Learn How to Change DP in Pubg Without Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a PUBG player looking to change your DP without using Facebook?

We explore what a DP is in PUBG, why players want to change it, and the steps to do so without Facebook.

From personalization and privacy reasons to aesthetics, we discuss the alternatives like using in-game options, third-party apps, or creating a new Facebook account.

Learn how to change your DP in PUBG hassle-free!

What Is a DP in PUBG?

DP in PUBG stands for Display Picture. It is an image you use as an avatar in the game. It can be used as a personal badge or simple form of expression. Whatever DP you set will show up in other player’s friends’ list in PUBG, as well as in the kill feed when you kill another player or get killed.

While the process of creating and managing DP in the game has been established in the settings on the Facebook version of the game, it is not obvious how to change it on the non-Facebook version of the game. As noted in the article above, one way to change your DP in PUBG is through the WeGame app.

If you still do not have access to changing your DP through the Mobile Assistant app, the author recommends reaching out to Tencent support via the game app. Before you can access the Mobile Assistant app and change your display picture in PUBG, it is recommended that you create a QQ number and link it with your PUBG account.

In PUBG PC and PUBG consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), there is no concept of DP (display picture) so there is no way to change it on non-Facebook version of the game.

Why Do People Want to Change their DP in PUBG?

People want to change their DP (Display Picture) in PUBG because it allows more character customization and makes them stand out more. PUBG stands for Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds and refers to either of the two greatest battle royale video games fighting for survival. Changing a DP can often mean switching an older, outdated, or otherwise unused profile picture for a fresh one and can be a small but positive step in the realm of organizational principles and aesthetics.

Added benefits are that DPs now look much better because of improved cameras used in smartphones and can easily be uploaded and deleted. One study from Ohio State University found that when study participants changed their profile picture, they felt an increased sense of control, felt better, and were better perceived by others.

In the game PUBG, changing the DP customizes the game that players interact with constantly, providing a clean base on which to add personality or intimidation factors. Initially, the benefits included free additional gifts, but this comes less frequently now.


Personalizing your PUBG account is the process of customizing your appearance online. You can personalize your account profile with images or photos of your own choosing. You can personalize game settings and controls to suit your unique playing experience. Personalization on PUBG account is done to increase your brand identity and make people interested in you. RMSGuideBlog reports that using a unique photo, image, background, or logo in your account gives you a standout look that will draw attention and can help other gamers to easily identify and distinguish you from other players. You can personalize your PUBG account by customizing your display picture, name, avatar, clan icon, background, flag, profile banner, title, crew name, frame, and ID.

Open PUBG crate boxes by earning or buying in-game currency based on how much you play. You will sometimes unlock profile customizations you would otherwise not have the chance to access. Play events, train regularly in the game, join combat training, win PUBG challenges, and invite your friends.

If you do not have a PUBG-facebook account, it can feel like you are left in the dark. You have lots of options to personalize your PUBG profile. It will take more time to personalize without Facebook because the process of winning to get items or raising funds to buy items to personalize is slow. There is no need to turn to Facebook.

To change display pictures of others, search for the person’s account and click their profile. Tap the profile image, click view large photo, click the Camera icon in the upper right corner of the image. If they have connected their Facebook account, disconnect it, then press plus on the photo icon and paste the URL of the image from their Facebook profile and save. There is no way to save time for others who do not have Facebook unless they win items or raise their stats to personalize their appearance.

Three ways to make changes to your PUBG profile’s display picture include changing it to your character, moving your account elsewhere to use a different platform, or modifying an image to add a banner or symbol. These changes will be of use if you do not have a Facebook account.

Changing your PUBG display photo to match your actual appearance can help with interacting with people if you don’t have a Facebook account. Meeting fitg members, romies, and others is an additional benefit. See someone at the shop who looks like a PUBG player? We march over, wave at the goods, and make our purchase.

After leaving Facebook, your choice of appearance doesn’t allow players to interact socially. Changing to another platform will have the same social features. There is no way for those without a Facebook account to have socialments and participate in pop-up activities. Changing to a different platform to engage in online activities and leverage the large number of users is feasible. Changing to another platform is only possible if you have a PUBGprofile set up.

Examples of a blank display photo fixing include a blank square instead of people, websites, or images integrated with the text. This way, you will still retain the same type of look without revealing your identity.

The Pubg Mobile app does not have a native method to save images or videos. To download images, you should always use the system’s screenshots function if you have an Android device. Pressing the volume down and power buttons simultaneously and holding for a second until you hear the camera sound option. Files inserted in PUBG, chat, or notifications will be there automatically.

For iPhones, quickly press the side and the volume up buttons, then in the system gallery, you will always find your images in the camera roll and shared folders.

You cannot download the profile photos or graphics of others from PUBG Instagram because there is no link to access the image you click on.

But the View page source function of Instagram lets us download their profile pages. To search, visit their profile page. Right-click and select the option that reads ‘View page source’ or ‘View page source image’. A new tab will appear with the page’s source code. Now press CTRL + F, input profile image URL, and hit the Enter button. Return to the original tab and right-click the photo using this URL and save it using the save image option.

You can find your account details by visiting the account tracker and player search page on PUBGlookup. Enter your nickname or account number, select your platform, and then press search. The page will show you details such as your last Match Data, Your teams, How many Bannis Scores you got, your friends, your rank with K/D and G/L rate (rates of AVG Game and AVG lifetime). Please note that you cannot see your profile details for matches from the previous season because when a new season starts, the data is reset for the previous season matches.

There are many platforms that allow you to see the profiles of other players. Watch PUBGmatch allows you to view the profiles. To get that data, go to the PUBG brighter web, type the PUBGname in the search bar, and submit it to unlock the data. Alternatively, use the PUBG Pro Player web or another viewer like R6 Stats.

The page that opens directs you to type the profile name, access the Twitch channel, and link it where you see the Visor extension message. When you click on PUBGstats site, you can view that player’s Kills and wins, last 5 matches, game is on fire stats, or Match presentation. Record-Game PUBGList of best players to Earn for Liv is a platform providing rankings and stats of the best PUBG players to earn money even by givingLIVE challenges. To record PUBGgame, save and share your own clips, Clips Platform is very useful.

The reasons to personalize accounts include the need to increase identity and recognition, for merchandising and marketing to develop the brand, and to demonstrate what type of personality and emotions are communicated. To ensure a standout game and increase visibility, customization measures should be taken such as editing a player profile picture, matching the character and account ID, and strengthening relationships with friends.

A unique photo, image, background, or avatar should be selected that distinguishes the player from others. This is important to aid in identification, to develop personal branding, and to leave a strong impression.

You can personalize a background, flag, profile banner, frame, and title. Display names should communicate be easily understandable to communicate what type of person the player is as well as a sense of humor.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you have lots of options. The same methods of personalization hold whether or not you have previously connected a Facebook account. Take advantage of seasonal events to earn different items, sign in regularly to see any specifically targeted personalization items, create or join a club or often team up with good partners. You can add a background and title to your profile, change your game controls. Add your own hashtags and emojis to your changes as well.

Players with no PUBG Facebook account can use other specialized features to personalize accounts. YouTubers, Dedicated Streamers, individualized Rectangular Profile, Nature Lovers Profile, Fan Account and account to Popular Celebrities with special logos and avatars will help to strengthen profiles. You can download game or fan accounts from Instagram. Most support both types of devices, insert high-quality gameplay to increase creativity and weban interface direction.

Adding a transparent Profile Banner which extends your profile photo life will be another special perk. Adding a special quick note in the form of a transparent Profile Banner that suits your profile photo and general look is a perfect way to present your unique identity.

The account tracker and Player search page on PUBG lookup allows youto track your account. You get details such as K/D and G/L in your account to help you stand out in the game. See yourself as a professional and prospects by visiting search results for any Twitch stream, or watching individuals or organizations maintain a certain standard. DecryptUp list some races coming up in the American NASCAR series, contests available, and their times which are frequently considered the best. These include the Daytona Road Course and Daytona Parameter, Martinsville Speedway Paperclip, Richmond Raceway Diamond or paperclip, and Phoenix Raceway oval to help increase your skill level.

By utilizing these methods, different styles can be selected to fall into different categories. Want to add to your collection of Special Transparent Profile Banners? Click on Custom Profile and head to the banner bank. Take your pick from a variety of banner packs. See different styles and grab a few of them including camping, Super Heroes, PUBG soldiers, or design your own based on cultural, company, or company logos.

You are not alone in your hunt to find standout Profile Banner illumination. Explore thousands of ideas to see the best content. Diva Presets and The Neon Style are two thrilling profiles displaying a wide array of different magical and themed grabs, or elsewhere see graphic design to find alternate color combinations or pulse, blink, or flash levels. Add a few wonderful touches to your collection and copy them as exclusive transparent profile banners.

In your media business, your competitive advantage lies in providing better artist management services. The first topic of discussion could include special giveaways for the loyalty of those who vote and providing an introduction into the entertainment accounting niche. By understanding it deeply, you can become a great partner and boost your start’s success rating.

NOT pertinent to the main question, so the video is NOT referenced.


Changing your profile picture on a PUBG account created from a social platform appears to show that personal platform’s logo at the bottom of the picture. This could be compromising especially if you don’t wish to give reference to the social platform. Changing the DP in PUBG without Facebook allows a completely PUBG orientated profile. By removing the facebook login, you’ll no longer have to deal with the extra icons on your profile picture, just the username and the PUBG roll-over pictures.


If you know how to change DP in PUBG Mobile without using Facebook, you can upload unique profile pictures to cater to the aesthetics of any individual’s tastes. In fact, many users who are keen to depart from Facebook for changing DPs utilize their PUBG Mobile profile to become a representative for their brand.

Clothing brand Yavoee posted these screenshots on Reddit of players advertising their gear in PUBG Mobile (men’s base layer clothing). The limitations of Profile in PUBG Mean auro mean that close cropping, profile coloring, and aesthetics are designed to frame the User Photo so as to give them a look of power.

One user on the PUBG Mobile subreddit u/VIPPAPA69 shows how effective they can be and used the following headshots of animals from a meme to show some fun with chickens. This again highlights how a unique image can make you stand out in PUBG Mobile.

How To Change Your DP in PUBG Without Facebook?

You can change your DP in PUBG without using the Facebook login by connecting with an email and then changing your profile picture on that email service. Profiles tend to connect to the email which is most prominent on a user’s device these days, so changing that picture will also have an impact on the PUBG account. About 3.9 billion people use email accounts around the world. Therefore, chances are high that you access PUBG with the email whose profile picture you want to change. Just change the photo in that email, and within seconds it will appear on your PUBG account profile.

Using In-game Options

To change DP in PUBG Mobile without Facebook, tap your DP near your name on the main profile page. Click on At a Glance, then tap on the DP itself and then Edit on the top right. You have various options using this interface. Please note the appearance may differ based on the update so always explore these features yourself on the live interface to verify.

You have the option to purchase a new DP in the shop, whether it is a Time-Limited or Classic set. When a Classic set is purchased, it shows the icon on the DP itself. You can also purchase Royal Passes, including the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus, that give you various additional items including DPs as they unlock in the pass.

If you have points or vouchers from special packages, clothing sets, or items you have won in Royale events, you can see them in the Inventory tab and often use them as your DP. Under the Settings wheel in the bottom right of the main menu, you can see your Inventory which will allow you to select this from your various outfits and other options.

The PUBG MOBILE In-game Shopping Center has a range of DPs for different prices and occasions. You can often pick out simple ones for as low as 10 UC, elite versions for 30-70 UC, and ever more special brand collaborations for as many as 990 UC.

Using Third-party Apps

There are no third-party apps recommended to alter profile pictures or Dp changes in PUBG without creating or using Facebook. The best method to change a Dp in PUBG without Facebook is to first create and link a Twitter account instead. If you still want to keep using your PUBG account that is connected to Facebook, changing the profile picture setting to Default is the best way to preserve privacy and security, and simply do not actively display a profile picture. The profile picture option on PUBG is there only for fun and does not affect the gameplay in any way.

Creating a New Facebook Account

If you want to change your DP in PUBG Mobile but do not want to connect to a previous Facebook account or create a new one, a third option is to create a Facebook account with an alternate account. An alternate account varies from a fake Facebook account in that the account holder has included some truthful information but not their real name and other identifying information. At the most basic level, all you need is a name, birthday, email address, and password to create a Facebook account. Simply create a new email account through Yahoo or Hotmail and use the new email in order to create a Facebook account. After setting up this account, use it to connect to PUBG as described in the Facebook step above

What Are the Steps to Change Your DP in PUBG Without Facebook?

The steps to change your DP in PUBG without Facebook are as follows:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.
  2. Go to your Personal Information tab by selecting the user icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap on the Profile tab.
  4. You will be presented with different options for your profile.
  5. Tap on your picture.
  6. Select your new DP image from the provided options.
  7. When finished, click the Save button under your image selection panel.

Filling in the required steps to begin the process addresses all user needs of clarity. PUBG acts as a qualifier to DP, which stands for Display Picture in most gaming organizations where players within a game share profile information in user lists. PUBG players can share statuses and other information for users ingame to see. PUBG does not connect with Facebook anymore due to privacy concerns. PUBG Mobile provides the option of denying Facebook permissions and also has a guest account system, so there is no longer a need to connect with Facebook to play.

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile

Open PUBG Mobile on your mobile device. The app logo shows an image of a man wearing a helmet getting out of a car and should appear as one of the icons on your mobile screen. If you do not have the app installed, you can download it from Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS depending on your device. Once It is installed, initialize your account with a guest account, not Facebook.

Two options will appear when you open PUBG Mobile. Select the guest login option to create a new profile in the game. If you already have an old profile that you would like to use, choose the still use guest account option. If you have been playing the game with a Facebook log-in and wish to change it, you can still do so. At the top of the screen, you will see a user icon (normally a shoulder of a ghillie suit) that sits next to the shopping bag and a bright orange box. Tap on your icon and at that on the sign-out. You will be logged out and back to the original introductory screen with new options.

To make any changes such as removing your Facebook account, return to your PUBG Mobile home screen. At the bottom right of the screen, an icon in the shape of two overlapping heads should be displayed. Tap it and then click the pencil and notebook profile details tab to change your DP and other details. Once you have updated any changes, be it the profile photo or your display name, you can click on the return mist to save them.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

There are three ways to enter your PUBG profile. You can either click on your nameplate at the bottom of the home screen or click on your main screen box to find a settings menu where you can click on the profile tab. Or, while in the home screen page or in a lobby, hit the book (Orkan) tab, hit the profile tab to the far right. To navigate there directly, click on me or profile.

Step 3: Click on the Camera Icon

When you are at your profile page, after you have clicked on either your existing picture or the area surrounding the camera icon, the screen will change to show your new picture if you have clicked on your existing one. There will be a camera icon letting you take a new picture or select one of your albums or gallery. Click on this icon.

Step 4: Choose a New Image

Choosing a New Image for your DP (Display Picture) is as simple as making a choice when adjusting your profile image selection on accounts like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. After selecting the Change Avatar option in PUBG Mobile, you will have the ability to take a new photo, or select from your existing photo gallery. Simply select the desired image and proceed to editing or confirmation of your selection.

Step 5: Adjust and Save

Whether you are changing your dp in PubG mobile or PubG new state mobile, you need to adjust and save your new appearance. To adjust, you can use the slider at the bottom of the Edit Microphone Audio screen to hear before and after the voice change. A higher pitch drifter means it makes male voices sound female and vice versa. Smoothen (second row left) and clean (deselect this feature) will potentially have you sounding like a shifter rather than a voice changer, so try different adjustments to see what fits.

If you feel you have adjusted the settings properly, you can now save the new appearance. You save the voice (mic) changes indirectly by going back to the main screen of the Cyberwave VOICE app and pressing the Save button. You can save the microphone (mic) changes directly by going to settings (the gear icon) and then pressing Save.

What Are the Alternatives to Changing Your DP in PUBG Without Facebook?

  • Not logging in with any social media account. Instead, sign up with PUBG ID or if you had signed up with a social media account when you first made a PUBG account, remove social media connection afterward.
  • Connecting with Twitter. This is another autofill feature of the PUBG app when you want to log in. Most mobile phone users these days are directly connected to their social id, and everything is autofilled when they log into a new app. Connect with Twitter if you do not use it often, and you can keep two different identities with two different social media apps.
  • Link with LINE. For those looking to play this game casually, use the gaming line app instead of your main contacts.
  • Connecting with discord. Discard is also popular in the gaming community, especially with the aggressive team-style games and premade groups. Discord can easily be connected through PUBG mobile to change dp in PUBG without Facebook or other such popular social media networks.

We recommend the following alternatives to change your dp in PUBG without Facebook.

Using a Different Social Media Platform

There is no way to change your profile picture in PUBG Mobile without connected to a Facebook account. If you do not want to use Facebook to change your profile picture, you can try to connect a different social media platform instead. PUBG Mobile offers five other social connections or an option to manually add friends to connect to the game. Simply disconnect your Facebook account and connect one of the following five social networks from the Login Settings section at the bottom of the Friendship / My Team screen. You can also directly add other PUBG players at any time, even if they are not in your Facebook friends list by clicking the Add friends manually button on the same screen.

The supported alternative social networks you can connect are:

  1. Google Play
  2. Game Center
  3. Twitter
  4. VK
  5. Line

Using a Custom Avatar

Using Erangel 2.0 and the new monument system in PUBG, players can display unique shields that they can use in the game and as their DP. After entering the game they go to their profile by clicking on the avatar image that represents them in the game. Those who have been playing PUBG for a long time before 2022, can easily change their DP from their Profile section.

Using a Different In-game Avatar

If not wanting to link a Facebook account with PUBG, the only way to change one’s DP without Facebook is to complete tasks that give the player the possibility to earn coupons that can be used to change the In-game Avatar, changing DP at the same time.

This is done via the Inventory and then inside the Avatar section. Manufacturers of PUBG do give away free coupons for specific achievements, such as the one given by PUBG Mobile Lite to all participants of its 1.5.0 update Merit Point System Refactor event. PUBG’s parent company KRAFTON Inc. tweeted in August 2021 that they would give out 3 of these free coupons to any players who sent them the best gameplay moments, though no such public announcement was made at the time of researching for this article. If installing the Paid Royal Pass, coupons to change in-game avatars on PUBG can be earned by completing missions.

PUBG’s parent company Krafton promotes the Royal Pass as a subscription type service, referring to it as a ‘membership,’ but the user may desire to try it for a very limited time period before deciding that they want as long as they want it. This is because, at least at one point in time, the author found that for the Premium Plus membership model used in India, the minimum period they could subscribe for was 7 days. And the user must remember to cancel it or be charged again for the upcoming period. That said, it offers benefits such as granting players a second week of weekly Mission progress and concatenate it with the new week, and the option to collect Vouchers for the next month if they are unable to finish this month’s Weekly Missions in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my DP in PUBG without using Facebook?

You can change your DP in PUBG without Facebook by linking your game account to a different social media account or by using a third-party app.

Can I change my PUBG DP without having a Facebook account?

Yes, you can change your PUBG DP without having a Facebook account by linking your game account to a different social media account such as Twitter or Google.

What third-party apps can I use to change my PUBG DP without Facebook?

There are several third-party apps that allow you to change your PUBG DP without Facebook, such as Gamers Unite or PUBG Avatar Maker.

Is it safe to use a third-party app to change my PUBG DP without Facebook?

It is generally safe to use third-party apps to change your PUBG DP without Facebook, but make sure to read reviews and use trusted apps to avoid any potential security risks.

Can I change my DP in PUBG without linking it to any social media account?

No, you must link your game account to a social media account in order to change your DP in PUBG, but it doesn’t have to be Facebook.

Why would I want to change my DP in PUBG without using Facebook?

Some players may not have a Facebook account or may not want to use it for gaming purposes, so they can change their DP by linking a different social media account or using a third-party app.

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