Maximize Your Aim in Valorant: Learn How to Download Crosshair

Looking to improve your aiming skills in Valorant? Customizing your crosshair can help with that.

We’ll cover what Valorant is, what a crosshair is, the different types of crosshairs available, and how to download and change your crosshair in Valorant.

Discover the benefits of using a custom crosshair and the potential risks involved. Enhance your gaming experience now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Downloading a custom crosshair in Valorant can improve your visibility, personalization, aiming, and even give you a competitive advantage.
  • To download a crosshair, find one you like, download it, locate the Valorant game folder, and replace the existing crosshair file.
  • There are potential risks in downloading a custom crosshair, such as compatibility issues, risk of ban, and the possibility of downloading malware or viruses.
  • What is Valorant?

    Valorant is a character-based free-to-play first-person tactical shooter developed by Riot Games. Valorant was first announced under the codename Project A in 2019 and was officially announced on October 15, 2019. Valorant was released on June 2, 2020 during a beta testing phase but had a full release on June 22, 2020. The game is set on one of my defined topics and has a 5v5 setup that pits two teams against each other with agents that have special abilities. Each game has 12 rounds per half, with 5 switchover rounds in each half. A team wins by either accumulating thirteen round victories or having the majority of victories within twenty-five rounds.

    What is a Crosshair in Valorant?

    A Crosshair in Valorant is an aiming icon consisting of lines that represents your line of sight while playing the game. The crosshair expands with every shot you take with a weapon and contracts when stationary or aiming down while moving. It is a critical tool that helps players understand the bullet spread of their weapon and effectively lets them know where their shots will land.

    What are the Different Types of Crosshairs in Valorant?

    There are 5 different types of crosshairs in Valorant per the default options of the game. These are:

    1. Standard crosshair in Valorant.
    2. Center Dot crosshair in Valorant.
    3. Circle crosshair with movement error in Valorant.
    4. Crosshair with short crosshair lines on screen in Valorant.
    5. Crosshair with crosshair lines on screen and movement error in Valorant.

    Valorant allows players to mix and match all the setting options to create new custom crosshairs if they want.

    How to Download a Crosshair in Valorant?

    There are no settings or UI buttons to download and change a crosshair in Valorant. Instead you need to manually install the custom crosshair configurations using text commands. There are two methods to get a custom crosshair in Valorant:

    1. Edit the game files. You can find crosshairs in Prosettings and paste in your GameUserSettings.ini file.
    2. Using Launch options via Riot Anti-Cheat.

    google valorant settings config

    Step 1: Find a Crosshair You Like

    Find a crosshair you like by either scrolling through common crosshair designs on sites like and customizing them on the Valorant client, or by talking to others in the Valorant community.

    If you prefer the approach, go to their site and find the entrance to the valorant crosshair settings page. Here you can find a mixture of around 40 default crosshairs used by Valorant professionals you can use.

    Select a setting by clicking “Select” on the entry you wish to use, then copying and pasting the text into valorant directly. Choose a pro from the drop-down list to see their settings or play with the settings yourself in either Valorant practice range or an aim trainer to find settings that feel the most comfortable.

    If you would rather get community feedback, consider asking on Valorant subreddits or using Valorant Discord servers. Most popular twitch streamers make their settings available, so seeing what settings they use is often a good strategy as well.

    Step 2: Download the Crosshair

    The crosshair can only be changed in the game’s practice range. To do this, in the Valorant client, open Collection, then Agents, and select Bragi Born Holt (New Agent). Go back to Collection and open Settings. Here players can change the crosshair color, thickness, opacity, etc. Before saving the changes, be sure to delete the n from the center dot so it is only a dot. Save, exit settings, and do not select another item in Collection before starting or joining a match or the changes will be lost and need to be reset.

    Kovaak’s best crosshair for aiming trainer custom desktop application allows players to customize and download the specific crosshair they want to use. The following are the most important settings that can be customized and loaded into the program to use as a training crosshair:

    Once in the game, line up the crosshair directly on the target heads. Complete a Greenshift, Bounce 180, FuglaaXY, or Tile Frenzy level map, focusing only on when the target is within the crosshair, and then at the precise moment, click the trigger to see if the bullet was accurate.

    Continue this process until the user negative feedback is giving. Kovaak’s game allows players to change targets if it becomes too easy. Practice is the best way to improve aim based on the chosen crosshair. The following list of settings can be entered into Kovaak’s to match Valorant’s requirements. To improve on maps with red targets, set the red/green brightness scale to 0.1. Each grid has an assigned color according to the brightness of Valorant’s crosshair map.

    Step 3: Locate the Valorant Game Folder

    Locate the Valorant game folder by locating Riot Games’ subfolder in the Windows Program Files directory.

    Valorant has a default install location, normally found in the Riot Games subfolder under the Programs Files (x86) folder on your Windows device.

    By opening the File Explorer (Windows Key + E or icon on your taskbar), you can scroll down on the left-hand side where a PC option will be seen. Here we see the Program Files (x86) directory. The Riot Games folder is under this folder for League of Legends. Here is the default path for the directory C:Program Files (x86)Riot GamesVALORANT.

    Step 4: Replace the Existing Crosshair File

    Screenshot the new image file. Then in Windows go back into Windows + R and type %userprofile%DocumentsMy GamesValorantScreenshotsLive and click OK. Locate the existing crosshair file. If there is no existing crosshair file, save the image as crosshair_0.png. Right-click on the existing crosshair file or the crosshair_0.png file you just created and select delete. Then paste the newly saved crosshair in the same folder. Safer-than-source download the new crosshair file in the same directory.

    How to Change Your Crosshair in Valorant?

    You change your crosshair in Valorant by going to your settings via the escape key on your keyboard, clicking on the CROSSHAIR option on the settings screen menu, and customizing any of the options there. There are various ways in which you can change your crosshair in Valorant. You can either choose from one of their many pre-fabricated crosshair settings–of which they have four default ones–then customize it from there, or you can start from scratch and adjust all of the options.

    These are the crosshair settings that you can change as you build it from scratch. Changing Crosshair Color in Valorant. The default color for your crosshair settings is green. You can choose the color of the outline and even your crosshairs lines. Changing Crosshair Thickness in Valorant. Changing Crosshair Outlines in Valorant. Changing Crosshair Center Dot in Valorant. When you have snap to center on, it colors your crosshair in. Changing center dot outlines. Changing Crosshair Length in Valorant. Changing Crosshair Thickness.

    Step 1: Open the Game Settings

    You open the Game Settings within Valorant by following these instructions. While running Valorant, click the gear icon located at the bottom right-hand corner. Once you have Escaped to the main menu, the gear icon should now be at the top right of the screen. Now open Gameplay settings by selecting on the Gameplay tab on the left side of the settings screen. Then go down to find X where it says Center X Offset and Y for Center Y Offset. Click the dot icon that appears above the text boxes that display the current offsets. If you want to expand the Show Crosshair settings, you can control both the onscreen and HUD element. You can choose to have either the onscreen crosshair or the HUD element to be displayed. Both, one, or none

    Step 2: Go to the Crosshair Tab

    Once you are in the settings menu, find and click on the crosshair tab which will be on the left part of your screen. Crosshair is the most top tab on the left and the crosshair sub-tab will highlight in red showing it is selected. From here you will be able to adjust your crosshair settings. You can also visit the Training range by clicking on the Practice button to see your crosshair in action.

    Step 3: Select the Custom Crosshair File

    Using the Local Disk (C:) Directory that appears after you click on the link in the Run command, go to Computer > OS (C:) > Riot Games > VALORANT > Live. This will reveal a list of files in this folder.

    Select either the TSX or live again. Now scroll down and find the alert.json file on the list. Right-click that and you want to make sure you click open with Notepad. Once it opens you can paste (Ctrl + V) the custom crosshair code that you copied into the file. Save and close the file.

    What are the Benefits of Using a Custom Crosshair in Valorant?

    The benefits of using a custom crosshair in Valorant are minor but potentially still important. Custom crosshairs are set by many players based on personal preference for improved visibility to distinguish between shadows, better accuracy when tracking their own spray patterns, or to eliminate visual clutter. These elements might contribute to improved confidence and performance in the long run.

    Despite these potential benefits, the vast majority of players manage to achieve very high levels of performance within Valorant without changing their settings. Pro player ShahZaM and other top-ranked Valorant professionals use the simple default crosshair without any modification at all.

    Improved Visibility

    Some users prefer to download crosshairs for improved visibility. As Meddo Forknote user says, “I use the small crosshair because I don’t want to clutter screen.” For those who don’t want to clutter their field of view, small crosshairs with or without dots in the center of their screen while playing Valorant are recommended by the community. While it is always a personal preference what crosshair you elect to use, sites like ValorantCrosshairGenerator can help customize a crosshair to exactly what you are looking to download for optimized gameplay. From background colors to crosshair colors, you can customize it from the point of visibility.


    Crosshairs can be downloaded in Valorant to suit your own personal preferences. Skilled players always tell you to use your own customized settings, as everyone has a different style of gameplay and uses their sensitivity settings differently. It is worthwhile that every eyou should try out new crosshairs every now and then. There is no real downside to trying some new crosshairs in Valourent (downloaded or created by you) for an extended session.

    With a tool like Aim Trainer, which we already mentioned, you can begin to understand even more how crosshairs in Valorant can impact your accuracy and win streaks.

    Sensormind has put together a video demonstrating crosshairs in this way.

    Better Aiming

    Better aiming is another important reason for players to download crosshairs in Valorant. According to ericflo from the Crosshair Generator code team at Riot HQ, they deliberately made the size standardize mechanic for all weapons except the Vandal and Phantom, Riot believes level design and time to kill separate the playerbase in various factors for reason to play with certain weapons and do not want crosshairs to be another one. Therefore on the Vandal and Phantom the no zoom crosshairs draw a variable zoom factor circle ( former fixed behavior of the Valorant default crosshairs that was used by people as for instance in training Valorant to differentiate them). This is an error on our end at the moment and will change/win is intended.

    Competitive Advantage

    The Kenyan Valorant player Prosus (isiah maliti) states that since inconsistent frames are a thing, using aim labs and other aim training programs will help you find the sensitivity you like best, and as soon as you have that solved you could lock your sensitivity down to where you prefer. It will help train movement and get you more consistent headshots. Shooting Practice is much simpler as all weapons at any distance are fired outside of the base X at the very center of the Crosshair, thus hitting the target. For move and accurate shooting, Spray Transfer Practice, Burst practice, and Crouch shooting can be optimized. Here, the use of these Crosshair playing enhancements can be further optimized and so players can exploit these Crosshairs to the hilt to obtain their expectations in their shooting.

    Are There Any Risks in Downloading a Custom Crosshair in Valorant?

    There are varied risks in downloading custom crosshairs in Valorant, but players can mitigate these by only downloading crosshairs from reliable sources such as modesttim found on GitHub. With the spread of technology and Ideas, there are Others in other to abuse that power and take advantage of less technologically inclined individuals. This leads to sites/services which advertise custom crosshairs for Valorant, but are actually malicious in nature and can corrupt a player’s in-game profile. There are plenty of less malicious software that could steal your data or invade your privacy known as adware and malware. While the issue of intentionally dubious Valorant crosshair downloads is not as prevalent as other forms of internet attack, it should still be looked out for. Players should only download crosshair customizers from sources they are confident in and trustworthy like `modesttim.`

    Adware and malware`crosshairs can degrade the user experience. Even assuming they are not intentionally evil, custom crosshairs for Valorant are a third-party tool and are not directly backed by the game’s developers Riot Games. As with any third-party tool, they can cause technical issues with compatibility or during updates. So if Riot uses a secure coding practice where the games and their files are locked down then such third-party software have a probability of not allowing itself in the game and can break it. As with any file download – always be cognizant of the possible risks.

    Compatibility Issues

    Some crosshair generators could have compatibility issues with PCs. There are many fine crosshair configuration tools to download for Valorant. Here are some guides on where to get them and what to look for!

    Risk of Ban

    The second point in the text area would be Risk of Ban (most likely individuals). If the crosshair is kept in the screen region, then Riot can detect it. DennĂ­s “Electra” simply modified his crosshair and displayed it in the same location on the screen where the in-game crosshair is shown. If Riot were able to detect crosshairs being overlaid into the screen regions, then individuals could be banned. Soon when they figure out how to detect modified crosshairs on streams, banning will probably be expanded to entire accounts that display or use the overlayed crosshair crosshair. Using the MLH Crosshair Changer tool would prevent this.

    Malware or Viruses

    There is potential for malware or viruses to be installed on a user’s computer after downloading a Crosshair from an unknown website. Developers such as B1gJohno encourage users to instead get a Crosshair or Custom Desktop Logo from other reputable sources such as VLEGOs Tools and CrunchyGranola’s Mumble Crosshair Repository.

    ScreenCrosshairs strongly recommends downloading only from reputable sources and does not have Default Dan’s Crosshair Generator on the download page.

    However, if users do choose to download official Crosshair Generator from dietmarw’s personal website out of preference, by having had a poor experience with extensions, or some other reason, it is important to ensure user security by running a piece of internet security software developed by Bitdefender which addresses all of the threats and potential malfunctions that could arise from their use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to download crosshair in Valorant if I’m a beginner?

    As a beginner, you can download crosshair in Valorant by going to the in-game settings and selecting the “Crosshair” tab. From there, you can customize and save your desired crosshair.

    2. Can I download custom crosshairs in Valorant?

    Yes, you can download custom crosshairs in Valorant through various third-party websites or by creating your own using the in-game settings.

    3. How do I change the color of my crosshair in Valorant?

    To change the color of your crosshair in Valorant, go to the “Crosshair” tab in the in-game settings and select the color you want from the color palette. You can also change the opacity and thickness of your crosshair.

    4. Is it possible to download crosshair presets in Valorant?

    Yes, you can download crosshair presets in Valorant through the “Crosshair Generator” tool available online. You can also find pre-made crosshair presets from other players and import them into your game.

    5. How do I save my downloaded crosshair in Valorant?

    To save your downloaded crosshair in Valorant, go to the “Crosshair” tab in the in-game settings and click on the “Save” button. Give your crosshair a name and it will be saved for future use.

    6. Can I use different crosshairs for different weapons in Valorant?

    Yes, you can use different crosshairs for different weapons in Valorant by going to the “Crosshair” tab in the in-game settings and selecting the specific weapon from the drop-down menu. You can then customize and save the crosshair for that particular weapon.

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