Unlock the Butterfly Knife in Valorant – Step by Step Guide

Are you a Valorant player curious about the elusive Butterfly Knife?

In this article, we will explore what the Butterfly Knife is in Valorant, how it differs from other knives, and how players can obtain it.

We will also discuss the rarity of the Butterfly Knife, its worth in the game, and how to use it effectively.

Discover the special animations and sounds of this coveted weapon, and whether it’s worth adding to your Valorant arsenal.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed and published by the American firm Riot Games. It was first announced with the codename Project A on October 15, 2019, as one of several projects that Riot is conducting in parallel.

Valorant was designed by Trevor `Ace` Neal, his pet dog Sparky, and his fellow developers. Intended for a broad range of players, it has a PEGI 12 rating with frequent mild violence. Valorant is played in matches with up to 10 players who are either on offense or defense. A single match is played over no more than 25 rounds, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.

Each player picks a VALORANT agent that has unique abilities. Abilities consist of basic abilities, ultimate abilities, a primary gun, and a secondary weapon (either a pistol or a melee weapon such as a knife). Agents have one of four roles: duelist, controller, sentinel, and initiator. Valorant is only available for Windows PCs. It was released as a closed beta on April 7, 2020, and was fully released on June 2, 2020.

What Is a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

A Butterfly Knife in Valorant is an in-game melee weapon that is not purchasable normally in the game and can only be exchanged with other players in the form of Radianite Points. The design of the knife is that of the real-world Butterfly (Balisong) Knife, a folding pocket knife popular in the Philippines and among knife enthusiasts worldwide that is known for its smooth, flipping opening and closing action. No other melee weapon appears to be able to perform the opening and closing animations of the balisong. The main animations for the folding when pulling out and putting away closely resemble the in-game animation.

On Fortnite, the in-game Harvesting Tool known as the Butterfly Knife appeared similar to the balisong design. The Valorant Butterfly Knife had no official description until the glitches. However, the system recognizes the knife through glitches as the agent with the knife is shown on the round initiation screen and can also perform the same melee power cut once that all other knives can. If a player quits a match before it ends, the Radianite points that they purchased the butterfly knife with are not lost since Radianite points are currency and not tied to any specific weapon. However, the Radianite points applied to the knife will be lost if the player upgrades their dragon skin knife to a Prime, Sovereign, or glitch pop.

How Is It Different from Other Knives?

The Butterfly Knife, so named after the syntax-changing weapon class title was officially added in 2021, is identical to other knives in statistics in terms of cost (250 credits), magazine capacity (1 unit), and melee damage (50).

The only things differentiating it are unique animations both for regular and precision attacks, as well as the ability to challenge yourself with the more complex spinning.

How to Obtain a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

You cannot get a butterfly knife in Valorant. The butterfly knife is not in Valorant according to a search in the Valorant Collections tab. While Valorant has a number of melee skins available for purchase, there is no Valorant butterfly knife skin available. Perhaps Riot Games will introduce this popular yet elegant knife skin for the game in the near future. The best way to find out about potential updates and purchase the functioning Wasteland Game Studio designed butterfly knife from their tactical fps game is to monitor the official Valorant Riot site and official Valorant social media channels such as twitter/PlayVALORANT.

Is It Possible to Purchase a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

It is not possible to purchase the Butterfly Knife in Valorant the same way one can purchase guns, skins, or other digital assets. The precise Net Market Value (NMV) of the Valorant Butterfly Knife is not possible to determine. A YouTube video by the channel Big Boss Mai discussed the existence of a Rainbow Knife in Valorant, showing it could not be found on the Gameflip, G2G, Skinbay, or DMarket sites that sell in-game skins. Nor were there any aftermarket knives listed on any other marketplace the channel could find.

While they did find some hair-trigger spring-loaded knives that looked like the Valorant knife, no specific Valorant branded ones. The Valorant Radianite Points mechanism to upgrade skins for guns, agents, and other assets could easily be used to upgrade a knife, though Riot would need to make some coding changes to include a new knife option.

The game company could also release a Valorant Radianite Point skin upgrade unique to the knife to give it a more special status. For the moment, while the Valorant Butterfly Knife does not exist in a purchasable form, you can always fork over some real-world cash for an actual butterfly knife from your local or online mall of choice to show off your butterfly feature and twirl skills.

Can Players Trade for a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

No, players cannot trade for a Butterfly Knife in Valorant. With the introduction of Valorant Mobile in early 2022, Riot Games changed its stance on trading with other players within the game to allow user-owned Skins and Gun Buddies for Agents to be transferable between PC and Mobile platforms.

However, the Director of Skins TJ Hughes informed the community that weapon skins and gun buddies for agents were purposely excluded from the new trading features to avoid negatively effecting the skin economy due to hundreds of thousands of grey gun buddie give-aways if they had been tradeable.

Are There Any Special Events or Challenges to Obtain a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

There is no direct evidence to suggest that any special events or challenges will be made available to players to obtain a Butterfly Knife in Valorant. However, there have been tabs labeled Store, Collection and New Knife found at the top of the page in the in-game store on developer maps. It is speculated that these will provide a way to get a butterfly knife item when activated.

Announcements from the developer in October 2021 indicated that they had plans to make a new melee weapon, so it may still come in the future.

It is unknown if there are hidden aspects of the game that allow getting a butterfly knife in Valorant without purchasing it. The items that appear in the in-game store on developer maps are sometimes tied to in-game activities and may well require a certain level of performance or objectives to be reached before they become available. So far, it would seem that the only way to get a butterfly knife in Valorant is to purchase one in the in-game store or on third-party markets. When additional options become available, the Valorant Store will provide the most up-to-date information.

What Is the Rarity of a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

The rarity of a butterfly knife in Valorante is doggedly low, as it is a Chroma-Exclusive paint in Valorant. Chroma-Exclusive knives can only be acquired via Perfect Finish re-role, which is the final attempt made by players via Prime2.0 accounts during the Re-Roll Countdown after they have received the Yellow Strike Re-Roll, as these are the only players with a 100% chance to get a knife.

A Perfect Finish re-role occurs after there are less than 5 minutes on the clock. The chance of Perfect Finish occurring is 1 in every 3 Re-Roll Countdowns, and only one person will get a Perfect Finish to get this amazing butterfly knife. The drop rate of all Chroma skins equals 4 if converted to the skin new items drop rate (so earning a Chroma knife is highly unlikely anyway). Since the rollout of re-rolls, the likelihood of getting this paint is even lower.

How Many Players Have a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

In January 2021, there were 89 players in North America and 32 players in EME competing in Valorant Champions Tour events. In total, there were 228 team accounts within the tournaments. While Radiant ranks accounted for 26.6% of all player accounts competing ion the 2021 Valorant Champions Tours, the number of players across all competition levels more than likely exceeds 1000.

Is It Worth Getting a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

    If you are a player who melee triggers occasionally, then yes. Players just about everywhere discuss whether or not the Butterfly Knife is worth it. The major statistics are that the standard cost is 150 credits and the damage is 50-6. The cost-performance ratio of the Classic and Butterfly knives is higher than the other three skins’ ratios, and the skin is considered by players to be well-made and quite durable.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

The benefits of having a butterfly knife in Valorant are cosmetic, having no functional impacts on the user’s performance. The benefits include that the Butterfly Knife is unique, has more angles from which it looks appealing, is iconic having originally come from the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has a broad selection of colors and skins available, sparkles during a reload, opens and closes inducing a psychological appeal, and increases the quality of the player’s knife room in its closed position.

In terms of function, the Butterfly knife is exactly the same as all the other knives in Valorant. All melee weapons in Valorant have the same lethality and functions, but they look different. According to Riot Games’ weapon characteristics page there is no variance in lethality between knives based on their appearance. The Butterfly knife does not have a separate melee weapon to upgrade from, unlike others such as the Tethered Realms Axe or the Sovereign Sword. This means that it will not cost extra for a re-skin to acquire a Butterfly knife, and there is no need to upgrade or find a replacement weapon for melee.

What Are the Downsides of Obtaining a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

The downsides of getting a butterfly knife in Valorant are that some individuals may prefer using the knife they already have, or may not want to spend money purchasing a new knife, obtaining and using a knife in Valorant requires spending real-world money through paid premium content streams. There is always an element of risk in the paid valorant store and in many methods outside of the store of losing the value of your investment through theft or fraud, or losing access to your account and consequently in-game investments.

How to Use a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

You can use a butterfly knife in Valorant by buying one from the in-game store if available after progressing to level 20, or by purchasing one of numerous Valorant skins from other users. Skins are purely cosmetic and offer no functional or gameplay changes.

If you have made it to level 20 in Episode 2 Act 2 and have yet to see the butterfly knife available, Riot recommends that by returning to the Collection Tab and checking the Agent Personalization screen, you may see the knife pop up. If it doesn’t show up here, you may consider contacting Riot Support by going to the Riot home page, clicking on Support, and completing a request.

Riot Support themselves mentioned that once you get close to level 20 in the Battle Pass, the Valorant acts as a trigger for your account to receive the knife. If you don’t see the knife at level 20, level up a few more times, then log out and back in and re-enter your Account Settings.

Using a Butterfly Knife in Valorant: Using a Butterfly Knife in Valorant is the same as any other weapon. While in a game, instead of any other weapon or ability your Agent might have, simply select the weapon slot that the butterfly knife occupies. You can then use the knife to stab and attack opponents without any further required action.

What Are the Special Animations and Sounds of a Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

The butterfly knife has no special animations in Valorant just as no Melee Weapon Skins have unique animations.

I cannot hear any unique sound differences between the saber, polymer knife, or the default knife, such as its draw or slice sounds. Each Melee Weapon Skins in Valorant costs 3,550 VALORANT Points.


The Butterfly knife is only available in Chinese-specific versions of Valorant and not in the international version. The only way to get a Butterfly knife in Valorant is either by buying a Chinese copy of the game or by purchasing one from a retailer such as VividValor. However, these knives cannot be used in the US version of Valorant yet. No other version of Valorant allows the purchase or use of these knives.

Valorant and Riot Games have made it clear that the Butterfly Knife is strictly a part of their franchising cooperation with Neptune Planet so as to foster a better connection with Chinese audiences where knives are popular. It appears that even Chinese players have not been able to use or buy the knife in the game yet. There remain many questions and debates between players regarding how this knife works and if and when it will be more widely available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Can you buy the Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

No, the Butterfly Knife is only available through certain in-game events or promotions.

How to Get Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Is there a specific way to unlock the Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Yes, you may need to complete specific challenges or tasks in order to obtain the Butterfly Knife in Valorant.

How to Get Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Are there any alternative ways to get the Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Yes, there may be opportunities to win the Butterfly Knife through giveaways or tournaments hosted by Valorant or its partners.

How to Get Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Is the Butterfly Knife a permanent item in Valorant once obtained?

Yes, once you have unlocked the Butterfly Knife, it will remain in your inventory permanently.

How to Get Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Can the Butterfly Knife be traded or gifted to other players in Valorant?

No, the Butterfly Knife is not a tradable or giftable item in Valorant. It can only be obtained through individual gameplay or events.

How to Get Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Is there a limited time frame to obtain the Butterfly Knife in Valorant?

Yes, as the Butterfly Knife is only available through certain events or promotions, there may be a limited time frame to unlock it. Make sure to check for any announcements or updates from Valorant regarding its availability.

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