Mastering the Art of Twerking with Gekko in Valorant

Looking to add a fun and unique element to your gameplay in Valorant?

Explore the art of twerking with Gekko!

Learn what twerking is in Valorant and how it differs from other movements.

Discover how to unlock Gekko, the requirements to do so, and how to purchase this agent.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to twerk with Gekko in Valorant, along with tips and tricks to maximize your twerking skills on the battlefield.

Dive in and elevate your gameplay with this entertaining and strategic maneuver!

What is Twerking in Valorant?

In Valorant, twerking is a taunt movement where players crouch up and down and retract the silencer if they have one. It is not useful for the game tactically, but is used as a way to show off one’s skill or for end-round celebration. The name comes from the ability of certain characters, especially Raze, to crouch continuously and change direction agilely, similar to a twerk dance. The tower dance is a taunt, and twerk dancing in real life is a form of taunting and teasing.

How is Twerking Different from Other Movements in Valorant?

Twerking is different from Virging dance, Spike plant, or one-way smokes because it has non-guardian pleasant aim assist effects. It causes a gentle sway that makes an enemy miss shots, known as twerk jacking because it happens during a twerk. If the player pays close attention, they can see sideways bullet glancing off of the twerking character. This makes it easier to widen the angle after they have made contact with the enemy by expanding the side where the cover hides them.

How to Unlock Gekko in Valorant?

Gekko is unlocked in Valorant via a premium Valorant Act Battle Pass. Along with Gekko, other premium rewards are available as a player progresses through the act by earning XP and completing missions. You can unlock the premium tier of the act for 1000 VP, this is equivalent to $10 USD, after finishing the free tiers.

Points can be earned by playing Valorant games, completing daily and weekly missions, and completing the act. Players can buy points as well. This is a great way to see how they work and the ranges of costs, as they can be used to unlock rewards or progress through the acts. Players can earn the Gekko spray at level 50 of the Ignition Act 3 Pass or Act F2 and Battle Pass, so you have a few extra chances to get his spray.

What are the Requirements to Unlock Gekko?

The requirements to unlock Gekko are to first unlock the Episode 3 Battle Pass in Valorant and then complete Episode 3, Chapter 5. Every player that logs into Valorant and reaches a new tier of the Episode 3 Battle Pass is shown the new rewards they’ve unlocked. At Tier 50 of the Episode 3 Battle Pass, players receive the reward of Gekko.

How to Purchase Gekko in Valorant?

Gekko can be purchased for 11700 Radiant Points in VALORANT. Though there is no specific platform to buy in-game items in VALORANT, you can purchase Radiant Points starting at $10, with 1375 Radiant Points available at this price. An Act III Radiant Bundle is available with an in-game cost of $1000, which includes 9560 Radiant Points as well as the Subscriber Pass for full premium pass with a Radiant Luxe Vandal skin, exclusive rewards, and extra missions. The encrypted Gekko contract is 22193 Valorant Points to activate which will save you 15%. If you are looking to purchase the contract directly, GiftcardCabin has it available for $22.85 for the next purchaser of the item.

How to Twerk with Gekko in Valorant?

To Twerk with Gekko in Valorant, obtain the Unfinished Business card from Act 2, Episode 3 of the Battle Pass. Twerking with Gekko is your agent using the Crouching Animation Spray along with the animated buddy of your choice, and I chose Gekko. Use the MB3 key by default for walking and the control key to crouch. The animations allow your agent to dip his Gekko buddy in a pseudo dance that looks somewhat like twerking.

Step 1: Equip Gekko as your Agent

Equipping Gekko as your agent happens inside your Agents menu. First, click the main Account icon in the top right-hand corner. Then select Agents on the left side menu. Choose Gekko on the Agents list then click Select in the middle of the screen by her name. Note that Gekko is only available with the Act 3 Episode 1 Battlepass which is only available in the past. If you own this pass you can select or deselect your choice of Gekko by choosing the green Select button if she is not selected already and vice versa. You can modify your list of chosen agents at any time with a Battlepass one or more acts in-progress by changing the selection on this menu.

Step 2: Learn the Twerking Controls

There are two qualities of Valorant controls you need to understand in order to make Gekko twerk. The first is basic movement, and you can learn it in the Basic Ulitmate Arrangement section of Tenz’s Twerking school as shown in the snapshot below. The second are Gekko-specific twerking controls, which you can also directly learn from Tenz’s guide. Here are the most relevant Gekko twerking keys, although individual users can remap keys to their preference.

Step 3: Practice Twerking in the Shooting Range

The Shooting Range map in Valorant is a great place to practice Twerking in Valorant with Gekko. This gives you an excellent opportunity to focus on controlling your mouse movements without the chaos of real opponents or having to worry about the length of a match time. Fighting against bots will also give you an opportunity to improve your aim by quickly flicking and correctly placing your crosshairs.

Step 4: Use Twerking as a Distraction Tactic in Matches

Gekko can be used for twerking in Valorant as a simple, fun action when players are bored before/after matches. It can be used as part of names and in expressing oneself during matches. When used in matches it can also be used as a distraction tactic or way to promote positive sportsmanship.

How can twerking be effectively used as a distraction tactic in matches? In competition, coordinated, funny Gekko twerks by a full team at the beginning of matches may serve to take their opponent out of the serious, competitive mindset. The exact effect on gameplay is hard to measure, but it is a fun and creative tool to be used in matches.

Tips and Tricks for Twerking with Gekko in Valorant

The following is a list of tips and tricks for twerking with Gekko in Valorant. These add up to the total of 45 Bankrupts and note gagging round times. The main point of contention is the number of rounds in the recreational tournaments. However, the tournament organiizer Fixed Economy defines their rules. Most other definitions of traveling will refer to drag as the act of traveling with a spinning disc. Pros are ideal witnesses. They observe the water from the side at hip height while standing on dry land, and look for surface disruption to indicate choppy water. A gage refers to the rapid rise and fall of water levels that may be caused by flooding or dams that control a river’s flow. Pros do the same as average witnesses. It is suggested that judges view the object of interest from a slightly elevated position while standing still for a better round view. It also refers to the process of examining map layouts and making changes to improve game mechanics or aesthetics when prospective judges watch a map layout and offer feedback.

  1. Overpowered phase dealing and value avoidance
    1. Getting Sekre locked frequently
    2. The best way to secure back areas of Dorito control is to use Sekre.

  2. Good early round and site clearing
    1. Coaching tips against Ubi’s mine clearing
    2. Ubi is a powerhouse agent for mine clearing. Locate and mark suspected areas with the reconnaissance arrow whether you launch it or Sekre.

  3. Role switching
    1. E-Dating in Valorant?
    2. A significant difference between Phoenix main and Sekre main is the dedication to clutch situations and carrying the game. Phoenix players are often fraggers who can win the game by themselves. Ketsumi gives a significant advantage in utility.

  4. Map Understanding And Callouts
    1. Marshall is better if you are a duelist
    2. The Marshall when attacking assists in anti- first buying as it has a very small compensation box for first timing. According to coach Gog or mentor Elecy, follow up with Legend Diamond if the first shot does not kill them (50 damage). Spending two days before the first ranked game on each agent in the practice range will provide a headstart in learning and playing any agent.

    3. Communication and Trigger discipline
      1. Disguise round ending sound with abilities
      2. Your opponent might not realize a round has ended, Do not shoot, but utilize the sound from your abilities to attempt the guarentee that the round has ended.

      Tips and Tricks for Twerking with Gekko in Valorant expand heading in 200 words

      Plus these primary Valorant fundamentals, the following tips could be helpful for twerking with our favorite serene owner, Gekko.

      1. Playing Gekko’s key strengths
      2. In rounds with mild pressure, stepping up with a Phantom (or Vandal if you don’t have a dedicated duelist in your team), should be utilized.

      3. Setting up anchors if you are not within plant reach
      4. Decide where to position Sekre early in the round to cover an eventual post-plant position.

      5. Floating in Wanted Mode
      6. In the situation of A successful retake, after successful site-holder, have Sekre lock for your own anchoring (or attack at B).

      Use Twerking to Confuse Enemies

      You can use Gekko’s jiggle peeking to make enemies miss their shots. In tactical shooters like Valorant, aim is adjusted based on the opponent’s movement and especially their head. Jiggle peeking is the act of quickly moving from one angle of cover to the other to present as small and unpredictable a target as possible without giving the opponent time to adjust their line of aim. To do this with Gekko’s twerking, simply aim down the sight, strafe out of cover while bending your knees to aim and get into a fake crouching motion, and then immediately crouch after your initial peek. Twerking between each side of cover can help make your next peek more unpredictable.

      Coordinate with your Teammates

      Coordinating with your teammates in First Strike 2020 allowed team Gambit expert Chronicle to create a second point of attack on Ascent’s B site allowing Yassine FearothBentayeb to entry on B and subsequently plant A.

      The final chapters of the First Strike story were written in the grand finals between team Fnatic and Team Liquid. Phoenix’s entry frag that changed the entire game was only possible due to the timing on Sova’s owl drone by the Dutch player Boaster who gave the opening for the attack, coordinated by support Sage player meddo.

      Team coordination with Gekko in Valorant means not just telling your team what you’re doing. It means being in a virtual state of twerking readiness for at least the first 45 seconds of any round you’re playing. If they want you to go for the kill, ask your team to distract the ‘bots’. You can always pop-out with one of their modified weapons if you see an easy kill and follow up with a gun-twerk to smash the enemy.

      Another possibility is to pop out as a distraction so that your team members can more easily take down enemies elsewhere on the map. There are a multitude of strategic options if you have transactional communications and a plan before the round starts.

      Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

      Surroundings in this context refer to both your opponent’s location and obstacles. When using Gekko’s abilities, it will be more difficult for enemies to hit you if you are behind walls, within smokes, or disorienting them with your missiles. Conversely, opponents will be easier to hit if they are in open areas because their ability to dodge your missiles or find nearby cover is limited. Make sure to use high recoil control weapons like rifles or snipers when enemies are exposed, then switch to an SMG or shotgun in close spaces.

      Conclusion: Twerking with Gekko in Valorant

      Twerking with Gekko in Valorant is a map-specific strategy that works only if you have a coordinated team. That said, executing Gekko twerking is not easy due to the many steps involved. You need to crowd a non-E Holder agent onto mid-Smurfs to spot middle and absorb utility. Then, reposition them in window to help your A Holder versus two deviations. Use extra utility where needed and mantis buy as soon as a gun is lost by your A Holder, playing accordingly to the early round when match point is still some rounds away.

      Twerking with Gekko can pay off since it confuses the opponent and pushes them into making suboptimal decisions. Twerking with Gekko is not for the faint of heart, but if you can get it to work in your game then go ahead. It may take a few tries but the pay-off can win you rounds if executed correctly.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Gekko in Valorant?

      Gekko is a character in the popular video game, Valorant. He is a skilled agent with unique abilities that make him a valuable asset in any team.

      How do I unlock Gekko in Valorant?

      Gekko can be unlocked by purchasing him in the in-game store or by completing certain challenges and missions in the game.

      Can I twerk with Gekko in Valorant?

      Yes, Gekko has a unique emote that allows him to twerk in the game. This can be used to show off your dancing skills to other players.

      How do I twerk with Gekko in Valorant?

      To twerk with Gekko, you must first equip his twerk emote in your emote wheel. Then, during a match, press the corresponding button to perform the emote.

      Is twerking with Gekko a distraction in Valorant?

      Twerking with Gekko can be considered a distraction by some players, but it can also be a fun way to taunt your opponents and show off your smooth moves.

      Are there any tips for twerking with Gekko in Valorant?

      To get the best twerk animation with Gekko, try using it on different surfaces in the game. Some surfaces may have more interesting animations than others.

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