5 Tips to Double Your Rank Up in Valorant – Expert Strategies

Are you a fan of Valorant and looking to climb up the ranks? In this article, we will explore what Valorant is, the different ranks in the game, and the benefits of ranking up.

We will also provide you with valuable tips on how to double rank up in Valorant, including practicing consistently, learning from higher ranked players, and mastering your agent and weapons.

Learn how to stay motivated during the ranking up process by setting achievable goals and celebrating small victories. Let’s dive in and level up your gameplay!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) game developed and published by Riot Games. It is taglined as an “5v5 character-based tactical shooter” with a style blending the atmospheric settings of Blizzard’s Overwatch and options and gameplay of CS:GO. Two teams of five players compete, with one side attacking and one side defending. There are currently 15 agents (playable characters) in the game, each with unique abilities. It is praised for being low-latency and has anti-cheat measures in place due to the rise of cheating in eSport competitions, which tarnished the reputations of other popular titles.

What is Rank Up in Valorant?

Rank up on Valorant is the act of increasing one’s competitive rank on Riot Games’ Valorant first-person-shooter video game. Players start the game in Unranked mode and play 5 placement games. They then receive their competitive rank. Higher ranks indicate superior skill.

Valorant used to have different ranks which the developers compressed in Episode 3 Act 1 to make them harder to achieve. The numerous complaints about how easy it was to rank up were addressed by making it tough to ascend the ranks.

There are ranking systems for Competitive, FFA Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation modes in Valorant as well. Players enjoying competitive shooters can opt for Valorant if they want to compete against others of equal skill or challenge themselves to rise higher in the system.

What are the Different Ranks in Valorant?

The different ranks in Valorant are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. Iron is the lowest and Radiant is the highest possible rank. Once you reach a new rank, you will need to play your next game and do well before the game brings you to the next level. The more you play, the wider your rank bandwidth becomes. That means you can fall one or sometimes even two tiers if you do not play for a while.

There are three corridors in Valorant ranks, lower ranks, intermediate ranks, and higher ranks. 66% of players fall in the Iron to Gold ranks. Valve has not released a breakdown of percentages against Valorant rank tiers since the beta release, so players have had to craft their own surveys to obtain these approximate numbers. But the idea has been generally accepted.

What are the Benefits of Ranking Up in Valorant?

The benefits of ranking up in Valorant are higher placed players, better communication, streamer improvement, more teamwork, access important agents and maps, hero bans and increased strategies in Riot Games tournaments, more free time, and new skills in challenging teamwork programming to help for the future. Rank increase is also an incentive to stay on track with personal improvement and it is interesting to see progress over time.

Better Matchmaking

A better matchmaking system is very important for a game like Valorant that makes it so easy for unskilled players to lose motivation to improve. If less skilled players are repeatedly punished by playing against much better players, their own skill will not rise as fast because they can’t stand up under the increased pressure to improve their skills. By keeping everyone in the skill level that they are at, players can improve at a more reasonable pace. Valorant’s ranked system already appears to utilize this as an integral component to calculate skill ratings.

Access to Higher Skilled Players

The basic term for the inclusion of players from one rank into matchmaking against players from the adjacent rank is referred to as immersion. Its goal is to evaluate how more intense gameplay can result in quicker learning of strategies and winning critical plays. It uses the theory of zone of proximal development to evaluate how the difference between one’s own ability and the abilities of their teammates or opponents influences how fast someone’s skill will be upgraded.

More Competitive Gameplay

Competitive gameplay has different rules than the unrated mode with a longer game span and a different game pace. Competitive gaming in Valorant is treated seriously since the main objective in competitive gaming is winning. In ranked mode, simply playing to win rather than only for personal benefit can be important in some circumstances. Competitive play requires strong team communication, a thorough understanding of the agents, game map, and personal strengths and weaknesses as a player.

Spam Risk, a utilities expert from Open Access BPO, recommends you lose a competitive game and watch and analyze your actions. Is there a common area of brackets where you end each time? Alter your approach to the region, different strategies, or different agent. You will see a difference next time in how you have played during past games and how effectively they have managed to adapt to opponents.

What are the Tips to Double Rank Up in Valorant?

The following tips to double rank up in Valorant are:

  • Master the Callouts: Every map has unique callouts.
  • Use Time Wisely in the Practice Range: Use the map to your advantage. Adjust your sens and set new benchmarks.
  • Use Quick Reflexes: Like any new game, knowing where to check and how to pre-aim windows can help you win a gunfight.
  • Have a Friendly Mental Game: Keep a smile on your face and do not forget that the goal of the game is to enjoy it.

Practice Consistently

Practice gun accuracy. Building muscle memory on the gun’s spray patterns to control spray is a fundamental part of Valorant that will help double rank up, even when not warmed up. The easiest way to practice spraying is by picking 30 bullet capacity weapons. The Phantom, Vandal, Spectre, and Aries are all very good weapons to practice spraying because of their capacity. Play games to practice your aim.

Flying drones and Shooting practice targets in the practice training area is another excellent way to practice your aim. Every player, even pro players, regardless of how much they have played, need to constantly refine their aim and develop strategies. Make sure to get into the practice/shooting range before playing games. Practice by hitting targets with headshots at varying distances. Keep track of your points every time you use the practice targets to encourage yourself. Try to beat your previous record together with Valorant aim practice exercises to improve your aim.

Try to incorporate as much info within your communication as possible. You can practice hitting a moving target, hitting multiple targets quickly, and hitting targets from a blind angle, as well as observation of your surroundings for potential enemies or traps. Consistency both in terms of time played and in terms of quality improvement by using aim practices is key to double ranking up in Valorant.

Learn from Higher Ranked Players

One of the easiest ways to double rank up in Valorant is to learn critical strategies and secrets from higher ranked players. Since it is unlikely you will be able to watch upper-ranked players in the playlist of your choice, streamers are an excellent source of this information. Try to limit this list to four or five players whose tactics you can easily overview. Watching higher-ranked players on Twitch is an excellent way to study map positioning, teamwork, agent strategies, when to rotate and predict opponents, and overall game sense-particularly for solo queue players that may not have them. In addition, players can additionally learn the weapons’ recoil/mid-spray pattern from watching these professional streamers in Ranked.

Communicate Effectively with Your Team

Communication is key in team games. Improving communication with your team will ensure that every player is on the same page and knows what is expected of them, especially in situations that involve team play. In Valorant, players can use voice chat, text chat, and in-game pings to communicate. Utilizing these features effectively can make a game in any ELO range much easier and can give your team a big advantage.

Key points to communicate with your team include transmitting information such as enemy locations, recommendations, instructions to your team for planned moves, when you intend to use your ultimate, when enemies are out of utility, and requesting information from your team. In particularly difficult rounds, you or one of your teammates should take on the natural role of the in-game leader. During the agent selection phase, players should speak up and get a sense of which players are more comfortable with leading, following, or being passive players. This exact tactic might not be suitable for every player in every role, hence it should be tailored for every game and match. A team with a good in-game leader is almost guaranteed to do better in games and be able to double rank up in Valorant.

An in-game leader (IGL) is a person, often a player or coach, with a natural ability to assess situations quickly and make up a strategy as strong as possible from that information. This person divides his time among other players, directing them, as well as communicating with the team for mid or late-game strategies for the team. He ensures that every player sticks to the plan by making short, effective call-outs, let it be a retreat or a push and also ensures that there is gunfire at potential points.

Master Your Agent and Weapons

Master a single agent and some weapons that are considered to be in the high-compatible mix. Cod AntiSmurf, a university-sponsored MSMF player, says to “just worry about the one. You slowly add more agents to your repertoire through time, but immediately focus on just choosing one. And choose an agent that is naturally going to be the best in all the situations that you find contentious.” PyrionFlax from Tugboat Services finds benefits in mastering an agent saying, “This is a common mistake people make when it comes to tournaments. Mastering an agent, positioning, and timing correctly can change the outcome.” The weapons you use do not need to be from the newest expansion, but they should be weapons with attributes that are best suited for the chosen agent’s abilities and tactics.

Analyze Your Gameplay and Identify Weaknesses

Watching your old games for relatively quick pointers is always a good idea before creating a plan for practicing and learning.

  1. Open your Valorant game and go to ‘Collection’.
  2. Make sure you have your match statistics enabled by checking the box in the bottom part of the collection immediately above the PLAY button (as can be seen in the screenshot above).
  3. Open a match scorecard by clicking on any of your matches. Try to watch a match that went poorly and/or where you have the fewest number of Frags (deaths) and match MVPs for quicker return-on-improvements. They can be identified in the Scorecard in the ‘Overall Performance’ section.
  4. Pay attention to the Economy, Fragility, and Ability usage indicators for each round. Using this and other match scorecards, try to identify patterns in why you may have lost rounds or died. For example, did you often die early when there was no point in pushing your angle? Or did you continue to buy secondary weapons even when your team had agreed to go for a save?
  5. Use analysis of individual rounds to improve your game.

Desired statistics to cross-reference, as stated by coach Moses, Game Leader (IGL) and Rifler analyst from CS:GO and former player for team Liquid are to look for the following statistics in Frags (get kills wins rounds, Flawless Round, and MVPs.

Desired statistics to cross-reference are to find patterns in why rounds are lost, Died & Victory, Low Econ Contributions, ability damage, ability kills, Opening Kills, and Success of Opening Kills.

There are some existing analysis tools such as Tracker Network and Blitz.gg, as well as Valorant coaching platforms like Mogul.gg. They allow you to log in with your Valorant account and get detailed statistics on any of your last matches such as Operator kill percentage or Headshot kill percentage (HSP%) and performance of each individual weapon used.

How to Stay Motivated During the Ranking Up Process?

You stay motivated during the Valorant ranking up process by setting realistic goals, having regular breaks, playing with polite players, focusing on improving, and reminding yourself that it is a game so don’t take it too seriously.

To help yourself stay motivated during the ranking up process in Valorant, you can take advice from the positive-overwatch article. Motivation is key for high performance, according to a longitudinal study by the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Set Achievable Goals

When trying to double rank up in Valorant, the first step is to set achievable goals. It is crucial to understand realistically where you would need to be by the end of a specific time period for your growth and progression in the competitive gaming journey. From there, understand what series of consistent daily or weekly steps you would need to take to realistically achieve these goals. After setting your milestones, check and make sure that the time and effort required to meet these milestones are within what you can afford. You must make sure that the time and effort required for success is consistent with your budget.

Based on these goals and budgets, you can calculate the feasibility of making the planned progress gradually or rapidly. If you decide to proceed gradually, for example, it might take you twice as long to double rank up as players who are able to devote more time to their ranking progress. A few other things to help you set achievable goals in your Valorant gameplay include keeping a record of your progression, getting precise about increasing your time and effort, and seeking professional advice to help you plan, adjust, exceed, or alter your goals in order to aid rapid progression.

Take Breaks and Avoid Burnout

Playing Valorant in an effort to rank up can become more stressful than fun if you obsess over tier progression. Player exhaustion or burnout can develop rapidly if you continually play ranked matches beyond a time you feel mentally and physically tired. Scientists studying the impacts of video gaming found that forming an addiction to games can have serious physical and psychological consequences such as musculoskeletal disorders and lack of personal growth.

Focus on Improving Rather than Winning

If you Focus on improving rather than winning, you have a much better chance of getting a double rank up in Valorant. According to Esports Digest, David Evans, a behavioral game theorist says: losing doesn’t mean there is nothing to gain from the game. Researchers have found that positive results from losing streaks are that they direct a person’s focus inward, which can lead to better self-assessment. Researchers also found that failure can motivate players to improve their skills and develop certain aspects of their game.

A study by MTG Arena of more than 3000 MTG players who were given explicit directions to focus on improvement, they found that within months of actual improvement, players’ rankings started increasing.

These data points show that by focusing on loss as improvement or by focusing solely on improving skill, many wins will eventually result in higher cross-channel skill. Winning isn’t everything. And it shouldn’t be. Winning is the end goal that you want, but focusing on losing and self-improvement over the short term is the way to get there. If you’re stuck at a certain rank, focusing on improving is the best way to achieve a double rank up in Valorant.

Celebrate Small Victories

If you do just the very basics and little else and play on average just SS (beginner/terrible) you will need, based on linear mathematics, 600 wins to go from Bronze 1 to Silver 3. If you manage to get paid leave from Reality to play 37.5 days nonstop at 16 wins per day you will have managed to do it in under your allotted time.

In contrast to that, Remember that higher ranks will be harder to uprank in as there are fewer people in those brackets. It may be extraordinarily hard to notice the baby steps towards rank improvement but every single victory, every game improvement, every role change that helps your team are consecutive building blocks. It is natural human behavior to celebrate big victories and ignore the small ones but it is in those small victories that the most growth takes place in terms of increasing ranks.

Celebrating the small victories with spray icons, emotes, or just a loud verbal acknowledgment will keep your morale high, motivating you to keep playing instead of burning out in the process. Celebrating small victories in Valorant is a positive attribute that will serve you well in real life as well. Do not celebrate the victory with slack, celebrate and then push further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to double rank up in Valorant? The best way to double rank up in Valorant is by consistently performing well in competitive matches and winning as many games as possible.

Can I double rank up in Valorant by playing non-competitive game modes? No, the only way to double rank up in Valorant is by playing and winning competitive matches.

Are there any specific strategies I can use to double rank up in Valorant? Yes, some strategies include communicating effectively with your team, practicing aim and game mechanics, and studying and adapting to the current meta.

Is it possible to double rank up in Valorant solo or do I need a team? While it is possible to double rank up solo, having a coordinated team can greatly increase your chances of success.

How long does it typically take to double rank up in Valorant? The time it takes to double rank up in Valorant varies depending on individual skill levels and win streaks, but it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Is it recommended to play with higher ranked friends in order to double rank up in Valorant? While playing with higher ranked friends can potentially give you a boost, it is not guaranteed and you may face tougher opponents. It is important to focus on improving your own skills and teamwork to double rank up in Valorant.

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