The Ultimate Guide to Carving a Pumpkin in Minecraft Without Shears

Have you ever wondered how to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft without using shears?

In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of carving a pumpkin in this popular game.

From finding a pumpkin to equipping a sword or axe, we will cover all the necessary details.

We will discuss what happens when you carve a pumpkin without shears and the different ways you can use carved pumpkins in Minecraft.

So, grab your tools and let’s get carving!

What Do You Need to Carve a Pumpkin Without Shears?

You need all the following to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft – a pumpkin to place in your inventory and in the crafting table, a sword of any material (but the iron sword is the most efficient), access to the survival, creative, or adventure game modes to collect materials and to light up the surrounding areas where you are working to dispel shadow-creating enemies.

Pumpkins are common, naturally-spawned map-generated plant objects (natural vegetation). By walking around a map, especially in environments where grass dominates hills or sparse forest, you’ll start noticing pumpkins. High chances mean that several of them are very close by. You can locate mushrooms, sugar cane, and cacti the same way. Each pumpkin drop gives you 6 pumpkin seeds, regardless of the size of the dropped pumpkin. Multiply 6 by the number of pumpkins you have harvested to place in the Crafting Table’s 3×3 crafting grid. Plug the swords you want to use for your initial attack in slot 1 of your hot bar. Then tear up this rest of the steps I’ve recommended to locate more luaus and make the tools necessary to begin the pumpkin harvest manually.

  • Items: 6 pumpkin seeds, wood, magma blocks, torch, iron for a sword.
  • Knowledge: How to get pumpkin seeds, octagonal honey-block rope (for non-fatal falls), and general knowledge of crafting and working in Minecraft.

A Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a common type of plant that are obtainable through seeds and stems.

  1. If you find one already planted on grass, it may be sheared to acquire a pumpkin seed
  2. The stem (pictured upper right) can be placed directly on soil or under grass to create a new patch that spreads further pumpkins

Mature pumpkins drop another pumpkin, as well as 4 pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkins commonly spawn in established biomes near the player’s base, such as forests, plains, and taiga, according to the Minecraft Gamepedia. They are occasionally generated in witch huts as live decor. Pumpkin patches are created between latitudes 37 and 39 degrees by halloween versions.

While pumpkins do tend to be found near trees, that is not always where they need to be found. Pumpkins planted with seeds thrive in further locations within well enough light and temperature circumstances. They need a minimum of three blocks of room around them for the stem to sprout and spawn new pumpkins.

Vines will grow up to 3 more blocks away from the current stem after a pumpkin patch is created. It connects with an existing stem that has an unconstrained connection with the dirt around it. Pumpkin patches are able to develop up to 16 blocks away from a stem.

Pumpkins planted in these new spots can be expected to produce about one pumpkin around every midnight when they are at full maturity, which is approximately the 8th stage of growth and when they have been exposed to light. Harvest with axes at this stage because this is when they give the maximum yield.

Pumpkins are also a better option than watermelons in respect to the number of pumpkin seeds they will yield. If shears are obtained, a stem that has now produced a mature pumpkin may be cut. In this way the stem may be transferred to a location with optimal farming circumstances to produce more pumpkins there.

A Sword or Axe

A sword or axe can be used to destroy a carved pumpkin. Both tools are generated in Abandoned Mineshafts naturally in Chest or Minecart with Chest loot. Swords deal slightly more damage per hit than axes, while axes are slower but more damaging per energy point.

Damage: Swords deal 1 additional point of damage to pumpkins, while axes deal 0.5 additional points of damage. Axes can also break the pumpkin faster than the hand, but it will give no drop if a part is destroyed this way.

A Crafting Table

A crafting table is an exceptional woodblock used for creating more complex items such as weapons, armor, and mechanisms (e.g., doors or shears). The crafting table is crafted from wood blocks, making it a necessary pre-cursor to mining iron to make shears for carving. Once you have a crafting table, you can access anywhere from a 2X2 to 3X3 crafting grid by right-clicking a crafting block. You can construct a pumpkin (or any other item/blocks that do not require more than four wood blocks worth of materials.

To create a crafting table, follow these instructions:

  • You need 4 units of any type of wood (spruce, oak, jungle wood, acacia, dark oak, or birch). Any of these trees is easily cut with your hand by selecting each wood block independently and clicking.
  • Mine your wood. Then, access your character menu by pressing the ‘E’ character on your keyboard.
  • Place each of your wood blocks into one square in the top, medium two times three grid until each square contains 1 wood block.
  • Drag your new crafting table out of the 3 by 3 hopper and place it into your inventory.

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft Without Shears?

A pumpkin cannot be carved in Minecraft without shears. First, carve an existing unharvested pumpkin with shears, and then plant the carved pumpkin to yield a carved pumpkin once it is harvested with an axe. If a carved pumpkin block is desired without a face, the standard harvested pumpkin will suffice.

The reason for this is because the carved pumpkin is a carved form of the default pumpkin allowing for the creation of jack-o-lanterns and golems. In this case, farming each provides modified forms, a hematite core in the case of iron golems and carved designs in the case of flying jack-o-lanterns.

Find a Pumpkin

You can find a pumpkin in a few Minecraft locations. First, once a pumpkin has sprouted on fully grown farmland in any biome, you can pick it up and use a carved pumpkin to add it to your inventory by breaking the block under the stem. Pumpkins can be found growing in fields within most biomes around the world, by the borders of forests, near swamps and giant tree taigas as well as near rivers, or in villages. Desert wells will have a 16% chance of generating a pumpkin or melon.

Once you have obtained carved pumpkins from the first, the second viable option is to find them often in Pumpkin Patches throughout various Overworld biomes. These are made up of hay bales, jack-o-lanterns, fences, and pigs in a mini pumpkin- and squash-dense area. These are static structures, they will appear in the same place in every world of the same seed. The third way is to grow a pumpkin yourself. Pumpkins will grow only in blocks where the base of the plant is attached directly to the hydrated soil block on which it was planted.

Equip a Sword or Axe

Equip either a sword or an axe as your weapon while best carving your pumpkin. Using your weapon allows you to determine if you picked the right object without the hassle of maneuvering items in your hotbar.

In the game, both a sword and axe are considered melee tools. Using swords and axes has its advantages and disadvantages, helping you better tailor your playstyle. The sword is a close-range weapon. You must virtually touch your enemies for it to work, although it is often extremely lethal. Flails are one of the most useful weapons for close assault. The axe, unlike the sword, has the ability to block an attack, which lessens the damage to two points. Downside is it is incapable of scantier attacks and not to mention the struggle to hit enemies with an axe. If this is not your forte, feel free to start by picking up the axe, then swap to the sword if you think it suits you better.

There is a command to craft an axe in Minecraft: G-N-O-M-E. If the command doesn’t work, pick up some wood planks in Minecraft’s crafting table. Make your way into the crafting area and begin developing wooden planks. Make your pickaxe stick using the planks you produced. The axe will be ready for you.

Place the Pumpkin on the Ground

To make it easier to carve a pumpkin without shears, you should place the pumpkin on the ground. In Minecraft, angled switching between the sword and an empty slot can still chevy chopping off your pumpkin. To be certain and prove this, simply place the pumpkin on any solid block that can hold it and click the pumpkin with the sword to start carving.

This method is effective in both enlightened pumpkin carving as well as in the dark when there is no light. The unequipped tools of pumpkin carving carve up a pumpkin just like always, making a mess of things in the same manner as the old switcheroo. It’s easy and aids when looking for a new way to carve a pumpkin without scissors on mobile, an iPad, a desktop, or any other type of computer. You are not giving up anything, you are just dropping it.

Use the Sword or Axe to ‘Carve’ the Pumpkin

After planting the pumpkin once, you can use a sword or an axe to carve it.

If you are holding a sword and you right-click the planted pumpkin block with it, the pumpkin or stem will disappear, leaving the face carved pumpkin to drop on the ground as an item. The same happens if an axe is used. There are no statistics to show which is the better tool, the sword or the axe.

What Happens When You Carve a Pumpkin Without Shears?

When you carve a pumpkin without shears in Minecraft, a carved pumpkin item is added to your inventory. Once removed from the player head slot, the player will be separated from the carved pumpkin item which remains in the inventory as a carved pumpkin block. In addition, it maintains the same functionality of a regular carved pumpkin in being a passive helmet that allows vision in water.

The carved pumpkin is also used to place the Pumpkin Pie and Helmet of Revealing crafting recipe in Minecraft modpacks that include Tinkers Construct, MagnetiCraft, Thermal Foundation, BakeryCraft, Thaumcraft, or any other mod that corresponds to the same crafting recipe setup.

The Pumpkin Will Change Appearance

When harvesting a pumpkin in Minecraft without shears, players will notice it is visually different from a normal pumpkin that was not carved out. Sheared pumpkins have a light and hollow look to them which is a sure sign that it has been sheared and the carveable block has been effectively separated from the main body. If you are picking them up, sheared pumpkins have virtually no weight and drop to the floor immediately after being mined.

Carved pumpkins that can be equipped as a Minecraft helmet appear similar to a sheared pumpkin when not on the ground, with the interior of the pumpkin being hollow and some pumpkin flesh visible. The equipped carved pumpkin has a white grid with the block grid lines being visible whereas the sheared pumpkin is visibly empty with only the shell of the pumpkin being shown.

The Pumpkin Will Drop Seeds

If the pumpkin is uncarved, when it breaks (if using any tool other than shears), it drops up to 3 pumpkin seeds (which can be replanted on farmland to grow more pumpkins or to breed chickens). If the pumpkin is carved, using a regular tool other than shears to mine it will result in 4 pumpkin seeds dropping as a regular pumpkin does. The semantics of (up to) 3, 4, 1 ess descended items has caused some confusion in the formula of upgrading carved pumpkins.

What Can You Do With Carved Pumpkins in Minecraft?

With a carved pumpkin, you can make a Snow Golem or Iron Golem that help in combat, or a Jack o’ Lantern which acts as a four-sided Glowstone or Torch block to provide light. They will be relevant if you need an expendable Golem fighter for a one-time encounter, a Golem fulcrum for an iron trap or a home safety system with Jack o’Lantern lights.

The Snow Golem is made with 2 snow blocks on the bottom and a Carved Pumpkin on top (meaning it does not need shears), while an Iron Golem uses the same materials with an additional 4 iron blocks. Jack o’Lanterns are made by combining a Carved Pumpkin with a Torch in the Crafting Table. A Carved Pumpkin can also be worn on the player’s head (in Survival mode without shears), and it is the key component in creating the Iron Beast of the Forest.

Use Them as Decorations

In the annual Halloween event, all of the decorations can use final pumpkin pieces such as Jack ‘O Lanterns or pumpkin seeds when carving in Minecraft, and be set to carve as well.

  1. Place them as block decorations
  2. Use them as a safe new light source letting you forget the annoyance of TNT mining and ores crushed by falling anvil
  3. Use them as armor against the ever-endangering pumpkin projectiles during the Halloween event

Create Jack-o-Lanterns

Jack-o-Lanterns are a block that provides light when placed. Unlike the whole pumpkins that you can carve, Jack-o-Lanterns in Minecraft can’t be created by adventure-mode players. Similarly to cooked fish and porkchops, this provides a way that creative-mode and spectator-mode players can tell that a pumpkin is carved.

Jack-o-Lanterns are obtained by removing the face of a carved pumpkin that can produce a scary ability of survival oranges. Any tool can do it, even simply attacking it by hand. Pumpkins spawn frequently in Minecraft on grassy and dirt paths. They can also be planted on farmland. Carved pumpkins can likewise be used to make Jack-o-Lanterns that can light your path at night when you do not have any torches available, although their light level is not as high as torches at only 13 as opposed to 14.

Use Them in Crafting Recipes

If you find that you have pumpkin seeds but don’t have them in the ground for a pumpkin plant to be growing, the only other useful thing to do with them is in crafting recipes. You can use Food Plus to make pumpkin flour (the main ingredient in pumpkin pie) for most pumpkin-related cuisine needs. You expand the head in 157 words… By combining pumpkin seeds with rice powder and wheat flour, you can create different kinds of pumpkin pies with varying time gaps for hunger restoration. You may also create gelatin, mojito bottles, and pop flowers utilizing pumpkin seeds. Before you can plant pumpkins within the grounds, pumpkin seeds will be the jack of all trades in terms of alternatives. Leafcutter bees aid in pollinating pumpkin crops and it appears pumpkin flowers from pumpkin flour gain the ability to generate energy from a feast in the Minecraft environment. This practical alternative could be one of the more useful tactics on the list if pumpkin farming has not yet been established.


This article explained how to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft without shears. To get a Pumpkin Helmet, Jack O’ Lantern, or Pumpkin itself on the player’s head, use shears on an empty jack o’ lantern. To carve a diamond or gold outline into a book or a lit jack o’ lantern, use the shapeless recipe of a sword in the crafting grid. Beneath the picture, left-click and hold the game item to place it on the crafting grid. These uses where shears are not required are the only ones available for carved pumpkins in Minecraft.

The Mixed Reality Developer at ArtGlass, Max Kovalyov, states that in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.2 and other later versions of the game, using shears on an empty jack o’ lantern was intentionally disabled to match the functionality of the Java Edition. By crafting the jack o’ lantern item that can be equipped to the player’s head, or by gaining experience by making a how to make a pumpkin pie in minecraft cake, players can increase their enchantment capabilities. The game facilitates a rare head slot enchantment called Respiration by allowing a carved pumpkin to be equipped directly on a player’s head without having to manually disable it.

If the player keeps mouse the Minecraft Jack O’ Lantern item in one of the nine slots of the hotbar, scroll forwards on the mouse wheel or use the number key that corresponds to the carving pumpkin item. After selecting it, right-click and hold to place it on the head.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft Without Shears?

Carving pumpkins is an essential skill in Minecraft, and with Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to learn how to do it without using shears. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about carving pumpkins in Minecraft without shears.

Can I carve a pumpkin in Minecraft without using shears?

Yes, you can definitely carve a pumpkin in Minecraft without using shears. There are a few different methods you can use to achieve this, and we will go through each one step by step.

What materials do I need to carve a pumpkin without shears?

To carve a pumpkin without shears, you will need a few things: a pumpkin, a sword or axe, and a crafting table. You can also use a pickaxe, but it may take longer to break the pumpkin.

How do I carve a pumpkin in Minecraft without shears using a sword or axe?

The first method is to use a sword or axe to carve the pumpkin. Simply right-click on the pumpkin with your weapon in hand and it will start to break. Once the pumpkin breaks, you will have carved pumpkin pieces that you can use for decoration.

Can I use a pickaxe to carve a pumpkin without shears?

Yes, you can use a pickaxe to carve a pumpkin without shears, but it may take longer. The process is the same as using a sword or axe, but it will take more hits to break the pumpkin.

Are there any other ways to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft without shears?

Another way to carve a pumpkin without shears is to use a crafting table. Place the pumpkin in the crafting table and you will get carved pumpkin pieces. This method is useful if you want to carve multiple pumpkins at once.

Can I still use shears to carve pumpkins in Minecraft?

Yes, you can still use shears to carve pumpkins in Minecraft. In fact, using shears is the quickest and easiest way to carve a pumpkin. But if you don’t have shears or want to try a different method, now you know how to carve a pumpkin without them!

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