Mastering Minecraft: How to Afk Without Pausing the Game

Are you a Minecraft player wondering what AFK means and why it’s important in the game?

We will explore the benefits of AFK-ing in Minecraft, how to do it without pausing the game, and the risks involved.

We will also provide tips on how to stay safe while AFK-ing and offer alternative methods to achieve the same results.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced player, this article has something for everyone.

What Does AFK Mean in Minecraft?

AFK in Minecraft means the player setting the game to keep playing without them monitoring or providing input. The player sets the game into the player AFK mode, a dedicated keyboard or button shortcut to disable movement and input while keeping the game running. AFK keeps the game running while the player is away.

In the Vanilla version of Minecraft, AFK stand for Away From Keyboard. This acronym used to mean the same before the ubiquity of mobile internet. In most multiplayer games, it is used to signify that the player is not currently paying attention to the game and will not respond to any input (or chats) in a timely manner. Minecraft lobbies and online servers may have a no-AFK fishing, no-AFK mining, no-AFK mob farming, etc. rules to maintain the balance and spirit of the session or server.

Why Do Players Need to AFK in Minecraft?

Players need to AFK which stands for Away from Keyboard in Minecraft serves various purposes. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Let smelters, farms, and crops run overnight or while they are busy.
  • Heal up hunger (required only on hardcore games) or heal up health before mining/going into fights.
  • Wait for mobs such as Wither Skeletons to spawn in finite space to collect drops and items.
  • Teleport entities (such as AFK fishing rods) around the map safely.
  • Invest time and trigger a new grow cycle for crops.
  • Invest time waiting for passive mob breed times to happen.
  • Invest time in trading
  • Act as a lure for an Iron Golem Farm by spreading inside golems and stop them from lumping together

What Are The Benefits of AFK-ing in Minecraft?

  • Mining: Automated or large-area mining, where the player uses a pickaxe to mine blocks or deposits of ores and minerals.
  • Farming: Automated or AFK farming for mobs such as hostile and friendly animals (The player can use a sword but it is often not required). For friendly animals to breed, you do not need to be physically present, only being within a 20-block distance is required.
  • Sleeping: Automated attack and farm of monsters such as zombies and skeletons in order to farm rare loot such as Rotten Flesh and Bones.
  • Fishing: AFK Fishing requires the player to use a fishing rod to capture fish and treasure (such as enchanted books and items, saddles, or enchanted bows). It uses minimal player input, so the player can step away within the required viewing distance of their Minecraft game (greater than 10 blocks but less than 32 blocks).
  • War Machines: AFK-able war machines such as TNT cannons or traps that can either provide loot afterward or defend a player’s base.

How To AFK in Minecraft Without Pausing?

Afk in Minecraft without pausing is achieved by moving to a safe place, adjusting your field of view to avoid potentially dangerous entities, and crafting or building larger projects. You can also invite friends over. Crafting, building, mining, and creating large redstone contraptions are all useful activities that net you resources and progress without having to move far.

Another way to Afk in Minecraft without pausing is by visiting AFK fishing farms, which allow you to obtain resources by simply sitting at the computer without needing to move. This article from Icy Veins describes the process of constructing an AFK fishing farm. If you are in an area with other players, you can safely AFK while seated by inviting a friend or family member to support or guide you during your time away. They can take over any of the tasks you were focused on according to predetermined agreements you created. Try to ensure you are neither in hardcore mode nor in an area with hostile monsters before you leave.

Using a Third-party Program

To AFK in Minecraft without pausing, you can use a third-party program such as AutoHotkey to influence your input and send movement or other signals to the game, or a Minecraft mod that was designed for AFK purposes such as the Voxelmap mod. Before downloading a third-party program, be sure to check the reputation of the developer and only use trusted and verified applications to ensure that you are downloading a safe program to your device.

Using an Auto-clicker Mod

Another viable way of AFK-ing in Minecraft without pausing is by using an auto-clicker. Whereas the previous methods may leave you vulnerable and can be complicated to set up, using an auto-clicker requires just a few simple steps and is the safest way to do AFK.

Auto-clickers are software programs used for automating mouse clicks at predetermined intervals. This offers many benefits that not only help you in Minecraft while being away, but in many other games or software. However, not all mod-versions of Minecraft are compatible with third-party auto-clicker programs. The easiest way to use an auto-clicker with Minecraft is to run the mod Forge. Some mods or servers may forbid the use of external programs even if it is just an auto-clicker, in which case it is better not to use it. Make sure to check first before using an auto-clicker.

Using Redstone Contraptions

Players can use Redstone contraptions to afk in Minecraft without pausing. A simple definition of Redstone is that it is a flat transparent mineral block with similar appearance to diamond, emerald, or gold. Redstone is a crucial part of automation and logic mechanisms in Minecraft, through which complex circuit mechanisms can be created.

Players interested in this aspect of Minecraft do activities such as mine with Ade such as to mine, go fishing, farm or slaughter animals, process smelting, or trade at AFK automatic farms to afk in order to replenish their stock of various resources, build and construct based on these resources, and acquire new stock which cannot be obtained otherwise unless tasks are easily completed (in terms of required time and manual involvement). Redstone contraptions are widely used in the form of automated farms, fish farms, animal breeding and butchering farms, experience farms (mob grinders and spawners), sugar cane and cactus collections, tree farms, large scale smelting metal or cookable items, afk potion farms, afk enchantment farms, afk beacon farms, afk raid farms, afk smp types of farms (automatic plant growth, flower, weed, double tall, chorus fruit plants dropping, melon, pumpkin, bamboo, nether wart), afk wool, string, glass, ink, ice or concrete farms, basic or advanced elytra farms, automatic wool maker and dyer, crucible farms, honeycomb farms, lupus blocks, pumpkin and melon vine collection, kelp block farms, afk automatic cow hog, sheep, or any animal farms, nitwits workstation, fighting and raid farm, afk automatic bamboo farm, snowball and food exp farm.

What Are The Risks of AFK-ing in Minecraft?

The main risks of AFK-ing in Minecraft without pausing are the possible returns of the negative physical and productivity impacts of using the game as background noise. Even though you are actually inactive, being visually and audibly engaged can still be tiring, particularly if you are running the computer unnecessarily. AFK-ing too much without actively playing, even if it is not at computer resource-intensive farms, can have workers suffer if they begin to depend on the game.

Additionally, non-pause AFK-ing should not be used as an aid. To continue providing experience, you may be chasing the negative consequences that will be counterproductive to you. It is advisable to limit your use of AFK-ing to when you can pause the game because this will help you avoid these negative consequences of using the game. Additionally, the time you spend waiting to use your AFK for moments of significant play like navigating dungeons that you’d terrible be frustrating, is probably quite limited. Minecraft after all has plenty of limitations for AFK automation that require you to be constantly engaged. Most of what you will need to do in the game is interactive, requiring the player to balance their play strategy with idle resource generation.

Getting Kicked From Server

If you are looking to stay online without performing a direct function while not pausing, you could join a Minecraft server with an AFK kick function. Many multiplayer games, not just Minecraft, have an AFK kick feature to free up server and network resources that happen when active connections are maintained when a user is not actually there.

Increased Risk of Being Attacked by Mobs

There is an increased risk of being attacked by hostile mobs such as hogs, zombies, skeletons, strays, wanderers, creepers, drowned, and called zombies, as well as pillagers likely attacking villagers and players simultaneously in released versions. Mobs spawn better in darkness, and till the next day’s light, AFK players can face hostile mobs coming to attack them. It is advisable to clear the area of mobs before going AFK. This allows you to minimize the chance of being attacked. You can clear the area by running outside of your compound. Killing mobs in a leaded place will not clear them for more spawning, so it is better to yield instead of killing.

The best way to survive an all-night AFK mission without a pause screen on Minecraft is in peaceful or creative mode. This deactivates hostile mobs. Fish farms are another option, as they actually benefit from the presence of underwater hostile mobs and make farming more efficient. Ensure that the fish farm is covered to keep the player from being surprised, spawn dormant mobs, and keep mobs from being lured into other areas. You are still at risk with this efficiency against flying ranged mobs like phantoms.

Loss of Items or Progress

If you are attempting to leave your Minecraft game running without pausing, expect to leave progress behind in the short term. The game’s behavior leaves it highly vulnerable to other players or mobs and has some number of bugs that can result in the loss of items or progress.

Case reports from Reddit and Discord users document the loss of inventory, loss of chests in a base, creepers blowing up bases, dead characters, insufficient energy for horses, stuck diamond pick, and runaway horses.

How To Stay Safe While AFK-ing in Minecraft?

To stay safe while AFK-ing in Minecraft, consider these measures to avoid incoming danger.

  1. Be in a safe location – Do not stand outside among potentially hostile mobs or in a spot where you can be ambushed, sneak inside.
  2. Switch the difficulty to Drastic safety – If you are on a server or area with lots of other players, AFK in a safe area, but before you leave switch to peaceful difficulty so mobs do not spawn anyway, or make it daytime in your world. Leave your character with high hearts or at least with the Ender Dragon killed instead to make it peaceful.
  3. Build or buy knockback resistance – A shield will keep you from dying to skeletons, but their knockback effect can send you flying. Equip or drink a potion that makes you immune to knockback.

Choose a Safe Location

Choosing a safe location is the most important tip for not dying in Minecraft when afk. Safe locations include your base, a completed blacked out building that can remain dark, or even a locked enchantment room. Many traps can be built and timed to provide almost complete safety such as lava walls or falling floors. Pressure plates can be used for automatic traps that activate when surrounded by mobs.

Use In-game Features to Stay Safe

Another strategy when you need to go afk in minecraft without pausing is to use in-game features to stay safe and not have to worry about being disconnected. Depending on in-game conditions, if you are indoors or behind a wall or buried underground waiting to regenerate health, you are safe from being killed by hostile mobs while you go afk. In case you do get swarmed by mobs, you can simply minimize the game on your device and leave it there.

Using Shift-F3 on Windows Desktop, you can check your PC’s display frequency. Use the corresponding hot key on your device to check for how long it will not turn off the screen until you go away from your keyboard or do some activity or the pc goes to sleep. Increased frequency ranges are more helpful. If your device has a sleep feature that is not essentially provided by the game, you can utilize the feature by pressing F3+P, which will enable your game to remain running when you press a key or do some activity.

You will need to download specific software tools if your system does not provide you with such a feature or if the game itself does not have a built-in tool for this use.

Communicate with Other Players

  1. Discuss how long it will take for you to get back and potentially leave the server until then.
  2. Maintain minimal breathing and keyboard noise while muted.
  3. Communicate with your colleagues and let them know if you are not there. When you have AFK hours planned, including when you will be away and returning.

If you return to an unpaused instance, apologize quickly and make sure you respond to any incited reactions. This was demonstrated in a YouTube video called AFK Times 50,000 beds in one Minecraft world. The YouTube gamers from the channel Xiphon3 are all signed AFK in a part of their base playing and building while discussing their reactions to living with Hitler or pie for all eternity. They provide a combination of background voices and keyboard sounds and together build a wall of 50,000 beds together. They built a wall of beds to memorialize the number of bedless soldiers seen in an old building.

It is known that when you must be AFK without pausing, it is much easier to chat with fellow players, and it reduces the possibility of others kicking you from the server or similar actions because it is known that you are legitimate and not just disconnected. The study of how communication helps to minimize the enforcement of AFK can be analyzed. Findings from the case of the online game World of Warcraft (also known as WOW) show that players who introduce themselves and begin interacting with the players before going AFK are less likely to be subjected to AFK Behaviors (AFKers).

What Are Some Alternatives to AFK-ing in Minecraft?

Alternatives to AFK-ing in Minecraft include working on time-consuming activities that do not require your presence. Some activities similar to AFK-ing you can do are as follows:

  1. Smelting large batches of material – Both of Mojang’s smelting systems can run on their own, but players need to monitor when the activities are completed, so this strategy is not true AFK-ing. Once ores are mined, smelting batches of 64 and 100 in furnaces or smokers will keep them busy without the player.
  2. Expanding a map and/or painting it – Cartography tables and map items help you to expand base maps into multiple copies and fill them out. With large worlds, this is a time-consuming process.
  3. Crafting items – Crafting systems in both Vanilla and Modded can be used to make many kinds of items, from light to food to weapons and clothes, but require the player to assist throughout. Setting up crafting stations to loop on their own is another chores-based activity to leave running without you.
  4. Using an idle game within Minecraft – The game Idle AFK is a fun idle game developed by a Third Party where you undertake challenges at Sip Supplies until you grow a successful enterprise, with various insane plots, deadly explosives, and cool cosmetics. Players can then progress by prestige and start over.

Using a Second Account

One of the most effective ways to AFK in Minecraft without pausing with only survival options is to use a second account. The second account can be controlled while the main player remains AFK. With some Minecraft add-ons and mods, they can also perform monotonous tasks.

This setup can be seen in this video by Space22. Once set up, the player can easily AFK from the game without any zombies or hostile mobs interrupting them. Note, creating two separate accounts requires purchasing Minecraft twice.

Using a Dedicated AFK Machine

A dedicated AFK machine is one of the most popular and safe ways to AFK in Minecraft without pausing. AFK machines are a structure, often a piston-operated box, in which your player character can be automatically moved by one of Minecraft’s mechanics or engine bugs. This includes flying on a boat and disconnecting from the internet while swimming to automatically turn around. The automation ensures the game thinks the player is moving, and so will not trigger mobs’ automatic despawning.

AFK machines differ in complexity. Some are simple one-time standing towers that use auto-jump bugs to have the character perpetually moving suddenly away from mobs. Other AFK machines are rolling wheels of tracks with booster tracks behind which the character can move in a circle and not hit an AFK kick timer. The best AFK farm in Minecraft is one that continually refreshes your hunger and storage gradings, allowing you to gain XP, health, and other vital resources.

Note that AFK machines are legally considered and in the game. Several Minecraft servers and police have AFK detection tools that identify such travesties and cause temporary or permanent bans on users. While you may not be caught, it is advisable that you do not use AFK machines if you place any value on the saved data of your world or nine-year-old gamers’ pride. Though it may seem unjust that you AFK using an agricultural farm for a week and lose it all, especially if you have a job or other life.

Setting Up a Farm or Automated System

Setting up a farm, smelter, or other automated system in Minecraft to AFK can be very useful. Not all automated systems are fully AFK but some can be left to run while you go about the real world not on the same computer or phone as your Minecraft game…

Farms that include designs that can automatically collect items and place them in chests, such as their crops like bamboo and potatoes, or Wool and leather from livestock (see video), can allow the player to act as a legitimate Minecraft AFK player in a way that makes use of the game's physicality…

There are several systems that can be automated in Minecraft. Villager Trading is a popular automated mechanism where villagers can be used for trading, iron farms, or other systems. An afk fish farm system can automatically fish for you. Nowadays players would need to use an auto-clicker because of the changes made in the 1.16 Village and Pillage update. A fully automated smelter is another option, though the player would no longer be AFK if the system is out of fuel. Each of these systems must be properly designed in order to use them for AFK without needing to stay with your Minecraft game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “AFK” mean in Minecraft?

“AFK” is an acronym for “Away From Keyboard”, and in Minecraft, it refers to a player who is not actively playing the game. This can happen when a player is idle or taking a break.

Why would I want to AFK in Minecraft?

There are a few reasons why you might want to AFK in Minecraft. Some players use it to take a break or attend to real-life tasks while keeping their game open. Others use it to farm resources or experience points while they are not actively playing.

How can I AFK in Minecraft without pausing the game?

One way to AFK without pausing the game is by using an AFK fish farm. This automatically reels in fish while you are away, without pausing the game. However, this method may not work on all versions of Minecraft and may be considered an exploit by some players.

Are there any other ways to AFK without pausing in Minecraft?

Another method is to use a command block with a “/setblock” command, which creates a redstone clock that will keep your character moving while you are away. This method requires more technical knowledge and may not be suitable for all players.

Is it safe to AFK in Minecraft?

While AFK-ing in Minecraft is generally safe, it is important to keep in mind that it is against the game’s terms of use to use any third-party software or automation to AFK. This includes using AFK fish farms or command blocks. It is always recommended to check with the game’s terms of use and community guidelines before attempting any AFK methods.

Can I still be kicked from a server if I am AFK?

Yes, it is possible to be kicked from a server even if you are AFK. This can happen if the server has a timeout feature or if other players vote to kick idle players. It is always best to check the server’s rules and guidelines before AFK-ing to avoid any potential issues.

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