Unlock the Habibi Title in Valorant: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Valorant player looking to achieve the prestigious Habibi title in the game?

This article will guide you through the steps on how to unlock this exclusive title, including reaching the highest rank, completing contracts, and purchasing the Habibi bundle.

Discover the benefits of having the title, such as exclusive in-game rewards and recognition from other players.

Learn how to maintain the title and get some valuable tips for achieving it.

Stay tuned to elevate your Valorant experience!

What Is the Habibi Title in Valorant?

The Habibi title in Valorant is a special in-game display title that players can earn. Habibi is an Arabic term of endearment, which is generally used to convey love but can also be applied to people who are friends or acquaintances. The term is used as a marker of camaraderie among people.

The Habibi title was created by Riot Games as an in-game reward in Valorant. To earn it, players need to sign up for an account and log in as a registered user before April 5th. Users who meet this requirement are then granted a unique username and icon, which is kept even after the event ends.

How to Unlock the Habibi Title?

The Habibi title is unlocked by playing the four selected games on October 28th 2021 (date TBC) during the Valorant Anniversary Event. You make progress on the title every time you surrender or win a game. Valorant highlighted the annual occasion in their One Year Later: A Thank You Message video showing clips of happy players and remarkable plays which can be seen on the revealed version of the map Breeze. Habibi, is a colloquial Arabic word for my dear and is often used as a friendly form of address between close friends and loved ones.

Reach the Highest Rank in the Game

To get the Habibi title in Valorant, reach the highest rank of Valorant which is Radiant. This means players have to enter Radiant and finish in Radiant (not get demoted into the Immortal ranks) to get the most difficult victory stamp on their account.

You need a Rank Rating of at least 3500 to be within the Radiant tier, and you must maintain a Rank Rating above 3000 to avoid being demoted to the Immortal tier. Winning matches will assist you in earning points and climbing up the ladder. Radiant players can only be matched with or against other Radiant, Immortal, or Diamond players. To maintain their status, they must win regularly.

Complete All the Contracts in the Game

To achieve 50 Acts Coins, you will need to finish the three available contracts that grant the hearth around April of each year. Each contract grants up to 15 Radiant Points and one or more of the six required Agents. Finishing a 15 Radiant Points contract and an 8 Radiant Points contract allows buyers to easily obtain the final 2 Radiant Points from the Battle Pass and grants them the hearth. Play well regularly and save up for a legendary contract. This will suit players who are skillful with their Agents and may wish to improve their abilities.

Available as an option for the purchase of the Battle Pass for 10 EUR Members of the Valorant Champions Club can choose between one of their six contracts, each time completing one of the original contracts from Yoru, Skye, and Phoenix, and thus granting them the HEARTH. Members of the club receive the ability to select a free Legendary contract for the radiant reward that is required by completing one of the 3 relevant contracts. This covers and gives access to all who meet the player’s needs.

Purchase the Habibi Bundle in the In-Game Store

If you neither preordered the bundle nor did you get it as a gift from a friend or from gaming for a plan, this is the primary way to get the habibi title in Valorant, even though it is not the least expensive. To purchase the Habibi bundle in the in-game store, follow these steps:

  • Start Valorant.
  • Choose the store icon in the top right corner (red icon of a shopping cart).
  • Choose the featured tab.
  • Choose the Habibi on the right.

  • Choose preview bundle.
  • Choose get habibi bundle.
  • Choose show in collection.
  • Equip habibi card from within collection.
  • Upgrading from the free version which only has the habibi weapon skin requires 11,250 Valorant Points at an accumulated cost of 109 (or the equivalent in your local currency). The full bundle now returns a full 11070). The Vandal, Classic, Marshall, Ares, and Bucky guns all come with the habibi weapon of choice. The Habibi Ultra Edition bundle is the same except that it also includes a knife with habibi visuals and a Habibi icon. Jack Follet, also known as Styk0, created the Habibi skin, card, and buddies as a limited item for Valorant. The deciding factor for Habibi’s exclusivity. Jack is famous in the Valorant community for the quality of his work and his long struggle with a genetic disease diagnosed at two weeks old allowed Riot to pay him this considerable honor by incorporating his work into the game.

    What Are the Benefits of Having the Habibi Title?

    The benefits of having the Habibi title are entirely social. Displaying that you have this title to other players can have social benefits. For example, if two players have the title and they find each other in a game, they can establish camaraderie by referring to each other as habibi.

    In Middle Eastern and North African regional servers, the title can be used to bond over similar regional cultures and the speaking of languages beyond just English. It should be noted, however, that saying habibi to a stranger in real life has some of the same risks inherent as indicating you will team up with a stranger on the internet.

    When calling someone habibi (which reflects intimacy), you do not know how comfortable they are responding with similar intimacy. Use with caution based on the regional, cultural, social, and language context.

    Exclusive In-Game Badge and Title

    Valorant’s Habibi title is an in-game badge that signifies you have the complete version of the Deluxe Edition. It was a pre-order exclusive available before the game’s launch on June 2, 2020. For Valorant as of December 2021, it is unclear whether it is still possible to obtain the Habibi title badge.

    Users who try to pre-order will find the Holigram Card flip in the Valorant store locked requiring 10,000,000 second of wait time. However, on the Valorant play account rewards webpage, had awarded it for those who had bought the ultimate Phoenix Ultra Edition pack during the Pre-Launch. Valorant states that the contents available in the Ultra pack won’t be available for purchase after the initial pre-order period ends. The Habibi badge is likely one of those articles.

    The Habibi bundle provides an exclusive Habibi title, player card, and gunbuddy, as well as a circular AORus LED HUB Operator charm. The operator is otherwise available for purchase in the game and retails at 2,475 Valorant points. The Habibi bundle can still be purchased for about 2,500vp so obtaining the title can be expensive.

    Access to Special In-Game Events and Rewards

    The September 2021 Lights, Camera, Action! episode of Dev Diaries revealed that viewers of the Habibi with a Shotgun stream were going to get exclusive in-game rewards and entitlements. Smix mentioned fans getting exclusive access to in-game events on the show as well, but no such events have been confirmed as of yet. The dedication and discipline of accessing ongoing in-game events for advantageous reasons may boost one’s Habibi skillset. These rewards could be anything, from sprays or badges to exclusive in-game tasks and challenges.

    Recognition and Respect from Other Players

    The third way to get the Habibi title is by having recognition and respect from at least 50% of the non-bot player base. According to the Urban Dictionary definition used in silogel’s post, this respect is shown in game or through other forms of communication such as teamwork, or friending the player. Riot Miller also acknowledges “It is a self-reported system, based on ❤️s and mute reports. I can’t guarantee you will have the badge just because you believe you’re deserving of it if you refrain from positive actions. It might not be enough. If it is enough, the system will recognize that, in time.”

    How to Maintain the Habibi Title in Valorant?

    The Habibi title in Valorant is maintained in the same way it is received. It is not retracted for any reason after it is granted, only if the user changes their display name. Usernames in Valorant are unique and cannot be changed on free accounts following the creation of the account on which they were chosen.

    If a player named cyxar1 receives the title of Habibi, gifts it to an alternate account, and then immediately requests that the title be removed from their own account for a different title, they will still have the ability to pass the title on to their alternate account. If they had already designated someone else, then it would be lost to them if they had another name to gift within 14 days, but could be re-gifted if they were willing.

    Consistently Play and Win Games

    Based on what Riot has explained, playing and winning games is considered in awarding the habibi title. Winning games in Valorant helps your ranking and being awarded random titles, the habibi title included may increase based on higher performance in competitive matches.

    In a short video from Riot developer Laura Miele, she says some in-game valorant titles are time-consuming to earn, implying they could relate to the frequency or consistency of wins.

    Continue to Purchase and Use the Habibi Bundle

    Continue to purchase and use the Habibi Bundle after unlocking the title in case the title requires additional usage methods to keep. Some players prefer disabling it in profile settings and equipping it in the store and in regions where they are playing Valorant.

    After purchasing course bundles or level-up rewards, look for the ground within the store and in the Loadout tab under Collection. This tab will showcase a preview of all valorant gun skins and weapon bundles and equipment. Players will see a Gun Buddy feature here at Home Habibi and can opt to equip it. They must first unlock the Buddies weapon bundle before the buddy can be equipped. A mechanical drum buddy will be unlocked as soon as the Alarm Bot Buddy is unlocked in the Store. Simply return to the Collection tab and activate this newest buddy after doing so. You should now see the buddying drums on your gun when you raise it ready to strike down the opposing team.

    Participate in Community Events and Tournaments

    Riot Games and Garena regularly hold community events and tournaments in Valorant. Monitor their social media and the Valorant website or discussion forums for the announcement of special events, and stay updated with the Dignitas Reddit channel. In these events, they sometimes give out specific titles or award XP for games. The amount of XP to earn the Habibi title depends on the event, so make sure to check the information from Riot Games for each specific event.

    What Are Some Tips for Getting the Habibi Title?

    • Work with your friends to complete the challenge.
    • Change the country in your account settings if you live far from servers like the Indian servers. Local servers like the Indian servers give lower pings and less opportunity to be kicked off. If possible, locate your console or computer next to the router. Wired connections tend to offer better performance than wireless.
    • Be persistent. Alternatively, individuals have been able to complete the challenge at low pings during off-hours. However, this approach may also yield the opposing team giving up and thereby robbing you of your opportunity.

    Practice and Improve Your Skills in the Game

    The first step to get the Habibi title in Valorant is to practice and improve your skills in the game. Getting the Habibi title is not easy and being the highest competitive rank in the game or being a famous content creator are two ways prospects can increase their chances of being noticed by Riot Games. Currently users with the highest competitive ratings from the latest two acts are highlighted on Riot’s ValorantPROS website. Adding ‘#habibi’ to your in-game name to help Sofyan ‘Evil’ Benkaddour, who after losing his anticheat evasion detection role could be tracking users for other ways to choose who gets the title next.

    Find a Good Team to Play With

    Finding a good Valorant team to play with is helpful to get the habibi title. If you are trying to find the best people to play with, there are a number of ways you can do this. For one, you can go to Twitch.tv and search for individuals or teams streaming Valorant.

    When you find players or a team you like, you can start to engage by commenting on their stream or try to join their Discord server or community forum. Another option is to go to the various social media Valorant channels to post status or ask for players to join in to connect to them.

    If you feel that teaming up with not random unskilled players is hurting your personal match performance, you might want to try use social media by finding groups or forums like IGL Gaming on Facebook.

    A similar page, ValorArena, is also popular, as well as the largest online gaming community in the world, the Global gaming community, which offers a range of people who will be able to help you access the team portal.

    Stay Up to Date with the Latest Updates and Changes in the Game

    The game can change frequently as Riot Games input updates. Stay connected with what is new on all Riot Games social media pages including the Valorant Youtube channel and ValorLeaks. Daily check-ins with Riot Games’s in-game noticeboards for all current information can also prove essential.

    Not being up to date on changes and fixes might result in you failing to take advantage of new knowledge or being unprepared for new challenges. Make sure to understand the latest tactics or observe the most recent trends in choices on the maps (especially for enemy marker removal) by spectating others consistently through Twitch or other sources to spot any odd behaviors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the Habibi Title in Valorant and how can I get it?

    The Habibi Title in Valorant is a special title that players can earn by completing certain challenges in the game. It signifies a high level of skill and dedication. To obtain the Habibi Title, you must complete a set of requirements that will be listed in the game’s challenges section.

    2. What are the requirements for obtaining the Habibi Title in Valorant?
    To get the Habibi Title, you must complete a series of in-game challenges. These challenges may include things like getting a certain number of kills with a specific weapon, winning a certain number of matches, or achieving a specific rank. The exact requirements may vary, so be sure to check the challenges section regularly.

    3. Are there any time limits for completing the challenges to get the Habibi Title in Valorant?
    No, there are no time limits for completing the challenges to obtain the Habibi Title in Valorant. However, the challenges may change periodically, so be sure to keep an eye on them and complete them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the title.

    4. Can I still get the Habibi Title if I don’t complete all the challenges?
    Unfortunately, you will not be able to get the Habibi Title if you do not complete all the required challenges. The challenges are specifically designed to test your skills and dedication in the game, and only players who successfully complete them will be awarded the title.

    5. Is the Habibi Title permanent or does it have an expiration date?
    The Habibi Title is a permanent title in Valorant. Once you have earned it, it will be displayed in your profile and will not expire. However, keep in mind that new titles may be introduced in the future, so the Habibi Title may eventually become a rare and coveted achievement.

    6. Can I show off my Habibi Title in Valorant to other players?
    Yes, you can proudly display your Habibi Title in Valorant to other players. Your title will be visible in your in-game profile, as well as in the pre-match lobby and during matches. This allows you to show off your achievement to your friends and opponents.

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