Minecraft Guide: How to Get Items Without Using Cheats?

Are you an avid Minecraft player looking to enhance your gaming experience?
In this article, we will explore the different ways you can give yourself items in Minecraft without the use of cheats.
From using Creative Mode to utilizing commands and mods, we will walk you through each method step by step.
Whether you want to build your dream world or simply experiment with new items, this guide will help you navigate the world of Minecraft item acquisition.
Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:


  • Despite the appeal of having unlimited items, cheating in Minecraft can ruin the game experience for both players and the creator.
  • 2.

  • There are multiple ways to give yourself items without cheats, such as using Creative Mode, Commands, and Mods.
  • 3.

  • However, using these methods can still pose risks and it’s important to consider the consequences before making the decision to give yourself items without cheats.
  • What Are Cheats in Minecraft?

    Cheats are the settings that can easily be set by administrators that change the way the game operates so that players can gain certain benefits that are normally only available during easier gameplay modes. These settings are accessible when the game is first set up and at other points during gameplay. Cheats in Minecraft include settings that can opt players out of creative/spawning/affecting items modes, difficulty, game rule modifications, and altering the time, weather, and other environmental settings.

    In practical terms, using Minecraft cheats allows players to mine resources at the click of a button and place items outside of the normal rules regarding how items can be acquired or utilized in the game. For example, players can be placed in creative mode and simply create the items they want instead of mining them, or players can spawn endless diamond swords or enchanted items. Cheats are popular as they allow for rapid progress and offer non-competitive players a god mode where they can enjoy building creative constructions without limitations.

    Why Would Someone Want to Give Themselves Items Without Using Cheats?

    Players may want to give themselves items without using cheats for their own enjoyment and challenge by justifying it as part of the gameplay. Not using the /gamemode. or /give. cheats might result in death and item loss. This is a feature of the challenge for some players and changes the dynamic of the game to be more realistic. In real life, you can lose your items by dying. In Minecraft, you can play the game without using the cheats if you are okay with losing your items when you die (keep inventory off). Some may not be comfortable playing with lost item features.

    If this is the case, they are able to entertain themselves while still giving themselves items in Minecraft – without having to delve into secrets of Minecraft or run the risk of losing all of them. Keep Inventory can be set to *True*, which keeps your items when losing a direct game scenario like dying in survival mode. It can also be set to *False* for a completely vanilla Minecraft mode, which does not interfere with control functions but allows you to play with the added risk of full loss.

    What Are the Different Ways to Give Yourself Items Without Cheats?

    • Command blocks: Command blocks are special blocks in Minecraft with preprogrammed game command rules. These blocks can be downloaded with predetermined commands to give the player items, and they can be made in the game with commands needing cheats. These blocks can be set to be executable only by a player game mode or the player name.
    • Mods and server plugins: Mods add items, mobs, or world aspects to the game that are not included in the game by default. Mods allow players to install plugins in a modified jar file and provides plugins that permit cheatless item giving by using the /give command.

    Using Creative Mode

    The first way to give yourself items in Minecraft without cheats is using Creative mode. Creative mode is one of the two primary modes that players can use to play Minecraft (with the other being Survival mode). Creative mode was designed for builders who do not want to be limited by obtaining resources, as it offers infinite resources without any gameplay restrictions.

    The primary advantage of Creative mode is that it allows you to bypass the need to first find the items you want to give yourself but rather create the items out of nothing. Creative mode offers players a variety of different gameplay enhancements such as being able to pick up an item and instantly find it in their item menu, and build instantly using their item menu.

    The best part about creative mode is that players still have the ability to play with friends and other parts of the map. Players can easily switch between Creative and Survival mode if they want the best of both worlds. To switch modes while in-game, press F3 + F4.

    There is really no need for any article or guide on how to enable Creative mode as it is already included in the vanilla game and does not need to be bought or downloaded. It can be manually selected (after creating a new world and choosing the survival or creative mode) before starting the game, or altered using the /gameplay command. Just type /game mode creative and any player using that world will instantly be given Creative mode and all the advantages that go with it.

    Using Commands

    Commands in Minecraft allow players to change the way the game is played or invoke features that are not normally available. There are a firm set of basic commands available to players that do not have any cheat settings, as well as numerous more advanced commands that do require cheats to be enabled. These commands are typed in the chat box which is opened with either the T or / key by default, prefix them with a /, hit enter, and the game will carry out the action.

    Commands are divided into subcategories which handle actions such as command blocks, custom server commands, and cheats which allow otherwise locked features such as /gamemode and /give to be utilized. /gamemode is one of the most versatile commands and depending on the number that comes after it in the command changes parameters such as letting players fly if they normally wouldn’t be capable of it. The /give command is another of the commands that falls under the cheats category and has presumably been removed from the non-cheats menu because it is such a powerful tool for giving players items.

    Using Mods

    Minecraft mods are user-created customizations to the game that allow you to change the gameplay in new ways by altering Minecraft’s base code. They can be used to add items to the game without using cheats. Mods like Creative Mode Mod, just enough items, and too many items give players the ability to use additional features in-game that can help during a bug or to get the item without cheats. Mods can be downloaded from CurseForge, Planet Minecraft, and mods.curse.com.

    How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft?

    To enable cheats in Minecraft, you launch a world with creative mode on. Creative Mode is not exactly a cheat but allows you to use in-game cheats by default. To ensure you are able to give yourself desired items without cheats enabled in the Create New World screen, click the `More World Options…` button, set your Game Mode from Survival to Creative, and ensure the Allow Cheats toggle switch is switched off. The Accessibility and Commands options in the Settings Options menu or hotkey F3+Q can also guide you through enabling or disabling cheats in Minecraft.

    How to Use Creative Mode to Give Yourself Items?

    Creative mode in Minecraft allows you to easily find and select items to place directly in your inventory or toolbar without the need for commands. Creative mode gives you a large number of blocks and items to play with and helps you quickly access whatever you need. Combined with the infinite amount of resources that Creative mode provides, there is no cooler and simpler way to give items to yourself.

    Opening the Creative Inventory

    To give yourself new items without cheats in Minecraft, open the Creative Inventory by selecting the “Open to LAN” option in the pause menu, opening the “Enable Cheats” option, then resuming the game and typing /gamemode creative. In the newly opened item menu, search for the item you want to spawn and then simply click on the item and drag it into your own inventory. Exit out of the LAN world to save your progress and spawn the items to your real person in the game.

    Searching for Items

    When played on Creative mode, there are ways you can acquire different Minecraft items without relying on third-party applications. The best way on desktop, iOS, and Android to search for items is to type the name of the item you are looking for into the search bar after pressing ‘E’, which is the default keybinding to open the Inventory.

    If you do not know the name of the item you are looking for, you can press ‘G’ while in the inventory for a categorized look at every item. Once you have found the item you are looking for, you just need to click on it, and an unclickable stack will appear to the right. You can right-click to raise the count of that item by one, or you can type any number to extend the stack to your liking. If you have the binding change to ‘U’, you discover how that item is made in Minecraft. Clicking ‘U’ will show an unwinded, printable form of that item’s crafting recipe. If you are playing on Java edition and would like to discover its features, ‘F’ will help you with details.

    Erin Watson on windows, linux, and mac can use the TooManyItems (TMI) in-game mod if they wish for expanded information. Opening your inventory (‘I’) has different keybindings in various versions of the client. Click ‘O’ in v1.12.6 or, ‘T’ in v1.7.10 to see similar options that can be toggled on and off. TooManyItems is one of the best and most iconic Minecraft mods for easier access to a stash of items and customization of features and inventory settings. So if you choose this route, you can maximize its helpful benefits.

    Placing Items in Your Inventory

    Use survival mode to add items to your inventory. If you want to give yourself ten blocks of dirt in a two-by-four formation, follow this procedure:

    1. Place any twelve items from your hotbar on any twelve equipment sections of your inventory.
    2. Open your crafting interface by either C on your keyboard or by selecting your 2×2 side slots within your inventory container that has items inside of it.
    3. Exit your crafting interface by moving items either to chests on the right side of the crafting interface or by swapping any other twelve items back and forth in your inventory. (This is necessary to activate crafting permissions on certain devices).
    4. Select all twelve items.
    5. Open command, chat input, or search bar and type the following: /clone -113 57 176 -104 57 170 -113 57 176
    6. Newly crafted items should fall to the ground.

    For full instructions for adding any item to your inventory, see the Finding the Number ID of the Item section in Step 1.

    How to Use Commands to Give Yourself Items?

    Use commands to give yourself items by either typing /give followed by your username or /give followed by @s to give to yourself. Type a space, the item selection code (item ID or name), and the quantity as well as name of the item you want to give yourself, providing you have administrator permissions on the server. For most versions of Minecraft to give yourself 64 dirt blocks and 20 diamonds you would type /give @s dirt 64 and /give @s diamond 20.

    Opening the Chat Window

    1. Opening the chat window: The first step is to open the chat window in whatever version of the game you’re playing. Along with being a conduit for issuing cheat commands, the chat window can be used to input the chat command that allows you to give yourself items without using any of the game’s cheat codes.

    In versions of Minecraft for PC/Mac/Linux(Java), opening the chat widow is just a simple click of the T key. Just type the command /gamemode creative and the text-form of the desired item’s ID into the search box that should be in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, press esc, and the item will appear in your inventory within the list of clickable item icons.

    In an older version of Minecraft For Xbox 360, opening the chat window is activated by pressing the Y button on your controller while selecting the item category that pops up after pressing the X button. You can then type in the item ID command following a /give {ID-value} structure. The item will appear after this command without any additional necessary steps.

    In more recent versions of Minecraft for Xbox One, opening the chat window is activated by pressing the RB and LB buttons on your controller at the same time. Similar to the activation steps for the previous Xbox 360 version, after pressing the X button to bring up the item categories, just type the /give {ID-value} command. The item will appear right away in your inventory.

    In the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, you can open the chat window by either pressing T, pushing the / key, or selecting the box that reads Enter a command. The same steps as with the Java version of the game are followed. Type /gamemode creative followed by the item ID, press esc, and the item will appear in your inventory.

    In the mobile version for Android or iOS, opening the chat window and inputting a command to give yourself items is not technically possible. The item categories are permanently visible and open rather than having to be brought up as a pop-up box.

    Entering the Command

    Then enter the following command: /scoreboard players set @s s 1. This will set up the framework. You have now technically cheated using commands. /clear @p[] allows you to clear someone’s inventory remotely. This page provides information on which flags you need (arbitrary, nay?) and how to use these clear commands. This is the traditional and best way to remove items from a player’s inventory without cheats.

    If you have not enabled cheats for the world, you’re going to have to enable cheats to spawn items in the game. Cheats bring with them bragging rights that come from killing a dragon. The last thing you want is to make the game too easy. Allow yourself the guilt and satisfaction of having achieved nothing in the world of gaming. You should consider another method.

    It can become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to disable cheats once enabled. Commands became accessible in games with cheats disabled. Well, that’s nerfed commons for you.

    If you are unable to uninstall the game and reinstall it, you should give yourself a penalty. When you die, delete your character, for example. Or possibly a complete reinstall. If enough players face the same difficulty, those cheating options will eventually be made more difficult for the sake of their opponents.

    Conclusion: Don’t Grant Yourself Items Through Cheating Far More Difficulty for Self-Described “Survivors

    The game becomes significantly more difficult if you have the stress of having to meet your own moral code when choosing which command to use. On the one hand, clearing of other user’s inventories may feel like less of a cheat to some. For game enjoyment, the best way to use commands when giving yourself items is to enable cheats for the world. Then give yourself items using the commands. Give yourself items that you wouldn’t regularly obtain and which would make the game harder to play. You will then experience both ease and complexity.

    Alternatively, enact a penalty for failure or require a complete reinstallation after you’ve used cheats. Make your life even harder and don’t give yourself items in Minecraft at all. You will then be forced to do so by the game. For those who have enabled the ‘cheats’ setting for their realms, even lasting for just a few short minutes, don’t forget that using /clear with specific selectors allows you to remove items from another player’s inventory without enabling cheats for the world.

    I hope this guide has taught you how you can give yourself items in the game of Minecraft without having to enable cheats or mods.

    Receiving the Items

    At this point, you should have an Item Frame above you with the item hanging from it on the bottom. Jump up and punch to collect the item and then place it wherever you like, even inside a chest where you can more easily access it at a later time. This is how you can give items to yourself in Minecraft without cheats.

    If you summoned the item other than during a server visit, to finish, just exit the server and log back in to have your acquired items reappear.

    How to Use Mods to Give Yourself Items?

    Two popular mods for giving yourself items are TooManyItems and NotEnoughItems. These mods add an interface for browsing items in the game. TooManyItems runs on its own while NotEnoughItems needs the CodeChickenLib mod. Both mods can give the player a creative inventory and allow the player to search for items, then click and drag the item from the middle GUI to their inventory. The creator of TooManyItems removed the mod in favor of upgrading to use NotEnoughItems.

    Installing the Mod

    The Item Scroller mod is a powerful tool that lets you manipulate stacks of items in your inventory with ease. It is available for download from the Curseforge mod site here.

    Select the latest mod release available toward the top right, which at publication was an .8 MB .x jar file. After clicking on the download link, click again on the file that is downloaded when prompted. Drag it onto the Minecraft launcher and a new profile will be created titled forge, which will enable you to load the game with the mod files.

    Place the minecraftforge.jar file in the ‘mods’ folder in the game directory. If the folder doesn’t exist, you will need to create it. Then double click the minecraftforge.jar file, select the ‘install client’ box, then the ‘ok’ box. Play Minecraft to create the mods folder, then select ‘mod’ from the new profile page on the launcher. You will now have access to the world of Item Scroller, with a myriad of options such as when to move items between containers, visually organizing the player’s inventory, or even saving favorite slots and transferring items from death inventory.

    Opening the Mod Menu

    Manually add items in Minecraft by opening the mod menu, which presents you with a vast array of choice in modifying your game experience. On Java Edition, players can open the Mod Menu by pressing the Select button between the L3 and R3 control knobs on a PC, holding the right stick on a game controller, or using the ` key to the left of the number 1 on their keyboard. Upon clicking the button, players will see Item History and Not Enough Items (NEI) tabs along with options to click the Mod List, Global Search, and Profile settings. Items involving behaviors can be added by clicking on the Not Enough Items mod screen and searching for potions, food, etc. Here is the achievement for the number of items added using the mod menu.

    1. You have successfully opened the Not Enough Items (NEI) tab in Creative mode.
    2. Try searching for an item for which you know the recipe to add it for free.

    On Bedrock, the behavior of opening the Mod Menu will require the installation of a mod. Minecraft’s developer Mojang refers players to third party mods, asserting that “Mojang does not modify or add additional content to the game except for commercially available, DLCs, games … created by Mojang itself or selected third-party companies.” For those unknowledgeable about how to do so, the steps found in the Mod Menu article are an easy guide to installing mods for opening the mod menu on Bedrock.

    Selecting the Items

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    If you chose the mitemite2 (plugin), it would need to be used as an external utility to give the player heads, this would allow you to give the player heads from mobs with a similar command of /useitem give mob_head:crimson_fungus. Similar functionality as an external utility that is intended for giving players items that are not enabled in the base game. The plugin is a single-jar fork of the essentialsshutdown plugin, an all-in-one for tools for server maintenance. It is intended to let staff members deposit game-breaking items when performing routine tasks such as restarting the server or copying the map and configuration files.

    What Are the Risks of Giving Yourself Items Without Cheats?

    The risks of giving yourself items without cheats are tainting player performance tracking systems and failure to save all Minecraft worlds. Migueltzinta SolĂ­s uses a system that includes both commands for tracking personal performance and assigns rewards for good in-game behavior. Extra commands will have to be created to log inconsistent item additions, which will impact how well the overall system functions.


    There are many non-cheat methods for giving yourself items in Minecraft. These methods include making a bonus chest world, trading with merchants, visting structures to loot items, and crafting using the ruble-and-banner method. There is even a casino world where you can gamble for items, but it is lower in efficiency than other methods. The best non-cheat method to get items immediately is this list is finding one of the Minecraft Education Edition tutorial worlds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I give myself items in Minecraft without using cheats?

    You can give yourself items in Minecraft without using cheats by using the “give” command in the game’s console or by using the “Creative” game mode.

    What is the “give” command and how do I use it?

    The “give” command is a built-in feature in Minecraft that allows players to give themselves items. To use it, simply open the console by pressing the “/” key and type in “give [player name] [item] [quantity]”. For example, “give player1 diamond_sword 1” will give player1 one diamond sword.

    Can I give myself any item using the “give” command?

    Yes, you can give yourself any item available in the game using the “give” command. This includes items that are not normally obtainable in survival mode.

    Is there a limit to how many items I can give myself using the “give” command?

    No, there is no limit to how many items you can give yourself using the “give” command. However, keep in mind that giving yourself too many items may affect your game’s performance.

    Is there any other way to give myself items without using cheats?

    Yes, you can also give yourself items by using the “Creative” game mode. This game mode allows players to have access to all items in the game without needing to use cheats.

    Will using the “give” command or “Creative” game mode affect my achievements or game progress?

    No, using the “give” command or “Creative” game mode will not affect your achievements or game progress as long as you are playing in singleplayer mode. However, if you are playing on a multiplayer server, it is up to the server owner to decide whether or not these actions are allowed.

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