Unlock the Secret: How to Add Friends in Valorant Without Using a Tagline?

Have you ever wondered how to connect with your friends in the popular game Valorant?

We will explore the ins and outs of the Friends List feature in Valorant, how to access it, and most importantly, how to add friends without a tagline.

Whether you prefer using the in-game friends list or the Riot Games website, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the benefits of adding friends in Valorant and some alternative methods to stay connected with your gaming buddies.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games and released in 2020 for Microsoft Windows. The game allows for up to 5 players per team (CT/DEF or T/ATT) and features a setup similar to CS:GO that includes the purchase of weapons, shields, and abilities at the start of each round. Valorant matches last 25 rounds, with the first team to win 13 being declared the victors.

It is free to play with the option of microtransations. Radiant is the highest Rank in Valorant. The oldest seasons did not have player caps, while more recent versions have monthly caps. At high skill levels, Radiant is granted to the top 500 players in a region. Smurfs are players with high skill levels who purposely remain at a low ranking. The controversial topic is discussed frequently in Valorant news. Violators directed to escalate complaints to Riot if they suspect someone of rank abuse.

What is the Friends List in Valorant?

The friends list in Valorant allows you to chat with and track the progress of friends, create or join parties for playing matches together, add or find friends, and access and check your friends’ profiles. The friends list is an account-level, large text button which is easy to notice and interact with at the main user interface.

How to Access the Friends List?

Accessing the friends list menu seems to be a simple task that has concerns. But there isn’t a friends list separately available in the game. Users must bring up the social menu and then use the Find Friends button to add or delete friends to their personal list. Laying out access to friends in this way may cause some unnecessary steps to be taken for users. Shortcut links are not provided in the game to quickly bring up the friends list. You must navigate through multiple screens to reach it.

How to Add Friends in Valorant?

To add friends in Valorant, launch the game as usual, log in if it is required, then…

  1. Click your level at the bottom of the client or navigate to your friends list by clicking the grades icon in the bottom-right corner of the client above the gear icon.
  2. A slide-out will appear from the left side, and select the ‘Add Friend’ button in the bottom left.
  3. Type in the RiotID of the friend you want to add, including the hashtag and 4 digits, into the popup that appears.
  4. Click ‘Send Friend Request’, and your friend should see a request on the same popup. They then just need to accept the request to be friends on Valorant.

There is no need to search for a Riot ID in Valorant. If a Riot ID is wrong, it will give you an error message only. You can find the Riot ID of someone who you would like to add to your friends list through the Riot Games account website.

To view or find your Riot ID, follow these steps on the Riot Games account website.

  1. Log into your Riot Games account at secure.riotgames.com.
  2. Select the ‘PERSONAL INFO’ button at the top of the page.
  3. Under the ‘My Account’ section, look for RIOT ID. This is the name and 4-digit number most people will need to add you.

If you haven’t created a Riot ID or are unhappy with your current one, you can change it once every 30 days for free according to Riot Games. Here’s how you can change your Riot ID:

  1. Log in to your Riot account on riotgames.com.
  2. Under the RIOT ID SETTINGS section, select Update Your Riot ID.
  3. Enter your current Riot ID along with its 4 digit number, then create a new name and 4 digit number, and hit Submit to change it.

Using the In-Game Friends List

You can add friends in Valorant using the game’s in-game friends list. Click on the top right portion of the home screen and search for the player you want to add in the textbox at the top of the Invite Friends section. Then add them as a friend simply by clicking on their name after the search results populate.

The friends list is a common place in every game where users can store player information to easily access them and set up games. If you find a player you like gaming with, you can add them as a friend, so they appear at the top of your friends list for easy access rather than re-searching within the game’s player lists. If a friend is too good to pass up on in terms of being easy to connect with, one good use for this easy-access Friends List is stocking it up with players who are friendly and fun to play with.

Using the Riot Games Website

You can add friends in Valorant using the Riot Games website by signing in to your Riot account, and then selecting View friends, searching for your friend by their Riot ID, and sending a friend request. You must know your friend’s full Valorant Riot ID to add them. You can also do this latter step from within Valorant if you know your friends’ Riot ID without having to navigate to the Riot Games website.

Given below are the detailed steps on how you can add friends in Valorant via the Riot Games website-

  1. Enter your Riot account information (email/username and password) on the homepage of the Riot Games website and hit Sign In.
  2. Select from the drop-down menu on the upper right of the website to open the user settings.
  3. From the user settings select View Friends.
  4. Select Add a friend.
  5. Enter both the Username of your friend and their 4-digit # of the same name in the dialogue and add a personal message (optional).
  6. Select Send.

If you add a Valorant friend on the Riot Games website, you can accept their friendship invitation in Valorant without logging into your Riot account. They will appear on your Valorant friends list as soon as you have sent the invite. All they have to do is navigate to their Valorant friend’s list and accept your friend invite!

What is a Tagline in Valorant?

A tagline in Valorant is equivalent to any other game, brand, or product slogan. A valid definition of a tagline is “A tagline is a catchy quip that embodies a company’s mission or the appeal of a brand, product or service.” Taglines encapsulate the essence of a company or service into an easily digestible and memorable phrase. Brands that appeal to a wide global audience, e.g., smartphones or consumer gaming and Excel marketing, generally have taglines. Apple’s Think Different is as much a tagline as is Microsoft’s Your Potential, Our Passion.

Within movies and television, taglines might be the only publicly released artifact associated with a production. For example, ‘Don’t Get Married’. was a tagline The Expendables 2 production team promoted in all its promotional material because it was likely close to the only memorable piece of dialog from that movie that received even lukewarm public praise.

Taglines in Valorant are the introductory phrases that follow the title at the start of posts by the official Valorant accounts or individual representatives of the brand. There do not appear to be any taglines specific to friends in Valorant.

Why is a Tagline Required to Add Friends?

A tagline is required to add friends in Valorant to avoid duplicate usernames. The tagline heightens status for a unique username as it is assumed by Riot Games that duplicate usernames without a tagline are the real person behind it, while the same name with different taglines is not.

For instance, I’ve always been aware of another guy out there in the world who has the same first and last name as me with only our middle initials being different. I am also associated entirely differently, beings that I am not an English football billionaire. Taglines are added by Riot to distinguish the different people who have the same name implemented by handle changes. This lack of uniqueness for duplicate usernames has led to Riot to enforce tag requirement as per their April 1, 2021, update.

Adding your game logo to your tagline can also fly your Fan Colors on the right side of your username besides contributing to your unique differentiated tag.

Is it Possible to Add Friends in Valorant Without a Tagline?

Yes it is possible to add friends in Valorant without a tagline, but it is NOT possible to add friends in Valorant without a riot tag. Although the official Channels to add friends in Riot games have the term ‘tagline’ in them, they actually refer specifically to the Riot ID username. This means you need a Riot ID username in order to successfully enter a friend request, regardless if that user has modified their Riot ID to be displayed instead of the username tag. Having the Riot tag and a Riot ID username can be confusing but Riot Games states that the Riot tag is not a replacement username but part of the username.

If you have neither a tagline nor a Riot ID username, this is a bug and the system is temporarily unable to retrieve the data you need to send a friend request, so you will need to restart VALORANT, update the game, or find a solution on the Valorant bug reports page for this issue.

Using the In-Game Friends List

Once you have made a Riot account, log into it on Valorant. You will automatically have access to your Riot Games friends list, where you have the ability to add new friends. If you played another game on the Riot platform before, you may already have friends on the Riot Friends list.

To access the Valorant Friends list, click on the notification icon at the bottom right of the screen. Click on the Add friends button. Copy your intended friend’s Riot ID and tag to the boxes that will pop up. If you are looking for a friend to play with but don’t have anyone in particular in mind, you can narrow down potential players using the People You May Know and Find a Player search functions of this Friends list.

People you May Know will give you a list of people already added to your friends list using the Riot ID and Valorant tagname. Find a Player enables search even if you do not know the email associated with the Riot or Valorant account.

To add friends to your in-game friends list, SharpenYou has a video at youtu.be/BPHrFla8pJQ which provides a concise guide to add and remove players to your friends list.

Using the Riot Games Website

The Valorant team at Riot Games has implemented a friends list system on its parent website. Agents that have been friendly on a forum or have coordinated during a different game may look to build their friendship in Valorant. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add friends in Valorant on the Riot Games website.

  1. Navigate to https://playvalorant.com/ inside your web browser.
  2. Make sure you have an account with Riot Games. If you don’t have an account, you can create one quickly.
  3. Click the Account Option (symbolized by a human outline and three vertical lines) located in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select the Friends Setting. This should direct you to your friends list located on the Riot Games Website. From there, you can see if any of your friends play Valorant.

Another way to do it is by matching usernames and going to your profile to look for players you’ve played with or against in the past once the match is over. For detailed steps on this, see Using the In-Game Add Friends Feature.

Adding friends on the Riot Games website is an easy way to check if any of your broader social network of gamers happen to play Valorant.

Note: Is there another way to add friends in Valorant that is missing? Let us know by using the form at the bottom of the page.

What are Some Alternatives to Adding Friends Without a Tagline?

  1. Send a Friend Request: The best alternative. Describe what is needed to send a friend request.
  2. Send a DM: Direct messaging with the intention of requesting a friend addition is available on Discord in addition to in-game systems.
  3. Adding friends in Valorant with HypeSquad connections: Reconnect with old acquaintances on LinkedIn such as coworkers and classmates. Chatting during gaming sessions lets you catch up and make a plan for gaming together.
  4. Find a group on social media: Similar to communities built on Discord, Reddit, and Facebook, users can leverage tools like MeetUp to find actual local groups with shared interests. You could even create an online gaming group and broadcast meetings for this audience.
  5. Post in local venues: In real life, you could post in local cafes and community centers with an advertisement for people to enjoy the sport in your area. This results in a local or locally surrounding friend group.

Joining a Discord Server

Discord is a free communication platform that is easy to get into and provides a plethora of methods for socially interacting with other members. While you can get into multi-game servers that may have subchannels for finding Valorant players, a quick search to Valorant-focused servers using the browse for servers feature usually yields a good amount of possibilities.

Those may include getting into pickup groups for games when wanting to make new Valorant friends, joining more competitive structures that may also have instruction, and everything in between.

One of the most popular Valorant discords to find players is the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Valorant PUGs server, located here. Use the invite link to join and chat and onboarding information will tell you how to get started.

Adding Friends Through Social Media

Adding friends to Valorant through social media involves the use of usernames, which includes the so-called game usernames. These accounts do not have the authorization to post any pictures or text, serve as a connection to existing friends, simply communicate for the purpose of game-related banter, or to find new game-related friends. Any site or app that allows users to customize profiles can potentially allow for the feature to post one’s Valorant name.

Screenshots that the friends send to each other from within the game can allow the other player to directly view one’s name and add a friend on Valorant. This is helpful if the other player is in the same room, house or is easily reachable. Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are strong choices for posting about playing Valorant or posting about being in search of friends to play with. This includes through farewells online when leaving a friend group, as someone may respond in friendliness and desire to play or to prevent the loss of a friend in their network. Other social platforms available for direct and consistent connection between people include TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and beyond.

Some strongly consider that online anonymity is the future. Some gamers and Valorant players prefer social media allowing for permanent connections to be made and maintained. Social media allows for awareness broadcasts to a large network of acquaintances or unknown potential friends which direct contacts about adding on Valorant won’t offer. There are now emerging social media sites that are included within metaverses, so that live presence can be felt in social media as if it were a personal visit to a friend’s home, but without needing to be in the same physical vicinity.

What are the Benefits of Adding Friends in Valorant?

The benefits of adding friends in Valorant are improved communication for Mic-Plug enjoyment and a productive team, the facilitation of friendly competitions, the ability to track progress as a team, and the recruitment of skilled teammates.

Adding friends and communicating with each through regular chat or voice call may make playing Valorant more enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your team. It provides a smooth channel to exchange tactical information. A live voice makes communication more efficient and enjoyable than typing and helps with organization and communication within the group.

If you have other friends who play Valorant, adding them and forming a team with them can be fun. Regularly playing as a team and organizing matches between friends may turn out to be fun mini-competitions. Adding friends and forming a team can help you track progress from the start you started playing Valorant together. This builds a guild or clan page that not only helps track and promote progress but also acts as motivation for community development and recruitment of new skilled players.

Playing Together in Matches

The first way users can add friends to Valorant is by either inviting users they have enjoyed teaming with to groups in order to play more matches together or simply selecting the Add Friend button under their name in the chat bar after an impressive match. The first option, when paired with building rapport out of match, is more likely to result in someone accepting another user’s friend request in the longer-term when both players are not online and playing.

For the second option, using the chat option to request friendship following a match is a common practice and is not considered impolite. What helps in building a friendship is you contribute to the team’s tactics during the game. You can pair your Valorant account with your existing Riot account in the launcher settings to send friend requests on Valorant from your existing Riot social circles.

For the second option, using the chat option to request friendship following a match is a common practice and sometimes essential for clan activity after playing with users who are not already members of your clan. Make sure to include a brief commendation of how enjoyable you found playing with that user, including how much you enjoyed their assistance or in-game chat. Users can start finding a teammate from the following agent moment based on their own agent preference and gameplay style.

Creating a Sense of Community

Feeling as if they belong to a community motivates people to play Valorant more often. To create a sense of community camaraderie, a player can add friends to interact on regular platforms other than on the actual game, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Communication can take on a new outlook. Instead of coordinating strategies or bonding over challenging opponents, real-life issues may be brought to the forefront. In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, the US in 2016, friend lists on gaming apps became a digital memorial as people struggling with the tragic event were comforted by building in-game communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add friends in Valorant without a tagline?

In order to add friends in Valorant without a tagline, you can use their Riot ID or in-game name. Simply go to the ‘Social’ tab and click on ‘Add Friends’. From there, you can enter the Riot ID or in-game name of the person you want to add and send a friend request.

Can I add friends in Valorant without using a tagline?

Yes, you can add friends in Valorant without using a tagline. As mentioned before, you can use the person’s Riot ID or in-game name to add them as a friend. This is a great alternative for those who do not have a tagline or do not want to share it.

What is a tagline in Valorant?

A tagline in Valorant is a unique identifier used to add friends and communicate with them in-game. It is a combination of a player’s Riot ID and a hashtag, which is automatically generated by the game. It is not required to add friends, but it can make it easier to find specific players.

How can I find my friend’s Riot ID in Valorant?

If you know your friend’s in-game name, you can easily find their Riot ID by going to the ‘Social’ tab and clicking on ‘Add Friends’. From there, you can search for their in-game name and their Riot ID will appear next to it. You can also ask them directly for their Riot ID.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can add in Valorant?

As of now, there is no limit to how many friends you can add in Valorant. You can have a large friend list and continue to add new friends without any restrictions. However, you may experience some technical issues if you have a very large friend list, so it is recommended to keep it at a manageable size.

Can I still communicate with friends in Valorant if I don’t have a tagline?

Yes, you can still communicate with friends in Valorant even if you don’t have a tagline. You can use the in-game chat or voice chat to communicate with them, or you can also use external communication platforms such as Discord. The tagline is not necessary for communication, but it can make it easier to add and find friends in the game.

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