Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Password in Valorant

Are you a Valorant player looking to enhance your account security?

We discuss the importance of security in Valorant and provide step-by-step instructions on how to change your password.

Learn tips for creating a strong password and what to do if you forget it. Discover the significance of regularly changing your password in Valorant to keep your account secure.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a Free-to-Play, First-Person Shooter game developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant was released for Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2020. Valorant follows the popular games Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with tactical 5v5 game modes. Players choose one of a set of agents as their character, each of which has a range of abilities which vary in use and damage depending upon the agent. Players have various weapons, a bomb, and shields to use during the forty-round games which have rounds until the end of time or until the attacking team successfully plants and settles the bomb.

Similar to its predecessors, Valorant has a purchasing system where players gain currency and purchase weapons with different abilities from each round. Players need to utilize terrain, teamwork, and communication to succeed in the game as enemies can burst from many directions.

Why is Security Important in Valorant?

Security in Valorant is important because it protects each player’s ability to access and use their account. One of the most natural side effects of security measures in the world is that they in some way inconvenience users. Almost every security measure has been met with complaints from users.

Riot Games accounts are protected at the level of username and password accounts, thus proper security is a must for account protection. While Riot only allows you to store credit card information and no other financial information, account intruders can still make unauthorized purchases or steal other financial data if the account owner has used the same financial credentials on other sites. If you want to navigate the challenges of account and financial security, it is in your best interest to implement all of the security features Riot Games provides even though sometimes they are a pain in the neck.

Steps to Change Password in Valorant

Here are the steps to change your password in Valorant as of March 2021. These steps can only be taken from the game’s website and may be subject to change. The following can address whether or not one can change password in Valorant.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Riot Games password recovery website at
  2. If you are already signed into your Riot account, use the settings page at
  3. The Valorant page will automatically populate the account fields. Click the Send Reset Link button.
  4. Riot will send a password reset link to the email registered with your account.
  5. Check your email for a message from Riot Games. Click the clicking here button. If you did not receive the email, check your spam folder may contain email from,, or [email protected].
  6. Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page where you can enter a new password. Make sure to write it or cut and paste it to a secure password manager.
  7. After filling in the new password, hit submit. This password is now your login for Valorant.

Filling out a Request Form… There is weak or out-of-date password request form, so the clear path for changing passwords for Valorant accounts is to use the password recovery page and receive a link in the email.

Step 1: Log into Your Valorant Account

To change your password in Valorant, you must first log into your Riot Games account. This account is used to cover all games that are part of the Riot Games library. If you have an existing Riot account you use for other games (such as League of Legends), you will be able to use those details to log into Valorant and change your password from that link. If you do not have a Riot account, you can create one for Valorant play.

To log into Valorant, you must download the client from here. Follow the client’s instructions to open the game and create an account if you do not have one already. Once your account is created, you will find the defautl Valorant login page. From here, enter your Riot username and password, then click Log In. If your information is correct, you will be taken to the Valorant user interface, where you can play games and manage settings including password changes.

Step 2: Click on ‘My Account’

After logging into your Riot account, to begin changing the password for your Riot account in Valorant click on the three stripes in the upper left corner. A window will appear with various tabs and options. After this step, according to their official page entitled ‘Locating Your Account Settings,’ scroll down and click on My Account. Here you will be able to find the password change information we are looking for, although there are additional settings that Eyes205 highlights for us below.

Step 3: Select ‘Change Password’

In the Security section of the ‘User Settings’ screen, click the Change Password button to bring up the Account Security dialog. You will be asked to enter your password to confirm your identify nearly immediately upon clicking the Change Password button. You will then be directed to the Riot Password Help page. If you wish to proceed, select Update Password and enter your new password in the field on the page.

Step 4: Enter Your Current and New Password

After the e-mail verification under the ‘Forgot your password’ link is successfully completed, the user is prompted to enter and then confirm a new password for their account. Enter and confirm the new password. Be sure that when entering the new password you choose one of 8-16 characters or a pass phrase of up to 64 characters that is more secure. Please refer to the rules above for optimal password length according to the statements of support by Riot Games security engineers and fellow Valorant users.

After the new password has been set, the user can now reattempt to log in to their account.

Step 5: Save Changes and Log Out

If you have followed the previous steps and entered your old Valorant password first, you will see a Password update successful message. You can click on Proceed to Login.

You have now changed your Riot Games account password, including your Valorant password.

If you are not happy with your new Riot Games account password and/or your Valorant password, you can change it again at any time. Just use the same steps to go to the Riot games website and change your password.

Remember to remember your Riot Games account password for when you try to change the Password in Valorant for the first time. You want to get it right since you only have a Three tip off. Here is a tip if you do mess up. Maybe you mistyped the password you want it to be the first time or you aren’t sure if you pressed the right letters. Then the best thing to do is to just click out and type it in fresh again.

During the process when loading the required confirmations and messages, the submit command is grayed out. Exit out and try again. If you haven’t changed it the third time then you have to go through the whole process of getting an email sent to you to reset your Riot password. That method is no fun so best get it right the first time.

Tips for Creating a Strong Password in Valorant

Tips for creating a strong password in Valorant are to create a lazy, easy-to-remember one that typically exceeds eight characters. The amount of meaningful identifiers required for game passwords is highly infrequent due to the low-demanding nature of the application. When the requirement to reset a game password is seldom solicited, having a memorable, easily changeable password greatly trims down the time and effort lost during the recovery process.

Use a Combination of Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

Using a combination of letters in uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and symbols is the right way to change password strength. Characters and symbols increase the possible permutations of a password and correspondingly reduces the possibility that bruteforce attacks will be able to crack a password. Don’t just swap out 1s for Is and 0s for Os. According to Sean A. Whitney, chief security evangelist at Mimecast, hacked who runs KnowBe4 cyber-security awareness training programs, substituting letters and numbers is a common and easily guessed substitution pattern.

Avoid Using Personal Information

What are the best password practices for security? Do not use any personal information such as a driver’s license number, passport information, social security number, date of birth, names of pets, children, spouses, or anything else that could easily be identified with you by friends or family. In Riot’s game account settings, you are not even allowed to use personal identifying information as your password. Enter the keyword password in the search box of the account settings page and the page will inform you that your password cannot be your username, email address, or Valorant ID.

Change Your Password Regularly

Riot Games recommends that all users, including Valorant users, change their passwords regularly. This is a good security habit even if you have not had any password security problems to date. Once you make the new password based on the best practices, create a reminder to yourself to update it in Semantic Networks in 3-4 months, allowing each user to adjust how frequently to change passwords, but suggesting every `3-4 months` as a general rule.

To establish this timeline, go to the Passwords Vault on a Google or another browser’s passwords management menu. The password manager will provide the date of the last password change. Some password administrators like Bitwarden even enable users to set themselves reminders for regular password changes.

What to Do If You Forget Your Password in Valorant?

If you forget your password in Valorant, you can follow these steps to change it. Visit the Riot Games account recovery page, which is connected to the Valorant password change page, either directly or via the official Valorant website. Enter the email address associated with your Riot Games account and choose the I forgot my password option. Riot Games will send a password reset link to that email from which you can create a new password.

Use the ‘Forgot Password’ Feature

You can change your Password in Valorant by using the ‘Forgot password’ feature on the Riot ID login page. This can be accessed either through the Valorant client or the website.

To change your password, visit the login page, and select the ‘Forgot your password?’ option. You are then instructed to enter your Riot ID or Email/Phone and Captcha code. Click the ‘Send’ button and an email/sms text message will be sent. Enter the provided username and 6-digit code in the empty column at the bottom by clicking the ‘Enter new password’ option of the SMS/email value. You will be then eligible to enter a new password and click ‘Change Password’ to submit it and the newly chosen password.

If you have lost the email or do not remember the old password, you can still reset the password by sending a support ticket.

Contact Riot Games Support

If all other options have failed, you can speak with Riot Games support about getting assistance with resetting your password. You can report a hacked account as well, which may help you regain control if someone is actively trying to change the password on your account.

To do this, navigate to the support page on the Riot Games site (click the question mark on the lower corner of the Valorant, LoL, or WildRift news page) and select the product you are experiencing issues with. This will allow you to log in and open a ticket with Riot Games support. Do not log out if you cannot remember your password or if you believe your password is compromised. Select ‘Sign in with Google’ and choose your Google account, following their recommended steps for account access. This way you will still be logged in after following the steps to reset the password.

This is the most open-ended option and it will be down to an individual’s experience of their interactions with I.T. support at the time as to how good or bad the experience is. If you have tried this option, share your experience in the comments at the bottom of this page. Your feedback may help others in the future.


To change your password in Valorant, you log out of your account and click Fighting Talk. After that, click on Change Password at the bottom of the help article and you will be taken to the Riot Games Password page where you can set a new password to protect your account.

Ensure that your new password is unique, long, and composed of random designs to make it more secure and less hackable. Utilize password managers to help you in setting powerful, safe, and secure passwords. If you are concerned about the security of your account, you can also wait for it to be locked to set a new password. In some cases, this may be more safe and more convenient.

Importance of Regularly Changing Your Password in Valorant

The importance of regularly changing your Password in Valorant is primarily the same as changing any password. When a password is strong enough it makes it more unlikely for a person to have their password compromised.

Passwords can be stolen through various methods and one of the ways is through a Security breach where a database leak occurs. Where companies will sometimes store your passwords in plaintext instead of an encrypted form so that if a security breach occurs the login information is immediately available and they can continue trading or functioning.

Instances of security breaches are on the rise and include every piece of data that people consider personal, but for passwords, there were 3,932 data breaches globally in the first half of 2021. The increase was A 38% rise over the prior year, according to a report by Risk Based Security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Password in Valorant?

Can I change my password in Valorant?

Yes, you can change your password in Valorant by following these steps:

1. Log into your Valorant account on the official website.
2. Click on the “Account” tab.
3. Under the “Account Details” section, click on the “Edit” button next to your current password.
4. Enter your old password and then your desired new password.
5. Click on the “Save Changes” button to confirm the password change.

What if I forgot my password in Valorant?

If you forgot your password in Valorant, you can reset it by following these steps:

1. On the login screen, click on the “Forgot Password?” link.
2. Enter the email associated with your Valorant account.
3. Check your email for a password reset link.
4. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

Is it possible to change my password in-game?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your password in-game. You will need to log into your account on the official website to make any changes to your password.

How often should I change my password in Valorant?

It is recommended to change your password regularly for security purposes. This can be done anytime through your account settings on the official website.

What are the password requirements for Valorant?

Your password in Valorant must be at least 8 characters long and can include a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. We recommend using a strong and unique password for better account security.

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