Master the Art of Silent Movement in Valorant with These Effective Tips!

Sound is a crucial element in the world of Valorant, impacting gameplay significantly.

Being aware of sound can make or break a match – from detecting enemy movements to communicating with teammates.

In this article, we will explore why sound is important in Valorant, how it affects gameplay, and most importantly, how to walk without making a sound in the game.

Mastering silent movement through techniques like crouch walking or sound cancellation can give you a competitive edge.

Stay tuned to learn more about this essential skill and how to practice it effectively.

Why is Sound Important in Valorant?

Sound is important in Valorant as it is in all modern tactical shooters. Players who study the game mention the need to play discreetly and to be quiet while moving when discussing the game’s sound mechanics. Therefore it seems that LEAP, or the lack of footstep sound in Valorant, goes against the expected competitive tactical setup of the game. Footstep noise in Valorant is included as part of the game’s design for the players to utilize when winning boot-based intel or when hearing the enemy’s location. Quiet walk or crouch walk in Valorant is more of a situational necessity.

Although at former developer design director Joe Ziegler stated that VALORANT’s sound mechanics are similar to CS: GO’s in the closed beta, new sound mechanics were built with an external organization called Revele Arete Sound (RAS) Ltd to manage sound environments better and improve the flexibility of the sounds in various map areas in the game. What is clear is that shooting yields sound, and thus players will not fully eliminate the need to maintain quiet in Valorant.

How Does Sound Affect Gameplay?

Sound is one of the key aspects of how Immortal Vanguard developers designed the gameplay and it provides strategic depth and opportunities at all stages of the Killing User Loop (KUL) during the Infiltration phase as specified by the EUD Framework for Mobile Game Design. Sound in the Infiltration phase of Immortal Vanguard has two main categories that players should pay attention to. These are the artifacts of the world that inform players about their environment and opponents, as well as sounds from player actions and abilities as shown in Figure 1. Both kinds of sound provide a strategic advantage to knowledgeable defenders.

Knowledge about the environment is very important in Immortal Vanguard. Floor and movements, as well as firefights, are all captured and transferred to an in-game map called the mini-map. When bronze-level gamers aren’t sure where the opponents are, the map is a great place to start to find out, discovering spots where enemies could be hiding within an effective field of play. Superior armored enemies in their turmoil will usually then be detected as they cut strands of cable over the ground, and although crouching or walking may decrease sound, highly sensitive microphones will record any noise increase of any kind. The idiom of pausing in your footsteps is too literal in tactical shooter games.

How to Walk Without Sound in Valorant?

You cannot walk without sound in Valorant. You can attempt this by just tapping the forward key (W), but it is unsafe because of the clicking the game makes when you begin moving. The default binds to make the most silent walking footsteps in Valorant are Shift + Control on PC, and holding the right trigger on PlayStation and Xbox. If using Valorant on your phone via a game streaming service, follow the default mobile walking commands by default to walk silently in Valorant.

Use Crouch Walking

Walking in Valorant is louder than crouch-walking, so use crouch-walking is silently when possible. CTRL+WASD or Crouch+Move keys will be operated when crouch-walking. It is an advanced technique to keep your body positioned as low as possible without significant loss of movement speed. Crouch-walking still sounds able to be heard by players within a 50-meter radius, but it is much quieter and harder to hear than normal walking. Crouch-walking should be fully utilized to tip the scales for lethality safety in the direction of the player.

Use Shift Walking

Shift-walking or crouch-walking means moving without making any footstep noise in order to walk silently in Valorant. When shift-walking in Valorant for the specific goal of hiding footsteps sounds via the sound projection mechanics, footsteps sounds are only projected at the location where the character’s feet hit the ground initially, but further footsteps sounds are not projected even if a player is crouch walking, moving a much shorter direction, or walking on soft materials. When shift walking, Jett’s crouch walk is uniquely quiet and with no further sound projection.

When not shift walking, you can easily draw attention to your character by stomping Jett’s crouch-walk on metal floors is loud, and barely any quieter than walking. For most agents, crouch-walking footsteps are roughly 50% more quiet than regular walking, and only project a short distance of about 3.5 meters. So if the goal is to only slightly muffle regular walking sounds while allowing for the ability to immediately run, crouch-walking may be effective.

Walk on Different Surfaces

Walking on different surface types can have different sound characteristics. When enemies hear different sounds on different surfaces, they may not be able to accurately predict your position. This can confuse them, intensifying their task to determine better positions for themselves. Therefore, walking on more than one surface can also indicate how you plan to walk defensively or offensively during a match. If you plan to play on a map where you know a carrier with a high number of goals is on the opposing team, playing defensively and walking multiple times on different surfaces can confuse them more. Similarly in casual games, when you are carrying your team and walking a lot to not to make any noise in order not to be tracked by scouts, playing offensively by walking on different surfaces can maintain the advantages in the game. Below is a list of the surfaces in Valorant, and their corresponding sound levels.

  1. Soft Surface
    • Grass – 8.1 meters (26 ft) to be heard at a distance
    • Hardwood – 20 meters (65.6 ft) to be heard at a distance
  2. Standard Surface – Concrete, rough – impacted soil – soil and grass
    • Traversed surface: 20 meters (65.6 ft) to be heard at a distance.
  3. Metal Surface
    • Stairs – 20 meters (65.6 ft) to be heard at a distance

Avoid Jumping and Landing

In Valorant, jumping and landing are strategies that can give your movements away with loud noises. Additionally, jumping is known as fairly uncontrollable, making it easier for enemies to get an accurate shot at you. Walking off ledges may also make your character produce the sound of hitting the floor. You may still be able to quiet down your movement before landing by waiting until your character’s floating movements stop.

When walking off flush platforms, avoid over-stepping the edge to prevent causing additional unnecessary noise. In a game-liken Valorant where sound is so important having the element of surprise, these subtle differences can make quite a difference. Furthermore, besides to making a sound, jumping can also be construed as a sign that someone is in the area. Walking uprightly, on the other hand, seems to be classified as ordinary movement. This is why walking slowly is preferred over running for sneaky movements. You give away your presence when you jump in the long term.

Use Sound Cancellation Techniques

Sound cancellation techniques can be used to walk silently for players who are serious about becoming soundless footsteps in Valorant. In short, these are methods that cancel out the sound of footsteps in the game by overwriting them with something else.

There can be physical, audio, or even architectural ways that you can muffle sound in order to move without sound in Valorant. A physical way you can muffle sound is to play with a blanket, pillow, or any other type of soft material underneath your chair. This will give you a muffled advantage when you walk. Adjusting the equalizer or simply turning down game noise or other competing noises may help.

How to Practice Walking Without Sound in Valorant?

You can practice walking without sound in Valorant by incorporating a no-sound walk after shooting as part of your movement. To develop this habit, practice it consistently in every Valorant deathmatch game. If you see an enemy who has not noticed you, avoid shooting initially. Remember to take 2-3 no-sound steps while standing still, then strafe back and forth, lightly tapping or releasing the walk key to keep your footsteps quiet.

Use Custom Games

Custom games are ideal for learning how to walk without sound because they allow you to practice different scenarios and movements without the stress of losing your own game or dragging others down. Use custom games to modify sound and to train your own ears to listen without base-boosted environment noises. Then, you can return to normal games and simply replicate all of the strategies and skills you honed without sound distortion issues.

How to move without sound in custom games?

If someone challenges you, replicates every movement you make so you can use it in real games. Use single-stride movement which includes tapping only once by almost everything you want to bypass.

How to shoot without sound on customs?

With whichever weapon you most typically use, you should practice shooting without sound because aiming for the body allows you to hit passively in various self-defense and while-walking scenarios.

Practice with Friends

Practice with friends who are interested in teamwork and communication. Not only can they help you with communication (they may notice that your footsteps are too loud before you do), but they can also help you with situational awareness and pre-fire. In addition, according to a 2020 survey by YouGov, up to 74% of intense online gamers agree that they prepare better if they have a friend with them during gaming sessions.

They will be able to communicate where the enemy is, allowing you to better adjust. By playing with a regular group of people, it allows you to develop a strategy that involves listening for as little of your own footsteps as possible. A group is also good as you will likely have one or more higher-skilled member(s) who can provide pointers on improvement. You can also develop your game’s statistics as a group and determine when you might have improved some but not all aspects of the game.

Watch Professional Players

To learn how to walk without sound in Valorant, watch professional Valorant streams on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc. Some of the players and casters who are active on streaming include:

  1. 100t Hiko (Noisy)
  2. 100t Steel (Steel)
  3. Bnans (Thank you)
  4. Ballika (Ballilaika)
  5. Wardell (Thank you)
  6. Hazed (Hazed)
  7. Asmongold (Wilson)
  8. myth (myth)
  9. Tim the Tatman (Bolden)
  10. Dr. Disrespect (New account and being sold to the highest doner oh yeah, driving championship then-eastport, Living meme!)

Most of them play the agent Sova, as their streams often show how they perform the owl drone (Recon Bolt). Try learning from their actions at various stages of the game to understand the tactic of moving without any sound.


To walk without sound in Valorant, you must follow the best practices for audio management, aim technique, and movement. You should periodically check keys to ensure they are functioning properly. Ubi Soft recommends logging into a different game and checking that the keys are working according to specifications.

Walking is important in Valorant as running can give away your position. This is especially true when enemies might be in close proximity and around corners. Walking allows you to adjust your gun and aim to be prepared for quick aim battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I walk without sound in Valorant?

To walk without sound in Valorant, you can use the “Crouch” button on your keyboard. This will make your character move slower and reduce the noise of your footsteps, making it harder for enemies to hear you.

2. Can I walk without sound in Valorant without crouching?

Yes, you can also walk without sound in Valorant by using the “Walk” button on your keyboard. This will make your character move at a slower pace, similar to crouching, but without the need to actually crouch.

3. Is there a specific technique to walking without sound in Valorant?

The key to walking without sound in Valorant is to move your character slowly and deliberately. Avoid sudden movements or running, as this can create noise that will alert your enemies.

4. How important is walking without sound in Valorant?

Walking without sound is crucial in Valorant, as it allows you to sneak up on enemies and catch them off guard. It can also help you avoid being detected by enemy agents and give you a stealth advantage in the game.

5. Is it possible for enemies to still hear me when I walk without sound in Valorant?

While walking without sound can significantly reduce the noise of your footsteps, it is still possible for enemies to hear you if they are in close proximity. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings and use other tactics, such as using abilities, to remain undetected.

6. Are there any other tips for walking without sound in Valorant?

One useful tip is to walk on different surfaces, such as grass or carpet, as they can muffle your footsteps and make them harder to hear. Additionally, you can also use sound cues from your own team’s movements to mask your own footsteps and deceive your enemies.

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