Maximize Your Style: How to Equip Multiple Hairs in Roblox

Are you a Roblox player looking to up your avatar game?

In this article, we will explore the world of multiple hairs in Roblox and how you can equip them to create a unique and personalized look for your character.

From selecting the perfect hairs to adjusting them just right, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Discover the benefits of having multiple hairs, explore the different types available, and learn how you can get your hands on more of these stylish accessories.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a game platform which began in 2004 under the leadership of developers David Bazucki and Erik Cassel. The platform with origins rooted in a product called Dynablox, officially launched with the domain name in 2006. They have since released versions of the software designed for iOs, Android, and Xbox.

Roblox is known for its unique logo, which was created by Yen Ngo in 2004. The logo has the letters of the company name stacked atop one another, with the bottom half blending into a stylized spring. This made it a popular choice for 3d avatar heads. The requirements for virtual goods are set by the developers. The company earns money from developers using virtual currency on their platform to spend on Roblox-built products as well as developer subscription fees. To equip multiple hairs, Roblox avatars must meet the criteria developers select for virtual goods. More criteria will often mean fewer Roblox virtual goods can be equipped at the same time.

What Are Multiple Hairs in Roblox?

Multiple hairs in Roblox is a term used for buying or using tens and sometimes hundreds of combinations of accessories on a player’s avatar. These hairs may include cat ears, unicorn horns, caps, visors, headphones (placed over and on top of each other), monocles, headbands (usually only one per outfit if they don’t want an overly crowded look), masks, scarves, light sources, and so many other categories present and past. Pictures, videos, and descriptions below show some of these hair examples.

How To Equip Multiple Hairs in Roblox?

To equip multiple hairs at the same time in Roblox, a creator must have purchased a Premium account. To do this as a user, first visit the Avatar Editor and ensure each hat or accessory is set on top of each other correctly. Thus, hair can be mixed and matched with all sorts of hats, glasses, masks, and other head accessories of all types to create a unique look. According to the Roblox Wiki, Lacie Hinton has the most hair on Roblox, with at least 113,868 hats and hair pieces.

Step 1: Selecting the Hairs

Select from the thousands of different hair objects in the Roblox library by searching within Roblox Studio or the avatar Shop on the website. Navigate to the name of the desired hair, click on it, and edit the color to match what you want. Remember the avatar editor can only hold one thing at a time once signed out of Roblox Studio, so make sure the different types are available at short notice. Restart to select another for the new scene appearance.

Step 2: Adding the Hairs to Your Avatar

Hairs purchased from the Roblox catalog can be added to your avatar via the R6 Avatar Editor. Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing there is no way to add user-generated hairs to your avatar via the Roblox platform. User-generated hairs can be added to your avatar in a custom game via plugins such as Q-Clash’s Character Customization Plugin, but this can get a bit complex as it involves working with plugins and servers of Roblox games.

Step 3: Adjusting the Hairs

Roblox allows for adjusting hairs after adding hairs from within the Avatar Editor. The three parts of hairs you can adjust are as follows: If you click on the head, you can make the hair stand out from the head, move it up and down, and change its scale. If you click on the face, you can change the front hair’s scale.

When the face is clicked on, the square sliders in the Hair Colour Adjustment menu can be clicked and dragged to adjust color. Keep in mind the diffrerent options from their dropdown menus shown in the Adjusting the Colors section above and which suqares those correspond to to know exactly which of the 3 hairs + accessories you are adjusting the color for.

This hair is entitled Vampire Crowned. It is one of the Roblox mains category enabled UGC hairs.

The hairs size, movement from your head, movement up and down, front hairs body, and hairs twisting can be adjusted. The twists option is only available for main hair. In the settings of the color grid, you can adjust how much shine, translucency, and lightness there is. How other uploaded gears were engineered to work is unknown, assuming the creator did not include notes to that effect (Some UGC creators do not upload theirs with adjustability). A users outfit may obscure the adjustment tool in the case of multiple hairs or gears.

What Are the Benefits of Having Multiple Hairs in Roblox?

The benefits of having and equipping multiple hairs in Roblox include increased personalization possibilities and unique styles for users to define their identity in the game, potentially increased trade and income opportunities for developers, and a larger pool of accessories to combine for specific image creations by game developers, streamers, and users.

Roblox is all about expressing your personal identity, and personalization in appearance makes Roblox stand out. Whether players are buying hats, shirts, pants, or gears, they can buy multiple of each as many as they have builders club daily Robux or on special events obtaining new hairstyles gives them the opportunity to create unique combinations that define their virtual identity best.

Income Opportunities
For developers, hex hair for example, equipping multiple hairs in Roblox could mean more work similar to premium versions, although if the item is more basic, then work may be reduced. Also, when developers create variations of premium hairs, having multiple options of hairs can provide flexibility to explore diverse creations.

More Accessory Combinations
A greater number of multiple hairstyles provides a larger pool of choices that streamers, designers, developers, and normal users can apply in Roblox when creating specific images in the game.

Customization and Personalization

Equipping multiple hairs in Roblox enables users to create characters that meet their desired customization and personalization goals. Personalizing avatars is the overriding purpose of Roblox hairstyling, and offering users the opportunity to create unique and original avatars through the attachment of multiple hairs to a single avatar enhances how well this goal is achieved. Multiple hairs can also be used to give avatars an unoriginal yet more comedic appearance, such as a character having twelve beards.

Standing Out in the Game

This second way to equip multiple hairs in Roblox refers to finding hair gear (hats, hoodie, etc.) that users love and expanding on it instead of trying something new for the sake of it just to stack hair. This will help players attract more followers as content remains unique and artistic. To find the perfect gear, you can browse the Catalog, and then search for any additional hair that fits the existing gear via people who are already contributing, searching in groups, and checking social networks.

Expressing Creativity

Equipping multiple hairs in Roblox is primarily for the purpose of expressing creativity and to create the desired individuality of a user’s avatar. Multiple hairs can be superimposed to create unique styles that are different from every other character on Roblox. Users with two hairs on their avatar can receive praise from other players, acquire in-game currencies, dress up heads of their forged companions, express hidden stories or secrets, and create customized characters that deserve having two different styles on top.

Many users share their creations online and others adapt them to their will. Here is an example of how one creator used multiple hairs in Roblox to express creativity. According to Twitter user @SweetLuminance, Lumin is a royal who was disowned by her family because they did not want a daughter who wanted to rule, so she was forced to leave the country.

What Are the Different Types of Hairs in Roblox?

In Roblox, multiple types of hairs are rigid bundles with multiple meshes inside them. At the time of release, the Roblox Ordinary Hair bundle included one mesh that was assigned a script where points or bones would be made for each strand. Performance lag led to the creation of a custom mesh as an option, which is a single mesh with many strands.

This can be understood by running a tool like Fiverr’s Cookie Mesh Viewer and looking at Roblox’s custom head mesh. As a single mesh, it is more streamlined and performs better than a head mesh built with points or bones. For the same reason, a hair mesh with many strands provides better viewing experience.

Free Hairs

Free hairs are obtained by collecting all the hairs in the Avatar shop. You can test this to see if the hairstyles are gone from the holographic mannequins.

If Roblox releases new hairstyles for the upcoming 2022 hairstyles, they will again be obtainable by clicking them on the manager’s console and transferring to their backpack. This will require an Avatar shop remodel rebuild as well.

Roblox offers a number of fashionable hair options available that users need to pay for. These are implemented as hairpiece purchasable items attached to the head avatar. These range in price from $3.60 / 60 Robux to the highest-end paid hairs being sold for the equivalent of $14.40 in other locales.

Customers can pay in Robux on the Roblox site or with real TellPlay money using their country’s payment method or PayPal. Fans have created a Roblox page Bloxy News that lists some of the up-to-date options people can choose from.

Limited Edition Hairs

Limited edition hairs that often include larger hair expands that share the player’s name are released in conjunction with large community events in Roblox. These are only available for purchase for a limited time and price and then retired from sale. This epitome is called the Verb Hair Series of special event hairs from the legendary era of Roblox (around 2008), including Mullet Mod, Speck Hair, Bricksmith, Vladimir, Levon, Frost Wizard, Firebrand, Arrowsmith, Wyld, and Teapot Turret. Given the need for recording demand they are not officially considered to be Limited Edition Hairs, but they fit the definition for some users.

How Can You Get More Hairs in Roblox?

You can get more hairs in Roblox by purchasing and unlocking new hairs in the Avatar Shop page on the Roblox website. Navigate to the Avatar Shop page and select the type of clothing item you are interested in such as “Hair”. Select “For sale” and input a price range search. Find a hair you like and select it. On the product page, press the Buy with R$ button if available.

Purchasing from the Catalog

To equip multiple hairs in Roblox from the catalog, players can purchase multiple hair styles from the Roblox catalog. Once hairs are purchased, they can be equipped freely from the Avatar section.

When purchasing hair from the avatar editor, players have multiple purchase choices. These are listed under the main purchase prices to the right of the item. Discounts are sometimes available for each of these purchase options so the costs can vary. The options to purchase are Select Price, Buy from Clothing, Buy from Store, and Rent.

When a player selects the main purchase price next to the Roblox hair, the Select Price option becomes highlighted as the current selection. Players can select this and see all the purchase options currently available for the item. This includes the ability to buy the item at its non-discounted price via Robux, or for Rent using with subsequent rental fees (Tix for All Remaining Rents) that are paid with Robux. Once purchased or rented, players can switch between different hair styles freely using the Avatar editor ok the Roblox site.

Trading with Other Players

Trading with other Roblox users is the second way to equip multiple hairs. You can both offer and request different hair designs and use this method to trade and customize your avatar with items included in the Roblox Catalog. Many of the actions of Roblox Corporation in managing trading spaces, such as adjusting the mechanics of game features, as previously stated, are long-term protective measures. Now, the situations in which a trade is either excessive consumer interest, or potentially economically detrimental to the service as a whole.

To trade with others, go to the User Profile of the player with which you want to trade, click the three dots on their profile page, and select Trade Items (Limbs, hats, gear, clothing, etc.). When you enter the trading area, on the left side is your offer inventory and on the right side you can view the other player’s offer inventory. Use the Search in Inventory field to type the name of the hair that you are offering or looking for. Next, click Add. The item from your offer inventory will now be on the left side. Click Offer. Your trade partner will approve or deny your offer. Once approved, your collections will be updated.

Participating in Events and Contests

A good way to get more Roblox hairs is by keeping an eye out for events and contests created by Roblox and third-party developers. Roblox will sometimes drop a special virtual item for fans to get, such as this unique Departure hair which users could obtain by entering a competition that Roblox hosted in 2016.

Using Promo Codes

Promo codes are released by Roblox teams in collaboration with their partners to celebrate specific achievements or events. These codes are given in the form of redeemable downloadable links that give you a corresponding item in a game to enjoy. There are a limited number of available promo codes, but they are regularly updated by Roblox on their Promo Codes page.

When Roblox celebrates one of its games reaching a certain download or usage milestone, it will often release a code which needs to be used within the next 2 weeks or so. According to information from the Roblox community, there is a way to force an early code release. If you are a web developer with an interest in sorting out promo codes, go to, key in an incorrect password, open the developer pathway, and try any method under network clients to find the unreleased promo code but according to the information provided on the webpage, do not bother is the promo code is not listed, as they have not yet provided it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Equip Multiple Hairs in Roblox?
To equip multiple hairs in Roblox, you can follow these steps:
1. Log into your Roblox account and click on the Avatar button.
2. Click on the Hair section and select the first hair you want to equip.
3. Scroll down and click on the “Wear” button under the hair you selected.
4. Repeat the process for each additional hair you want to equip.
5. You can also use the search bar to find specific hairs to equip.

2. Can I equip more than one hair at a time in Roblox?
Yes, it is possible to equip multiple hairs at a time in Roblox. You can follow the steps mentioned above to equip multiple hairs on your avatar.

3. How many hairs can I equip in Roblox?
There is no limit to the number of hairs you can equip in Roblox. You can equip as many as you want, as long as they are available in the catalog.

4. Can I remove a hair without unequipping all my other hairs?
Yes, you can remove a specific hair without unequipping all your other hairs. Simply go to the Hair section of your Avatar and click on the “Remove” button under the hair you want to remove.

5. What should I do if I can’t find the hair I want to equip?
If you can’t find a specific hair in the catalog, you can try using the search bar or sorting options to narrow down your search. If the hair is no longer available, you will not be able to equip it.

6. Can I change the order of my equipped hairs in Roblox?
No, you cannot change the order of your equipped hairs in Roblox. They will appear in the order in which you equipped them. However, you can remove and re-equip them in a different order if needed.

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