Learn How to Easily Create a Mod in Minecraft – Step by Step Guide

Have you ever wondered what a mod is in Minecraft and why you should create one?

Mods can enhance your gaming experience in countless ways, from personalization to community sharing.

This article will guide you through the process of creating your own Minecraft mod, from choosing an idea to testing and sharing it with the Minecraft community.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced modder, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Let’s dive in and unleash your creativity in the world of Minecraft mods!

What Is a Mod in Minecraft?

A Minecraft mod is a modified version of the original game that changes gameplay, introduces new features, or improves some aspects of the game. Modifications can allow for rich variations, adding fun elements (from new pets, to guns, to portals to new game dimensions) to the boring base game. For this reason, most people who play Minecraft on a regular basis will have at least a couple installed on their systems. There are three broad categories of Minecraft modifications:

  1. Add-ons – simple mods penned to add new elements or replace old ones.
  2. Plugins – mods that introduce new features or game enhancements but cannot modify the game’s core.
  3. Mod packs – clustered mods that have similar game intentions.

Why Create a Mod in Minecraft?

Creating a mod in Minecraft offers an engaging way for users to improve the game. Some Minecraft mods have made dramatic improvements and changes to the game such as yielding an RPG element, expanding the monsters in the game to provide more variety and fun, or simply adding animals to the game. Users frequently create mods which are able to correct bugs and issues in the game and provide small modifications.

Mods which have sought to simplify gameplay, help automate tasks, or add features requested in the community have led Minecraft to be more fun and easier to manage. Nonetheless, in order to create a mod users must possess the following prerequisites:

  • Java Programming Knowledge: Minecraft is built with Java, so you must be familiar with that programming language. Even those people who are proficient in coding language of other games have claimed that learning Java was easy, taking less than a week.
  • Your Own Mod Idea: Some users might look to others for inspiration but if you can have a mod idea of your own, you have a mod that is unique and that you are passionate about.


Personalization in Minecraft Mods involves enhancing the experience of another mod by creating one that is tailored to work with it. It is one of the fundamental ways to create a mod from scratch as a new mod is being created to fill a gap or develop the user experience or to add utility when another mod is used. Examples of personalization mods are:

  1. SoftWire Integration with Mekanism that makes items move more intelligently
  2. The Gamestages Mekanism Personal Extension that restricts access to Mekanism features until specific milestones are reached
  3. The Silent Gear Addons Mod that facilitates integration between Silent Gear and other mods


A minecraft mod is a creative solution and is evident in the 1.13 Aqua Mod where coconuts are programmed to drop coconut milk. The game does not offer a coconut block that can be crafted or spawned so the mod adds Coconut Milk as shown by the popular Pigs in Trees channel. To obtain it a player had to interact with another item that is not typically consumed within the game.

It does take 10 of them to make Coconut Milk which can be considered a waste of tuna but in reality, tuna doesn’t have any use of its own in Minecraft. There are more than 50 blocks or items in the game that can be clicked with a bucket to get milk, and this is a wonderful detail that was overlooked by this mod’s team, said Youtuber Burglie Stroud while discussing how to obtain milk by right-clicking an empty bowl on a mooshroom.

Another way to justify this mod is to treat it as a means to change tuna into a mini-milk alternative that can be carried and consumed in larger amounts. The way that Coconut Milk is treated as light noglittered water is never explained in the mod to hint why the actual physics of a coconut are different. This expands the creativity of gamers in imagining for themselves why Coconuts have such a unique relationship and how it could alter the real-world physics of the game environment.

Community Sharing

After creating the mod, the simplest way to get it out to the community is to upload and share the Minecraft Mod JAR files to the community file-sharing platform named CurseForge. Mods shared on CurseForge are added to the Twitch launcher, making them easily accessible for casual players. On top of that, CurseForge makes it an easy transition when moving from at-home only mod development to open-source software development as it already has a large user base. It operates on a freemium model. Creators can access the software and get listed on the Twitch launcher free of charge, while a premium subscription option which includes project and file management, tasks, discussions, and bug tracking with project stakeholders.

What Do You Need to Create a Mod in Minecraft?

To create a mod in Minecraft, you need the following. Some of these resources will depend on the specifics of your project, including whether you choose to use Minecraft Forge, Rift, Spigot, or another modding architecture.

  • A development environment: This is where you will write and compile your code, create builds, test your code, and commit to version control. We recommend IntelliJ IDEA for most modders, Eclipse is the plan B.
  • Rift: This is the lightweight, easy-to-use programming interface, known to have compatibility with many other mods. Minecraft Forge: This is the most popular development platform. It is heavy, but still easy to use. Kotlin for Spigot: For mods for the Minecraft server version of the game, you can immerse yourself in Spigot to modify, add, or remove elements of the game in the form of plugins written in Kotlin.
  • Java programming language: This is the most common programming language for mod development. You can create cross-platform mods using Java that are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • GitHub accounts: Use this as the repository for your mod’s hosting. This will make it easy to share your mods with others, as well as to backup and restore your mod project files.
  • Minecraft: Play the game so you better understand what you can and cannot do in terms of new mods. Every modder has come up with an idea that seemed fantastic theoretically, but when they tried to create a mod, they found out Minecraft doesn’t work that way.

Minecraft Modding Software

Minecraft modding software includes Java coding environments Eclipse and IntelliJ, Minecraft Forge, API libraries CodeChickenLib and Render Player API, and tools for making assets such as Tabula, Substance Painter, Block Banch, and Lumion. For new modders, these programs provide a simple, user-friendly way to create mods for Minecraft, with many of Forge’s core features like custom blocks, items, entities, advanced graphical systems, world generation, ore/spawn/sound management, and patch resource loaders.

According to the Minecraft Forum, the basic tools modders will need to craft Minecraft modifications are:

  1. IntelliJ or Eclipse for modding.
  2. Git to manage your dependencies/source control. Git can be set up to auto-download and push changes to/fro.
  3. Java Dev Kits.
  4. MCP Suite for working with the obfuscation environment. Editor for modifying Minecraft mods, but I’m sure there are others out there.
  5. IDEA plugin.

Java Programming Knowledge

Along with setting up a workspace in IntelliJ IDEA, Java programming knowledge is highly beneficial when learning Minecraft mod making. Understanding Java’s syntax and how classes, packages, and inheritance work is essential if you want to employ and expand on existing Minecraft functionality.

If you are not already experienced with Java programming, start learning the basics of Java and then move on to learning Java that specifically relates to Minecraft modding. A fantastic Minecraft mod-making resource to start learning the java programming language is the LearnJavaOnline.Org platform where Java programming can be taught in one’s web browser without having to download and install any programming language-specific software.

As it does not overwrite the original game’s code, Minecraft Forge allows modders to develop their mods in a way that is safe from creating fatal errors. If an error does occur, mods can be uninstalled without causing any negative impact on the original server or user account beyond this mod. All of this is greatly assisted by knowing Java and the syntax and structure of its descriptor files. Before moving on to the source code of a mod, a modder should learn how to make the metadata (descriptors) files for his mod.

Minecraft Knowledge

Before modding Minecraft, users must gain sufficient Minecraft knowledge. That is because it is important to understand the Minecraft settings (and the system of JSON which is how the game is configured) as modding is an extensive procedure that can go so far as to require you change the configuration settings of your game. You must also understand the mechanics of the game and have a good understanding of command blocks.

There are numerous free resources available online, both text and video, where users can learn everything they need to know in order to mod their game. The Minecraft wiki is an excellent starting place and there are countless other tutorials and guides available.

How to Create a Mod in Minecraft?

To create a mod in Minecraft, download the Minecraft Mod Developer Kit (MDK), then extract and import it into a new Java project in an IntelliJ IDEA environment or similar engine. The MDK will provide you with an environment to write code, check for bugs, and export as a ready-to-use file. It also starts you out with more specific utilities like blocks, items, and even some simple custom crafting recipes to make your mod development smoother. SonarLint is an optional JetBrains extension for programming with the goal of finding coding errors as you develop. Once the mod is completed, use the Java JAR File Export function in Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA’s GUI to pack everything into one handy JAR file.

Choose a Mod Idea

How to create a mod in Minecraft? The first step is picking an idea. Ideas abound for new mods in the Minecraft community. Minecraft mod ideas for beginners include simple tweaks – such as adding new ores, blocks, or items in the game – while advanced Minecraft mod ideas can involve anything from new challenges, tiered systems, or mechanics. When high production value mods are your goal, feel free to be creatively ambitious.

Download and Install Modding Software

There are two types of software you will need to download and install modding software.

The first type of software creates a new game with which you can mod. This is the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP). MCP is a tool that helps mod developers decompile the source code and navigate their way around.

The second type of software is required to put those codes and changes back together. This is known as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and Forge is the most popular IDE modders use. It is a coding software to help work together all the modding items and blocks added during the coding process by MCP.

The Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP) and Forge are some of the best tools for modding. Here is how to install MCP and Forge.

Code Your Mod Using Java

After setting up IntelliJ to develop a Java application, you can begin coding your new mod. Each Minecraft mod has its own unique Java package name path where each source file will go. When code is functional, it can be wrapped into a JAR file, which could be moved into the `minecraft/mods` folder. IntelliJ’s Java compiler can convert source files in the project to the `jar` file. Now you can run the Minecraft instance, and load your mod.

The major variation of each minecraft version are the block/item/othermod manager classes, and occasionally the version of the Minecraft API jar, which gets updated by mojang each version. For the sake of demonstration, put this minimally functioning example ModMain content into the main.java.com.javacodingskill.freemods mod package. In this example, this mod creates a new item, named example_item, that is afire when dropped, which looks like a sample_textured stick.

File named ModMain.java:

Put this in the main.java.com.javacodingskill.freemods package

public class ModMain {
public static ItemStack example_item;
public static final String MODID = “freemods”;
public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event){

public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event){
public void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event){

To use added Mod functionality for different events, add to the respective event class in the main.java.com.javacodingskill.freemodscode as shown in the Intellij IDE blocks and items template.

Test Your Mod in Minecraft

After both setting up your modding environment and writing enough code to add new functionality, it is time to see it in action. You can start your minecraft service through your modding environment. Check the minecraft forge setup guide if something in your steps is not working. Here are some ways you can test your mod in your minecraft game:

  1. Type the /reload command by just pressing ‘t’ while in your modded game, which should show up the results of any potential errors existing in your built code.
  2. Load your mod to see how it interacts with your world
  3. Use your mod to make sure the specific desired additions or changes you’ve made are visible

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Mod

The following are tips and tricks for creating a successful Minecraft mod.

  1. Size Matters – Keep your
  2. business rules small. Divide larger functionalities into smaller and simpler components to enhance overall modularity and flexibility.

  3. Adopt a Good Workflow – Be consistent when working, using reliable sources and easily recognizable patterns of behavior to ensure that minor tasks don’t limit your major progress.
  4. Understand Minecraft’s Internal Systems – Understand how to write and apply systems in order to make the most of your mods in Minecraft.
  5. Create Docs and a Wiki – Providing live documentation can facilitate community mod support.

Start with Simple Mods

Starting with simple Minecraft mods helps you learn modding faster and can also make the whole process less overwhelming which reduces the possibility of mistakes. When moving to create more complicated mods, you’ll find that the skills you’ve developed are now helping you to understand the more complex material in an easier manner.

MCreator is a great way to start making your own mod, and can provide you with a gauge on whether or not making mods is really enjoyable for you before committing to learning the more advanced and difficult process. If you find a real passion for mod-making during your time with the deisgner, Java coding will be a logical next step for you.

Utilize Online Resources and Communities

The official Modding Minecraft wiki is a source of extensive documentation for mod developers. Another highly reliable source is The Ryan Video, an educational YouTube video that outlines and explains classic mod development processes with reference to a simple mod that adds new swords to the game. CurseForge, the primary tool used by developers to share mods, has a bustling community with forums and release pages for mod authors to share ideas, find collaborators, and provide feedback.

Continuously Test and Refine Your Mod

Another essential part of the mod creation process is to test and refine your mod. This involves starting with basic functionality testing before moving to major design flaws and refinement activities. This process allows for immediate feedback on the mod throughout the development life cycle. Mod developers have the best of opportunities to test and refine the mod by engaging with their mod’s end-users and obtaining feedback.

Data regarding the steps in how to create a mod for minecraft and Tips on Minecraft Mod Development can be found on the MCreator and Minecraft Wiki websites.

How to Share Your Mod with the Minecraft Community?

You share your mod with the Minecraft community by performing the following steps:

  1. Publish a Mod Page or Repository: Use either the Minecraft Modding pages on FabricMC or CurseForge. Both have mod lists and, for developers, repositories where you can make their mods available to the public.
  2. Use a Mod Loader: A mod loader such as Fabric is needed for fabric mods. Content from Fabric Wiki has a short and simple overview of the features and benefits of the Fabric mod loader versus Forge. There are thousands of Forge mods, so it is still the best loader for adding mods that already exist. Fabric allows users to easily create mods with features they want.
  3. Target Large, Active Communities: One of the most active communities is on Reddit at r/feedthebeast.

Join Minecraft Modding Communities

The first step in learning to create a Minecraft mod is joining the existing communities of people who program mods in the game. These communities for Minecraft modding are easy to access and range from forums to chat groups and Reddit threads. These communities give game creators the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others who are making similar mods.

The following are the main Minecraft modding communities:

  • Minecraft Forge’s community forum with space for mods and modders to connect.
  • The Technic Platform offering modpacks including Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, and Void Launcher providing similar services and opportunities to network.
  • r/feedthebeast r/Minecraft and r/moddingMinecraft on Reddit constantly advertise opportunities to join like-minded game creators online.

Upload Your Mod to Mod Hosting Websites

The next step after creating a Minecraft mod is to upload it to mod hosting websites. The Minecraft website maintains a Planet Minecraft section for uploading mods. Uploading your mod provides it with visibility to the larger Minecraft player community. Additionally, online platforms for other storage solutions or exchange of digital images, videos, documents, or games are available for uploading minefields as well which include Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Patreon (where you can charge for it), GitHub and others. After setting up an account with your chosen platform, some will require you to complete your profile. Once everything is set up, the upload process is fairly simple. Generally, it will involve hitting the upload button, finding your mod file on your computer, and selecting it for upload. Once uploaded, a link to view and download your mod should be available. This link can be shared on your mod page, on social media, in online gaming forums, and other locations for those wanting to access your mod.

Share on Social Media Platforms

By sharing your Minecraft mod on social media platforms, you can increase its visibility. Share your mod to get more downloads from sites like Modrinth or CurseForge. Modders and mod users can exchange information through social media platforms, share their creations with the world, and even support each other. Favorite platforms for sharing mods include Reddit and Discord.

Reddit has a huge gaming community including active minecraft players and modders. There are various subreddits where you can share your mod. The most popular include:

1. r/MinecraftMods
2. r/mcmodfinder
3. r/MinecraftModDevelopment

Reddit mods burden users with a large list of rules and remove content that does not abide by them, so use Reddit as your first platform only after you have made a mod that works and listen to feedback. Discord has specific servers to connect modders and players and frequently speak with each other. Favorite ones include the Fabric Mod Development server, Minecraftforge Mod Development, FerreusCraft Modding Server, and the Boss Modding Universe.

YouTube and Twitter are great ways to raise awareness as you develop, build, and share your mod and interact with your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mod in Minecraft?
A mod is a modification or addition to the game Minecraft that changes its gameplay, features, or appearance.

How do you create a Mod in Minecraft?
To create a Mod in Minecraft, you will need a basic understanding of Java programming and use a third-party software like Eclipse or IntelliJ to code and compile your Mod.

Can I create a Mod in Minecraft without any coding experience?
While it is possible to create a simple Mod in Minecraft without coding, it is highly recommended to have at least some basic knowledge of Java programming to create more advanced and functional Mods.

What tools do I need to create a Mod in Minecraft?
To create a Mod in Minecraft, you will need a Java development kit, a code editor like Eclipse or IntelliJ, and the Minecraft Forge software to integrate your Mod into the game.

Can I use existing Mods as a base for my own?
While it is possible to use existing Mods as a base for your own, it is always best to create your Mod from scratch to avoid any potential compatibility issues or copyright infringement.

Are there any resources available to help me create a Mod in Minecraft?
Yes, there are many online tutorials, forums, and communities dedicated to helping users create Mods in Minecraft. You can also find helpful documentation and guides on the official Minecraft website.

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