Top Up Your Valorant Account: A Step-by-Step Guide for Easy In-game Purchases

Curious about how to enhance your gaming experience in Valorant? Wondering what exactly “topping up” entails and how it can benefit you in the game? Look no further!

In this article, we will delve into the world of Valorant and guide you through the steps of topping up your account. From creating a Riot Games account to selecting payment methods, we have you covered.

Discover the perks of topping up, such as unlocking new agents, purchasing battle passes, and more. Let’s get started!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. Valorant was announced on March 1, 2020, via Riot Games’ official website and was officially released on June 2, 2020.

The game was first known by its codename Project A. It was developed under the direction of former Riot Games employee Joe Ziegler and former CS:GO pro player Salvatore Garozzo (also known as moose). Garozzo was hired by Riot Games back in 2018 to work on a game designed to lead the FPS genre in a new direction that would emphasize abilities as much as shooting skills. The name Valorant was confirmed on March 2, 2020; and on March 30, the game was released as a closed beta.

Valorant is set in the near future on Earth, where Radiant and Valorian groups battle in a hidden area referred to as the Dark Areas for control of the territory. For the time being, Riot Games has no plans to release Valorant on PlayStation or Xbox.

What is Top Up in Valorant?

Top Up in Valorant is a payment activity in which players add credits to their game account to purchase in-game items such as characters, weapons, and upgrades in order to further enjoy or progress through the game. Top Up is based on a free-to-play model that allows everyone to play the game for free, but entices players to invest in new items through microtransactions. Valorant’s in-game shop provides a good amount of flexibility. Players can opt to unlock new weapons, cosmectic gun skins, character skins, gun buddies, player cards, or even new agents with the help of premium currency. Premium currency cannot be earned, and called Radianite Points. Players must buy VP points in NA, Latin America, and South Korea, or RP points in most other regions, which can be earned by playing the game or by using real money. This is the main way that Valorant developers make money.

How to Top Up in Valorant?

In Valorant, the excitement of getting moves up on the leaderboard can sometimes lead to tension when you technically reach the higher decile of the same skill tier. This presents problems for people who push themselves to try to crack the top ten of a skill tier, only to discover that there is no possible way for them to move up because there is no rank above the one they’re in. Top up has become synonymous with pushing beyond one’s limits and discovering the upper echelons of a seemingly limited skill.

In gaming circles, topping up is shorthand for giving oneself a competitive edge by enhancing personal play tactics or acquiring valorant top tier accounts and valorant profession team accounts. These are accounts in higher skill tiers or ranking that can be purchased to achieve greater success with less effort – breaching the upper ceiling, or top, of one’s current ranking tier.

There are two ways to top up in Valorant: Topping up by pushing beyond limits and gaming the system to achieve a higher rank through legitimate means, or implementing dishonest tools and techniques to lie and cheat as a way to top up.

Step 1: Create a Riot Games account

To top up in Valorant, you must first create a Riot Games account. An account on Riot Games is not specific to Valorant or League of Legends but can be used for any of their games where the same login system is in place. The centralized Riot Account is a temporary account type Riot is calling a PNA Account right now until all games are migrated to a single Riot Account type.

If you have used a Riot Account on another Riot game (such as League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra), then you can use the same account to log in to either the Valorant cryptographic authentication system (`VGCA`) or the Riot Account login page, and purchase Valorant Points or use them for in-game features.

If you have not used a Riot Account before, you’ll need to sign up. Google `Riot`, click on the Sign-Up button in the top right corner of the page, give your email, password, date of birth, choose a username, and agree to the terms of service, then click Sign-Up.

Step 2: Purchase Valorant Points

The primary method to get more agent contracts, act contracts, and even power up your mobile chroma becomes to spend real money on Valorant Points via their integrated commerce platform in the store of the game.

The price of the Valorant Points in the United States ranges from $4.99 for 475 VP to $99.99 for 10,700 VP. In the Korean Riot games store, the price ranges up to a maximum of 109,000 KWP. You can perform microtransactions at a set price for cosmetic items with this RP (Riot Points) currency.

Riot Points cannot be put directly into accounts for the game and must be replaced with Valorant Points to be able to purchase anything in Valorant. After buying the necessary Valorant Points they can be accessed in the game shop.

Step 3: Launch Valorant and log in

After you buy the Valorant points and select the activated code, go to an interface like Redeem Valorant Points. Copy the unique code of prepaid cards to this interface. Occassionally there is a lag in getting the unique code recognized by the Riot Game code quickly after activation, so if you try to get your points and have problems, give it a few minutes and try again. You should see Valorant Points added immediately. Now, launch Valorant and log in before heading to the in-game store to use the newly collected points.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Store’ tab

There are multiple places in the Valorant user interface where the term ‘Store’ is used, but the main section to access top up windows is in the agent’s purchase area during the buy period of the game. Click the Minimap icon to open the drop-down menu and click Agents. The purchase area has tabbed sections that allow you to purchase a primary item, ability items, and from the ‘Store’. The user interface is dynamic based on whether you are playing as an agent in your game or watching as a spectator, but the location of the tab to buy a top up will always be within the purchase area in the main User Interface recipe.

Step 5: Select the amount of Valorant Points you want to purchase

You are linked directly to an Riot Games’ payment page with voucher amounts that you can immediately purchase. If you are on PC and purchase direct from your computer, the preferred currency is dollars. If you are purchasing on a mobile device, euros are typically the only local currency provided for the transaction.

  1. Log onto Riot Games Payment Page: Riot Games – Valorant Purchase Page
  2. Select Valorant from the list of games. The points and local currency will be listed.
  3. Select the amount you want to spend. This will change dynamically to reflect both the cost of the currency you have chosen as well as the time-sensitive voucher deals that may be available.
  4. If you have one, enter your voucher code. The amount and other previous steps are optional if you have a total code. Once you enter the voucher amount, the payment will proceed.

Step 6: Choose a payment method and complete the transaction

On the checkout page, enter your name and billing address in the designated input fields. In the Choose a payment method section, choose either ccCard or to manually enter your credit card details. Fill out the credit card input fields including the credit card number, expiration date and security card number. Then click Submit.

If using cccard, select the tier payment method to complete the transaction by providing the serial number and pin.

Step 7: The Valorant Points will be added to your account

You have successfully redeemed Valorant Points. Congratulations! After insertion of your Credit Card details, you will see a page like the one displayed on this image. At this point, the easiest way to ensure your Valorant points have actually been loaded is to simply log in to your Valorant account. The number of purchased VP points will be visibly added to your existing points (if you have any).

What are the Payment Methods for Top Up in Valorant?

The payment method for top up in Valorant is credit card or your U.S. or Canadian Google Play and Apple ID account. For gamers in Apple’s App Store, Valorant’s in-game currency Radiante Points can be purchased with cash through their Apple ID accounts. The following documents must be submitted to load the account in Apple ID service:

  • Your account number
  • Your billing address
  • Your company’s legal name
  • Local, national, and other tax registration numbers
  • For corporations, a registration number with government-issued authorized articles
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • For government entities, a government brochure, phone number, or ID number
  • An assignment author from a partnership
  • A sole name or trade name registration notice
  • A state or other government identification number, if available

Credit/Debit Card

In most countries, if you are playing in the Riot-owned servers of VALORANT, the usual credit and debit cards can be used to top up your account with Radiant points. The game is played on the PC platform as of March 2023, to see if more platforms support this. Riot Games, the developer of VALORANT, works with third-party transaction service providers who can process payments from most cards that are accepted in the country of the player.

If the company in the interest of expanding the access of the free-play model to poorer or more cash-focused societies takes more direct payment methods, this section should be updated to reflect that.


PayPal is a simple and safe way to top up your Valorant account that lets players purchase VALORANT Points at local currency rates for which user data does not need to be directly submitted. To make a purchase with PayPal, users simply link their credit card or bank account to their PayPal account, and can then use their PayPal login credentials and almost any digital device to purchase things. PayPal is best for purchases on devices with less secure connections, or anywhere there are potential high-risk connections.

Players need to note that because PayPal cannot be used for micro-transactions the same way the supported game store wallets can, PayPal fees will always apply on the purchase of VALORANT Points. The cost for VALORANT Points will be the same as purchasing from the bill directly. as of now, PayPal fees apply even if players are purchasing by credit card.

Given the fees they can charge and that many hacks and fraudulent charges have been processed using PayPal accounts, individuals may want to consider other payment options or limit when they use their PayPal accounts.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards which are relevant to your region and can be pre-loaded with money from gift cards or credit cards can be used for topping up in Valorant. You purchase them in denominations ranging from $10 to $100, and use them to top off your Riot Points which may already be partially or totally paid for by other means.

These cards are not considered gift cards because the money is stored on them, accessible only through using the 16-digit card number and three-digit security code. Riot Games does not accept all common prepaid cards though. Non-acceptance can be due to technical issues placing charges or because special fraud rules from prepaid card companies do not allow them to be used for international online transactions. To find out if you can use a prepaid gift/prepaid card to top off your Riot Points, check the card’s website before attempting to redeem it.

Looking for prepaid cards in Asia-Pacific where credit card use can have so many restrictions? Some highly regarded prepaid cards in the region include Nets’ Flashpay (Singapore), Palawan Pera Padala (Philippines), and OVO’s, Gopay’s, and LinkAja’s digital wallets (Indonesia).

Mobile Payments

There are limited options to top up Valorant using Mobile Payments such as platforms like PayPal in ANDI3, ID3, or Nadeshz3, but if the Valorant regional payment page does not show mobile payment options, which seems to be more common, then it cannot be done. Users can try locally available mobile payment methods as another option, but this is unlikely to work.

What are the Benefits of Top Up in Valorant?

The benefits of top up in Valorant are more clearly seen as part of Riot Games’ semi-indirect game launcher system. This is where you can purchase and use Valorant Points in other games offered by Riot. Riot is using Player Levels throughout their games and Valorant that players achieve by progressing through a central game launcher.

Moreover, Although every agent and most skins can be earned for free, More than 90% of the content is not purchasable with game currency and is only available as a top-up purchase. This game is designed for you to spend money to get premium content. There are benefits to paying real money for those desirable agents and items. Top up solutions such as Boku, Nexi, Make Moves, Worldpay, NTT-Resonant provide a safe, secure, responsive and easy top-up process for Valorant players.

Unlock new Agents and skins

New characters and skinned weapons can be purchased or earned with Valorant Points known as RP if the player wants to top up. Additionally, new agents can be unlocked when a player earns enough experience by playing, which is also another form of valorant point.

Riot Games often conducts closed beta testing (cbt) of its game and makes beta keys available to selected participants. These beta invites are of different values based on the country, but they usually include valorant balance.

Purchase Battle Passes

Players may top up in Valorant by purchasing Battle Passes. Battle passes are premium content that gives players access to extra unlockable cosmetics and weapons. A player can only have one battle pass. Players earn Valo Points through using the battle pass. The battle pass premium track costs approximately 1000 VP.

There is no standard price for a Valorant Battle Pass. The price can ultimately be as high or low as Riot asks per chapter. Many other games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite charge a similar amount for their premium content. The price of the battle pass that comes exclusively as a reward for loyal players is exactly what all those valuable points a player has earned should be spent on.

Upgrade your weapons and abilities

After the purchase phase, another thing that you should definitely consider for your round is upgrading your weapons and skills. If you have money in valorant after already purchasing weapons and abilities, you can spend that on upgrading from one tier to another. Buying either a gun or unique character ability that is one tier higher than you currently have is an upgrade. Weapon upgrade to the tier-2 pistols of the Sheriff, Ghost, or Frenzy will set you back 800 Creds. Upgrade to superior rifles such as the Phantom, Vandal, their tier-2 versions, or pricier sniper rifles like the Operator or Marshal are priced at 4,000 Credits or higher. Gun upgrades are permanent and you do not lose the upgraded weapon if you are later killed during the round. Ability upgrades are minimal and can be used by valorant players when they have extra money during gameplay. Upgrading weapon and tactical abilities such as a flame bomb (i.e., Molly) is purely strategic, as these upgrades do not make them more damaging. Upgrading Sage’s Healing Orb makes both the cooldown time and healing strength better. Upgrading Sova’s Recon Bolt allows you to use the ability more frequently as it reduces the cooldown time.

Support the game developers

Supporting game developers at the utilization level means making in-app micro-purchases, and using the virtual pre-paid cards called Valorant Points. Players need Valorant Points for unlocking Premium Skin bundles, additional Agent contracts, exclusive weapon skins, and other game cosmetic features.

Players get 10% credit back to acquire Radiante Points. Radiantes Points are unallocated (i.e., wagers). In part because of the gambling aspect of Radiant Points and the terminology surrounding them, a number of regions (most notably Belgium) have not implemented riot’s payment system for them, and in those countries it is technically against the user agreement to put any money into the system to get Valorant points.

Spend those Riot Points once you have them! Why let them just gather dust? Here are some simple steps to help support the game development team by making in-app purchases:

  1. Set up a payment account: After launching the game, click your username and go to the VALORANT store.
  2. Rewards: While the in-app shop is available, your payout information, including point balance, should be easily accessible.
  3. Start spending: Select the kind of fuel you wish to use from one of the available options, add it to your cart, and complete the purchasing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Top Up in Valorant?

To top up in Valorant, you can either purchase in-game currency through the official game store or redeem prepaid codes available at various retailers.

2. Can I top up my Valorant account with real money?

Yes, you can top up your Valorant account with real money through the official game store.

3. What are the available payment methods for Valorant top-ups?

You can use credit/debit cards, PayPal, or redeem prepaid codes to top up your Valorant account.

4. Is there a minimum amount for Valorant top-ups?

Yes, the minimum amount for Valorant top-ups varies depending on your region, but it is usually around $5 USD.

5. Can I top up my Valorant account from any country?

Yes, as long as you have access to the official game store or prepaid codes, you can top up your Valorant account from anywhere in the world.

6. How long does it take for the top-up to reflect in my Valorant account?

Top-ups through the official game store usually take a few minutes to reflect in your Valorant account, while prepaid code redemptions may take up to 24 hours.

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