Unlock Your Inner Artist: Learn How to Draw in Valorant

Are you looking to take your Valorant gameplay to the next level? Drawing in Valorant can be a valuable skill to improve your map awareness, communication with teammates, and overall strategy.

In this article, we will explore what drawing in Valorant entails, the tools you need to get started, and step-by-step guidance on how to hone your drawing skills. We will discuss the benefits of drawing in Valorant and provide tips for enhancing your abilities.

Let’s dive in and elevate your gameplay!

What is Drawing in Valorant?

Drawing in Valorant refers to creating the ultimate ability paths of agents in the in-game agent evaluator which allowed players to plan the first 8 rounds of the game leaned toward their own strengths or known weaknesses of the enemy team when originally released. After a day and a half of release, the feature was announced to be disabled for a time out of fairness and according to further analysis by the game team.

What Tools Do You Need to Draw in Valorant?

The following are the tools you are going to need to draw in Valorant at a basic level:

  1. A computer running Windows.
  2. The free drawing tool Microsoft Paint Relay.
  3. A circular room in the same building in which to host the tournament or watch party. Non-essential but greatly appreciated.

You are somewhat limited by Microsoft Paint Relay’s lack of features in terms of making complex and elegant drawings. More advanced drawings may require more advanced graphic design software. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

How to Start Drawing in Valorant?

The absolute simplest way to start drawing in Valorant is to sketch in the Practice Range. Form an internet search habit of looking up the name of the object or person you want to draw and adding +icon +pencil sketch to it. Look for drawing tutorials on YouTube or specialty pages where professionals will share how they approach things. Try reproducing these drawings learning about the basics such as perspectives and shading, and then slowly start to modify from there to develop your own style. Use custom games with your friends and upload your own custom game from the Riot Games website to have it displayed for the entire community and played by everyone. There is no one single way to start drawing in Valorant or anywhere else. These tips should help you come up with your own method that suits your schedule and resources.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Game

Learning how to play Valorant is the first step in understanding how to draw in Valorant. Understanding the layout of the maps, rules of the game, characters, weapon mechanics, communication system, timeline, objectives, weapon purchasing, round rules, environmental features, and character abilities of Valorant will allow you to better decide when and where to draw on the map to support your team.

Step 2: Practice Basic Drawing Techniques

Basic drawing techniques are important when learning to draw in Valorant. For example, basic line drawing techniques help improve sketching speed and accuracy. To practice basic drawing techniques, you can print easy sketches on paper or practice them freehand using simple line drawings in the Sharpie Drawing Exercises module listed on the Teaching Kids Business website. You can print event posters you have created and practice filling them in with color. This can help you practice different types of shading and coloring methods. Afterward, you can see how practice has improved your fundamentals. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to teaching kids how to create Sharpie mosaic sneakers. This project would help players spend time drawing and coloring in Valorant sketches.

Step 3: Study the Maps and Characters

To be effective in drawing in Valorant, you need an intimate working knowledge of the game, including the maps and characters. Study the two maps, known as Bind and Haven, and understand where the demarcations are for agent abilities (e.g. boundaries of Breach‘s seismic disturbance). Know the agents as each has varying strengths, weapons, and abilities that will dictate strategic decision-making. This will allow you to sketch designs that incorporate the strategies unique to them.

What Are the Benefits of Drawing in Valorant?

  • Better team coordination by visualizing one’s communication.
  • Information sharing in valued by design in the map.
  • Doodles become landmarks in the map and may be used to derive strategies/interact with designs of map (e.g..,circling around containers for a quick exit route).

Improves Map Awareness

Map awareness refers to a player’s ability to know what is going on in other areas of the map, including where teammates and opponents are located and developing strategies based on that knowledge. In Valorant, knowing where an opponent is coming from and ways to disarm him, as well as plotting out different paths to reach an objective, is important. Drawing on the maps can help to develop these mental skills and make the process perform faster and more instinctively than before.

Enhances Communication with Teammates

Communication in Valorant can come in multiple forms. It can be pings, voice chat, or text chat. Communication with teammates in Valorant is required if the team is to stay connected with each other. However, issues can occur. A player can mute teammates because of frustration or focus on what they are doing. They can be in a situation that they cannot speak (ie. others present), etc., and be unable to convey what they want to say to the team. Drawing in Valorant provides an alternative interactive way of expressing unique ideas, player intent, and strategies. Instead of forcing muted or distracted players to participate, drawing in Valorant will allow these players’ input to still reach the team members through shared notes and drawings on the minimap.

Increases Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Drawing in Valorant improves creativity and problem-solving abilities as it requires the creative skills of observations and multi-dimensional thinking.
  • Drawing is another way to express oneself just like creating a new game strategy in Valorant.
  • For example, Doodle Master, a user from YouTube channel lessons.doodle demonstrated the creative animation of gun skins in episode 12 of Draw with the best.

Helps with Strategizing and Planning

One additional example of how drawing in Valorant provides help is that it assists with strategizing and planning. Though it takes time to start following the calls of professional players, planning out where one’s teammates will move and writing it down in combination with one’s strategies can be a helpful tool. Most strategies already incorporate a call for a fundamental reflank function. Consequently, planning out the steps of a spread or regroup without hindering one’s team could be extremely beneficial in improving performances.

Tips for Improving Your Drawing Skills in Valorant

  • Watch tutorials/drawing channels: YouTube is one of the great resources to learn anything and everything, especially drawing. Some great channels to follow are Proko, Draw With Jazza, and Alphonso Dunn.
  • Use drawing prompts or challenges: Drawing prompts or challenges are great ways to improve your creativity and take your mind off on what to draw.
  • Take online drawing classes: Many sites provide free or paid drawing courses which cover multiple categories and aspects of drawing. Most drawing websites can be used on smartphones or tablets as well.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player, possess a natural talent for drawing, or are working hard at it, the following drawing tips can assist you in becoming a better player.

Two most common drawing styles include forceful contour style (Forceful in the sense that it contains the muscle and push into it) and the geometric style (Simple alphabets, circles, and squares are drawn for the measurements. Perspective lines give a framework to these primitive creations. The fun part is that when viewers study these drawings, they would find it hard to predict the final outcome. As it does not depict stuff, therefore viewers would be motivated to channel their own imagination.).

Watch Tutorials and Guides

YouTube tutorials and guides are a good way to learn drawing commands because they provide visual and spoken instruction. Speed drawing is another option, though it is harder to follow than a normal tutorial because all of the portions of the process are sped up. Here are some of the best Valorant drawing tutorials and guides online provided by other artists. Everyone has their own style and way of drawing, so search and discover what works best for you.

  1. Oh Black Charcoal: Instructor emphasizes simple strokes, lines, and good use of shading when drawing Valorant scenes.
  2. Simple Mini Art: Teaches how to draw Phoenix, Jet, and Sova: good for beginners.
  3. Shadymaplesous: A speed drawing of drawing Phoenix and Jet is provided.
  4. MinMiasen: Great expressions of life-like characters in Valorant. You can see the process of how she drew Valorant agents like Killjoy and Jett.
  5. ValArt Fan Artist: Offers a variety of agent drawings and their own spin on them in the speed drawing process.
  6. Aaron Hazel: A designer provides simple versions of Valorant agent drawings for beginners pursuing ways to get into digital and/or pen drawing.

Join Drawing Communities and Workshops

  • Follow the latest high-quality art to learn and be inspired
  • Participate in community events such as Red Bull challenges
  • Seek lessons from experienced artists for technical development

While supporting her argument that it is possible to draw in video games, Cait provides an introduction to the supportive power of expanding one’s social network. Having a network of people additionally helps artists to improve. If this network is knowledgeable and competent, then it is best of all.

What kinds of drawing workshops or communities might you consider to investigate for your drawing skill development?

  1. Artstation Learning Walkthroughs and Courses: Valorant’s Executive Producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon recommends watching artists she loves, which is a great place to start. Eduardo Simioni and Leisure Squid have ways to draw agents and game logos in Valorant. Courses of selected topics for 2020 are available in the Art School at ArtStation with subscriptions available for $6.99/month.
  2. In-Person Workshops: Check in your local area to see whether there are Valorant tournaments or workshops near you. Applications such as Meetup.com or Eventbrite are great starting points if you are in a capital or major city.
  3. Game Development and Independent Expositions and Fellowships: Check information about any jam events or fellowships about video game development in your local area. Attending these can help connect you with other like-minded creatives and draw in different game contexts (including Valorant) and amongst different software configs.

Experiment with Different Techniques and Styles

Experimenting with different techniques and styles is part of the autonomous process of improving your painting. Experimenting helps players find the best balance. It involves spending time and resources on techniques that don’t work as well as the current technique and spending energy on learning new techniques. During experimentation, players may uncover alternative, creative new ways to draw with more advanced or varied tools. Another key aspect of determining the best way to draw is experimentation with advanced forms of shading such as lighting, shadow, contour, and cross-hatching.

Lighting and shadow greatly enhance an image to improve realism and give two-dimensionality to objects. Using lighting and shadow can also make the viewer’s eyes focus on what the painter wants them to notice. Contour shading and Cross-hatching are additional forms of shading. Cross contour drawing is the technique of drawing lines that run parallel to the contours of the object, making the object appear more voluminous and three-dimensional. The drawing technique where the painter uses a series of parallel lines at opposed angles creates a mesh-like pattern that works well for a background. Combine the ideas with your understanding as you take time out to experiment and one is sure to find a drawing style that suits him best.

Practice Consistently

Consistent practice is the most essential way to improve your agent’s drawing skills in Valorant. The more you draw the USP-S kill count emblem and others, the better and faster you will get, the higher quality your artwork will be, and the more versatility you will gain. Practicing drawing items reduces the amount of time at the beginning of the game spent deciding what to draw, as you know that the other team is already hard at work guessing the solution to a drawing by a creative teammate.


Drawing in Valorant is discouraged, as it is disruptive to gaming culture and the community guidelines. There is no official way to draw in Valorant, but Asтro Zуlуr, a professional female CS:GO player, showcases her drawing talent on СЯWRСREW servers. VALOP is a platform built for Valorant players to explore the game and build a creative QuasarArt profile. While the game itself does not support drawing, it may feature a recognized creative community assisting to publicize and monetize in-game art. Thus, there are some ways to draw in Valorant.

Additional Resources for Drawing in Valorant

  • Impressions drawing in Valorant from WAPEEE. One of the simplest drawing techniques available using map geometry only.

  • Pro Players drawing in Valorant from Bootcamp. Shows how professional teams draw on maps to understand strategies and share information.

  • Arty Vision drawing in Valorant by Oliver Geddes. Shows advanced drawing techniques to improve Valorant gameplay through detailed map plans.

  • Half heart gaming drawing in Valorant by Nes’ . Very detailed drawing technique explanation use to improve gameplay and strategy. It shows how to use digital tools and the game’s own built-in drawing tools.

  • There are followers on the official Valorant and affiliated YouTube channels who provide additional information on the drawing methods such as the gamer Jett Heh (ARTY VISION – Making Valorant Map Calls Easy!), ProGuides Valorant Tips, and GTech Computers.

Along with these guides, there are also Valorant custom crosshair tutorials for players who wish to use the game’s drawing tools for creating their own crossbones.

All in all, there are a range of written and video guides, as well as custom examples from professional players and YouTubers showing different ways to draw in Valorant. The best drawing technique depends on the individual needs of each player in terms of abilities, gameplay, team communication desires, and map knowledge. Viewers of this video and other guides should try various methods to see which ones work best for them and provide advantages in this fast-growing eSport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Draw in Valorant?

1. What tools do I need to draw in Valorant?

To draw in Valorant, you will need a drawing tablet, a stylus or pen, and a drawing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Procreate.

2. Can I draw in Valorant without a drawing tablet?

While a drawing tablet is recommended for more precise and natural strokes, you can still draw in Valorant using a mouse or a trackpad. However, the experience may not be as smooth.

3. How do I access the drawing feature in Valorant?

To access the drawing feature in Valorant, press the “B” key on your keyboard. This will bring up the drawing tool menu where you can select the brush size, color, and opacity.

4. Can I save my drawings in Valorant?

Yes, you can save your drawings in Valorant by taking a screenshot or using the built-in save function. However, these drawings will only be saved locally and cannot be accessed outside of the game.

5. Are there any limitations to drawing in Valorant?

While there are no specific limitations, drawing in Valorant may be limited by the size of the canvas and the available tools. You may also be restricted by time as you can only draw during the preparation phase of a match.

6. Can I share my drawings with other players in Valorant?

Yes, you can share your drawings with other players in Valorant by using the share button on the drawing tool menu. This will allow you to share your drawing on social media platforms or save it to your device to share later.

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