Learn How to Message Someone in Roblox Without Becoming Friends – Expert Guide

Curious about how to connect with others on Roblox without adding them as friends?

We explore ways you can message someone on Roblox without being friends, such as using the chat feature, sending friend requests, joining the same game, and utilizing third-party apps.

Learn about the potential risks of messaging on Roblox and get tips on staying safe while engaging in conversations on the platform.

Let’s dive in!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a collection of user-generated games and activities that are available only as a part of the Roblox platform. It is not a game in the traditional sense with a beginning, middle, and end, but an online game developer and social platform-focused on providing tools to make and play games with friends. As a result, the content in Roblox is incredibly diverse, ranging from around the world assaults on Piggy and camping as a crab to building a pizzeria or trying to earn Bees for Honey in various games. The user-generated part of Roblox means that games can be as simple or as complex as developers want, although the majority of games tend to be simple and low-quality. Users in Roblox are typically kids and teenagers due to the heavy social interactivity, but there are also adults playing and creating a limited number of games including quiz shows, PC building simulators, and racing games.

Why Do You Need to Message Someone in Roblox?

You need to message someone in Roblox if you are collaborating on a game or seeking new collaborators, if you are trying to make new friends or communicate with existing friends, if you are ved to communicate with game administrators who may not be your friend, if you need to message a player for trading equipment within a game or wish to offer job options to freelancers in your own game, and for a variety of other reasons.

In the context of communication with people outside your likely circle of friends for trading goods in a game or promoting your own game service, third-party services such as the Fiverr platform are a better choice as they are targeting users based on what they offer.

How to Message Someone in Roblox Without Being Friends?

Here are the steps to message someone in Roblox without being friends:

  1. Open their profile and attempt to follow them.
  2. Look for chat and message options in the Friends tab of their profile even if they decline your request.
  3. Invite them to a game you are hosting and talk in the game chat.

You message outside a game while chatting in a game together or playing together inside the game to avoid having to friend them. But semi-official channels include: Approaching moderation: If you are being harassed or attempts otherwise to manually contact with other users are unsuccessful, it may be worth contacting customer support ([email protected]).

Using the Roblox Chat Feature

Roblox users can message someone they are not friends with by using the Roblox chat feature. Users can open a chat window by clicking on any user’s avatar while playing a Roblox game. The chat feature can accommodate both text and audio input.

When you click on the player avatar, a quick user info window appears which gives the option to chat. If you select this choice, a new window will open in the lower right corner of your device. If the player to be chatted with has chat privacy settings on, there will be no instant message option available. In that case, you will see the following message in the chat area `This user has restricted chat messages from people they don’t know or all users’. However, the user can change these settings by following the instructions listed earlier in this article. This solution does not require any special access, but rather every user has these settings and can alter them at will.

Sending a Friend Request

Sending a friend request is the other way to message someone in Roblox without being friends. You can message Roblox users you are not friends with by sending a friend request after entering their name in the search bar in the Friends section of the Roblox mobile app. Go to the chat section of the person you wish to send a request to then click on their profile from there.

To do this, first click on the icon of two people in the corner with Search/Random. Now search for the username of the person you wish to send a friend request. Next, click on the user. Now request friendship and hope they get back to you. After the person accepts your friend request, you will be able to message them from the chat section at the bottom of the app. If they do not accept it, you can send another friend request, or simply wait to see if they message you back instead. Learn more about sending friend requests on the Roblox platform.

Note that users can change their privacy settings so they cannot receive friend requests from anyone outside of their friends list. In the case that you cannot send or receive messages or phone calls from strangers, it is likely that the user you are trying to reach has altered their settings to do this.

Joining the Same Game

If you and someone you want to chat with are not friends, instead of adding the person as a friend, claim a mutual, public server. Do this by joining a server with less than the maximum number of players. Doing this, you are likely to be joind ed by the person you want to speak with, as people tend to join less populous servers. After you claim a small public server, mute the public chat as the person you want to speak with may not park on your server of choice. The private chat allows you to text with people in your Roblox server that you are not friends with.

Using Third-Party Apps

Using third-party apps to direct messages without being friends is not recommended due to security concerns and the risk of losing one’s Roblox account. However, third-party apps for contacting other Roblox users do exist.

Kik and Kuuhubb’s Match are two outside apps that allow users to message others through their platforms, but they are unreliable and might not work. Kik had a Roblox community in the past where users could friend other Roblox players. However, the company has become controversial and a legal liability. It has a reputation as a predatory social media space where minors are targeted by sexual predators. The app and Roblox disallow using it for communication with young people on the game – not to mention any sensitive information for users of any age. Kik uses a centralized database to manage its application which makes it easier for hackers to access the stored user info.

Kuuhubb’s Match is a chat platform for users which is private and confidential. It operates in more than 54 countries and has spokespeople and a community of users who provide constant feedback. Despite this, even Kuuhubb’s Match reserves the right to monitor, document and share chat materials with the necessary authorities if they believe it is important in order to respect the fundamental moral norms, to > NOT allow pornography and extraordinarily transcendental content etc.

What Are the Risks of Messaging Someone in Roblox?

Messages only bring a few risks when engaging with strangers in Roblox. These risks are probably greater when a Roblox user is a minor. The risks include potential bullying, phishing, and scams.

Roblox developers have historically been light on the issue of cyberbullying even as it relates to messages. Bullying has at times initiated from Roblox, such as with popular games that were created for the express purpose of harassment or exclusion. Developers on the platform are eliminating very difficult and nuanced problems. Unfortunately, while physical activities that are against community standards may be removed once identified, recordings and messages may stay in the cloud forever. A response to this issue is Roblox’s chat moderation.

Phishing and scamming are a greater issue than bullying. Roblox itself provides warnings and guidance to users in their online safety guide to protect users against scams. Assistant Professor of Psybersecurity at Mercyhurst’s Ridge College, Katherine Bazzano, warns of messages from strangers providing inappropriate content. These may be attempts to prey on minors or install malicious software on the device of the unsuspecting child. She recommends that parents be prepared to address these situations and seek supportive counseling for minors who become upset or disturbed.

Exposing Personal Information

To message someone in Roblox without being friends, politely find a game where the creator has added a billboard or similar that allows messaging. You can ask your friends to look for the information for you. Messaging without being friends is not generally possible in Roblox, so adding the desired individual as a friend is necessary in most cases. If the person chooses not to accept the friend request, one option is to use third-party messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik, Signal, or Snapchat, and ask for their username in the chat box. This should only be done if you receive permission to use it. Exposing personal information contrary to the company’s terms and policies is never advisable. While you can view Roblox users’ most recently played games, ID numbers, and profile, you cannot legally request or buy their legally identifiable information, as it contains personal information that users must protect.

Receiving Inappropriate Messages

To report inappropriate messages in Roblox that were sent to you, follow these steps:

  1. Click the gear button in the chat window.
  2. Click on “Report abuse”.
  3. Select user type A and write the subject of your complaint.
  4. Select the nature of the exchange: In our case, reporting someone for a repeat offense of solicitation.
  5. Make a description of what you are reporting and then click “Submit”. This will send a complaint to the site administrators.

Falling for Scams

Security researchers have noted the rise of bad actors in Roblox scamming users. They attempt to get Robux from users in malicious ways. Never share your username or password with anyone claiming to be a Roblox admin, who says they will help with a bug, or who tries to scam you in any way. Anything you do in Roblox can only be initiated from Roblox (roblox.com) or the game-site you are playing on. Anything else, done by another Roblox user, which asks for login information or downloads software to your computer is a scam.

How to Stay Safe While Messaging Someone in Roblox?

To stay safe when messaging in Roblox, users should:

  1. Only accept and always verify pending friend requests.
  2. Always adhere to the Roblox Community Rules and the platform’s Terms of Service.
  3. Be extra cautious with the use of personal information and avatars.

Parents of minors should teach their children about safe online behavior. Teach them not to share personal information online (including in Roblox messaging) and to report any dangerous or inappropriate behavior to parents, teachers, or Roblox through the Report Abuse feature.

Only Share Necessary Information

You can chat with someone in Roblox without being friends by messaging them personal information via a game notification that they can see on their Roblox profile by default, an Avatar Details modal that you open by clicking the person’s avatar that can be sent through the chat, or by using the Roblox API if you are a developer to get their Roblox ID. For sensitive information, use a Roblox forum post to send by name, and then privately message someone the Roblox ID.

Limit the sharing of information for the privacy of both users. Be cautious of publicly calling out people by their usernames on forums and in other public places. Because of the stringent personal safety policies of the Roblox app store, and strict regulatory norms in the Czech Republic, the Seniors Club uses Seniors Club CZ to chat with each other with an added layer of privacy.

In case of an emergency, you can notify a friend, but if they are not able to provide assistance, contact the Roblox security page immediately, and if the matter is serious, reach out to the local authorities. Be cautious, but there is no need to panic as all communication methods encourage privacy and can help you effectively communicate with someone.

Report Any Inappropriate Behavior

Player connections are meant to be positive in Roblox and it is not proper etiquette to disrupt another player’s experience with harassment, bullying, or mean words. Developers and the moderation team at Roblox consider proper player behavior as seen in the code of conduct.

The code of conduct specifies that players do not use bad words, cheat in games, or make mean comments. When a direct message is highly out of order, one can be guided to press the report or mystat button on the site to report the user’s inappropriate behavior. This must also be referred to in cases where a player is asking for personal information, which is against the Roblox guidelines and an indicator that a player can not be messaged.

Roblox responds to inappropriate behavior reports in a way that maintains player privacy which is friendly to players. So the best course of action is to report any inappropriate behavior or breaches of Roblox terms of service by players against you such as cheating or spreading misinformation to Roblox support. Players should also mute other loud noise in games to avoid disturbing the game experience by clicking the top right side of any player’s name in chat.

Be Cautious of Suspicious Links

Another limit on Roblox free chat is that you cannot send links to other websites. As a low-code gaming company for kids, Roblox must to do this to ensure that its young audience does not accidentally (or purposefully) view adult or otherwise inappropriate content outside of its platform.

Rather than waiting for any public or private messages in Roblox, here are the workarounds for which you can use to contact another Roblox account without being friends. Note that while these provide more freedom to communicate, there is a reason friends are a bi-directional request or approval. If someone does not want to talk to you, don’t pester them through these methods FB Messenger, Discord, or Twitter DMs. You can go to Roblox developer’s account and leave your message on the game page. Sometimes developers read Roblox’s developer forums and you might receive a reply from them.

Following these methods to message someone on Roblox without being friends gives you a good chance of your message receiving a positive reply. However, unsolicited messages may still be ignored or result in negative consequences depending on the content.


Currently, there are only two ways to message users in Roblox without being friends. To text chat someone in a Roblox game without being friends, you can simply type normally in the chat window as you would with a friend you are in a Roblox game with. To join another player’s game, you will have to click on their username, go to their profile, find a game playing, then click on that icon and click on the green Play button. Messaging a user in Roblox without being friends requires using safe or private chat modes. If both users are under 13 years of age or have safe chat mode enabled, sending or replying to received messages is not possible.

Unfortunately, the limits to messaging without being friends were set by Roblox to provide a safe online environment for young users that might come across inappropriate messages. Despite the current restrictions, it is doubly important to always protect young users online from predators and bullies. Parents of Roblox mobile users can control communication manually. Every message that a child sends is reviewed before being sent. If a child is trying to send a message that their guardian does not want them to, then it can be rejected. By using strict privacy settings and controls, parents can further minimize the exposure of their child’s profile to others and restrict gameplay to personally-vetted friends who are known to the user offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I message someone in Roblox without being friends?

In order to message someone in Roblox without being friends, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the user’s profile page.
  • Click on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the page.
  • Select “Message” from the dropdown menu.
  • A chat window will open where you can type and send your message.

Can I message someone who is not my friend in Roblox?

Yes, you can message someone who is not your friend in Roblox by following the steps mentioned above.

What if the user has their privacy settings enabled?

If the user has their privacy settings enabled, you will not be able to message them unless they add you as a friend.

Is there a limit to how many people I can message in Roblox?

There is no limit to how many people you can message in Roblox. However, if the user has their privacy settings enabled, you may not be able to message them.

Can I send pictures or videos in a message to someone in Roblox?

No, currently Roblox does not allow users to send pictures or videos in messages. You can only send text messages.

Is there a way to block someone from messaging me in Roblox?

Yes, you can block someone from messaging you in Roblox by going to your settings, selecting “Privacy” and then adding the user’s name to your block list.

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