Unlock Your Valorant Profile: How to Make it Public in Just a Few Steps

Are you an avid player of Valorant looking to boost your online presence?

We will explore the ins and outs of public profiles in Valorant, discussing the reasons why you might want to make your profile public. From showcasing your achievements to connecting with other players and gaining recognition, there are numerous benefits to consider.

We will also walk you through the step-by-step process of making your profile public and explain what happens when you do so.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Making your profile public in Valorant allows you to show off your achievements, connect with other players, and gain recognition.
  • To make your profile public, launch Valorant, go to your profile, click on “Edit Profile”, and toggle the “Private Account” switch.
  • When you make your profile public, it becomes visible to everyone, your match history and statistics are viewable, and your in-game name and avatar are displayed.
  • What is Valorant?

    Valorant is a multiplayer first person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant was announced with a codename Project A during the celebration of Riot’s 10th birthday and later publicly announced on March 2, 2020. It has been released for free on a wide range of platforms including Microsoft Windows and macOS.

    What is a Public Profile in Valorant?

    A public profile in Valorant is an account in which users allow their Battle tag and game data to be accessible by anyone, even if they are not friends or followers in the game. A public profile can be called a public account. In the case of Valorant, the Riot Game-developed tactical shooter, a public account is one located on the Riot Games platform.

    When a profile is public, it means anyone who inputs the player’s name or Riot ID can see their game history, account rankings, added friends, equipped weapons, game stats such as headshots, and many other details which are otherwise private. To make a profile public, the Valorant game user must update account settings on their Riot Games page. These steps are repeated for those who want to keep their profile private.

    How to make their profile public so that it can be seen by anyone in Valorant, as well as the steps to make the profile private are to go to Valorant’s official website, log in, go to the settings section on their account page, update the privacy settings under the ‘Basic Info tab’, and change them to ‘visible to everyone’.

    Additionally, those who want their profiles to be public must ensure that the ‘Share Match History’ toggle under the ‘Career’ menu in the game is enabled. If a profile is highlighted in yellow, it is public.

    Why Make Your Profile Public?

    There is no inherent reason to make your profile public unless you want to display your Valorant ranks to friends or acquaintances. Your career stats, match history, and progression through ranks can still be viewed in-game even when your profile is private, unless you restrict it to Fully public. But the number of Ranked Rating points for each rank, not available in-game unless you are tournament viewer, is shared on external applications.

    Show off Achievements

    In late 2021, Reflect, a new social LoL (League of Legends) platform was launched that allowed you to access and show off your LoL esports achievement data. The Chief Strategic Officer for the group reported that esports is a huge part of our business, and we are always looking for ways to improve how players can show off their rank. Valorant has some esports competitive series one is VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) which showcases the world’s best players.

    Valorant players may wish to expose their profiles and show their participation in competitive Valorant tournaments as an opportunity to show off. With an open profile in Valorant, third-party platforms like Reflect for Valorant will be able to display greater public achievements, such as tournaments, at the press of a button.

    Connect with Other Players

    Connect with other players to make your profile public in Valorant. This option is not necessary to have a public profile, but it will help you better understand your stats as well as possibly find out which competitors are viewed against others using the Ranks and Leaderboards setting. Add or recruit individuals so that you can view their profiles and gain an understanding of how their public profile is featured.

    Gain Recognition

    Gaining recognition means that you and each of your friends have played at least 5 games in the past 14 days. Recognition is attained automatically. No further actions are required once you have reached the desired level of recognition, and you can now enjoy the benefits of a Public profile.

    Recognition… Many different suggested turning points, as well as weighting mechanics for determining whether to make your profile public, were spoken about in Valorant’s early announcement. Merely linking private profiles to spending premium RP was among the contentious options mentioned. Riot Game’s decision was likely to link this recognition system to premium agents, weapon skins, and other purchasable products. In the end, Riot Games decided to make rewards matter of fact in the form of recognition by players to determine who would act as the VIP premier customers for the purpose of release.

    How to Make Your Profile Public in Valorant?

    You can make your profile public in Valorant by following these steps in your Riot account settings:

    1. Go to Riot Games.
    2. Click on your username.
    3. Select Privacy.
    4. Under Player Preference, you can toggle your profile to Public or Private.
    5. Your Riot ID and Tagline will be publicly viewable in-game, regardless of whether your profile is private or public.

    Step 1: Launch Valorant

    Launch Valorant by going to your Riot Games desktop application or selecting Valorant from your app menu. Valorant can be played both with and without a Riot account, but a Riot account and entering the game through the desktop application will give you full access to your account’s privacy and publicly visible settings. If you do not have an account, create one through the Valorant application or on Riot’s website.

    Step 2: Go to Your Profile

    Going to your profile in Valorant is accessed by getting into the game and heading to your collection. A quicker way to find it rather than from the main screen is to click on the small tab in the top right of the Riot Games client next to Spark, Spirit, Forge, or anything else such as battle passes you currently possess in Valorant. You will now find yourself in the central hub giving you access to all parts of the game, just find the upper right tab where your picture is displayed.

    Once you click on this, your profile picture, tagline, bragging rights, and banners will be displayed. It is recommended that after changing your setting to public, you go to your profile to ensure that the changes were saved properly.

    Step 3: Click on ‘Edit Profile’

    To make your profile public in Valorant, click on your account name from the main screen, click on ‘View Profile’, and click ‘Edit Profile’. Valorant lets players choose from a variety of privacy settings shown on the left side of the account overview, click ‘Save Changes’ after selecting the desired public profile type.

    The first section of changing Valorant privacy settings is immediately changing the Public Profile option. This can be set to full public, public except for Match History, or friends-only. The second section default matches preferences and can be set to play custom games by default, play unrated games by default, or play competitive games by default. The final section allows for changing who can send you friend requests and who can see your account’s friend list.

    Step 4: Toggle the ‘Private Account’ Switch

    Once you are redirected to the Riot Games navigation bar, simply toggle off the switch next to Private Account. This should be the default if you did not explicitly set your account to Private previously. However, errors due to server issues or updates can occasionally make accounts private by default. Check this setting if you want to allow the public to access your Valorant profile.

    Step 5: Confirm the Changes

    The new No activation required setting retains public availability for users with existing game IDs. They will not have to visit the Riot Games website if their privacy status has already been set to public.

    Riot mentions that users with a hidden privacy status on their account at the time of patch 3.9 deploying who have not aligned their settings on the Riot web site to be publicly visible will remain hidden, and past matches will not be visible.

    What Happens When You Make Your Profile Public?

    After you are satisfied your rank and stats are how you would like them to be, this feature will make player profiles and in-game statistics readily available to all. On the Riot Games website as well as searching for them in-game, players can see profiles and statistics of random user profiles as well. The following table outlines the full list of items that will be public when you make your profile public in Valorant.

    Your Profile Becomes Visible to Everyone

    You make your profile public in Valorant by displaying it to everyone including non-friends through the Privacy settings. Once You Expand the ‘Display Public Profile’ option from the ‘View/Edit Account’ page, everyone can see your non-competitive game statistics, including information such as your name, tag, rank, how long you have played, and how many matches you have won.

    You have two options for making your profile public. The first is to navigate to the ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner of the client and selecting the ‘Social’ tab. You can change your privacy settings from there. The second way to change your privacy settings is by going to the Valorant Riot account page and changing it from there.

    Your Match History and Statistics are Viewable

    To make your profile public in Valorant, your match history and statistics will be viewable. Statistics such as your Match History, Agent Statistics, Competitive Matches, Leaderboards and Match History Heat Map. This helps others see how you play, so when you are exploring different Agents or playing with a different group, they are aware of your comfort levels. Their knowledge of your playing style will allow them to adjust.

    Your In-game Name and Avatar are Displayed

    When you make your Valorant profile public, your in-game name and avatar are displayed in the game’s leaderboard that Valve maintains for player stats. This displays your stats to other players in multiple areas of the game, both in individual games and in terms of all games. Every time you load up a game, you’ll see that before the game launches, the leaderboard shows who is playing, their wins and losses, kills, and other stats while in the match selection screen.

    How to Change Your Profile from Public to Private?

    To change your profile setting from public to private or vice versa, click on the Riot ID dropdown at the top right of your screen and select View Profile. In your profile, there is an edit pen button next to profile status. On the default setting this hides the badge bookmarks on your social profiles from showing on your Riot ID Profile Card. If you are already private and want to switch to public, then select public under profile visibility. And you can hide individual social profiles under social visibility.

    If you are already public and want to switch to private, then click on the edit button and select private under profile visibility. You could also have friends only or chosen friends to view your profile information. If you want to restrict a social profile from appearing to friends, click on the edit button and select the no eye icon.

    It is worth noting that you cannot see other players’ careers in Valorant. Even if someone gives you their honest ID and you try to look them up, you will not be able to see them if they have their profile set as private.

    Step 1: Go to Your Profile

    The first step to make your profile public in Valorant is to go to your profile. There are two ways to get to your profile depending on which device you are using to access Valorant. On your mobile device, if you are playing Valorant on your mobile, press your display picture in the top right corner. You will be taken to your profile, which will display your username, personal Valorant ID, and your region of play. If you are playing on your laptop or desktop, open the social panel in the top right corner of the Valorant client, then click on your name and picture. You will be taken to your profile information.

    The social panel offers a sharing and private group chat. You can DM your friends from your personal profile to play a group game by clicking on your friends then selecting create a party. You can check the battle pass and store to see the premium features available to you, your friends, and your enemies by clicking back to open the store. The social panel will include suggestions of friends to play by clicking on the party and game details tab. Discovering a party will connect you to random people so you can pre-form a party and play together.

    Step 2: Click on ‘Edit Profile’

    On windows, press the Esc key during a game, look in the bottom-right hand corner, and click on your name. On mobile, go to the Social tab and click the top left corner.

    Simply hovering over your name in the social tab may work on either device. Click View Profile on both devices to bring up your profile page. Then click Edit Profile in the bottom left under your summary. Directly editing the Privacy has options under Agents and Loadouts, Careers, and Competitive History, but leaving it on Everywhere is easiest.

    Step 3: Toggle the ‘Private Account’ Switch

    In the user settings window of your Riot ID, there will be a ‘Private Account’ switch on the top right. The default is that is ON which means it is private. You need to toggle it OFF for it to be public. Make sure you click the Save Changes button for the new status to take effect.

    Step 4: Confirm the Changes

    Navigate to the right side of the screen at the top and click on the gray background for the section which contains the button APPLY CHANGES. This will update to a possible pop-up message that shows changes have been applied successfully. At this point the account will have been changed from private to public and the select region will be shown on the player’s profile.

    Changing usernames or the default name from public to private or public can be done in the RIOT Account Management setting by clicking on display name and then updating with a click on CHANGE DISPLAY NAME. When making a profile public in VALORANT, be sure that this is how you want to portray yourself. Once the select region has been made public it cannot be undone. Select country and Region will show in the user’s profile.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I make my profile public in Valorant?

    To make your profile public in Valorant, simply go to your account settings and click on the “Privacy” tab. From there, you can toggle the option to make your profile public.

    2. Can I choose which information to make public on my profile?

    Yes, you can choose which information to make public on your profile in Valorant. In the “Privacy” tab of your account settings, you can select which sections you want to make visible to others.

    3. What are the benefits of making my profile public?

    Making your profile public in Valorant allows you to showcase your stats and achievements to other players. It also makes it easier for others to find and add you as a friend.

    4. Will making my profile public make my personal information visible to others?

    No, making your profile public in Valorant will not make your personal information visible to others. Only the information you choose to make public will be visible to others.

    5. Can I make my profile public only to my friends in Valorant?

    Yes, you can choose to make your profile public only to your friends in Valorant. In the “Privacy” tab of your account settings, you can enable the option to only allow your friends to view your profile.

    6. How do I know if my profile is public or private in Valorant?

    You can check if your profile is public or private in Valorant by going to your account settings and looking at the “Privacy” tab. If the toggle for “Make Profile Public” is green, then your profile is public.

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