Mastering Valorant Names: How to Add Symbols for Ultimate Personalization

Are you looking to add a unique touch to your Valorant name? Symbols are a great way to personalize your in-game identity and stand out from the crowd.

We discuss the different types of symbols available, how to add them to your Valorant name, any restrictions to be aware of, and the benefits of using symbols.

Get tips on choosing the right symbol that reflects your playstyle and personality. Enhance your Valorant experience with symbols!

What Are Symbols in Valorant Names?

Symbols in Valorant names are the incorporation of any character that is not a letter or a number to create a more unique identity. For example, the category that Unicode script falls into which includes hundreds of various smiley faces, astrological symbols, arcane characters, zodiac signs, maps, and directions.

The set of all symbols contains various types of emojis including the three taunting face emojis which are available under U+1F925, 🤨 Face with raised eyebrow or Face with One Eyebrow Raised, U+1F928, 🤨🤨 Lying Face or Face with One Eyebrow Raised and Mouth Pulled to One Side, and U+1F92 Zany Face.

The set of all symbols contains an infinity of possibilities. This makes every Valorant name that incorporates Unicode symbols entirely unique.

What Are the Different Types of Symbols Available?

The following are some different types of symbols available in Valorant names:

  1. ASCII Art: Special characters that form images on grid-based displays when posted or used in names. They can create popular images, memes, flags, and a variety of other displays.
  2. Chess characters: These give you the possibility to use the unique designs of chess pieces as your symbol.
  3. Rich Text: Use of a ‘ ‘,
    ” (both discarding the option for readability), or `🅰` to add a variety of possible rich text options into a name.
  4. Unit Conversions: A way of adding basic Unicode symbols to a name while trying to conceal that these are symbols. The fullness of a unit converted into those symbols will be displayed unless the user’s device cannot recognize them properly. This will generally still create a visually unique name that will be perennially useful.

How to Add Symbols to Your Valorant Name?

You can add symbols to your Valorant name by using the unicode symbols sources in this help article. Click your name in the top right corner, then the Riot ID, click the pen symbol, add any unicode value TLDR is another word for “quick answer”.

You can either type any of these unicode points or copy-paste them for your symbols in Valorant namely. Remember that you might have to use your browser or computer’s character map to do so, but it appears it is not required based on the feedback from users who are able to copy-paste the symbols here into Valorant directly.

Step 1: Choose Your Symbol

Choose your symbol according to the needs and desires and of your heart. Finally, Valorant is a game and you should make sure you’re always having fun with it. Do you want an energy-boosting sun symbol, or a mind-energizing female scientist symbol that shows ‘Play with brains… not just guns’? Whatever floats your boat and amplifies your cool message to the world, just go ahead and enjoy the positive feedback. The choice of your symbol is a completely individual preference.

Step 2: Copy the Symbol

Step 2 in adding an in-game symbol to your Valorant name is to copy the symbol for later use. There are three ways to go about this:

  1. Windows Character Map Tool: Press Windows + R, type charmap and press enter. Locate the desired symbol and copy it.
  2. Website with Symbols: Utilize an online website such as or something similar. Copy the desired symbol.
  3. Copy another user’s profile: Simply copy a user who has made the changes you desire and paste them in a tfue app or other empty bio editing space.

Following one of the above three directions, select the symbol that you want to use and right-click on it. Your options will then be to cut, copy, delete, or select all the text. Select copy and the character will be saved to your clipboard.

Step 3: Change Your Name in Valorant

The next step is to change your name in Valorant. After setting a new Valorant username that includes a custom symbol, you will need to wait for it to change on its own. Sometimes this is immediate and other times it may take up to an hour.

To check if your name has changed, press the escape key in Valorant. The new name should have the new custom symbol appear at the top next to your previous name. If the change has not appeared, log out, then exit the game and launch the game again.



Are There Any Restrictions on Using Symbols in Valorant Names?

There are no explicit restrictions on using symbols according to Valorant’s alphabet character set policies. If the player’s country’s own alphabet includes various non-alphanumeric characters, then these should be permitted according to the rules. Use of accents, diacritics, and other forms of altering symbols may be restricted in certain countries by local regulations or customs related to normal written language. These agents don’t have any special symbols on or added to the nameplate feature other than punctuation. If you enter text in the name area, there is a button called “”. If you press that, you can type additional characters that include all symbols on the keyboard. All of these are then supported by Riot Games and displayed on the game screen. Their use of symbols is permitted by Riot Games, and other symbols should be as well. Riot Games places overall allowance of names containing symbols with the following note in valorant rules regarding names. For foreign characters to display properly, you may also need to switch your system’s language to that of the supported character set.

Regarding accounts that use unallowable or improper symbols there are a few potential responses. The first is that such a name may be blocked from usage. Even if this is not automatically the case, there is a chance that >the system may randomly or intentionally block such names later. Players who are successful in setting up an account with unallowable symbols may find that it is at any stage rejected because of these symbols. Changing an account name or requesting a name change is allowable for particular types of improper names according to the valorant code of conduct. Names that contain offensive or inappropriate language are included in this.

Can You Use Any Symbol You Want?

You cannot use any symbol you want, even though there is no documentation on which symbol is and is not allowed. Approximately 2,000 symbols are allowed in a Riot ID, but others, like the quick colon used for smiley faces, are unable to be input. As a general rule, if it loads and saves in the name field, appears unpainted in the name field, and is able to be used with four normal keystrokes or less (not utilizing AltGr or extra symbols) then it should be an approved symbol.

Are There Any Offensive Symbols That Are Not Allowed?

Yes, there are offensive symbols in Valorant and other games, and this is prohibited by Riot Games (the company that created Valorant) as it creates a toxic or unwelcoming environment for the players. Offensive symbols in video games are any symbols which are hateful on a legally protected basis such as race, religion, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Riot Games puts a lot of effort to enforce their policy against hateful conduct in their game. They have a specific team Player Behavior within the support section that is designed to help enforce their policies. These some of the things that they proactively do to support a healthier playing experience. The final result of their actions can sometimes be seen on Twitter as cases such as Mitchell’s Shibui inspired Valorant name of KillsThat’s honorable in Japanese (@anbilderberg3). Always think twice about what your symbol is and don’t post it if in doubt.

What Are the Benefits of Using Symbols in Valorant Names?

The benefits of using symbols in Valorant names include making names unique and adding style using different alphabets. Players use different alphabetical characters to add style to their names, blending western typefaces such as Helvetica with other eastern typefaces. The result is that each name in Valorant becomes unique and sets itself apart from others one way or another.

The use of unicoded typographical symbols in Valorant names can reflect what the player finds funny or styles the fuller version of their name for added uniqueness. This practice allows for additional creativity within the Valorant game. For instance, adding flowers or fruit symbols to a parody of a respected brand name or profession adds a layer of humor to such names and can help change the image of the name.


Personalization is the process of using symbols to personalize your in-game name in Valorant. Names accompanied with symbols are generally more memorable and unique to the player. A symbol or two in front of your name can create a unique brand identity which does not rely on the tag beneath your name. For those who add in clan tags, a symbol may also help their standalone tag look a little more professional and put together.

Stand Out in the Game

Symbols have no in-game impact on Valorant, but they can certainly make your name stand out. Once you add a main tag to your profile, no one will remember you with numbers, emotes, or special characters. People remember you with the photo ID they see when you kill them, so make it a good lasting impression.

Dream, as an example of a streaming profile that individualizes the name in a different form, has a V-shaped ╮( ^ 3^ )╭ emote to represent it on Valorant, as seen in the video screenshot below. He says he does not use his full name, dreamwastaken, in-game to reduce the chances of people knowing where he is on the map. He would once have battle royale opponents call out to him saying, ‘what’s up Dream!’, when he was trying to stay hidden. On Valorant, he uses the nickname Director and his emotes are an extension of his name by being composed of a face with Distorted Mouth and Perfectly Closed Eyes which confuses people as to why they are looking at the emote for so long. He is successful on Twitch by utilizing emotes to represent his name on Valorant.

Fittingly, users should not add names to make their profile searchable since it only provides convenience for the other party and does not improve the information the profile presents to others in the game.

Creativity and Fun

Creativity is the language of fun and is essential for an individual’s enjoyment and relaxation. Initially, the RTP-SIL hastily banned the creative and fun use of symbols in the player’s names in free-to-play online games like Valorant. The reason given back in 2002 was that the display of special characters slowed down Russia’s efforts to control illegal names.

As the internet has changed, despite the same ruling still being in effect, this restriction is difficult to enforce and is not enforced on most global online platforms. In keeping with the creative and fun ethos of the internet, players should use symbols in their Valorant names. These are some creative, fun, and aesthetically appealing Valorant names with symbols. Some go over the top with their creativity, like having a pumpkin and a mouse next to the name of a fighting game. But they are certainly unimaginative.

How to Choose the Right Symbol for Your Valorant Name?

You choose the right symbol for your Valorant name by selecting from the growing yet still manageable number of UTF-8 encoded symbol sets. There are 7392 FeTo Unicode sets and 1436 Emojis4Pro sets as of writing. They can be broken into half a dozen major categories, and then further specialized groupings for categories such as man and woman professions. These produce names with over thirteen thousand unique characters for your use.

Start with the broad category you are interested in and work through websites to find what symbol speaks to you. Broad categories to start with and some examples from Valorant fans include the following broad categories with one unique character each: 1. Asian characters:2. Dingbats:3. Medieval and historic symbols:4. Geometric shapes:5. Greek alphabet:6. White and Asian emoji faces: 🧒

Every set of UTF-8 symbols has a `keyCode` (for normal characters like letters and numbers) or a `surrogate pair` (for out-of-range Unicode symbols like most emoji), and often also has a decimal digit with a leading `U+` (the `hex code`). These three representations can then be translated into the correct format for the apps used to input the name. This is almost always the form of a web-based interface where any non-Latin character is copied from a web browser and pasted in the desired place on the game client. Most Valorant players use apps like Character Map or an online website such as RapidTables to find and copy a symbol which they then paste into their Valorant account name field in the client and save the changes.

Consider Your Playstyle

Valorant players may want to put a symbol in their in-game name to represent their play style. Playstyle refers to the unique ways that players approach video games. For example, some players have an aggressive playstyle and rush the enemy, while others have a defensive playstyle and are more strategic. Elements of playstyle that could be symbolized in a name include a preference for sniping, a desire to initiate rounds by entry fragging, always lurking, or any other aspect of a player’s approach to the game.

The most common part of playstyle that we see represented in names is with the use of smurf accounts. Smurf accounts often technically have a new name with a symbol, but more commonly will have portmanteau names or other forms of name shortening that are unavailable in the user’s primary account.

Think About Your Favorite Agent

According to the game lore, Elena “Clearice” Kang hails from a lineage of combat medics that saved thousands of lives during the First Light conflict. Working under the pseudonym Clearice, she acts both as a combat medic and spy. Clearice’s father intercepted an encrypted mine journal alluding to a hidden location where rumors of a supernaturally powerful crystal can be found and used as a doomsday weapon. Clearice left her father only to witness his death by the enemy faction of the OneLight organization.

From the lore around her character, the agent Clearice in ‘Valorant’ can be a driving force behind an agent wanting to use crystals to have the breastplate. Clearice would represent the mine that led to amassing wealth, victory, power, and supremacy. The Clash Royale Clan system has agent names with symbols such as A≤Θ∞T. This Use of the ‘Valorant’ character’s name as an agent name could symbolize a connection between rapidly rising forces from newly amassed wealth. It is a good idea to search for different cultures, religions, or geometrical shapes in this case for the Valorant name’s symbols.

Use Symbols That Represent Your Personality

Another way to put symbols in your Valorant name is to use symbols that represent your personality. If you are an angry player, consider crafting your name with dice symbols such as a die showing one which means you are one or a hot emoji such as 💢 to symbolize your fury. If you are a peaceful player, perhaps choose to add a blue butterfly (🦋) to convey tranquility in your name.

Pepper the Saltive, a Twitch streamer, and Icarus Factor from the Ukranian National Esports team embrace their fiery sides with these angry usernames. They utilize the 🌶️ hot pepper emoji for a twist on salt providing a spicy effect. Prison of pepper (not shown), a female content creator who rose to fame with a video of a funny peak of herself in her childhood turned into meme content, also shows her anger with the angry HMP signs on her hands.


While Valorant allows you to enter symbols in your username, the game itself does not provide these symbols. This means that one way to put a symbol in your Valorant username is to use the game’s full name entry field to enter a new name from an external app that the places the symbol in the Valorant username.

Popular apps that are installed directly on iOS or Android mobile devices include the Unicode Pad apps that let you select the characters of a huge number of Unicode languages and input them into the clipboard. Richy Unicode saves the special character or alphabet to the clipboard and automatically gives you the option of pasting it in when you switch back to Valorant to update your name. You should choose one that has good reviews and does not contain adware, malware, or spyware.

Once you have installed the app, select the special character on the app, paste it to the clipboard, and then it will be selectable when you edit your Valorant name to include the symbol of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put symbols in my Valorant name?

To put symbols in your Valorant name, you can use a special tool called a Unicode character map. This will allow you to copy and paste symbols into your name in the game.

Can I use any symbol in my Valorant name?

No, there are certain symbols that are not allowed in Valorant names. Make sure to only use symbols that are included in the game’s character set to avoid any issues or potential bans.

Where can I find the Unicode character map?

The Unicode character map can be found online by doing a quick search. There are also various apps and extensions available that provide easy access to a character map for your convenience.

How do I copy and paste symbols into my Valorant name?

Once you have found the symbol you want to use in the character map, simply click on it to copy it, then paste it into your Valorant name. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to make it even faster.

Can I have multiple symbols in my Valorant name?

Yes, you can use multiple symbols in your Valorant name. However, make sure not to use too many as it may become difficult for others to read or remember your name.

Will putting symbols in my Valorant name affect my gameplay?

No, putting symbols in your Valorant name will not affect your gameplay in any way. It is purely for aesthetic purposes and does not provide any advantage or disadvantage in the game.

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