affect the newcomer account.

What are the Risks of Changing Name in PUBG Without a Rename Card?

The primary risks of changing names in PUBG without a rename card are that players may lose their in-game identities if they don’t lock that name within 60 days, and they may only be able to find entertainment from playing when they play as someone else. These concerns are only brought about because changing name without a rename card is more difficult than by using the easier in-game method.

Account Ban

If PUBG accounts demonstrate cheating or hacking, the account may be banned indefinitely. Though players are seldom able to regain possession of these accounts or make use of accumulated Wins, there would not typically be a need to change the name if the account is deactivated.

If someone has acquired a banned account and likes both the account UID and name, the name can be used with a different account (though this is likely a violation of Terms of Service that the ban could require). Otherwise, the account can use a new account name.

Changing a PUBG account’s name is unaffected by whether an account has been banned. To change the name even if an account was banned would follow the same process as if the account was still active and not banned:

The account can get one free Name ID Change card to modify the ID each time they improve to a new tier. Players who do not want to follow the instructions for how to get this reward can purchase a Name ID Change card in the store.

Loss of In-game Progress and Rewards

A lot of time and effort goes into unlocking achievements, leveling up your character, and grinding out rewards in PUBG Mobile. If you choose to start a new character in order to change your name without using a rename card, you will lose all of this progress with the decision. For some players, VIP (very important person) status and some perks could be lost as well. Keep this in mind when weighing the pros and cons of altering your name in PUBG Mobile.

How to Change Name in PUBG Using a Rename Card?

In PUBG Mobile, playing the game with a changed name is possible only using rename cards which can replace the existing name’s abase text which is at least one letter long. The only way to get them is by buying them at the shop, with prices ranging between 10 and 300 Unknown Cash (UC) depending on how much you buy in one transaction. Rename cards do not replace Achievement names either, appearing to be the same as user names on your profile.

Purchasing a Rename Card from the In-game Store

Players can change their name in PUBG, known as IGN (in-game name), by purchasing one of nine available name cards in the in-game store. Three of the name change card types are purchasable with only Battle Points (BP) as opposed to real-world currency. They can also be won with gambling type loot boxes. If a player wins a Lucky spin or Open crate event, they will be rewarded with a rename card.

In the in-game store, navigate to the section on the bottom of the menu called Other. Under the Other Material tab, keys for name card changes will be available to purchase. Players can assign a new username and avatar and look through other utilities.

Redeeming a Rename Card from a Code

Follow the same steps as redeeming a UC card. Ensure this specific code is strictly reserved for Rename Card usage. The redeemed Rename Card will appear under the basic tab where you will use it according to the steps given in the previous answer.

You will receive this deduction card for many reasons. You might receive it from a PUBG competition where they give it as a prize or a beginning party for PUBG anniversary or other such events. Another reason you might receive it is as an incentive from redeeming your daily or weekly events. The Chinese servers of PUBG occasionally give Rename Cards before they shut down in March 2021. Rename Cards are generally given as events in various forms.

A Rename Card, once redeemed, will last forever on your account. This means that you can keep changing your PUBG name within the allotted timeframe (60 days apart) for the duration you play and the Rename Card will remain in your inventory until used. Additionally, it will not disappear from your account if you change your username or lose ranking.

Can a Rename Card be Transferred to Another Player?

No, a Rename Card can not be transferred to another player. Transactions within the game are made within the inventory. That is to mean, a player’s Rename Card belongs to their PUBG Mobile account and can not be gifted to others. The only way to help a friend change name in PUBG without an ID Rename Card is for them to buy one or wait for one to appear as part of the content in a Royale Pass.

Players can not keep two Rename Cards, whether they receive another via the game’s rewards or buy one from the store. So, theoretically, they could ‘transfer’ one to another by buying a new one with UC and then changing it or hacking the game encryption to their fellow player if they have the ability, knowledge, and resources to do so and designate change name in PUBG settings without Redeem Card. But it is unlikely that this is worth all this potential trouble, especially for a simple request such as changing name in PUBG settings without Redeem Card cost.

What are Some Tips for Choosing a New Name in PUBG?

Some tips for choosing a new name in PUBG include using your real name, choosing a name with strength or power in the meaning, picking a name based on your favorite character, going with humor, using zeros for the letter o, choosing names that work with negative spaces, altering your name with smilies, and choosing your name based on a symbolic expression you enjoy.

If you want a more professional gamer persona, use your real name or an abbreviated version. A new name is a fresh start, so if you think your real name isn’t dynamic enough, consider an abbreviated or modified version. If you care about the meaning of your name, choose a name based on its power, strength, or meaning. Ethan or Mason mean strength, while Griffin means strong in faith. If you don’t care about meanings, choose a name you like based on your favorite characters, names that sound cool, or even names that convey a message important to you. Believe in the power of humor and make some tone-setting jokes, or with a few key zeros, emulate the brute strength and unwavering friendliness of the power drill game’s main character Truckasaurus.

Keep it Simple and Easy to Remember

To Change Name in Pubg Without Rename Card be simple and easy for other players to be able to quickly read and refer to. This means avoiding complex words and simply choosing your real name or a nickname you are frequently identified with. That way you and your friends can all quickly refer to you by this identification name instead of the unnecessarily long and complex name that you initially choose.

If the name is easy to remember, players are much more likely to make note of it and recognize you in future matches. This is especially helpful as you aim to build your own personal ranking and brand recognition by playing regularly, competing in pubg tournaments, or video streaming.

Avoid Offensive or Inappropriate Names

Avoiding offensive or inappropriate names is an important part of choosing your PUBG name as it helps keep the game fun and safe for all players. In PUBG and other online games, there has long been a notable issue with players choosing offensive or inappropriate usernames. In an effort to combat this, PUBG Corporation has several restrictive measures in place to prevent the use of these names from the start. First and second attempts at a name deemed offensive will provide a warning that ‘this doesn’t seem right’, followed by a shrug emoji and a blue button to try a different name.

Although many players complain that too few names are incorrectly judged inappropriate by the system, this strategy has been very successful. When a name is a give an inappropriate to the 7th time, PUBG will offer a series of three ‘mostly safe’ names to choose from. However, prevention is better than correction. Avoid selecting an inappropriate name that suggests or hints at any of the following: Sexual content, Scatological content, Appeals to hate, Violent or dangerous acts, Harassment or verbal abuse, Gambling, Cult, Drug, Racist or humiliating content, Being hackaso xyz.

Use a Creative and Unique Name

To get a unique name without using the rename card, start by logging in with either your Facebook or Twitter account. Discord users cannot change their name without a rename card.

The majority of users forget which account they logged in with, so the best way to find out what they used and subsequently make a unique name is to check this site:

After identifying your linked accounts, login to the non-logged in account and change the name. This will update the game you uninstall and reinstall it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Name in Pubg Without Rename Card?

1) Can I change my name in Pubg without using a rename card?
Yes, there are alternative methods to change your name in Pubg without using a rename card.
2) What is the easiest way to change my name in Pubg without a rename card?
The easiest way to change your name in Pubg without a rename card is by using a third-party website or application.
3) Are there any risks involved in using a third-party website to change my name in Pubg?
It is always recommended to be cautious when using third-party websites or applications, as there is a risk of your account being compromised. Make sure to choose a reputable website or application for changing your name.
4) Can I change my name multiple times without a rename card?
No, without a rename card, you can only change your name once every 10 days in Pubg.
5) Are there any free methods to change my name in Pubg without a rename card?
Yes, there are some websites and applications that offer free name changes for Pubg. However, be aware of potential scams and always exercise caution.
6) Is there a time limit for using the free name change option in Pubg without a rename card?
Yes, the free name change option is usually available for a limited time, so make sure to take advantage of it before it expires.

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