Unlock Free Skins in Valorant: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to upgrade your Valorant experience with some cool skins but don’t want to break the bank?

We’ll explore what Valorant is, what skins are, and most importantly, how to get them for free!

From purchasing with Valorant Points to claiming Prime Gaming rewards and participating in in-game challenges, we’ll cover all the ways you can enhance your gameplay without spending a dime.

So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Valorant skins!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter video game developed by Riot Games. Riot Games is known for creating the popular game League of Legends. Valorant is unique in that it is a strategic team-based shooter with varying abilities depending on the agent chosen. It is set out in two levels of play at differing global locations to allow for a more robust and realistic game layout.

Players are put into two teams of up to five agents, with each participating in either an attacking or defensive team. They act as team operatives completing their objectives in a game whose map is essentially an attack and defence strategic gameboard. Players must work together to complete their objectives while stopping the opposition. The game was first announced with its codename Project A in October 2019 and then announced as Valorant with a closed beta in April 2020.

What are Skins in Valorant?

Skins in Valorant are cosmetic items that change the appearance of weapons, agents, and even the dominant color palettes of the game. Weapon skins mostly encompass visual effects ranging from the texture and color scheme of the gun to glowing lights and shaders. For agents, skins change appearance, add special effects, or even reveal unmasked variants.

The primary role of skins is to make the game more enjoyable and let players add personal flair to their weapons and agents. Additional benefits include emotional attachment to a personalized version of players’ favorite agents or weapons and as an intrinsic encouragement to self-improvement. Skins in the game do not have any separate performance benefits. All weapons in Valorant have a standard behavior, and agents have unique abilities which require agent selection, and that selection is visually independent of which skin is being used.

How to Get Skins in Valorant?

There are five ways to get skins in Valorant. The first is to purchase them directly on the Valorant cosmetic store with Valorant Points or Radianite Points. The second is to craft them using existing skin parts and Radianite. The third is to purchase contracts to unlock V-shaped weapon skins. The fourth is to obtain free skins through the Valorant beta or Twitch Rivals. The fifth source is to obtain Valorant skins from the Valorant Night Market event.

Purchase with Valorant Points

Skins in Valorant are typically the highest quality items that can be purchased in the store and having the budget to add the skins you want in the future is mainly achieved through the game’s premium currency, Valorant Points (VP). The quantity of Valorant Points you can buy will also grant you more right to select from a larger variety of skins, as one of the most accessible games and player bases worldwide.

To get freely generated Experience Points (EXP) by playing games, starting a free battle pass, and raising VP as high as it will go to gradually purchase skins is how to earn skins in Valorant, based on what is most achievable to accumulate Valor Points for free is how to get Valorant skins accessed by the masses.

The following table provides details on the most common prices of Valorant Points. From that, users can calculate the necessary minimum activity levels. Average end users can save up to around 100 US dollars to receive a good gun skin entirely for free without sharing any credit card details. Note that most Valorant skin bundles tend to cost between 3,000 and 6,000 Valorant Points.

Point Range Item Cost
475 Prime Spectre Skin. Daily Store 5.21 $
875 Glitchpop Vandal Skin. Daily Store 10 $
2175 Oni Tech Phantom Skin. Daily Store 25 $

The additional method of combining earned and purchased Valorant Points provides an upgrade to a premium skin after a free upgrade do. When choosing the combination, it is recommended to compare the price of some guns and skins in varying rarities from the Premium and Free avenues without mixing points at the ultra-premium levels. An excellent position to combine earned and purchased points is at the 3,000 point level where pricing is nicer for many guns and can justify choosing a completely paid route or a partly earned path depending on the specific gun or skin.

3600 Duality Bundle. Hi-Tech Business Bundle. 40 $
5600 Future Earth Bundle. Sakura Melee Bundle. 60 $
7600 Genesis Collection. Battlegrounds Bundle. 80 $

Choosing the fully paid path gives an excellent value for skin or weapon. The cost for the singled priced one of the expensive items is rated at only 10-20 $ with average judgement.

Complete Battle Pass Tiers

Battle Pass Tiers in Valorant can be completed for free, and players can sometimes earn advertisements, banners, gun skins, and even Radianite points. The Battle Pass system is set to reset every two months, which gives enough time for most players who play every few days to get to the free tiers and earn at least some free skins. Valorant’s Battle Pass comprises 50 tiers. Battle Pass tiers may demand that you get a specific number of kills, win rounds on a specific map, or carry out objectives that involve playing with a new weapon, an agent you’ve never played before, or doing something you like to do but never tried for fear of losing rounds. Every tier in the free battle pass rewards players with an item. Valorant’s Battle Pass tool allows for quick daily progression as well as a weekly spike, with players helping to strike down one or two challenges every day as they head towards their chosen goal.

Participate in Events and Promotions

Events and promotions are one-time and limited-time opportunities that Riot provides to earn free exclusive items such as free skins in Valorant. An initial event called Drops to build buzz for the game offered free Beta Keys and weapon skins viewing individual streams. To participate in events, follow Valorant’s official channels on Reddit, Discord, YouTube, and others. They post new promotions on their pages on a regular basis.

Trade with Other Players

Trading with other players is one of the ways to get free skins in Valorant. The game developers have acknowledged that players would appreciate and enjoy the ability to exchange weapon skins that they don’t use, but it currently has no plans to add an in-game trading system.

For now, players can use social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook and Instagram to find other players looking to get rid of their unwanted skins. Whether they are mergers, episodes, or sprays, players might be able to pick up some free valve weapon skins,

Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations of Riot Games and be very cautious about potential scammers. Do not make any promises or deals that could get you banned from the game.

What are Free Skins in Valorant?

Free skins in Valorant refer to the skins obtained without payment. There are three ways to get skins in Valorant without spending money, and each of them has minor caveats. Players can earn Free Agent Contracts by playing and leveling up on the game. Free agent rewards do not include skins per se, but do include perks such as title cards, weapon levels, and radianite points.

Prime Gaming Rewards

Prime gaming rewards can be a source of free Valorant skins. If you have an Amazon Prime Account, this story is for you. Log in here with your Amazon Prime credentials and enjoy the key identity benefits. You do not have to pay anything to get them, as Valorant uses Prime Gaming simply as the system through which to distribute the skins.

Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are items from Riot Games – in this case, Radiant skins – that are awarded in conjunction with the Twitch game streaming service (Owned by Amazon). This type of loot drop is a promotion to gamers, providing players with an opportunity to earn rare skins by watching other people’s streams. The odds are usually low, but it is still free lottery-based engagement. Many creators on Twitch will show their content up to and past the point where they receive a skin drop and can thus give their viewers insight as to the best times to watch for your opportunity to earn free skins.

Every now and then in return for attention to their two-year-old competitive shooter title, Riot Games lets endemic Twitch streamers such as Michael Reeves give away free Radiant / Valorant skins to their audience. This generates more buzz and interest in Valorant as both a game and a esport. To get free Twitch drops, you will need to link your Riot and Twitch gaming account and watch relevant streams they add a new asset to (which you’ll need to check regularly, follow Riot or other Valorant social feeds to know when new Twitch Drop campaigns begin).

Social Media Giveaways

Skin giveaways on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is the final method to acquire free skins in Valorant. Some developers and Riot’s creators are known to run these kinds of contests via their social media channels. Read how to get more social media likes comments and subscribers page which tells you the DOs and DON’Ts of how to use the various platforms to gain traction and find free skin competitions.

A good place to start may be by following Valorant and/or Riot Games on their various handles and seeing which of their social accounts have the most frequent giveaways. You can also search for free skins within Valorant communities on social media where some users are fond of hosting free skin giveaways. Keep in mind that scammers can take advantage of the social media nature of these contests, so be cautious of posts that ask for any personal information beyond your user profile ID.

In-game Challenges

In-game challenges are objectives that a player can aim to complete within the game, such as kill 20 enemies or plant the spike ten times. Sometimes there are new in-game events that require additional challenges to be completed. Rewards for these challenges might include items like free Valorant skin bundles. Remember the acts rewards discussed in the Battle Passes section. These follow the logic of completing in-game challenges such as planting the spike, multiple kills, etc.

To see what challenges you have, go to the notifications section at the top right of your screen and you will find an A, a dart over a playbook, and an R. The A usually has a blue dot over it, the dart has a green dot, and the R has a pink dot. Just click them and they will show you what you need to do to complete the objectives and get the rewards that usually include a free Valorant skin.

How to Claim Free Skins in Valorant?

As of the current version, there are no free Valorant skin codes directly from Riot Games. Riot games currently does not offer the ability to claim free Valorant skin codes, even for exclusive drops. Players can claim free Valorant skins directly from the in-game store or the web store using Radianite Points which they earn for free as they level up in the game. Players can also obtain Valorant skins for free using Prime gaming entitlements, playing in tournaments, following Valorant on Twitch, following Valorant’s YouTube channel and watching the livestream. Red Bull also occasionally collaborates with Valorant in some regions to offer exclusive Red Bull Valorant gun skins. According to the current Riot system, this is how to claim free Valorant skins.

Link Your Accounts

Linking your Riot Games account to other services to get free Valorant skins. Besides receiving a free Valorant Valorant Player Card by connecting to Twitch Prime mentioned in the previous tip, you can redeem your Riot Points to get a free Valorant skin for free on LOL and Wildrift. All Riftalist players who are referring a friend to Wild Rift or if the referred friend purchases something in the game for the first time each receive 500 Riot Points for free. These points can then be used to buy a Valorant skin in the Valorant game store. Feel free to connect your Riot account to Youtube, Fortnite, or Apex Legends. These sites belong to the Riot account of Valorant, you may not get any rewards right now. But there is potential to increase the features of accounts linked to one another.

Watch Twitch Streams

Watching Twitch streams with specific Valorant streamers can be another method of earning free Valorant skins. Riot Games and Valorant often collaborate with Twitch to provide free rewards such as a chance to get rare exclusive skins from specific Valorant streamers. The rewards are progressively earned by watching streams for longer durations and the quantities of these rewards are limited and limited to specific time frames. As of the latest research for this answer, there are no current available drops, however, you should keep your eye on Twitch drop events by following Riot Games and Valorant on social media or checking out the Twitch website regularly.

Keep an Eye on Social Media

Following Riot Games and Valorant’s official social media accounts is important if you are looking to earn the unique weapon or gun skins in the game. Calin Volciuc once encouraged users to look for hidden codes in images and announcements. This was often done through the use of ciphers or binary decoding in the lowest left corner of images. This has not been as popular recently, but players have gotten a lot of free items out of it in the past.

Riot devs and value creators for the game give new content or insights into upcoming features and game updates. Sometimes entertaining and educational gameplay from active professional players shows off the best ways to utilize weapons.

And most importantly, Valorant’s social media channels have giveaways for expensive weapon skins. Valorant actually had a major social media giveaway where they asked fans to retweet news about coming patch to hit 23,000 retweets to unlock The Prime Collection for users to experience for free. Needless to say, the giveaway model is hugely popular for every game, and users can take advantage of it if they keep an eye on the social media channels for upcoming contests.

Complete In-game Challenges

In-game challenges are activities set by the makers of Valorant which reward gamers after successful completion. Challenges include tasks like completing a certain number of games or specific game sessions, playing specific types of games, using a certain type of agent or weapon, or anything else the game makers deem challenging for their players. In Yoru’s Episode 2, you can see these in-game challenges by clicking on the rightmost icon at the very bottom of the screen. These challenges are updated every day and are autogenerated based on Riot‘s internal criteria for what they believe will be engaging for their players. They reward experience which counts towards various agent/Vandal skin variations according to the Battle Pass, as the in-game challenges require act passes to unlock. The experience received at the completion of these missions helps you along that path. The game developers themselves at Riot decide when in-game challenges will be offered, but these are the most efficient ways to get free in-game Valorant skins.

Are There Any Risks in Getting Free Skins in Valorant?

If the free Valorant skins are collected illegally or by questionable third-party services, there is a risk of them harming the player or user’s game or device. These are legitimate concerns that you should always be on the lookout for.

Check sources of rarity or accounts that claim they can provide free Valorant pay real money skins, battle passes, or codes. If these requests do not lead back to the official Valorant or Riot Games sites but instead try to lead you to another unidentified site or require you to sign up for something, have you download an attachment, make you do a survey, or request personal information such as asking you for a login user name and password, they are most likely attempting a phishing scam. Proceed at your own risk as by clicking them, you could potentially end up granting hackers access of your device, risking unwanted intrusion into your privacy.


Playing Valorant with these known methods of getting free skins in mind can make upgrades to your account come sooner. With the tactical gameplay that requires considering other opportunities to improve gameplay for a successful match, associating playing matches with the real world idea of earning for future rewards can be useful.

Following each method is the best way to gain items for free, but Riot Games has been known for abundant offerings, so if after checking none of the above methods apply to you, you might still get your account upgraded. Utilize your daily goals to form a part of your daily routine. Set easy-to-achieve goals in Round and Spitfire to get a guaranteed Skin every day. Avail the opportunity to participate in daily quizzes. Spot the 3 differences and earn points to join the Lucky Draw and get Skins by participating in daily quizzes.

Free Valorant skins will not impact your performance or give you an edge against other players. The game is free-to-win, and cosmetic items never give players an advantage, only a cool appearance in-game. Utilizing the most popular methods to get free skins like watching streams or playing the game more than once a week will give players a better chance to receive a item on their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get free skins in Valorant using codes?

Yes, you can get free skins in Valorant by using codes. These codes are often given out by the developers or through promotions and giveaways. Keep an eye out on official Valorant social media accounts for any announcements regarding free skin codes.

Do I need to spend money to get free skins in Valorant?

No, you do not need to spend any money to get free skins in Valorant. There are various methods to obtain free skins such as completing challenges, participating in events, and redeeming codes.

Are there any limitations to getting free skins in Valorant?

There are no specific limitations to getting free skins in Valorant, however, some methods may require you to have a certain level or rank in the game. Additionally, free skin codes may have an expiration date so make sure to use them before they expire.

Can I get free skins in Valorant by playing the game?

Yes, you can get free skins in Valorant by playing and progressing in the game. Completing certain challenges, reaching certain levels, and participating in events can reward you with free skins as you play.

Do I need to use external websites to get free skins in Valorant?

No, you do not need to use any external websites to get free skins in Valorant. The official Valorant website or social media accounts will provide you with all the necessary information and steps to obtain free skins.

Are there any risks involved in getting free skins in Valorant?

There are no known risks involved in getting free skins in Valorant. However, it is always important to be cautious and make sure you are obtaining the skins through official means to avoid any potential scams or security issues.

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