Mastering Minecraft: How to Tame a Cat in the Game

Are you a fan of Minecraft and curious about how to tame cats in the game? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Minecraft cats – from their behavior to how to tame them.

Learn the step-by-step process of finding, approaching, feeding, and taming a cat in Minecraft. Discover the various abilities of tamed cats, such as following and protecting you, sitting and staying, and hunting mice and creepers.

Find out how to make your cat stand and sit, change its collar color, and heal it in Minecraft. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your feline companion in the blocky world of Minecraft!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed and published by the software company Mojang Studios. Sandbox video games are games in which a player can wander around and build or destroy whatever they like, rather than focusing on a goal or storyline.

Minecraft can be played on all major platforms and devices including mobile phones and was released for the PC in 2011. Up until then it was available for a free beta test which is where early YouTube exposure helped create a huge following.

The world of Minecraft is quite large and has many different environments that are divided into five biomes: forests, deserts, underworld, swamps, and tundra. Newer versions have greatly expanded these geographic regions. Players use different blocks called resources to build different types of structures including houses, castles, and swimming pools. There is also a system of plants and animals, all of which can be harvested and caught.

As the game developed, new animals such as pigs, chickens, bees, pandas, and dolphins have been added. Players can also progress by creating materials like weapons, armor, and bionic enhancements. The game has no strict goals for a player to follow and they are free to explore the game, construct buildings, and collect and build tools and materials as they like.

What are Cats in Minecraft?

Cats in Minecraft are advanced tamed versions of the game’s untamed Ocelots mid-sized mobs. They can transform into small or large Foam-Tugged Cats after receiving enough Raw Cod or Raw Salmon to breed and baby cats grow into adulthood. Cats have a 16% chance of spawning as a Stray (Skeleton Cat) in certain snowy biomes.

Feeding can transform a Stray or a normal cat to a Tamed cat. However, if the Skeleton cat is hit by sunlight or exposed to sunlight there is a chance it will transform back into a necessary wild status. They help for taming parrots, warding off phantoms, and keeping out hostile and damaging mobs. Ocelots can be tamed and used for cat-like cases but normal cats owned by the player have increased interaction capacity compared to Ocelots `Cats, and Strays, act as stress release and mood-boosting functional companions to the player.

How Do Cats Behave in Minecraft?

Cats in Minecraft are few in number and tend to avoid players and other mobs. They terrify fishes, which is their natural prey, and summon them to their feet to feast on. They run away after around 3 minutes. While difficult to and not truly tamed, cats in Minecraft make splendid companions. Since they eliminate creepers, players are spared the effort of trapping and killing Creepers in the hope of a record disc, in exchange for fish and the general care of feral cats. Feral cats don’t appear to have any distinct behaviors that aren’t beneficial, so players with a cat at home are likely to be better off.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

You can tame a cat in Minecraft with raw cod or raw salmon, then use patience as it moves towards you. With a default spawn level of 10, find and follow iron ore blocks. Walking through a forest can offer good luck with dead (bare bush) leaves decaying next to wood logs dropping oak saplings. When harvested they drop 1-3 dead bushes from which you can turn around and craft one into the sapling.

To tame a cat, hold or keep the raw salmon or raw cod in your hotbar, then approach the stray cat. They will slowly approach you and take the raw fish and hearts will appear over the cat’s head signaling you have been successful. Since the 1.14 (Village & Pillage) update, it is no longer possible to tame a cat in Creative mode, as they added specific taming items that only work in Survival mode. Tamed cats scare away phantoms if the player sleeps while it is present.

An unintended benefit was the use of a full set of tamed cats to save villagers from hoofing too long with your new arrivals (now known as Pillagers) instead of forcing them to be kept by players. Before, cats would kill the baby villagers, although it fixed the generation contribution from getting out of control. Better be careful because if the cats kill parrots they only spawn in the jungle biomes.

Step 1: Find a Cat

  1. Add lava in holes that cats can hide in and they will run out if they exist in the area.
  2. Use stained glass to find cats in water. Avoid playing music to prevent them from fleeing.

After finding a cat, you must have a raw fish in your hand to tame it. Otherwise, the searching effort will be wasted.


Step 2: Approach the Cat Slowly

Assuming you have found a cat and that you have crouched to slow down, the next thing you need to do is approach the cat slowly. In real life, mother cats show their kittens how to approach humans, and the same is true for humans looking to tame cats. Cats need to be able to explore and feel their way towards things they don’t know. This is particularly true of rodents who have typically chosen a hiding place for themselves to investigate.

The way to approach your cat is to not pay them much attention oneself. That’s generally when they will come up and rub against your leg, which is a positive sign. They are socio-exploratory species, which means that face-to-face interaction in the way humans do it isn’t completely ideal. Eyeblink duration is part of the way they interact with humans, as the longer it lasts, the more comfortable and happy the cat is. The role of humans in the relationship is to give a cat a regular source of food, regular access to litter and fresh water, enrichment that stimulates play and exercise and has limited frustration, and decide if the cat wants social interaction without penalty.

This study presented to a 2009 Annual Meeting of the Japan Ethological Society suggests that ignoring a visit by the cat may cause unwanted behavior.

Step 3: Feed the Cat

Feed the cat is the last step of how to tame a cat in Minecraft (6-step process). In Minecraft, a cat can be tamed and bred by feeding them raw cod or salmon. The breeding of cats that are not tamed is somewhat similar. Cats that are non-tamed must be able to sit or stand up in breeding mode. For the breeding process, one cat must have the ability to sit or stand up, and one cat must have the ability to follow the player. When carrying food of any type, they will follow the player. To give the cat the food, players need to right-click or tap them with the fish. The two cats, following each other without interruption, can be bred by allowing them to approach each other.

Step 4: Wait for the Cat to Trust You

If the cat is still in a cautious mode, just leave it alone and allow it to come to you instead. The timing of bowing down to a cat is key to its taming. When attempting to tame a no-longer-afraid-somewhat-friendly-except-not-quite kind of cat, you must focus on coaxing them towards you. This can be done by sitting on the floor and encouraging the cat to climb on your lap, petting it very gently, talking to it in a soothing manner, which helps encourage the cat to come to you, and very gently playing with a laser pointer to entice the kitten.

Typically, after two weeks of parroting behavior and being as mild as possible around the cat, the taming process will be completed. Taming a cat in a laboratory setting comprises grabbing it, holding it against the ground or the wall, determining its breed with the aid of a scanner, calling staff to capture it and place it in a bag, or using a squeeze cage.

Step 5: Right-click to Tame the Cat

Once you are close enough to the wild ocelot cat and have equipped the raw fish in your hand, you right-click on the feline. If you are successful, you will see the cat meow and give off hearts as white dots temporarily surround the animal. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a tiny tamed cat in Minecraft. Or perhaps multiple tamed cats if you are lucky!

What Can Tamed Cats Do in Minecraft?

Tamed cats in Minecraft can be given commands and can sit in one place or follow you. They naturally defend you from creepers as they can sense them and go assist you by hissing at them. Tamed cats drop a random gift, usually a dead rabbit, in gratitude when they wake up after you rest in bed for a while, whenever you return from someplace, or whenever you just wait around a while in the same place.

The tamed cat in Minecraft can sometimes scare away creepers and phantoms, but creepers that suffer from a cat’s scare will keep an eye on the player, instead of running away, and phantoms keep circling overhead. Other aspects of tamed cats include their eating behavior, their sleepiness, and their playfulness depending on the environment and how you interact with them. Cats can jump up as high as 3 blocks, provided they have proper space, and enjoy sleeping next to a cozy fireplace. Tamed cats in Minecraft have 3 attitudes towards their owner (tamed cat, local tamed cat, outside tamed cat) that affect how they behave, such as hissing aggressively while looking at you or rubbing their body against you in friendliness. To see a cat’s attitude, use the command /data get entity @e[type=cat, limit=1, sort=nearest].

Follow and Protect You

If you want to tame a cat in Minecraft according to its real-world behavior, you can find stray untamed cats and simply wait for them to follow you. Like many real cats, they will not always show up right away when summoned. As the domesticated version of the African Wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica), feral cats’ wild instincts still make it so they do their own thing on their own schedule.

Real African wildcats are mainly solitary or territorial, meaning they will roam their territory freely but at the same time won’t share it with or allow other members of their species in it.

Sit and Stay

The sit cat behavior command makes your tamed cat settle down, stopping it from following or wandering. To sit down, right-click on your tamed feline. To make it start following you again, right-click on it once more.

Similarly, if you right click on your tamed cat while holding Shift, it will not move from that position unless you pick it up, a process known as stay behavior.

Sitting and staying make it easy to have your cat in place when you are building without worrying about it wandering off.

Hunt Mice and Creepers

Hunting mice, or a stack of food, and creepers, is a great way to tame a cat in Minecraft. The birds-eye view image in this snippet shows a central mouse hole in a mouse house (you can see holes by how deep the floor goes). Mice spawn in these houses, and some will come to the surface to explore. Once outside, they can start mating quickly. Mice will move between houses, which influences their scent trail. Sometimes they can pick up and spread diseases, or their feces can provide poisonous effects.

Aside from specific food drops, you can tame cats, ocelots, pandas, wolves, dolphins, and horses. You can tame other animals as well, but these are the few that have unique taming just for them. Although only thousands of tamed cats can be found to compare nowadays, domestic cats are decedents of African wildcats. These wild felines helped people 4000 years ago by hunting down pests in their field, as shown by this illustration of an Egyptian servant walking with cats following. They did not have creeps to hunt, but are a unique example of tamed animals that are now close to 600 million strong.

How to Make Your Cat Stand and Sit in Minecraft?

To make your cat stand, click on them with an empty hand. Cats in Minecraft mostly naturally change their standing/lying position unless they are in Free-Sit or Free-Stand modes. They will then permanently stay in that position until changed. Press Sit to make your cat sit, move, or control them, but keep in mind that they may be unable to follow your commands because of collision blocks, shapes of the region, their CurrentTask (0=idle, 1=following, 2=fallback, 3=jumponfrozenwater, 4=fallbacksatmiddle, 5=jumpdown, 6=jumponblock, 7=followowner, 8=fishing_idle), etc.

How to make cats sit in Minecraft:

  • Click on the cat. They will remain in their current position.
  • Exit the game.
  • After re-entry, the cat will stand if the previous mode was to Sit in Owner Mode. If your cat is without a name tag, it will wander around to explore its surroundings or to get warmth.
  • Create a vacancy in the owner mode for the cat to stand by cycling through your other pets. Move to another location, separate it from the non-owner mode.

If none of these methods work to make the cat in Minecraft stand, name them and check ¬`/data get entity @e[type=cat,name=C1] of ` on coman nd mode. While the changes are limited, they will allow you to indirectly make the cats stand and sit.

How to Change Your Cat’s Collar Color in Minecraft?

To change a cat’s collar color in Minecraft, you take a dye and right click a cat.

Changes to cat collar color can only be done when the Cat Tame in progress message is displayed. Once the collar color has been altered, there is no way to revert it, so determine the appropriate hue before proceeding. Once your cat is tamed, its collar color can be changed to any hue of its original color by using the same dye

How to Heal Your Cat in Minecraft?

You can heal your cat in Minecraft by feeding it raw fish or raw salmon. If you wish to use non-meat healing agents which work with other animals and mobs, you can consider feeding them wheat, carrots, apples, golden apple, golden carrots, beetroot, potatoes, or cookies. These items take longer and may be more difficult to find and/or prepare in large amounts than fish, but of the items that are most likely to be available, fish is the only one which is okay for cats. Heal your cat by feeding it as much of the raw salmon or raw fish you have until its red cross health bubble fills up. Is effective even if the cat is down to one heart or half a heart. Using fish is the best as the likelihood of an overfed cat dying from being overfed is virtually nil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Taming a cat in Minecraft is a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some answers to common questions about taming cats in the game.

What do I need to tame a cat in Minecraft?

To tame a cat in Minecraft, you will need raw fish. You can find raw fish by fishing in water or by killing and cooking fish. You will also need an empty hand to hold the fish.

How do I approach a cat to tame it?

To approach a cat, make sure you have a raw fish in your hand and slowly approach the cat. Be careful not to startle the cat or it will run away. You can also crouch while approaching to make yourself less threatening to the cat.

How many fish do I need to tame a cat?

You will need at least two raw fish to tame a cat in Minecraft. However, it is recommended to have more in case the cat is not tamed on the first try.

How do I know if a cat is tamed?

You will know a cat is tamed when you see hearts appear above its head. This means the cat is now your pet and will follow you around.

Can I tame a wild cat or do I need to find a specific type?

You can tame any ocelot in Minecraft, which is the wild cat found in the game. You do not need to find a specific type of cat to tame.

Can I breed tamed cats in Minecraft?

Yes, once you have tamed two cats, you can breed them by feeding them raw fish. This will result in a kitten that will also become your pet.

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