Step-by-Step Guide: How to Refund a Skin in Valorant

Are you a Valorant player looking to learn more about skins and the refund process in the game?

This article covers everything you need to know about skins in Valorant, including why someone might want to refund a skin, how to go about refunding a skin, the requirements for a refund, and what happens after a skin is refunded.

We will also explore alternatives to refunding skins, such as trading with other players or selling on third-party sites.

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What Is a Skin in Valorant?

A Valorant skin, or just a skin, is an image or graphic overlay that can change the look of a player’s character or their weapon. They do not improve a player’s chances of winning or provide any in-game advantage.

Valorant skins can be bought using Radiant Points, Radiant Tokens, using VP which is Valorant Points (or money paid to the platform), or sometimes via Bloack rewards. They can even be won via the developer’s rewards system. Normally, as in the case with the US region and avoiding certain states like New York when buying using the RNG Store method, they can be wagered in a casino-like manner for a better chance to buy the more expensive ones. Note though that normal gambling laws apply.

Why Would Someone Want to Refund a Skin in Valorant?

  • The player bought a skin accidentally and wants to buy a different one
  • The player bought a skin with a bad color scheme that is hard to play with
  • The player wants to refund earlier skins in order to purchase new skins validators they otherwise could not afford
  • Players are dissatisfied with how the skin looks after the game updates. According to Valorant’s Refund Policy, they are upgrading skin visuals, and sometimes older skin can look outdated.

While customers are not protected by consumer laws that guarantee returns and refunds for tangible goods, Riot Games states that they have introduced a Refund Policy that allows players to refund items purchased in the game for Valorant points or closed account or closed beta-exclusive in-game content when the purchase was accidental, and the item has not been consumed, modified, or transferred. Chances are good that Riot assessed the needs of this type of game and their business model, and realized that some kind of refund system was needed to maintain a positive player base. Riot may have calculated the cost of refunding, and determined that the net gain made from unhappy players continuing to buy and/or play the game would be higher than the net loss made by refunding.

How to Refund a Skin in Valorant?

You can refund a skin in Valorant if you meet the following criteria:

  1. The in-game content was purchased within the last 7 days.
  2. The in-game content was used once or unused.
  3. The in-game content is not featured in a way that it directly makes up the core or distinctive components of a core product from which the in-game content was derived except for if you opt for refunds due to technical issues following the support process described herein.
  4. The in-game content can only be refunded if the Riot Points used to purchase the in-game content were bought directly in Valorant.

If your items meet the above criteria, contact Valorant support to inquire about a refund. Refunds are the discretion of Riot Support, and they never offer more than three refunds.

Step 1: Check Eligibility for Refund

Check Refund (a.Description) which explains that refund submissions through the support center must adhere to the following eligibility criteria in order to be considered for approval:

  1. Players must submit their refund request through the appropriate support channel within 7 days of purchase.
  2. Content (such as weapon skins) must have been acquired within the past 30 days.
  3. The content in question must not have been previously refunded.
  4. Support agents will assess refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

Step 2: Submit a Ticket to Riot Support

Submitting a ticket to Riot Support means informing Riot Games support of your request for a refund. To request a ticket, visit the Submit a ticket section of the Riot Support website. The link is given here. Fill out the form that appears after you click the submit a ticket button on the right end of the page, and press submit. Riot then can follow up with you, in accordance with their policy.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information

You will see a Subject field on the ticket submission form. There is a preselected category there implying you follow these strides such as creating a free personal account, name of purchased content along with the asking of purchase date and price of purchased content, following secured buying motions. However, in the case of cheating or hacking — select the last category and choose the last sub-category. Tell the total extent of the cheating activity via Screenshoot and record of the date and time of the incident.

Step 4: Wait for Response from Riot Support

After submitting your ticket to the Riot Support website, Riot will start the process to refund your skin in Valorant. It usually takes 24-48 hours for Riot to give a customary response to all tickets. If it is a straightforward case and the Claim Agents do not have many other emergency cases to handle, they will sometimes respond immediately.

If they do not address your situation in this time frame, do not spam them and let them focus on supporting other cases. This process can take up to 5 business days. Be patient and check your inbox for a message from Riot Support.

What Are the Requirements for Refunding a Skin in Valorant?

  • You cannot refund a skin in Valorant after doing a skin review. Only agents can be refunded after a game crash. After the skin is reviewed, you are stuck with the skin. Although a petition has been made, it does not seem that Refund-A-Skin is coming to Valorant any time soon.
  • To ensure you can refund an agent, ensure that you submit the request for a Valorant skin refund as soon as possible on the same day when you notice the agent or something related to the agent has become unusable.

Skin Must Be Purchased within 7 Days

A player is only eligible for a skin refund under the following presidential circumstances in which the status of the skin was not communicated. According to Riot Team Lead Riot theNamesJunkie, the accountability for lack of refund status is either on the developers for not updating the skin or on the agents for releasing them to the public too soon.

This was the case with the popular pistol model named Minima. After developers did not properly communicate its ineligibility as a refundable edition, incomplete information on the Riot Games website left the publisher’s support staff with little choice but to refund Minima editions since they did not fulfill the requirements in the official fine print.

The refund period for in-eligible agents remains indefinite until the status is properly communicated on the model. To start a refund process, bundle up an official support ticket with the following key pieces of information within the body:

  1. Request for skin refund
  2. Riot Ticket ID
  3. Account Name
  4. Player Tag
  5. Country of Residence
  6. Email for receiving future correspondence
  7. Additionally provide up to 5.5 million episodes of Closed Beta access mobile footage of the agent with the refund-eligible skin in action so the refund analyst can evaluate its features for a potential refund. Videos of the acts of past agents are also allowed if you received the agent after December of 2020.

Skin Must Not Be Used in a Game

If you want a refund on a skin in Valorant, it must not be used in a game. A particularly difficult criterion to fulfill. Here are some refined tips to tilt the odds in your favor:

  1. Email Riot tactical FPS support at [email protected] to request the refund.
  2. Write your request in polite businesslike tones and include all relevant information such as the name of the skin you wish to refund, the cost, and when it was purchased.
  3. Point out to them if it has not been used during gameplay and if the purchase was accidental.

Skin Must Not Be a Part of a Bundle

You cannot refund a skin if it is part of a bundle. Valorant has a couple of ways of selling bundles. First, when you have gotten all the items that the bundle contains in Radiante points for missed bundles or in another way separately. An extreme example of when a single missed item from other bundles was released for individual purchase was the fabulous edition of the Origin Collection.

Second, when the skins in a skin bundle are released for individual purchase eventually. This further illustrates the importance of only buying skins that you are certain that you desire.

Skin Must Be Purchased with Valorant Points

  • Re-imaging of the Prime Classic completely lost all its details and abbreviated many of its visual features.
  • Finish: Prime Classic had multiple paint schemes, with the re-imagined Prime Classic only having Gold regardless of what paint job is selected. However, the finish is just as detailed and beautiful as its predecessor.
  • Modeling: The re-imagined Prime Classic has less detail and fewer moving parts. It does re-use the hammer and front recoil compensation, but because these moving parts only move when firing and inspecting is prohibited, it’s much less noticeable.

Authorized Refund Eligible? No

It is only possible to obtain a refund for Valorant skins originally bought with Valorant Points. After the Act 2 update in August 2020, it is no longer possible to acquire Valorant skins through trading them in other games, through the Valorant store for direct payment, or through the main point of sale in regions such as Venezuela (e.g. the Petro shop). However, some regions still permit gifting, and for Valorant points attained through authorized promotions probably could still get the Refund option.

For Valroant..

  1. launch the Valorant application
  2. click on the Store tab on the top bar
  3. click on Your Order below the store
  4. click the arrow next to the Status bar of your skin to see if it is eligible for a refund

If a skin is eligible, a Refund button will appear in the bottom left that the user may click on to reclaim their Valorant points. If a skin is not eligible, it may only be the case that refunding is unnecessary because the skin is allowed to keep its existing characteristics or will be provided with the characteristics of the modern design if any exist.

What Happens After a Skin is Refunded in Valorant?

After a skin is refunded in Valorant, the agent’s Radianite Points are refunded. In September 2021, the account manager stated that returned Radianite Points were being held in escrow in order to tie up the money for combatting fraud, but that the team was looking into a simpler and more transparent experience. Users should periodically check patch notes and update emails from Valorant to see if their Radianite Points have become immediately available after getting refunded.

Valorant Points Are Refunded

Valorant points are refunded if you reach out to the game’s player support system through a help ticket on the website, within 90 days of obtaining the cosmetic. The Riot Games support page will provide you with a template for submitting a request. Refunds will be provided for cosmetic reasons specified within point 4 of the Riot Games Refund Policy document. Requests that do not abide by the rules of this policy will be refused. If a refund is granted, the content will be removed from the account and any related progress will be deleted.

Riot Games promises the deleted progress will never be able to be restored to the same account afterward. Points are not refunded for account bans and if there is any suspicion of fraud associated with a refund application. The refund is processed in a matter of business days, but similar to other content refunds, processing time may take up to two weeks and is affected by an individual player’s geographical location and their method of payment.

Skin Is Removed from Account

Players may wonder how to refund a skin in Valorant. Players who refund a skin within 7 days of purchasing will wisely file a support ticket and notice that the skin will disappear immediately. This is not a mistake. It typically vanishes from the inventory once the refund has been initiated even before a response is made to the support ticket request.

If the skin is not just missing from character inventories, but every possible corner of the account inventory and it is verified the refund had been initiated, it is safe to say the lack of a response from support at this time likely means the refund ‘went through’ and there is no further action needed. The support ticket can just be abandoned.

Can Skins Be Refunded Multiple Times in Valorant?

In Valorant, there is NO LIMIT to the number of times a skin can be refunded. Each skin can be refunded, re-refunded, and triply refunded. When a skin is refunded, the player’s Radiante Points (RP) are automatically credited back to their account. This can be repeated as long as the original RP spent are still less than the number they are credited back in a refund. You do not get a triple refund for every 50 Radiant Points you will get 50 RP back each time.<.p>

What Are the Alternatives to Refunding a Skin in Valorant?

Alternatives to refunding a skin in Valorant include using it, putting it up for sale or for trade, redeeming it for VP (Valorant Points). The process of using the Valorant skins you don’t want is simple: equip the skin and use the weapon. If you’re still not happy with it, think about whether selling it or doing a trade would be an option for you.

At an unspecified date in the future, there may be a Valorant marketplace that would allow for the buying, selling, gift-giving, and trading of Valorant weapons and skins. The Playlist team told Nerd Street Gamers in May that a trading system was a popular request from the player community but had no timeline for implementation. VP is earned by purchasing skins, and can be used to unlock more premium weapons and skins in the game, including new skin lines as they come out.

Trading Skins with Other Players

Trading skins with other players is a common way to get a refund in Valorant. When players receive a refund from Riot, the skin stays on their account and they need to choose whether to keep or sell it. Players who are willing to sell their skins can use third-party trading platforms to sell their unwanted skin for Valorant points or a percentage of the original base price. Once a buyer is found, the skin can be sold, and the owner received recompense in Valorant points or cash as agreed upon.

This process is a useful way for freeing up the value of a skin that you no longer want because you can direct that value into future in-game purchases such as newer and shinier skins, weapon buddies, sprays, agent skins, or VALORANT battle passes. This is another form of a de facto refund because you can consider the value in trading the same thing as switching the value over to a different acquisition. Since it is a process mediated through third-party platforms and not in-game or through Riot itself, it does have some complexities that might act in its disfavor, but it is a no-hard-feelings way of dealing with a changing Valorant game environment when you can no longer appreciate a skin you purchased so enthusiastically.

Selling Skins on Third-Party Sites

Another way in which players attempt to recoup the money they have spent on Valorant skins in order to refund them is by selling their accounts with Valorant weapon skins and agents. These accounts can be put up for sale on third-party sites such as PlayerAuctions, G2G, Redeemed Source, etc, which specialize in buying, selling, and trading accounts.

These types of transactions may violate Valorant’s terms of service and can result in loss of access to the account if discovered. If a player has purchased an account with Valorant skins from one of these sites and later decides to refund those transactions, the account with the skins may be banished as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a refund for a skin in Valorant?
To refund a skin in Valorant, you will need to submit a support ticket to Riot Games and provide a valid reason for the refund request.

What is considered a valid reason for a skin refund in Valorant?
A valid reason for a skin refund in Valorant may include accidental purchase, technical issues, or dissatisfaction with the skin’s appearance or functionality.

How long does it take to receive a refund for a skin in Valorant?
The timeframe for receiving a refund for a skin in Valorant may vary, but typically it can take up to 10 business days for the refund to be processed and reflected in your account.

Can I refund a skin that I have already used in Valorant?
No, once a skin has been used in Valorant, it cannot be refunded. Refunds are only available for unused skins.

Is there a limit to how many skins I can refund in Valorant?
Currently, there is no limit to the number of skins that can be refunded in Valorant. However, Riot Games reserves the right to deny refund requests for excessive or fraudulent requests.

What if I purchased a skin in a bundle or with Valorant Points? Can I still request a refund?
Yes, you can still request a refund for a skin that was purchased in a bundle or with Valorant Points. However, please note that the refund will only be for the skin and any additional items included in the purchase will not be refunded.

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