A Complete Guide: How to Open a Night Market in Valorant?

Have you ever wondered what a Night Market in Valorant is and how you can unlock it?

We will explore the steps to open the Night Market, the benefits of doing so, and the requirements you need to meet.

Learn how to choose the best offers, what to do if you don’t like your offers, and how to make the most out of your Night Market opportunities.

If you’re curious about maximizing your Valorant experience, keep reading!

What is a Night Market in Valorant?

A Night Market in Valorant is a special marketplace that opens for only a few days every two weeks, displaying 12 different items that change with each opening. Extensive experimentation by the community and analysis of what happens when the Night Market opens by the Valorant Fandom wiki has shown that Radiante Points (RP) discounts of up to 88% are theoretically possible, although in practice these discounts are mostly in the 0-30% range. Users are unable to view and wait for new skins in Night Market by logging in and verifying every two weeks, but must wait after the last rolling period to see what offers are available at the next opening.

Night Market availability is linked to weekly missions. After the user completes almost all of the weekly missions, a special Night Market mission will be announced to that user that requires them to win games in Spike Rush, Deathmatch, or Competitive mode. The mission has the same name as the respective event and is titled Deathmatch Agent, Spike Rush Agent or Competitive Agent. Once the user finalizes the special Night Market mission, the Night Market will be added to their account, to be opened later on the context of VCT. No one except Riot knows the internal algorithm they use to determine the required training and success level to release the Night Market, but the widely accepted view in the community is that about 3 weeks of constant playing is the norm to get the Night Market missions.

How to Unlock the Night Market?

The current method to unlock the Night Market is not known because official methods have not been announced. Initially, the Night Market was set up so that players automatically received six exclusive and randomly selected daily store offers. By November 2021, the Night Market was only available for set periods over the course of the year, usually at major holidays. At such times a red dot appeared in the store tab which opened the Night Market to show unique personal discounts to after it opened to show what individualized exclusive sales it had for players.

Although Riot Games has not announced how players receive Night Market access as of the time the project was first announced in December 2020, players could generate their own Night Markets. Rioter Rory at that time gave the following very complex formula for how Night Market access was determined including multipliers for accounts in good standing, battle pass level, daily average hours played, historic game engagement, variable calculations for game size, availability in primary regions outside of the original 7 regions the expansion team supports, utilizing existing kits, or contracts like the flashpoint partnership according to them waiting just a little bit longer hoping that you get a Night Market is okay:

Nowadays, players can buy an Episode Pass and the Night Market section in the store will open, at least for the first two times a player purchases an episode pass, giving players everywhere their proper Night Market rather than going through the complicated calculations earlier described.

Complete Contracts

Night Market is opened and operational in Valorant by performing a set of actions within the Agents page. The first step to opening the Night Market is checking whether the Contracts have been completed. Contracts are hashtagged events that occur roughly every two months and provide new agents, skins, and other rewards for players. After a contract has been completed by earning an agent via an event pass, three free agent contracts, or winning 15 backfilled matches, Yoru’s Episode 2 contract provides enough RP at a low cost to activate the Night Market.

Play Matches

After the initial Opening Night Market purchase, enter as many matches as possible to generate Radiante. Every match played will generate Radiante, with key bonuses provided as follows:

  • A match victory gives +400 Radiante
  • First Win of the Day gives 200 Radiante in Episode
  • Other match win bonuses give 200 Radiante in Episode as well
  • Regional bonuses based on winning the maximum number of matches weekly give up to 400 Radiante in Episode, as well as 20, 60, and 120 Radiante per week in Episode for different regions
  • Agent and weapon contracts give incremental rewards of Radiante across different match numbers

Purchase from the Store

You can also open the Night market simply by opening the Store button in Valorant’s main menu. Tap on the Night Market icon which is located on the top right corner of the Store. Tap to see the collection for each of the six slots. In my case, the store offers one or two tries daily to reroll and get popular and frequently rotated rates. Not all users have the Night Market yet based on their geo-region, so you should always try the two other methods first and leave the store as a secondary troubleshooting step if your night market is not opening, even though for the grand majority it should work.

What Are the Benefits of Opening the Night Market?

The benefits of opening the Night Market in Valorant include these 11 highly favorable outcomes for the players, as itemized by Flashpoint-in-Gold throughout their Twitter feed. Varying viewpoints from the community and the general trading public validate them as follows.

  1. Trade Legacys or Rookies – Christmas brings old things that shall never gain new reputation (legacy) and new things that shall obtain old reputation (vintage). The Night Market can provide an opportunity for players to secure as many old, previously unselectable skins as Rook McCool222 from the trading Discord does. There may be Modern Innovations that deserved the Christmas look, a perfect intermediary pairing as we await news of the new rub of Icebox. Night Skins offer entrance to collectible players by enabling them to acquire previous items at full price.
  2. Get Limited Skins When You Are Asleep – It has been a long day and you simply don’t want to have to wait until the next time to track these new designs or collectors to be able to emblazon their collections with those that will, for real world monetary or in-game valuations, are scarce.

Exclusive Skins

Offer players exclusive skins. Historically, Night Market deals are a player’s only opportunity to buy exclusive skins. While some skins from past Night Markets, such as Prime 2.0 skins and Prism skins, have subsequently been made available in other slots (e.g. through a Challenge or direct purchase), these initial deals via Night Market were player-exclusive for up to six months.

Night Market deals should be a player’s only opportunity to buy exclusive skins for at least six months. Night Market skins should also be unique and distinct, instead of being a modified version of another existing skin. Price legendary skins that catch the eye in the range of 2,000-2,400 Valorant Points or around $17-20 to persuade players to purchase them.

Recommendation for Riot: Riot should incentivize players to spend RPoints (Riot Points) on marketing promotions by introducing different tier styles. If a player does not have enough RPoints for that Night Market purchase, it might stimulate you to purchase RPoints so that they can buy it. A well-received promotion could include a 20% discount for Prime 2.0 or Prism skins for a limited time if a player does not have enough RPoints to afford your Night Market promotion.

Discounted Prices

Discounted prices are mandatory after the first and second round of the open nights in Valorant. I am sure that during previous discussions they would have accepted that they will have dinner with him at least three times per week. Grandpa!

Scrooge was angry that the spirits were trying to convince him. Grandpa walked through the city, took a seat in a coffee shop, and thought about the spirits’ messages. “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is a great example of touching narratives, new ideas, and convincing arguments made by the author.

Limited Time Offers

Publicize and promote limited-time offers for your Valorant night market in this way. When you launch your night market, give one or two days of extra discounts to high priority clients and have them tell people to buy your skins during that time to get the discount. This then creates an incentive to spread the word and a sense of urgency to attract buyers. You can then repeat the process throughout the week.

What Are the Requirements to Open the Night Market?

The requirements to open the Night Market in Valorant are as follows per Riot games:

  1. You must be level 5 or higher in Valorant.
  2. You must have at least 5,000 VP.
  3. You can have only up to 2 unopened nightly event slots existing in your inventory.
  4. You must willingly turn on the reward visibility button in the Night Market to display the nightly event for other participants.
  5. You must click the unlock for purchase option in the item view to purchase the offer before the nightly event ends.
  6. A daily Night Market operates from Noon to 5 PM PT.

You can find out which nightly event will be available for you prior to purchasing the offer by previewing the Night Market. The day’s deal is open from 6 PM to 12 AM PT. Night Market nightly event prices will not change over time.

Account Level

You open Night Market in Valorant by leveling your account up. Each time you level up your account by getting enough experience, the progress bar will display the reward you get for reaching the next level. When Night Market becomes available, you will see it displayed along with the other rewards. From that point on, when you launch the game and go to the home screen, your Night Market tab should be visible!

Available Contracts

Players can upgrade the Night Market by spending Radiante Points (RP) on the available contracts any of the agents will offer them. radiante.gg explains that to acquire Radiant Points, players must use real money to purchase Valorant Points (VP) which can further purchase RPs. Contracts provide missions in which players can upgrade the Night Market of Valorant. As an example, a player can receive a contract from Omen requiring them to blind enemies after teleporting, thus earning six kills inside of smoke during the game. Upon completing this contract, players are awarded 6,000 Radiante Points that can be used to improve the Night Market shop in gaining a new contract.

How to Choose the Best Offers in the Night Market?

You should choose the best offers in the Night Market by focusing on offers that are rare and have small price reductions.

Rare Guns – Focus more on rights and base skins as they are usually more expensive. Small price – Select cheaper guns as you should be looking to implement a wide range of skins in multiple classes of weapons. These weapons are infrequently chosen and will be harder for opponents to counter as they will not be as aware of the distinctive skin pattern as they are of a frequently seen skin.

Prioritize Skins for Main Agents

When opening the night market in Valorant, you should consider prioritizing skins for the main agents. If one of your main agents has a skin on offer in the night market, this is a good indicator that other discounts in the night market will be enticing and compelling for you to purchase. This is because if the only good skin present is the agent of choice for a user, the discounted price is likely a more tempting deal.

The point of the night market from a business perspective is to use the sight of a discount and a limited-time offer to compel transactions. It aims to use the scarcity and tension created by a time limit to create urgency and increase the likelihood that users will procure more Valorant points and purchase items. If the item of choice is one of the user’s main agents, the offer becomes even more tempting. Ideally, every user will have a different main agent along with different favorite TAC maps or finishing poses. That makes getting everything they use to be purchased at the night market a great discount opportunity.

Consider Weapon Skins with High Usage

Some Valorant Weapon Skins will be worth more or less than their cost in Radianite Points for several reasons. A highly popular weapon skin with a high usage percentage across a wide range of valorant players can potentially be flip profitable. In this section, we are going to teach you how to analyze weapon options by exploring Tier Lists, Gun Buddy Usage statistics, and visual search options with Sortval.com.

Sortval.com ranked Sovereign and Avalanche as the top two gun buddies for Vandal and Phantom respectively. Using those two buddies as examples, here is a tier list to show the popularity of those two skins. We have sorted weapons according to their popularity among the community. This table shows a broad range of community usage statistics for different weapon categories. Models are the largest contributor to weapon selection in valorant, with rifles collectively weighing in as the most popular weapon type. And of those, the Vandal, Phantom, and Sheriff are used the most. In the weapon type category that affects weapon selection second most, rifles individually are the most popular. The roles of agents have an important impact on weapon selection.

Look for Discounts on Expensive Skins

The market frequently has discounts on expensive gun skins so it is worth browsing frequently if you are looking for a particular skin. You can get an idea of what the average skin costs by browsing several listings for the skin. If the skin is showing as above average price during your window shopping, then it is best to wait for a discount period to buy the skin. If you are in a hurry, there are sites such as g-portal.com that offer a gun buddy used by Prodigy playing CS: GO for 175 VP.

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Night Market Offers?

If you do not like the Night Market offers, wait until the days reset and improve your chances of having a new selection with different offers from night market contents. If you do not like the new selection either, and the price is too high to risk purchasing a bundle with random discounts, do not buy anything from the night market and wait until the next opportunities.

It is always wiser to wait until you are sure that you have exhausted your chances to get a selection you approve of. The chance of getting closer to interested Night Market features will be higher if the night market is available in the numerous night markets than on the chance 14th day of a new bundle of contents. The more future different daily rewards you accumulate, the higher your chances of winning your desired DPI.

Wait for the Next Rotation

The easiest way to open Night Market in Valorant is to wait for the next agent rotation. Not because you have missed your chance to get the desired agent, but because you will get a new chance to unlock the Night Market and potentially receive the skin or bundle you want.

Players who did not get the Night Market as part of the previous agent cycle, due to finishing too high in their rank games or not playing enough at all, should expect to be eligible getting the feature again for a future cycle. As for agents, KAY/O, or as players are expecting him to be called Agent 16, launched in mid-June. So, keep an eye on hints and bits of usage related to when an expected major update comes.

Purchase from the Store Instead

If you do not want to try your luck or wait for the contract to provide access to Night Market in Valorant, you can pay directly for the skin you want. Skins in the Night Market can be purchased from the Store under the ‘Prime Gaming’ tab if they are available there for purchase outside of the Night Market. Click the Night Market icon or go to Collections > Store/Micro-transaction option. There you can locate the skin and press the represented vein to be taken to the payment gateway. Pricing varies based on region, but here is an idea of the range at which the agent skins are being sold for in the US.

  • Full price: $15.00
  • Radianite Upgrade: $12.50
  • Oni Fan: $21.00
  • Complete Set with Oni Crosshair, Card, Spray, and Gunbuddy: $71.00

Try Your Luck with Radianite Points

Radianite Points are cosmetic in-game items that can be used to upgrade some parts of weapons, agents, or environmental assets in Valorant. The cost to unlock the Night Market is 2324 RP.

If a player has not spent any Radiniate Points, this likely will not get close to the number required. Where you might get some free RP, by earning Battle Passes via playing Valorant, this is a time-consuming endeavor and will not be close to the 2324 points required for opening RNG’s Night Market.

Key Points on Radianite Points and RNG’s Night Market

  • Pricing and Offering: Valorant offers a small number of free Radianite Points during the regular gaming activities and you will eventually have enough points (2324 required) to unlock the Night Market if you save them.
  • Opening Time: The time it takes to open the Night Market from zero Locker Radianite points
  • What is the Best Way to Get Radianite Points?: Purchasing avenue or premium Battle Passes to get you to those five Tier levels as quickly as possible to buy radianite points.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Night Market Offers?

Make the most out of your Night Market offers by looking at them as an opportunity to purchase Radiante items at a discount Instead of a means to find a scale of daily deals. Offers at the Night Market don’t always provide the ideal price reduction. If you keep that in mind, you won’t be let down by the items you see. Offers start at an eight-month sales history, so make sure to purchase before they expire.

Plan Ahead and Save Up

Night Market in Valorant is a bi-monthly limited time version of the in-game shop. To participate in the event, you need to buy the in-game Night Market Bundle. According to the Avgusta and VISUP versions of Valorant Agent video by Whatever Entered My Mind (WEMM), the Night Market price ranges from 5 to 50 Radiant Points with 50 Radiant being the most common price. Here is a look at the Night Market system when it was first released:

  • 1 Radiant Point = $1 (99.99 RP for $100)
  • 50 Radiant Points = $50 to $99.99 depending on the initial amount purchased
  • A Night Market with an average Radiant cost of 5 will cost around $25, whereas at 50 Radiants, the cost is roughly $250
  • This is equal to 5 to 50 USD in real money and can be sourced to the in-game currency or the Valorant point system. You earn Radiant Points by completing weekly and daily challenges and during Episodes you will up to 50 Radiant Points for each of them (once per week) and after completing the 10 and 20 mission tiers on the Battle Pass.

If Radiant purchases are not feasible, 70 Valorant Points translate to $1. Spend time completing missions in order to earn the Valorant Points that allow for a Night Market Bundle purchase. As an example: if a player has a maxed BP (as happened in Valorant’s Episode 3 Act 2 in 2021) then from week mission rewards alone you will earn 60 Radiants * 10 points = 600 points, which equates to 8.57 USD or the approximate cost of a 5 Radiant point night market.

If you do not have enough Valorant points, the only way to get new ones is to purchase them from Riot. However, Valorant Night Market not working issues have been recently rampant. It is best to wait until Riot fixes the issue rather than spending additional money.

Check for Limited Time Offers

Riot rarely creates a hype around weapon skin bundles, but when they do it is best to be prepared. Many different factors can play into deciding what sales may appear next, but historical data offers some grounding. Especially if you know your currency will save you more than what it will cost after the offered gunskins are discounted, make it an automatic procedure to check roommates’ app or the official patch notes page at the time of the drop.

Experiment with Different Skins

Lastly, in the pursuit of improving visualization of Night Market for strategic purposes try experimenting with equipping different skins, gun buddies, and sprays. They can impact the user interface, change visibility, and improve strategic awareness unintentionally or otherwise.

Examples are the very bright, floating So Cute! gun buddy, or non-lethal weapons like the Snowball to minimize distractions. Currently, few skins are sufficiently consistent to be integral elements of a strategy at a professional level. However, they do alter aesthetic and thus psychological perception components of a map. As the evening light makes stage B of the Night Market’s hidden artwork uncover, having a more distinctive skin on your weapon can denote greater visibility to the enemy.

Try using different skins and examining how they affect the game experience of both you and your fellow team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Night Market in Valorant? To access the Night Market in Valorant, you must first complete all of your placement matches in competitive mode. After completing your placements, the Night Market will appear in the main menu of the game.

What is the Night Market in Valorant? The Night Market is a special in-game feature in Valorant that offers players discounted prices on selected skins and cosmetics for a limited time. It is only available a few times a year and is highly anticipated by players.

How long does the Night Market last in Valorant? The Night Market in Valorant usually lasts for around two weeks, but the exact duration may vary each time it appears. It is important to check the end date in the Night Market tab to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals.

Can I choose which skins I want to see in the Night Market? Unfortunately, no. The skins and cosmetics offered in the Night Market are randomly selected by the game, and you cannot choose which ones will appear. However, you can refresh the Night Market once per day if you are not satisfied with the selection.

Is the Night Market available on all platforms? Yes, the Night Market is available on all platforms that support Valorant, including PC and consoles. However, the skins and cosmetics available may differ between platforms.

How often does the Night Market appear in Valorant? The Night Market usually appears a few times a year, but there is no set schedule for its occurrence. Keep an eye out for announcements from the game developers or check the Night Market tab in the game to see if it is available.

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