Mastering Valorant: Learn How to Remake in This Ultimate Guide

Are you a fan of Valorant but unsure about how the Remake feature works in the game? Look no further!

We will dive into what Valorant is, explain what Remake is, and guide you on how to effectively use this feature in your matches.

From identifying AFK players to understanding the benefits and limitations of Remake, we’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned for tips on how to make the most out of this valuable tool in Valorant.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a 5v5 first-person tactical shooter game developed by Riot Games, the American video games publisher known primarily for League of Legends. In this new style of gameplay, players select one of a wide variety of agent characters and fight against another team. They place four spiked objects called spike carriers to detonate at specific locations to win the game. Game rounds average around 90 seconds and money gained every round.

What Is Remake in Valorant?

Remake is an option in Valorant that allows a match to be restarted if either team has a player that leaves during the buy phase or who is disconnected before the first round start. It lets the team with the missing player start the match evenly, and it exempts players from the concerns for how an incomplete game will affect their stats.

Valorant developers recommend teams use the option to remake the game with fewer than five players. Remake can be used for unrated mode, ranked mode, custom games, or tournaments where the match isn’t canceled. You can use the remake feature by typing the number from 1-5 as a vote of stacking players, with 5 as the maximum number of players stacked into a team.

When Can You Use Remake?

You can only use the Remake option in Valorant if a player on your team has disconnected within 2 rounds of the match starting, and before someone has been killed. You cannot use it if the departing player was intentionally killed before they disconnected. This rule is in place to prevent users from exiting matches early using the Remake feature to avoid the penalty associated with leaving early. The two-round time limit is there to ensure that a player on the opposing team does not steal the player’s computer during the match during the time when they are trying to reconnect.

A match with multiple Remakes occurring is cancelled and does not count as a competitive match, even for teams who did not participate in the remake. This system is in place to prevent teams who are losing a match from repeatedly spamming the leave button in hopes of restarting a match, which would obviously be cheating. Though you cannot use the Remake function after a player on your team intentionally leaves, the team that stays in the game may still voluntarily surrender if they meet certain conditions. (differs from game to game) In League of Legends, teams may surrender beginning at 15 minutes]

How to Remake in Valorant?

  1. Press ESC and Open Settings UI.
  2. Press the Social tab.
  3. Left-click on the player you want to add.
  4. Press the Add Friend Button.

Remaking in Valorant is a way of saying to your other team members that you’re willing to skip an unbalanced game. Remaking is an option that allows teams to start a new match without receiving temporary or permanent bans for having to leave the current game due to AFK or not being able to play situations. Remakes do not contribute to a player’s record (ranked or unrated) and are as if the match never happened. Situations for remakes are if a player leaves during the first 90 seconds of a match, or a team has a player that has not chosen a character the entire match.

According to Heather Nazareno, the steps for initiating a Vote to Remake are:

  1. Open the chat interface following a paused match.
  2. Type /remake.
  3. Issue a surrender vote through the settings menu if approval is needed during the “Win the round” process. Press ESC > Open Settings UI > Issue Surrender Vote.

According to Riot Games Support, these are the steps for initiating a remake:

  1. Open the chat interface with ENTER during a paused match.
  2. Issue the vote for the remake with the command /remake.
  3. of the vote to remake with the command /remake.
  4. F9 if approval is needed during the “Win the round” process. Open the Settings menu to surrender by pressing ESC > Open Settings UI > Issue Surrender option.

Valve, the developers of CS:GO, have shown no interest as of 2021 in implementing a quit piece or similar remake mechanic. This is why players from Counter-Strike resurrected the custom CS:GO Remake Map. When someone on your team leaves during the warm-up phase or shortly after the match has begun, an overlay will pop up letting the user know that, by majority vote, he can restart the game. Nine out of ten players must vote Yes, similar to the surrender vote system.

Step 1: Identify the AFK Player

In Valorant, remaking is initiated if a player has disconnected or disconnected and is unable to reconnect before the end of the warm-up period. The surrender and remake threshold is passed and the option to remake with AFK has already been passed when the player returns to the game. Most players will immediately announce their intention to remake. If they do not, wrapped by CTR + /ff, or if they only begin to reconnect after the warm-up is over, the option will already have passed.

Only players who have experienced technical issues and are attempting to return, will know for sure if they are already past the point of no return. This is emphasized here because by nature of AFK the individual is no longer present to inform the team if they are making a return.

Step 2: Type in the Remake Command

Tap your chat menu button to open it in a game, then type /remake and press Enter at any time before the first attacking round starts, the Fourth player reconnect notification, or the end of two minutes. Players will get a vote box and the game will make an assertion on whether it will continue or not from there. Once more than 70% of the players in the game accept the remake vote, the game pauses for the 2-minute countdown.

Step 3: Confirm the Remake

Players must then type /remake into text chat to confirm the remake, as all players must confirm the vote. If players attempt to exploit the remake system and all just exit the game after a teammate abandons, they WILL be handed a surrender sanction, thereby penalizing them for misuse.

The following screen will show up after a player types /remake which tells players that their re-make has been confirmed.

The following screen tells you that your rematch has been requested, though one or more players have failed to confirm it yet, so you might as well hope that no one was still connected to the game and trying to play for hostage stakes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Remake in Valorant?

The main benefits of using Remake in Valorant include skipping long games where the team is down one player, avoiding progression penalties, and getting around hacker-infested servers. Remake gives a free out to a team that has no hope of salvaging a ranked match due to the departure of a key player. The best part is that Remake is available to both teams, and teams frequently start a Remake vote when they realize they are seeing the same back-and-forth game as virtually all overtimes except one player has decided the current battle isn’t fun.

Prevents Unfair Matches

Valorant’s RQM system prevents unfair matches by only allowing remakes if both teams have five players (five alive) prior to the Match Start Timer expiring. This allows the entire team to vote, ensuring a fair chance at a remake. During the match start countdown, you can tell how many players are alive by pressing Tab to see the full scoreboard. Dead players in a queue for a remake will receive the prompt to vote to remake as soon as the minimum number of three votes is reached, regardless of the fact that they are dead.

Valorant intends to expand the Remake system to other situations related to technical issues according to an Ask Valorant interview on the website in November 2021. Remake: The option to leave without penalties if a player fails to load into the match. Valorant indicates that they are testing the feature during Episode 4, though they have not expanded eligibility for the feature to non-starting conditions yet.

Saves Time

Remaking in Valorant saves time by immediately ending the game. Teams need to wait out the remaining duration of the game, which could be up to 6 minutes. However, the amount of time that must pass before the game may be remade is 3 minutes. Once the clock passes 1:30 left in the round, the game is midway through, so the remake option will no longer be available. Games can last about an hour, so using the game-remake option lessens a potential 6 minutes of game time.

No Penalty for AFK Players

No penalty for AFK players in Valorant means that during the remaking process, a team is automatically approved to remake without needing to meet the usual and unacceptable 3 players due to a random disconnect or a voluntary leaver’s condition. While a significant ruling shift from the intent of the remake system setting precedent for its widespread abuse, Riot does not issue bans or other penalties if the fifty percent requirement for remake is not achieved prior to a competitive game’s commencement. This includes the teams who requested the remake for their AFK players themselves.

Valorant dev NRaseq revealed this was due to an increase in unintentional AFKs, and Riot’s Paulo made one response to a player suggestion that the AFK should be penalized. When a player accidentally disconnects or fails to connect, it may often be necessary to reboot their computer which can sometimes take longer than three minutes. In fact, this rule can be frequently used by the remaking team by simply abusing slow connections and providing walls of text responses which delay play either for the purpose of tilting their opponents or for other strategic reasons of their own.

What Are the Limitations of Using Remake in Valorant?

The limitations of using the remake feature in Valorant are that you may only grant a remake in-game if a player is dc’d or has failed to join the match within the first 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Another limitation is that developers at Riot Games will unlikely grant wood for a remake support ticket.

According to Riot Vilion, the core issue with the original join phase was resolved with more than sufficient time as all clients will load into the agent select phase before the match starts, whether joining late or not. Despite their acknowledgement that it is not ideal, a recall states that despite two agents in match, they have no plans in the current future for FF/Wood. They felt there were too many ways for wood to be exploited, and that if GRIEFERS realize these inventions (even if it were just a small margin of the community) they would use them. They will monitor how gentle requirements impact gameplay, and continuously release features to keep improving the overall experience. The bright side is you just might get a new PC out of your inability to utilize the remake option, as encouraged by echo(riot staff member) who drafted a humorous response to an impolite player who kept voicing their disinterest in bot support improvements.

Can Only Be Used Once Per Match

Remake in Valorant can only be used once per match. Every round that counts towards the score is considered as a possible unsure move situation. The option of using Remake appears in the first round (which is the single most worrying and unsure round) and is carried on by all players until they feel it safe to not use it by removing a player from the casual match.

If the rest of the team decides to continue playing after asking a player to leave, they will forfeit their opportunity to use Remake and the next unsure round will count towards the score. If the team chooses to leave the match they will receive credits for the fee they would have paid as well as an AFK penalty and any penalties associated with any unruly on the mic behavior.

If players leave a casual match in reaction to finding out Valorant does not allow them to use Remake, the match does not count towards the record and the remaining team receives their entry fee back. They are given random credits ranging from four times to sixty times the entry fee paid to from the practice range, plus AFK penalties and any associated penalties.

Must Be Used Within the First Few Rounds

Ultimate Abilities, especially those that grant team-wide benefits like Breach, Phoenix, Viper, and so on, can become pivotal game-changing abilities that can place your team ahead in economy rounds, and by extension, overall rounds. Killjoy and other agent economies get reset when eliminating the enemy team. It is rare for teams to be able to afford having their economy there reset round after round. Maximizing the chances of winning those economy rounds by using ultimates can make a big difference in winning by both goals. These rounds are critical in influencing the outcome of a game. They need to be approached with a tactical and strategic mindset to leverage all available resources for an advantage.

Tips for Using Remake Effectively

Remake is used for the purpose of quickly rectifying an unbalanced match and preventing the loss of Agent XP and a rank. It should be used as soon as it is apparent that one player is completely non-functional.

Riot has set the parameters at only one non-functional player for the match to be remade. As for using it when one’s own team has a message that they have killed their own teammate, it would be a kind gesture to grant the opposing team a remake request if they wish before continuing with the match.

Communicate with Your Teammates

Communicate with your teammates frequently if you are remaking in Valorant. Because the game does not have a mechanism to vote for a remake, there will be the need to ensure that there is fair cooperation among the team when a remake is planned. Communicating, discussing, and announcing decisions frequently (e.g. 2/4 additional friendly remakes necessary at the beginning of the round) are more likely to garner votes.

Be Aware of the Time Limit

You can use the last 1 minute of a round to discuss potential remakes. If the agreement has not been reached and accepted by all players before the last round begins, the team can no longer call for a remake. At this point, the match must continue and the players must fulfill their respective roles. This provides a concrete boundary for when a remake can be called, which ensures that teams play the game, create some momentum, and do not call unnecessary remakes during rounds when they should not be necessary.

You can also use the First Blood in any round as a good cut off time to call a remake. If a round has occurred and one team is already at a disadvantage by losing one player instead of taking advantage of the first blood situation, then initiating a remake or forcing one is a good decision. This can be especially important in pro matches as the economy in terms of the amount of money teams has and what gun and equipment was dropped and available from the first blood player can disrupt the flow of the game and allow for those moments of excitement and intensity to be regenerated. Players need to remember that remakes should revert them to the position the team was in prior to the round that is to be remade. Some exceptions may be necessary.

The time at the start of the second round is necessary for a replay. If a team needs to make changes to the choice of agents or equipment which has not arise by the end of the first round, this should be done at the beginning of the second round provided no engagements have occurred. A team can also replay a round if a bug or glitch unconnected with damage occurs and no engagements have been made, though every effort should be made to contact Riot and exhaust all other solutions first.

Don’t Abuse the Remake Feature

Abusing the Remake Feature led to Riot adding additional requirements which protect the opposing team from unfair remakes when players intentionally leave at the beginning of a match. Teams that wish to remake under severe circumstances must ensure that the inactive player(s) actually complete these requirements. It is very important to not make fake accusations of inactivity as it may offend the other team for no reason. Instead, players should encourage the afk player to voluntarily leave the match – this is an honest way to ensure fairness to everyone involved.

Players claim that some career-edging discoveries who lie about their absence can be very good at keeping their activity just high enough to avoid the auto-restrictions despite being afk, which can extend the game for weeks as the non-leaving team waits for them to comply or for their accounts to trigger a restriction. Time limits for remaking are kept short to ensure the game is fair for everyone. Do not abuse the remake feature by missing the time for remaking once its requirement is met. Remakes are specifically designed for when players are gone at the start of the game, so in rare circumstances when something does go drastically wrong players should respond immediately by remaking. Delaying a remake for any unfair reason is a violation of the spirit of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for remaking in Valorant?

To remake in Valorant, the majority of players on a team must be disconnected or unable to play within the first two rounds of a match. Then, a teammate can call for a remake by typing “FF” in the chat.

Can a game be remade if someone disconnects after the first two rounds?

Unfortunately, no. The remake option is only available within the first two rounds of a match. After that, players can use the surrender option if they are at a disadvantage.

How many players need to be disconnected for a remake to be possible?

At least three players out of five on a team must be disconnected or unable to play for a remake to be possible. If two players are disconnected, the game will continue.

Is there a time limit for calling a remake?

Yes, the remake option is only available within the first two rounds of a match. After the second round, players will need to use the surrender option if they are at a disadvantage.

What happens after a remake is called?

The game will end and players will not receive any experience or ranking points. A new match will need to be played.

Can an entire team disconnect and still call for a remake?

No, at least one player on the team must be present and able to call for a remake. If all players disconnect, the game will be cancelled and no remake will be possible.

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