Fix High Ping in Valorant: 10 Tips and Tricks for Optimal Gameplay

Are you tired of experiencing high ping while playing Valorant?

We explore what high ping is, why it’s a problem in Valorant, and how you can check and fix your ping issues.

Discover practical tips like checking your internet connection, changing server regions, and updating network drivers.

We discuss other factors that can affect ping in Valorant and offer advice on how to prevent high ping in the future. 5 effective ways to lower high ping in Valorant.

Improve your gaming experience by diving in!

What is High Ping in Valorant?

High ping in Valorant is a relatively high time in milliseconds between a player’s device and game servers. This is most commonly caused by packet loss, which is when internet connections at various points between a device and game server are insufficient for transmitting game-related data smoothly. Other causes of high ping include congested networks or servers which slow the transmission of data, allowing it to back up and increase latency, or a game algorithm that underestimates the time at which the next frame should arrive to prevent undue advantage by allowing some lag.

Why is High Ping a Problem in Valorant?

High ping is a problem in Valorant due to the latency it creates, which is the time interval between input and visual/audio feedback. This means that even a player with good reaction times will quickly encounter instances of what they believe to be dicey hitreg, or warping/teleporting characters caused by network lag. These should be clear when watching someone else’s feed to rule out machine-level problems for someone facing these issues, leading to complaints of latency based issues even when they are not present.

Further, this time delay makes it very easy for high ping players to prefire opponents who then appear due to the lag, causing a frustrating playing experience for low ping players. Valorant requires highly precise and skillful movement to achieve peak play, and a jittery gameplay experience caused by lag frequently robs players who encounter those with higher pings a fair chance of showing off their strafing and sneaking skills.

How to Check Your Ping in Valorant?

You check your ping in Valorant by opening the settings menu in Valorant, and under the General Tab, you will see an option to set your data center. There under the main screen settings, you can see which server you are connected to and amend it anytime. Before starting a game Valorant, values for server ID and average ping from the recently played servers are shown. If possible, choose your server manually according to the better ping because your bottleneck factors most probably remain the same and switching to the one that gives you better ping is going to give you noticeable improvement in speed. Outfox and What Is My Ping can also help chose a Valorant Data Center (if they are selected already otherwise make an estimate) by showing pings to different servers. Sadly, exact Valorant ping cannot be measured outside of the settings. Always remember to measure and test your ping before beginning your gaming session. For example, if streaming, check the Twitch streaming setup to find out the recommended ping. The wise gamers keep checking to avoid noticeable difficulties like lag and ensure smooth gaming experience.

How to Fix High Ping in Valorant?

High ping in Valorant and its negative effects can be remedied by following three main solutions. The most effective is to switch to an ethernet connection to provide faster, more reliable speeds. If that is not an option or unsuccessful, the second solution is to reset the router and modem by resetting the power. The third is to exit other background applications that use the internet, which is especially important if the high ping problem is happening on multiple devices.

Lastly, in some cases high ping is an unavoidable result of an extended geographical connection. The best option here is to contact the internet provider and see if there is a plan that provides higher speeds that could potentially remedy this issue. In one experiment, Kim used a T-Mobile hotspot with a location near Washington State and US west servers. Using Wifi turned out to be inferior, with three ten-minute tests each getting average pings of 56.1, 67.2, and 43.3 and three short term tests getting 59, 61, and 69.5. Using an ethernet connection was better, with three ten-minute tests each getting 46.9, 30.7, and 38.2 and three short term tests getting 40>, 33.5, and 38.

Check Your Internet Connection

You can check your internet connection state by pinging Google’s public DNS servers ( and as well as gateway IPs from command prompt or Terminal on Windows, Mac, or Linux. If there is no packet loss and latency is low during this test, you are probably not having an internet-related latency issue and should focus on network analysis in the system. If there is packet loss (regardless of latency) and latency is very high you are probably having an Internet Service Provider (ISP) internet-related latency issue; contact them for assistance.

Close Unnecessary Programs and Applications

Do you have Spotify running in the background while playing? Turn it off. You can also close various programs in the background to save your internet bandwidth for Valorant. Streaming services like Netflix or file syncing applications like iCloud can use up a significant portion of your network resources. Other minor programs like desktop widgets can also all contribute to internet bandwidth usage and would be best closed for the smoothest Valorant experience.

Change Your Server Region

Changing your server region in Valorant according to Riot Games instructions can fix high ping. Maintaining a constant ping in shot games like Valorant is vital, as even a minor delay of one-tenth of a second can decide the game’s outcome. Constant high ping can lead to lags and sudden jerks. Low ping helps with efficient gameplay. The server region decided by Riot Games or automatically chosen by the player serves as the designated geographical area to connect to the game server. The choice tends to be based on whichever has the least latency or ping towards it, but it is a good try if the server is changed and pings become better consistently.

Create a Riot Games account and open your main menu on VALORANT. Click the settings gear at the bottom right. Click the “Change” button next to your server. Click the dropdown in the Play Region, choose your desired server, and then click Apply. The ping cause might definitely not be due to the server region, hence changing regions may not solve the issue in scenarios when other regions are still showing high pings once it has been tried. A guide to sorting out your VALORANT ping issues by changing cross-region on Valorant was posted by Reddit user Lustedspring. Watch out for Valorant High Ping Fix | How to fix high ping in Valorant.

Use a Wired Connection

Heavy Wi-Fi traffic can cause an increase in your Ping (or latency) time which will degrade your gaming experience. A wired network connection does not have the potential issues of fluctuating speeds associated with Wi-Fi, which is a key factor causing high pings. By connecting your gaming system via an Ethernet cable, you can fix any disruptions in signal strength and subsequently, high ping issues.

Update Your Network Drivers

Updating Network Drivers for your wireless or wired network adapters are something you can do to follow the newest and most up-to-date settings. Many times, simply restarting the router is enough, but sometimes updated or upgrade configurations are the magic solution to solve high ping and lag in multiplayer games.

First, understand the manufacturer of your Network Adapters. This will be shown under settings/Control Panel> device manager. Right-click the device’s properties to identify the manufacturer. Second, find your version and model, then google it in this format “download (model number) drivers“. This should bring up the correct website and download links for the proper drivers. Make sure to follow the instructions exactly, and Restart the computer after you have completed the process.

Reset Your Router

Another method you can use to lower in-game ping is to reset your router. To reset a router, simply disconnect the power cable, wait ten seconds, and plug the power cable again.

Most, if not all, modern routers are designed to automatically prioritize VoIP, streaming, and browser traffic to prevent low-level background applications and protocols from consuming all available bandwidth. Problems with router firmware can be the cause of overly strict packet prioritization. If left unresolved, it can lead to an increase in ping, particularly if a game server has recently underwent a torn service update. Resetting your computer’s network configurations and ensuring the router and client running VALORANT is operating on the same set of configurations is essential.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

After you have implemented all the aforementioned solutions and you are still having high Valorant ping issues, the problem may lie with your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. There may be surrounding factors that are affecting your ISP’s ability to provide quality internet, such as weather conditions, maintenance works, technical faults in the network, and so on.

If your internet service provider is genuinely providing poor service, you have the right to complain through their services. Dynamic changes in the network may affect the quality of your internet. Contact the provider so that they are made aware of the issue and can take appropriate boost your gameplay.

The following steps can be taken to contact your internet service provider:

  • Visit your ISP’s official website.
  • Look up the service status of your area on the ISP website.
  • Click on the complaint section of the website to write and register a complaint.
  • Click on the support section of the website for support.
  • Lastly, call the ISP helpline and register a complaint about the poor service.

What are the Other Factors that can Affect Ping in Valorant?

Other factors that can affect ping in Valorant include hardware and software issues. You are likely to have less control over how hardware functions, but dust and overclocking can hinder performance. Overclocking makes the game have high ping by making your hardware work at a faster pace that it may not be designed for. It is also up to you to ensure that you properly clean your components so they do not overheat.

Software-related Factors that can affect ping in Valorant include other users and programs on your network. Some programs might be taking up bandwidth and consuming much more ping on Valorant than you realize. If possible, try to free up the network by using Resource Monitor, and make network quality improvements such as using a VPN.

Server Load

This is a 2-in-1 gateway suggestion for how to fix high ping in Valorant. Often it is the case that Riot’s servers are overloaded and on top of existing traffic flows higher during weekends or on new champion release days. The user can see it in the ping icon indicator of high ping joining games, matches played, and/or lobbies where it may appear as red, or even yellow. According to the Riot support page, players experiencing this can use their in-game report feature to alert the company that their servers are over capacity since it will generate network data that can be used to solve the issue. Riot has done this with their servers in the past.

The second strategy relates to server connectivity issues on the user’s end. This is the most common reason for why gamers face high ping and can be solved by passing control of basic internet infrastructure elements like wifi routers, modems, interference channels and electronic devices that disrupt signal quality, control of the PC, or the mobile phone that was active on a shared wireless network. In business centers across the world, dedicated high-speed LAN connections are built for the offices. They provide cable links that transmit data at high speeds and provide low latency. The principle for determining the multiple pathways that connections can take applies in gaming.

Distance from Server

The lower the latency of a signal is, the faster it reaches a recipient. If a player’s ping is high, the location of their computer relative to the server may have a significant effect. The farther one is from the server, the longer it will take for a signal to be sent.

You can check your ping distance by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N while playing Valorant. The upper-left corner will display your network information. Under the VALORANT tab, look for ‘RTT.’ This stands for Round Trip Time. It is the term utilized to describe the amount of time it takes for a signal to be delivered to a game server (the outbound trip) and then returned to the sender. While your RTT will not be equivalent to your ping, the sum of your RTT minus the server RTT (which you can by looking at the RTT) give an indication of additional latency. A lag in the appearance of shots, a sudden change in teleportation contact with the ground, an inconsistency of movement, or a completely frozen screen might signify that the distance to the server is the issue.

Hardware and Software Issues

Sometimes issues with hardware and software can be what causes high ping when playing Valorant. See if the ping holds up fine outside of Valorant to determine if the issue is related to the software or not. For example, the Windows 10 Game Bar in the Windows system can significantly affect in-game performance which can result in high ping. For Valorant, having your Anti-Virus or Windows Firewall Blocking League of Legends can play with your pings and cause fluctuations in the amount of data being sent to the Riot Games servers between your launch and the game, hence high ping in-game. To mitigate software issues, streamline background applications that use network resources and upgrade older hardware to help alleviate any hardware issues that are affecting your networking capabilities.

How to Prevent High Ping in Valorant?

You prevent high ping in Valorant by using a wired Ethernet connection instead of WiFi or cellular data service, by avoiding background downloads and using an advanced antimalware program, by using internet shortcuts like Balena’s highspeed test in communication app troubleshooting instead of outdated speed tests and ping tests in isolation, by implementing Quality of Service (QoS) on your home or company router to prioritize gaming data over streaming data, by installing DSL filters on your phone and modem if you play Valorant using DSL internet, and more.

The most practical topics for this article assume basic internet knowledge and provide more intermediate techniques for keeping your ping low or fixing it. If you need a primer on what ping is and the most basic ways of fixing your high ping in Valorant, read the Dot Esports article, Everyday Tech, or the Nerds Chalk article. Specific recommendations to prevent high ping in Valorant are different for various home setups and regions, but if you can deal with intermediate complexity, the steps above will help your ping be as low as possible.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee and some factors can’t be controlled by the end user, but if you are patient and experiment with the ideas above and reach out for more advanced help if you are stumped by high ping, you will be doing your best to ensure low ping. Video gaming consultant Dennis Delling provides smart advanced advice on the GamerBraves blog. He states that for channel saturation, if the signal is weak or the connection deteriorates, changing the Wi-Fi channel can improve the overall performance. Instead of the traditional 1, 6, and 11 channels, opt for 2, 7, or 9 to try the less-congested 2.4 GHz frequency, as different from the speeds in the 5 GHz bin of your Wi-Fi network.

Use a High-speed Internet Connection

A high-speed internet connection offers a superior and consistent connection that can minimize high ping rates in online games such as Valorant. If the internet provider is unable to give the required speed, then opting for one who can give better service may also be helpful. This is one of the easiest ways to lower the ping rate, since you are typically only connected to one other secured network. You may try the following options if you are connected to wireless networks.

  1. Run a free Optimize utility to clear out built-up browser history and cookies. Registered programs can also optimize performance by clearing system files or boosting memory.
  2. Tighten up or uninstall any unnecessary application that is linked to a network or gets regular updates . Such applications unnecessarily use your bandwidth while they work in the background. This will further lower the ping inside the game.
  3. Lower the streaming quality of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. These services need high-speed internet, but these high-speed services can generate high ping. This will further reduce the ping.

Close Background Applications

If you are experiencing high ping in Valorant, make sure to pause any downloads, streaming services, or unnecessary applications that could be limiting your bandwith. Applications that download large amounts of data in the background frequently utilize the bandwith that results in slow, high latency internet, disrupting your gaming experience. Users can check active connections in task manager or the system monitor of their operating system.

Monitor Server Status

Official / Unofficial Server Status – Oftentimes the problem is not on your end but on the server’s end. In both official and unofficial server status sources, the ping and status information of major ISPs can be found. The official status may also give you a notification if there is work being done on the server.

Keep Your Hardware and Software Updated

Having outdated hardware or software can cause high ping spikes. Regularly updating your operating system, drivers, BIOS settings, and software will help you avoid any compatibility, security, and performance issues that can lead to poor responsiveness and performance in your system.

The main components of your hardware that need to be regularly updated are:

  • Network Adapter
  • Motherboard
  • BIOS
  • Graphics Card
  • Sound Card

Network adapter drivers are the most important in letting your computer communicate effectively with your modem and internet service so they should sporadically be checked for new version updates. Makers of consumer-grade gear like laptops or network products can be reached for updates on their dedicated sites. Enterprise-grade network card manufacturers like boost your Valorant FPS have the drivers on their site.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Fix High Ping in Valorant?

There are several steps you can take to fix high ping in Valorant. First, make sure your internet connection is stable and strong. You can also try changing your server region in the game settings, as well as closing any bandwidth-intensive programs running in the background.

2. Why is my ping so high in Valorant?

High ping in Valorant can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a weak internet connection, a crowded server region, or bandwidth-heavy programs running in the background. It can also be a result of your distance from the game’s servers.

3. Can changing server region improve my ping in Valorant?

Yes, changing your server region can potentially improve your ping in Valorant. If the server region you are currently connected to is crowded, switching to a less populous region may result in a lower ping.

4. How can I check my ping in Valorant?

You can check your ping in Valorant by opening the game settings and navigating to the “Video” tab. Under the “Stats” section, you will see your current ping displayed in milliseconds (ms).

5. Is there a way to reduce my ping in Valorant?

Yes, there are several steps you can take to reduce your ping in Valorant. These include changing your server region, closing bandwidth-heavy programs, and ensuring a strong and stable internet connection.

6. Will using a VPN improve my ping in Valorant?

It is not guaranteed that using a VPN will improve your ping in Valorant. In some cases, it may even increase your ping. It is best to test different server regions with and without a VPN to determine the most optimal connection for your ping.

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