Mastering the Art of Making a Heart with a Knife in Valorant

If you’re a fan of Valorant and looking to add a touch of creativity to your gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place.

We will explore the fascinating world of making a heart in Valorant with a knife. From the significance of this gesture to step-by-step instructions on how to execute it perfectly, we will cover everything you need to know.

So, grab your knife and get ready to impress your teammates with a beautifully crafted heart in Valorant!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the steps to make a heart in Valorant with a knife, including selecting the knife in your loadout, finding a flat surface and moving the knife in the shape of a heart.
  • Practice on different surfaces and adjust your sensitivity settings for a perfect heart in Valorant. Use knife skins for a more detailed heart.
  • Be aware of the risks involved in making a heart in Valorant, such as vulnerability to enemy attacks, wasting time, and difficulty in executing the shape. Stay focused and choose safe locations to make a heart.
  • What is Valorant?

    Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game developed by the American company Riot Games, best known for their more notable flagship product, League of Legends (LoL). Valorant was announced with the codename Project A during LoL’s 10th-anniversary livestream on October 16, 2019. The game was officially entitled and released initially to a testing region on April 7, 2020, with a widespread international launch on June 2, 2020.

    The game is free-to-play and features both multiplayer online-only gameplay and a free-to-play battle royale mode. Players assume the control of agents with unique abilities and use an economic system coupled with precise shooting to tactically outplay opponents.

    Valorant operates on a five-on-five, round-based, plant the bomb (Search and Destroy) game mode. This necessitates planning, communication, strategy, and some degree of reflexivity. The game’s primary maps are set in otherworldly cities of South Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom, with plans for other countries to follow.

    What is a Knife in Valorant?

    In VALORANT, a knife refers to a knife type melee weapon which is one of the primary weapons. Knives in VALORANT are used to perform Right-Click Alt Fire that activate the Ultimate ability of certain Agents such as Phoenix (Run it Back) and Raze (Showstopper) or eliminate opponents with as few injuries as possible.

    What is a Heart in Valorant?

    {@fraggergarret | A heart in Valorant} is what gamers and streamers call the knife kill. The term first appeared after streams and clips of top players jaws-dropping execution were posted online. When you get close enough to an enemy you can overtake and kill with your knife, the killing blow results in your player slicing the opponent. This is the action that turned the word heart into some animations made by external developers to show off simple kills and are mounted in entertaining short clips.

    What is the significance of a Heart in Valorant?

    The significance of a heart in Valorant is that the term was picked up by the game’s community in reference to the released Prism 3 knife skin. The skin was hastily nicknamed ‘the heart knife’ by Reddit and other media outlets because it featured a prominent heart-shaped symbol. The symbol, however, is actually a utena, which is a plant of the arum family native to the central United States and Illinois, where episode 3 of the Valorant narrative takes place.

    Riot’s writer for the updated storyline, Quinton Winter, said that they picked the plant for thematic reasons. He pointed to Margaret’s acts of preservation and resurrection and the act of defying death with the immortality skims for pointing to the symbol on the knife. It is a secret heart according to him. In reality, it was chosen because Valorant Episode 3 mainly takes place in a utena-overgrown wild region around the midwestern city of New Arcadia. Subsequent viewing of the Prism 3 knife skin got the modified term of heart knife stuck among players.

    How to Make a Heart in Valorant with a Knife?

    You can make a heart in Valorant with a knife by walking to draw an incomplete circle, then move your mouse back to the start of the incomplete circle to resemble an incomplete heart followed by a complete circle. To make the heart centerpiece of the heart, you must draw an incomplete circle smaller in radius than the first circle before making the third circle to finish the design.

    Here is the step-by-step process to make a heart in Valorant with a knife as played by Sunny Fishin:

    1. Turn around with the knife out and begin moving forward.
    2. Go to the end of the dumpsters such that the building of A from CT is in the foreground and the sky background cover is visible.
    3. One unit away from the wall, begin drawing an incomplete circle and make a half circle while moving forward.
    4. Go back to the starting point, then look up and create another incomplete circle but this time smaller. Move to complete the circle to make the circle heart’s center.
    5. Without moving your mouse to draw a circle, complete the process to make the rest of the heart.

    Step 1: Select the Knife in your Loadout

    Select your Knife when the game gives you the option to select a weapon. You can switch to it by tapping 1 on the keyboard, double-tapping 3 on the keyboard, or scrolling one up from your last selected weapon with the mouse. The Knife is available immediately when you start a round after using all of your equipment, while you need to pick it in the next rounds after buying another weapon to use it.

    Step 2: Find a Flat Surface

    The easiest method is to find a smooth surface where you can see your current orientation. So put your back against a wall and verify that you are facing the wall straight on by ensuring the distribution of light around your gun in the bottom left is symmetrical. If not, adjust your view until it is.

    Once you are in the exact position against the wall, jump twice while pressing forward to get away from the wall, and touch the surface as shown in the following image when jumping the second time.

    Flick your mouse around to make sure you’ve correctly created the heart. If you have found a flat surface, you will see a heart-shaped image of knives and hands in front of your screen. If you are struggling to find a flat surface, adjust your position to find one.

    Step 3: Crouch and Face the Flat Surface

    Crouch and face the flat surface. Walk forward and keep your crosshair at the center of the five circles. Stay trying to only adjust for specific circumstances and changing directions, as this will throw off the precision gained from practice and throw off the heart shape.

    Try to get the inner curve of your you first hook, which is the top of the heart, to remain constant in a movement from the middle to either side. The top can also be straighter but should not arch back and forth. Generally, the space between the two hooks of gun use to represent the top of the heart should be about the same as the width of the gun itself The bottom-curve of the two hooks must remain very similar to provide heart shape. This means that the same spot on the screen the player is looking at as their hook creates the curve needs to be the same location when they make the opposite hook.

    This three-step process compresses the basics of knife gun use for making the heart shape. For better visual instructions, you can again refer to video tutorials such as Sage Gaming‘s as you practice with the knife. For a written guide, remember to

    1. Stand straight and center yourself at the angle you want the heart to face.
    2. Walk back and slightly to the side until you enjoy the view of parallel flat surfaces.
    3. Crouch, aim at the center, and let each of your mouse down-right circles turn into a heart shape.

    Step 4: Hold down the Primary Fire Button

    Although it is not possible to affect simple changes to your user settings to create a heart crosshair in Valorant, it is essential to know that once you have the heart shape ready in the game with your gun pointing in the desired direction you wish to shoot, you will need to keep the center of the heart on the desired point of impact.

    Here is what you need to keep in mind during actual shooting: To execute a shot, you need to press the left mouse button twice, once to aim, and once to shoot. Once you have your heart outline ready and you are pointing in the desired direction, you need to line up the center and keep it on your desired point of impact. Once you line up the head, hand, and feet recognition triangles of your heart with the required target, keeping the center point of the triangle on the desired target is what gets you the second shot in or near the beginning of the heart outline, and possibly a victory.

    Training in the shooting range is important to have a feeling of the spread pattern at different distances.

    Step 5: Move the Knife in the Shape of a Heart

    After you have identified your two-seconds-per-beat BPM during Step 3, you can use the BPM to determine the resting (center) position of your view, where one-second is ideally centered on the focal area of your choice (note the cheese models are best). You then pan your view in the shape of a hill or a trough along the song’s varying tempo to add artistry to your viewing. Keep a steady velocity as you move your crosshair along the heights and troughs of the song’s varying volume, as you want your crosshair movements themselves to help emphasize the heart shape of the underlying song, not unintentionally diminish it.

    Step 6: Release the Primary Fire Button

    Release the primary fire button once the flaming heart in the ice heart shape is created to complete the contrast in the sheet of ice between the two shapes. This will finalize visually creating the heart hot iron heart the ice heart for ice players to see.

    Fire and ice players that switch between the two and make a chili pepper or whatever the ice heart shape is now still like to spam the flaming heart to keep the different shapes distinct and to see the chili peppers far from home and with a new background.

    What are the Tips for Making a Perfect Heart in Valorant?

    The tips for making a good heart in Valorant are to plan out the location on the map before the match begins and to synchronize with teammates. Having already practiced the heart in the practice range will also make playing with your teammates easier and allow you to precisely hit your planned target location on the map.

    Additional tips for making the heart include calling out movements immediately, and adjusting positions of each teammate according to where enemies might be, as seen in this example created on the Takesh map. It can also be useful to play against bots or carry out the strategy in a practice range numerous times to be able to cope with any issues or decide on the best method for quickly catching up with your teammates. In summary, be prepared, communicate, and practice, practice, practice.

    Practice on Different Surfaces

    Status quo – Valorant provides a variety of surface materials within its maps that have different sound system attributes. It is important for the person attempting to draw a knife heart to know those different sounds and how best to manipulate them to create their desired audio shape and attract least attention in doing so.

    Players should practice walking or running on different surface materials and look up guides on audio perception within the game. By practicing, one can easily know which tool and technique works best for the desired environment of the `secret messaging` with their audio logo. As per Surfshark VP of Communications Beyza Polat, diligent research and trial and error are key when using unique audio signs in video games.

    Adjust Your Sensitivity Settings

    While learning how to make a heart in Valorant with the knife, you may realize that you need to adjust the sensitivity settings on your system to achieve better results. Sensitivity settings determine how fast your game reacts to the movement of your mouse and, therefore, how accurately you can aim.

    In Valorant, players will frequently find themselves shooting during knife rounds. However, given the increased movement speed and the limited attack distance with the knives, it is important to consider the best sensitivity settings. In an evaluation of 400 pro players, a ying-yang model revealed that the average valorant pro player has a sensitivity of around 3000 eDPI.

    eDPI (effective Dots Per Inch) measures accuracy by calculating the values of both the in-game mouse sensitivity and the mouse DPI sensitivity. Check their DPI by looking at the multiplyer they have set in their Razer Synapse or Logitech G HUB software. Then, determine their average In-Game Sensitivity by averaging across their horizontal, vertical, and scoped settings. Finally, calculate their eDPI for that game by multiplying the DPI by the In-Game Sensitivity as shown below.

    Use the Knife Skins for a More Detailed Heart

    Knife skins are available in Valorant and while it does not make a heart, it provides more diversity in their knife technique in the game. They should note that the number of knife skin types attainable in the game is limited, so using them will not create the same heart shape as Agent Yoru’s planted blades, which uses the default knife. To use the default knife, one needs to follow the process of weapon switching as mentioned before.

    What are the Risks of Making a Heart in Valorant?

    The risks of making a heart in Valorant include being seen by the enemy, as well as failure to make a heart and risk being seen and shot. If this happens, follow the advice from MetaRunner and complete the heart formation later on.

    Expect to be damaged or eliminated in the making of a heart during a Valorant match. For this reason, players are advised to only attempt making a heart in Valorant when they have a considerable competitive advantage over opponents. The other risk when trying to make a heart in Valorant is that you accidentally draw something sexually inappropriate. As such, AniFlares from the Gambit esports team expresses caution in attempting to draw more subtle graphic designs, as it may be misinterpreted.

    Vulnerability to Enemy Attacks

    When you have a knife and make a heart in Valorant, you are most vulnerable to enemy attacks because 80% of the knife view and close field of view is blocked, and the damage from knives is the lowest in the game. The trade-off is that the knife is the easiest in valorant to judge the distance of enemy players due to its close proximity and apparent larger frame.

    In a 1200 x 800 resolution, against knives, you can combine the two hearts without overlapping the edges so they form a little figure. The space between the two half-wide and tall hearts forming a little figure is well-designed as you can see a visual representation of what this wide-open map space will look like at the B site of Icebox. Spray is compact, the door is wide open and only boxes and pipes are in the way. Your team can lay in ambush here and wait for easy targets as prisoners walk by the dark alley running underneath the knife figure map (brown box) towards the B entrance to the right of the map all the way to the target (deep blue stack box).

    Wasting Time and Losing Focus

    The high efforts required to make a heart in Valorant, or any fancy designs with a knife in Valorant, mean that during the 140 seconds at the beginning of each game round, a player must be focused only on that task, because 140 seconds what they have at the beginning is deceivingly-fast time. You can run out of time looking for a player waiting for the right moment to throw only a single grenade.

    During the first 40 seconds of this 140-second period in Valorant, the artists have a moment to deliver the necessary hearts between them if all players move together and execute the correct methodologies of the process. For instance, the following section explores how to make a heart by Gxtmt in Valorant using knives. The lower-case `c’s are still different from the diagram, as they are supposed to spread horizontally from the peak of the heart.

    Difficulty in Executing the Heart Shape

    The difficulty in executing the heart shape in Valorant is Easy. After some practice, it becomes second nature to match the speed of the knife’s fingers. Especially when in Blaze’s fire, having the heart shape become a part of your movement will allow you to create this shape in almost any environment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I make a heart in Valorant with a knife?
    To make a heart in Valorant with a knife, you will need to equip your knife and use it to draw a heart shape on the ground. This can be done by right-clicking and dragging your mouse in the shape of a heart.

    2. Can I make a heart in Valorant with any knife skin?
    Yes, you can make a heart in Valorant with any knife skin. The shape of the heart will depend on the design of the knife skin, but the method to create it will remain the same.

    3. Is there a specific spot where I should make the heart in Valorant?
    No, there is no specific spot where you should make the heart in Valorant. You can create it anywhere on the ground as long as there is enough space to draw the shape.

    4. Can I make a heart in Valorant with the knife while moving?
    Yes, you can make a heart in Valorant with the knife while moving. However, it may be easier to create a clean and precise heart shape if you stand still while drawing it.

    5. How can I make the heart in Valorant visible to my teammates?
    To make the heart in Valorant visible to your teammates, you can either draw it near them or use the chat function to communicate and show them the heart. You can also take a screenshot and share it with your team.

    6. Is there a specific game mode or map where I can make the heart in Valorant?
    No, there is no specific game mode or map where you can make the heart in Valorant. You can create it in any game mode and on any map as long as you have a knife equipped.

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