Mastering Pubg: Tips to Become an Overachiever

Are you looking to up your game in PUBG and become an overachiever?

We will explore what it means to be an overachiever in PUBG and how it differs from a regular player. We will also discuss the benefits of achieving this status, such as better in-game rewards and enhanced skills.

We will provide you with tips on how to become an overachiever, common mistakes to avoid, and how to maintain your status once you achieve it. Let’s dive in and level up your PUBG gameplay!

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistent practice and dedication are key to becoming an overachiever in PUBG.
  • Stay updated on the latest strategies and techniques from top players to enhance your skills.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, communicate effectively with your team, and avoid overconfidence to maintain your overachiever status in PUBG.
  • What is PUBG?

    The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game is an online multiplayer battle royale developed and published by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Krafton Inc. It was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale and expanded into a standalone game sold through several major distributors allowing for sales and reception to multiple platforms. People typically use the term ‘PUBG’ for the computer version, while users refer to the mobile version as PUBG Mobile.

    What is an Overachiever in PUBG?

    An overachiever in PUBG Mobile is a player who scores over their calibre. They achieve this by being tactical, accumulated hours of playtime experience, or by using cheats. The opposite is an underachiever. These players often play too defensively instead of fighting early on, which can be enough to ensure they regularly get in the top 10, or their solo ranking artificially ticks upwards due to fraudulent games played with hacks or cheats. Some players with less than 1 K/D ratio, who have not used hacks to boost their accounts, can be considered true underachievers.

    How is an Overachiever Different from a Regular Player?

    An Overachiever in PUBG is different from a regular player in the sense that they are able to outperform a regular player’s performance in one or a combination of the following metrics by a significant/good margin and/or do so consistently over time. The metrics being total survival time, total gunfights participated in, average survival time, win percentage, aim and shooting accuracy, healing accuracy, average damage output, and usage of medicine.

    Regular pubg players become overachievers in this Battle Royale game when they successfully and consistently improve their skill levels. They do so by spending more time playing, seeking the help of other pubg players, and improving their mental skills including the ability to make quick and good decisions. When new to the game, the total number of Bots (AI-controlled players) will be higher and give an advantage to those who do not yet possess the skills to compete with regular players. Regular players exhibit average to above-average performance against other regular pubg players with continually improving survival time and rank. Survival time (over 5 minutes), shots fired, average damage, accuracy, and total firing time increase. Regular players gather and utilize first-aid kits and boosters, average two or three kills per game, and perform top half or above finishes in more than 50% of their games according to the pubg.overtracked statistics.

    What are the Benefits of Being an Overachiever in PUBG?

    The benefits of being an overachiever in PUBG are that you can more effectively handle pressure, work better at tasks that require self-control, and are more satisfied with your life. Psychologists became interested in the topic of whether high achievers self performing people encounter higher burnout and stress, thus they conducted an experiment on two big thresholds mentioned earlier, which are self-imposed achievement pressures and tasks require self-control.

    High achievers are naturally under higher expectations and create greater expectations for themselves. Certainly they will come across the two types of stress. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Allie Lee Carlson conducted an experiment on this topic within people ages 18-44 and took 3 measures of perceived time up to exceed the peer group in order to stay awake on the task, life satisfaction, and self-esteem. The observation didn՚t point toward extra exhaustion but instead toward extra focus, engagement, satisfaction, and healthy self-regard.

    Better In-game Rewards

    In-game rewards are items that you are gifted in the game for various achievements you have unlocked. Depending on the platform such as Steam, Google Play, or the Xbox store, PUBG rewards allow you real-world currency to purchase in-game content with. In-game rewards provide new content in the game which keeps players coming back and encourages higher engagement rates.

    PUBG is rather stingy when it comes to giving out rewards for achievements. Once a player has completed his/her arcade challenges and gone up in his/her Royale Pass, it gives a general achievement and that’s all. PUBG could improve its Overachiever achievements in the game and provide more viable rewards such as pubg gold, coupons, RP, gun skins, or character skins.

    The game could provide unique avatars as overachiever achievements which are not otherwise available. If implemented under the newly planned in-game reward system, new avatars could only be accessed by winning Overachiever status. Approximating from other avatars in the game, these avatars can be sold for 200-300 UC ($3-$4). Additionally, users who achieve Overachiever status can have access to PUBG event advantages. For example, they may have access to the Erangel’s Burning Flame advantage for a day.

    Enhanced Skills and Strategies

    Playing PUBG requires a player to make quick calculations and decisions. By spending more time playing and learning from losses, players can develop and hone their strategic thinking abilities. Similarly, use of advanced techniques including pratice in sniping, mastering throwables, and understanding spray patterns are all soft skillbases that can provide an upper hand when matched against weaker opponents.

    STREAMER AYDRENN comments, “A player who doesn’t move their mouse to do anything, like if they’re not in any combat, whatsoever, and they don’t move their mouse to look around, or if they’re just battling robots then they might be a more casual opponent. It is very important to start moving around and honing skills. Below is a guide to improve key soft skills such as aiming, peeking, and recoil control in PUBG.

    More Recognition and Respect from Other Players

    There is little one can do to increase recognition or respect from other players beyond the above-mentioned strategies of winning tournaments, growing popular YouTube and social media channels (where others will promote their achievements), and joining successful e-sports organizations. One of the most successful Pubg players, Scout noted that the EvoGrounds mode allows Pro players to show off their skills against other top players who may not be on the same team as them. Scout nearly 120 views in a poll named EvoGrounds as the mode where the game can get the most competitive.

    How to Become an Overachiever in PUBG?

    To become an overachiever in PUBG, you must not only attain the Overachiever title by receiving more than 80 out of the 100 available ratification points, but continually improve how you play the game. The key to becoming a PUBG overachiever is to have experience and skill in all aspects of the game such as weapons, looting, team play, tactical movement, and map strategic decision-making.

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    Direction 1 for achieving overachiever status in PUBG is to practice quite a bit. Entering Training Mode and taking advantage of the range, the driving course, the glider and parachute course, as well as practicing peak resets, strategies, and approaches will increase your chances of being an overachiever in PUBG.

    Training by researching the best modes and settings. Load up Custom Matches (called Room Matches in Battlegrounds Mobile India) and get familiarized with the game’s mechanics, weapons, vehicles, and recoil by finishing with a major set. Examine the optimal settings for improved performance and even download mods and hacks for practice purposes. Lastly, try to learn from the best. Follow prominent PUBG players such as Shroud, Chocotaco, ChocoTaco, and WackyJacky101. Viewing tactical streams such as Chocotaco’s Livestream and Shroud’s Livestream can provide important lessons not only by their spectral gameplay but also by pointing out errors or using fresh strategies to assist viewers in sustaining their level of watch or even becoming an overachiever in PUBG.

    Study Strategies and Techniques from Top Players

    Youtube channel MENACE PUBG Mobile demonstrates some of the best footage users will find of real PUBG play.

    1. Tobi by youtube channel DWOZ shows a mixture of great engage and disengage for half the video, then the conclusion of a top tier ranked match.

    2. Mortal and Beymax gaming show a balanced approach that averages out to be an overachiever approach to the game.

    3. Levinho was the world’s top player with the highest number of kills for Season 3 and 4 in 2019. They now have over C$2000 in monthly income from fifty YouTube video uploads and Twitch channel play. Levinho delivers constant pro-grade kills and PUBG stratagem.

    4. Pikachu Gaming has over 990,000 subscribers and offers an assortment of informative clips. They notably give excellent how-tos and expose cheats to inform players on what to look out for.

    5. Biubiu Gaming is another former top player and member of the well-known Indian PUBG Mobile clan, Dynamo Gaming. He provides solid advice for the solo player.

    6. For those seeking to actually pay for lessons in specific gameplay areas they are poor at, an offer of online tutoring on ProGuides is a service which provides one-on-one interaction tailored to an individual’s failings.

    Improve Your Aim and Reflexes

    Reflexes are determined largely by the responses of the brain to certain stimuli and are also influenced by genetics, age, and sleep. Wearing sunscreen and protective gear can also help to maintain optimal reflexes. Refraining from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can help maintain nervous system function which can help prevent deterioration in reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

    Aim is illness/condition-specific and can be improved through practice, focusing on the basics, and playing other games that have direct applications in PUBG. Focusing on gaining experience is likely the most efficient path to improving, although playing games which have similar mechanics, particularly with a focus on aiming, can help improve your accuracy for hitting shots. Point and click games such as the popular mobile games Aim Trainer and Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer are useful. Aiming games with PUBG-specific practice techniques can also help. Include buttermilk and honey in your daily diet for a healthier liver function and better strength, both of which will ultimately help you improve your aim.

    Communicate Effectively with Your Teammates

    Healthy communication on a team-based game is key, and it is equally important for an overachiever looking to increase their KD ratio and wins percentage. Communicate with your team appropriately to reflect your strategy and appropriate level of play. The most important part of communication in PUBG Mobile is making your teammates aware of your moves. An overachiever should not play in a way that confuses the rest of the team.

    If your teammates are confused, they are likely to report you or ignore you and may even kick you from the team. Therefore, if you are going to be an overachiever and focus on a lot of kills, then tell your teammates in advance. If you want to be stealthy and quiet, then let your team know so they do not shoot or make noise unnecessarily and they adhere to the strategy you are employing.

    Do not talk excessively. Once your strategy is set, there is no need for anyone to listen to a monologue. When exchanging information, remember to provide only essential information and to be clear and concise with your words and in the language you use. Nobody wants a vocal teammate who blabs on and on with verbal diarrhea.

    If you are not already utilizing the in-game microphone on PUBG Mobile then do it now. Other than this, provide information about enemy locations, if you are making noise deliberately which can be picked up on enemy mic, whether you are using explosives and where you are throwing them, and give any other critical information that is necessary depending on the situation.

    Remember that no matter what your strategy or focus for the game at the time is, keeping everyone in the loop and engaged is important. At the very least your team will better understand your play style, and at best they may offer very good tips and let you in on the quick movements of the enemies.

    Stay Calm and Focused

    Playing PUBG is not enough in itself to achieve a status of overachiever. Players must also always keep their cool and maintain focus during the match. This may be more difficult than playing, but it is achievable with some self-discipline. In high-pressure situations, stay calm and focused.

    In PUBG, it is essential to maintain focus and exercise good strategy. Not being distracted by noises, your own behavior, the energy of opponents, etc. can allow you to perform at your best. Maintaining strong mental control allows you to make good judgment calls. Identifying locations of enemies, placing proper shots, and changing position during combat all contribute to making you an overachiever in PUBG. This is an important part of the strategy for winning.

    Strategies found at the bottom listed in Section 8 which is titled PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Tricks to Becoming Successful, such as always be moving and be patient are strategies that are best implemented when calm and focused.

    Staying calm is just as important a skill as the gaming skills required in PUBG. To fight against anxiousness in tight situations, it is suggested that one takes deep belly breaths, focus on the sounds of the game, and not look at the kill-feed. You must change your thinking to focus on the present and not dwell on things.

    What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid as an Overachiever in PUBG?

    The primary mistakes to avoid as an overachiever in PUBG include over aggression and bravado, psychological mistakes among yourself or teammates, making policy exceptions for one personal performance, planning for only the best case in a firefight, planning too little for short-notice play changes, over-rating your equipment, over-prioritizing personal performance over the collective, inflexibility and a lack of creativity in tactical approaches, and refusing self-improvement or training due to success or a lack of interest.


    Overconfidence arises when you take unwarranted risks based on the fact that you are too sure of your own competence and are unable to see weaknesses. In PUBG, playing aggressively without first evaluating the situation and your weapons relative to the enemies is an example of overconfidence. A foolproof way to treat such behavior is to remember to never reveal your cover to lessen the chances of getting overachiever. PsychCentral has some tips as well.

    Not Adapting to Different Game Modes

    Game mode is a set of rules enforced within the game. Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch are two common game modes in PUBG. An important part of overcoming the overachiever problem in PUBG that is generally overlooked is accepting that you might not be as effective in the alternate modes as you are in the other.

    Battle Royale Mode: In this game mode, players must find their weapons and supplies as quickly as possible. Conundrum, hunting for useful weapons, or camping to see who arrives eliminate the subliminal challenges associated with this mode which overachievers must find a solution.

    TEAM DEATHMATCH MODE: Overachievers are naturally not suited for this mode. Working in a team is difficult for overachievers who are used to being self-sufficient. There is a much more straightforward path to performance in battle royale mode. Additionally, the kill-to-death ratio drops for an overachieving player in team deathmatches which psychologically impacts them.

    Playing with a Bad Attitude

    Playing PUBG with a bad attitude can be toxic. Your attitude may determine if you can be an overachiever in PUBG. It is crucial to ensure you temper your level of bad attitude at all times while playing in order to maintain a high degree of focus and make quick decisions. A bad attitude that worsens during PUBG gameplay could cause impulsive decisions and distractions.

    Game Crew’s article entitled Attitude in PUBG and Why it is Important suggests ensuring you are well-rested before you play as one of the best means of controlling any negative attitude. Holding optimistic people on your squad may also assist in maintaining the good vibes in your squad. If you respect one of your teammates and their abilities, it is easier to follow their leadership. Teammates who are simply listening to others and communicating rather than talking can make a significant difference.

    How to Maintain Your Overachiever Status in PUBG?

    • Always Remain Active in Matches – Don’t play passively.
    • Type of Weapons – Despite constant updates, the BERYL M762, AKM, AWM, and Mk14 are just a few examples of the best weapons in PUBG. Stay confident with these weapons to maintain your overachiever status.
    • Stay Confident with Your Goal with Maps – If you are a short-range overachiever then there is no point in selecting a map where a long-range battle is the main deal and vice-versa.
    • Change Controls – This should be done to improve firing speed and movements.
    • Headphones – By using headphones, players can discover critical clues.
    • Watch Other Skilled Players – Observing the gaming style and tactics of successful PUBG players can greatly enhance your abilities.
    • Look for Flanking Opportunities – When you hear sounds from opponents, often utilize cover to evaluate their location and move to their rear or side.
    • Invest in Grenades – Since overachievers are often involved in fights, spend on grenades to optimize their gameplay.
    • Walk When Needed – Walk when you are close enough to the location where other players landed to minimize noise.

    Keep Practicing and Improving Your Skills

    Getting overachiever means that you need to level up your skills, so daily practice must take over a part of your leisure time whether you play just one or many matches. The best time to maintain and increase skills is to get down from your drop plane and dive right into the game.

    Before loading into Ranked Solo TPP, start a solo or team match in Training Mode to hone skills. The advantage of using Training Mode to hone your gaming prowess is that you are less likely to find these unique environments in actual games, and they help you quickly improve your shooting skills. Focusing on your toes rather than your thumb when controlling vehicles and consumables, and keeping your weapons equipped. In this mode, you might want to practice the speed with which you shoot to kill your enemy, your basic movements, swapping weapons, finding and reaching destinations quickly, and if it is occurring against live players, aiming skills.

    Make sure to employ Weapons Lab in the Metro Royal Mode before you begin actual rank pushing. This will allow you to perfect your shooting skills and understand map locations, as each battle location is identified and has its signature weapon.

    Stay Updated on the Latest Updates and Strategies

    Battlegrounds upgrades the game regularly. Staying abreast of the newest additions to the overage, maps, and weapons gives players the upper hand. Pay attention to what is included in the new upgrades, as some may necessitate a shift in user strategies.

    Browsing Youtube is an easy way to see someone else test the new stuff or provide strategy insights

    Additionally, staying up-to-date in PUBG forums and on the PUBG YouTube channel is a good way to find out what other users are doing as well!

    Help Others Improve Their Gameplay

    Helping others improve their gameplay is an excellent way to advance your own. By giving others guidance or advice, you may come across someone who then provides you with a valuable answer, tip, or training method that you were not aware of. Helping others is rewarding as it develops a sense of appreciation within those that you’re helping and motivation to further excel in gaming in the future.


    If you follow these overachiever strategies you can get closer to an overachiever playstyle in PUBG. The key points are to play TDM matches, PUBG Mobile’s Team Deathmatch gets you the most practice in the shortest amount of time. Study how to outgun people first before getting into tricky and complex strategies. If you follow these suggestions, it is that much more possible for you to become an overachiever in PUBG.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Overachiever in Pubg?

    An Overachiever in Pubg is a title given to players who have exceeded expectations and have performed exceptionally well in the game.

    How can I become an Overachiever in Pubg?

    To become an Overachiever in Pubg, you need to consistently perform well in matches and earn high scores. This includes getting kills, surviving for a long time, and completing challenges.

    Are there any specific strategies to help me become an Overachiever in Pubg?

    Yes, there are a few strategies you can use to increase your chances of becoming an Overachiever in Pubg. These include landing in less populated areas, mastering weapon recoil, and always staying aware of your surroundings.

    Does playing with a team affect my chances of becoming an Overachiever in Pubg?

    Yes, playing with a team can greatly impact your chances of becoming an Overachiever in Pubg. Teamwork and coordination can help you survive longer and perform better in matches.

    What are some tips for maintaining the Overachiever title in Pubg?

    Some tips for maintaining the Overachiever title in Pubg include practicing regularly, staying updated on new strategies and updates, and constantly improving your skills.

    Can I lose the Overachiever title in Pubg?

    Yes, if your performance drops and you no longer meet the requirements for the Overachiever title, you can lose it. However, you can always work to regain the title by improving your gameplay.

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