Mastering Minecraft PC: Quick Tips for Efficient Item Movement

Are you struggling to efficiently move items in Minecraft PC?

Explore various methods to quickly move items, such as using the mouse and keyboard, the inventory menu, and the hotbar.

Learn about the different types of items in Minecraft PC, including blocks, tools, weapons, and armor. Understanding how to move items effectively is essential for smooth gameplay.

Find tips, tricks, and common mistakes to avoid when managing your inventory in Minecraft PC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know the three methods for moving items in Minecraft PC: using the mouse and keyboard, the inventory menu, and the hotbar.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of items in Minecraft PC, such as blocks, tools, weapons, and armor.
  • Efficiently move items in Minecraft PC by organizing your inventory, utilizing hotkeys, and using storage options like chests and shulker boxes.
  • How to Move Items in Minecraft PC?

    To move items in Minecraft PC, you can use the mouse to (click and drag items), or use the Shift and Click method. The Shift Click method is to place the cursor on the item you want to move, and then press and hold Shift and click either the middle mouse button or the number one through nine to move the item into an empty slot or the corresponding hotbar slot. Using the middle button scroll wheel makes moving items much faster.

    Using the Mouse and Keyboard

    Quick moving items using the mouse and keyboard is the primary way to move items in Minecraft PC. Holding a shift key and clicking a stack of items in the player’s inventory allows for the quick shifting of those items from one position to another.

    A dirty stack of at least 64 cobblestone stones is then created and if there is no space in the inventory, this stack can go to a free slot in the hotbar or to an existing stack of that item. Scrolling the Mouse Wheel has a similar function to the shift key and can make moving items easier.

    Using the Inventory Menu

    To quick move items in Minecraft PC using the Inventory Menu, use the Double-Click, Shift-Double-Click, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-Shift-N, Ctrl-P, or Ctrl-Shift-Left Shift techniques. These are the methods available in the Inventory Menu to quick move items. This %sCommanderPeeps tutorial (2020)%s shows the various presentation methods used in these different ways of quick moving items using the Inventory Menu. All of these methods are only functional in the inventory menu or through a ranged container (such as chests or barrels). These methods are the easiest way to move items around if you have a surplus, and can perform simple tasks like moving items from a chest to your bar alongside more complex strategies like quickly crafting multiple tools without having to move items individually.

    Using the Hotbar

    The primary method of moving items in Minecraft for PC is by using the item hotbar. To do this, press or scroll to the correct hotbar number to choose the block or item you want to transfer, then right-click to transfer off the hotbar or left-click to place it into a slot on the hotbar. After doing this, press the number corresponding to the particular slot to grab the item quickly.

    What Are the Different Types of Items in Minecraft PC?

    The different types of items in Minecraft are Blocks and Items that are not blocks. Blocks refer to any item that takes up a cubic space when placed. This includes solid blocks, liquids, and transparent blocks. Non-block items include everything that is not a block, such as tools, such as the pickaxe, weapons, such as the bow, and armor, such as iron leggings. Players use blocks to craft and build and use non-blocks to travel faster, be protected, and fight.

    The core types of items in Minecraft are unstackable items, which include armor and stackable items, which include pickaxes. Armors prevent players from taking damage. Stackable items consume either stack size-specific or random amount of space. Players cannot combine different kind items, such as armor with pickaxes, to save space.

    These other kinds of items take up more complex types of space within a players inventory. According to the official Minecraft Wiki page on Unstackable items, armor, pumpkins, enchanted books, blueprints, mob heads, horse saddles, shields, written books, the Elytra, buckets, and filled bottles are some of the common unstackable items in the game. According to the official Minecraft Wiki page on Stackable Items, armor can be classified as stackable as well. All other types of items in the game are typically some kind of Stackable Items.


    In Minecraft, blocks are the most commonly moved items. You can pick up most block items and set them down in any desired location. Moving certain plants, liquids, planted crops, farmed crops, arrows, and vehicles follows the rules for moving blocks. This method works for both creative and survival modes, but it is faster and easier in creative mode as you do not need to worry about pickaxes to break blocks that are in the way. You can use quick move (Q) to move blocks to other available inventory buildings or out somewhere to avoid deletion for them. In survival mode, high levels of Netherite tools will collect all but the most unusual of terrains, which won’t need to be cleared due to having no current or expected building project hazards as their debris.

    The process of moving items in Minecraft from the quick move button (which is `Q` on PC and `triangle` on PlayStation is simple and can be done in under two seconds. Start by selecting the item you want to move. Hover the pointer over the item you want to move to reveal the quantity in the bottom right. Press the drop key `Q` to move the selected item to the active box of your hot bar or inventory. This moves the item from your `cursor` to your `active box` where it is ready to be dropped, placed, thrown out, or moved elsewhere. Once in the active box, you can use the number keys `1 – 9` to switch to the block you want to drag and place it, or just press the `Q` bar again to do it from the active inventory.


    • Tools include axes, hoes, shovels, pickaxes, fishing rods, shield, flint and steel, bow, crossbow, shears, clock, compass, spyglass, and other essential items used within your Minecraft game.
    • They are kept in your hot bar or inventory depending on how frequently you use them. You can switch to a tool by selecting it from your inventory, then when the tool is in your hand you can drag it to the spot you want it to be placed.
    • All tools can be removed from the hot bar in the same way by hitting the # key of the tool you want to remove, replacing that spot with another item in your inventory.
    • The method of moving between quick stacks and other applications for moving items, such as tools, is straightforward. You typically press the left mouse button to move one item or press Ctrl + the left mouse button to move one stack when manipulating the hotbar.
    • Unlike when moving items to or from containers in your inventory, where Shift + left click moves everything from the hotbar or inventory in the mouse’s vicinity.


    We can quickly move weapons from our hotbar to our inventory by pressing Shift and the corresponding hotkey. To move items quickly between our inventory and the hotbar, we can assign hotkeys to different parts of the hotbar. So what are the Weapons allowed in the game are Pickaxes to mine various things, axes to chop lumber, shovels to dig, bows and arrows to shoot, swords and tridents to fight, crossbows to shoot arrows, and shields to protect against attack from weapons and damage by fire.

    Ideally in Adventure and Creative modes, all the tools except the trident can be made of wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. Shields can only be made from wood and iron. Weapons in Minecraft that aren’t included in the above category, like hoes, are not used as weapons as these items can hardly be used as weapons that can hit your enemies.

    Even though this approach means we can only get hotbar shortcuts for a maximum of 9 hotkeys, we can simply tune weapon are usable via the numbers 1 through 9. with ten items we can cycle through with the number keys because we will have two items out of reach and unused – excluding either the zero or equals keys. The item in the ten spot (either zero or equals) will never be reachable with shortcuts.

    If you know you want to switch from one item to another that is not adjacent, a more micromanageable approach uses the scroll wheel and assumes a one-handed player is clicking up or down. Remember to look away from the bad guy for a split second as you are switching items. This allows you to escape super attack sequences.


    In Minecraft, armor protects a player from taking damage against incoming attacks. There are six types of armor, ranging from 4 defense points (2 armor bars) to 10 defense points (5 armor bars). From least to greatest protection, these types of armor include leather armor, chainmail armor, golden armor, iron armor, diamond armor, and netherite armor. All armor types except for netherite can be moved in one stack by dragging and dropping. Netherite armor requires one final step, as it is moved by right-clicking with the nugget rather than dragging and dropping. The process of picking up your armor and moving it in Minecraft is outlined below.

    1. Defeated mob. Kill a mob and it will drop its armor. (Armor durability remains the same even after being defeated. However, there is a percentage chance their weapon doesn’t drop; if the mob does not drop one of their armor pieces on death, then this may explain the lowered percentage.)
    2. Drop and pick up. Drop or right-click if wanting to wear the new armor on the corresponding helmet, chestplate, leggings, or boots slot. Pick up to immediately retake possession, or step back to allow the mob to de-spawn and then pick up.
    3. New stack. Move the stack from the inventory drop to armor slots or vice versa.

    Why Is It Important to Know How to Move Items in Minecraft PC?

    Knowing how to move items in Minecraft PC is important because players may need to bring items with them as they navigate the world and explore caves and strongholds. Many items, such as food, torches, and weapons, are key to survival in the game, and it will be difficult to progress without them. Players must know how to avoid accidentally dropping and losing these essentials when moving them from one place to another.

    Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Moving Items in Minecraft PC

    An efficient way to quickly move items in Minecraft on the PC is to master a combination of clearing storage, using various types of storage, transporting minecarts, and utilizing water flow. Use item pipes or hoppers to move items around automatically in water or lava based systems. And you can speed up the movement of items by building fast-moving water-based streams with stairs or bubble blocks to direct their flow.

    Organize Your Inventory

    Organizing your inventory involves creating a quick move system in which key items are highlighted and easily accessible during play. Moving items in your inventory is done with the help of the cursor for PC play (not by tapping the screen) by using the Left Shift key to place items in your equipped set and by using the hotkey bar. The hotkey bar is a tool that can channel your power by keeping tabs on up to 9 important items at once and is made via going into the inventory settings field and dragging items into position in one of the 9 hotkey slots. After that, you can go and press the number keys on your keyboard (1-9 for the slots) to activate the tools in the hotkey bar, quickly swatch to them or use the items in the selection.

    Use Hotkeys

    Hotkeys are commands that allow users to use their keyboard to perform functions. In Minecraft, one of the most useful hotkeys is the number pad to which the nine main inventory slots are mapped. To map an item from the main inventory to the hotbar, simply press the corresponding number key, pick it up, and press the same key (or middle mouse) to discard it back into the main inventory.

    When doing this over an item that already exists in the main inventory, the two will swap positions with the hotbar. This is a very efficient way to swap an item from the main inventory and the hotbar and vice versa. This is a very helpful way to move differently placed items to the hotbar in a very quick and smooth manner. Hotkeys have become such a prominent part of PC gaming that there are countless options and configurations available to customize to the player’s liking.

    Utilize Chests and Shulker Boxes

    In Minecraft PCs, a Shulker Box can be easily crafted by building a chest with a Shulker shell placed in the middle of the crafting grid. It will keep all of its items when broken, and the box can be stored in the player’s inventory without dropping the items it contains. The Stakcable Variety field will be automatically organized by the quick move shortcut (default middle-click) which places those slots first into the shulker. This will keep the Shulker stored with all the same blocks next time it’s accessed and the process is done all over again.

    Chests stack on top of each other in the same way. The idea is to set up some dropped items tunnels with buckets of water which essentially acts as an item elevator and send the items to the top of your item retrieval system. Right-click the hopper at the top of your item transportation system and unload the water into the top of the shaft. The items will fly into the hopper and be sent towards your chests with whatever filter you’ve selected. To distribute that water flow to other nearby hoppers, simply create a simple trench along the floor of the raised section. Hoppers have 5 inventory slots. At the back, a chest can be placed to take out the hoppers that are full of other junk. This might be worth it, as the system is of limited size, meaning that it is more likely to cause clogging problems.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Items in Minecraft PC

    Mistakes to avoid when moving items in Minecraft PC include not using double chests and not placing things in the right order. Players often ignore the forced item sorting rules and mix different kinds of items, making it difficult to find the items they need. When the different rows of items do not naturally intermingle, it can take considerable time to find them again. Players who find themselves regularly searching for specific items are probably not organizing their chests correctly or simply have too many items and should consider condensing their organization system or looking for more storage.

    Another mistake causes similar problems but comes from spending time on advancing storage abilities when it is not necessary. A large chest can hold as many items as 4 single chests but can make searching for lesser-used items difficult if there are too many items. Always consider the best balance of space and ease of access for a situation.

    Accidentally Dropping Items

    On the Minecraft PC edition, to quick move items in and out of your inventory, you can use double-click and the number keyboard on your non-mouse hand (typically on the right side). If the player controls do not seem to be working, you can try returning to the original set of controls. To return to default controls, go to Settings > Controls for the in-game controls and Settings > Mouse & touchpad > Additional mouse options > Switch to Hardware and Device settings > Keyboard > Update / roll back driver for mousing controls in the operating system settings.

    On a desktop or mobile view of Minecraft, players can use hotbar slots of the Inventory Interface to double tap items into or out of inventory.

    If you drop items in Minecraft, left-click or touching will pick the item up, while right-click or touch-and-hold will allow you to pick an entire stack up. In terms of chests, there are new moves that have been added to make it easier (see the section on moving inventory items in and out of chests for full details).

    Not Checking Inventory Space

    A common mistake made by new players when moving items in Minecraft is not fully checking their inventory space. Note you can only move a certain number of items from the left side (resource side) to the right side of the Inventory (tool side). This is equal to the amount of space still remaining in the tool slots.

    Myth of Empires game tester Feacy Wisply demonstrates how to quick move items in Myth of Empires. Here, she shows that she has an empty slot in the rest of her tools on the right, as well as 25 cobblestones. Because of this, she notes she can left-click on the cobblestones in the crafting box, which will put them in the first quick access slot. Since this leaves some items inside the inventory, they can be moved or shifts as needed.

    Not Utilizing Hotkeys

    Not utilizing hotkeys makes the process of quick-moving items much slower. If you are not already using hotkeys, they can take a short time to get used to but then provide improved efficiency moving items. It is helpful if you create personal shortcuts for drop and pick blocks which can be found in Settings and Controls.


    Here are three steps to quickly move items in Minecraft on PC. The first of these steps for quick item movement in Minecraft is by dragging and dropping. Second, hold shift + double-click on the item you are holding to move the items you are looking at. The final step is to control + middle-click on the item(s) you want to move to seek out other nearby stacks of items.

    For those that need more trouble-shooting, there are keyboard and mouse shortcuts such as placing more items on the hotkeys panel and using the pick block mouse function for quick item selection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I quickly move items in Minecraft PC?
    To quickly move items in Minecraft PC, simply hold down the right mouse button while hovering over the item you want to move. Then, drag the item to the desired location in your inventory or storage.

    2. Can I use keyboard shortcuts to quick move items in Minecraft PC?
    Yes, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly move items in Minecraft PC. Press and hold the Shift key while left-clicking on the item you want to move. Then, move your mouse to the desired location and release the Shift key to place the item.

    3. Is there a faster way to move multiple items at once in Minecraft PC?
    Yes, you can use a combination of keyboard shortcuts and mouse dragging to quickly move multiple items at once in Minecraft PC. Hold down the Shift key, left-click and drag your mouse over the items you want to move, and then release the Shift key to place them in the desired location.

    4. Are there any mods or hacks that allow for even faster item movement in Minecraft PC?
    While mods and hacks may exist to speed up item movement in Minecraft PC, they are not recommended as they can compromise the integrity of the game and may result in game crashes or bans.

    5. Can I quick move items between containers in Minecraft PC?
    Yes, you can quick move items between containers in Minecraft PC by holding down the right mouse button while hovering over the item you want to move. Then, drag the item to the desired container and release the right mouse button to place it.

    6. Is there a limit to how many items I can quick move at once in Minecraft PC?
    There is no specific limit to how many items you can quick move at once in Minecraft PC, but the larger the stack of items, the harder it may be to control their movement. It is recommended to move smaller stacks at a time for more precise placement.

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