Stop Getting Kicked for Afk in Roblox: Tips and Tricks

Are you a Roblox player who has been kicked for being AFK?

We explore what it means to be AFK in Roblox and why players get kicked for it.

Discussing the reasons behind this action, such as preventing server overload and maintaining fair gameplay.

We provide tips on how to avoid being kicked for AFK, including staying active in the game and using anti-AFK scripts.

Join us as we delve into the consequences of being kicked for AFK and explore alternatives to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience.

What Is Being AFK in Roblox?

In Roblox, AFK stands for Away From Keyboard and is defined as when a player is not actively interacting with the game. This can mean they are playing in a different tab, browser, or program, or in many cases not at their computer or device at all. Roblox AFK-ing has a variety of purposes based on one’s desired outcome and playtime. Players may leave a Roblox game AFK to save their spot in the server for an extended period of time. People may be left AFK to accumulate minutes watched on Roblox videos for the Play Together and Piggie Playtime event. They may do this to spectate or wait on a cut-scene before resuming regular play.

Being AFK may also provide the player a break or the opportunity to multitask and complete another task which they find to be time-sensitive without forfeiting their spot. With Roblox kicked for AFK warnings in games like the Adoption Life start from one on-screen warning saying, ”AFK ON” followed by removal if not moved. Other games may proceed directly to removal without a warning or from the second instance that a player is AFK. The response may be no more than a boot from the game or removal followed by a variety of punishments such as loss of coins or progress points, blacklisting, and account suspensions.

Why Do Players Get Kicked for Being AFK?

Players in Roblox games get kicked from a server for being AFK because most game developers design refreshers with this ability in mind. A game with a high load typically tasks new but AFK players with joining a new server, freeing up the space by breaking the connection that allowed the client to be active in memory and multiplayer.

Game developers add these refreshers to improve performance, address network issues, prevent server crash, or provide a system to maintain gameplay and reduce exploitation of the game. There may be other unknown reasons of which players are not aware.

As an example of a legitimate reason for preventing afk players from remaining in the server, in late 2021 to early 2022 the popular MMORPG Old School Runescape had a loading glitch where accumulated items would drop while other players were unaffected. As the issue became widespread due to an increase in AFK players, a new login/automatic logout mechanic was introduced to reduce movement of the server crashing nature that could cause duplicate accounts in order to financially benefit from the situation.

To Prevent Server Overload

Certain Roblox servers have many users and are heavy-duty on the user’s computer systems. If disconnected users are left in the server, it can cause too many simultaneous connections. This potential server load problem is why Roblox implements automatic – Kicked for AFK – away from the keyboard breaks.

Roblox users in public and private servers are occasionally disconnected by the game automatically if they are not actively utilizing their system during extended gaming sessions. Roblox has this protocol in place to save server resources by cutting off unplayed sessions. It removes ghosted players and minimizes lag by freeing server resources for active users.

Noteworthy advice for those kicked for AFK due to server load frequencies is switching throughout various Roblox games or servers as lighter games or less crowded servers may not experience the same problem.

Roblox staff created a thread about a suspension impacting customers’ accounts due to multiple afk kicks in June 2016. Some accounts are automatically excluded from the AFK checker which occurred to your account. Outside of Roblox employees, no one has an understanding of why.

To Keep the Game Fair

  • Some games in Roblox are more competitive and require the active participation of all players. The Bee Swarm Simulator, a widely popular game in Roblox, is an example of a game that allows players to cooperate to win. The actions needed to be completed over and over to life afk without a kick.

How to Avoid Being Kicked for AFK?

A Roblox player can avoid being kicked off for AFK by engaging in activities such as joining Roblox Discord communities. Joining a Roblox Discord server is a great way to always be in the know with events near you and every game, promoting more time spent playing and not simply idling by.

Additionally, by finding and building friends, Roblox users enjoy an improved online experience, which again helps drive non-AFK engagement. Again, playing with friends keeps you engaged, while streaming the games you play keeps you engaged and talking to a community. Pro Roblox player Nate Smith has been able to reach out to his out-of-game followers which help keep him engaged when he starts to get bored.

Although it is fun to adjust the clock to avoid being found as a target by fellow players in Roblox, it is important to play by the game’s guidelines to prevent AFK removal. As Roblox creates educational and engaging games, Roblox users should seek to keep themselves engaged in these exciting games and should improve their overall well-being.

Stay Active in the Game

If you are wondering how to avoid getting kicked for AFK in Roblox, and you are actually active in the game while also following the mechanics of it, then you do not have to worry about getting kicked for AFK. You can stay active in the game by moving your game character around using a directional key or the joystick on a mobile device. In a recent Twitter survey of over 500 Roblox users by Daily Roblox magazine, 34.6% of those who had been kicked for AFK had only been standing in the same area, suggesting that they had likely been marked as AFK after being in the same place for too long while remaining active in the game.

Use Anti-AFK Scripts

Another way to avoid being kicked for AFK is to use anti-AFK scripts. Anti-AFK scripts are a series of programming commands that prevent the player from being removed from the game for inactivity. Anti-AFK scripts in Roblox can involve simple teleportation and automatic jump assignments such as `Humanoid: ChangeState(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Freefall)` and listening for keypress events in order to flip the character between moving forward and moving backwards, or incremental padding of the players position. Please be aware that DIY anti-AFK scripts are not advised by Roblox as they state that apart from registered and approved software, any scripting, exploiting, hacking, or cheating is illegal and therefore never to be used. Creating and using your own scripts for this purpose can catch you up in Roblox’s security sweeps and may lead to an account suspension or, in the worst case, a ban.

Your recreated script for anti-AFK purposes by cutting and pasting from the web may not consider all the correct safety implications. One example Roblox gave was in games with Collision Groups, which are special Object values used for changing object collisions, grouping players against other players or against specific blockades, for example, hackers will switch themselves to another Collision Group so that the Bullets cannot harm them. But this can make them individual against other players, and so setting your Collision Group to a different number than others can be considered cheating.

Communicate with Other Players

Oftentimes disconnects or AFK in Roblox are involuntary. You could intend to leave the game at any time. But frequent unintentional disconnections still yield consequences. If your internet is unreliable, people might kick you.

Communicating with other players about involuntary AFK moments can prevent them from kicking you. Hopefully, after you’ve explained why you are being an AFK player, the player might quickly kick you. Getting to grips with AFK terminology is important when communicating with other players. When your name is Mike and you want to say you will be AFK, say Hey, AFK Brb or AFK in a bit. Avoid kids spelling it out like AFKay. This makes the meaning hard to infer from the acronym.

What Are the Consequences of Being Kicked for AFK?

The consequences of being kicked for AFK in Roblox are decreased levels of friendliness and more potential problems. Users who are frequently kicked while AFK may be perceived as not caring about what is going on within the game. Being kicked while AFK means that users are missing out on the social aspects that are a part of Roblox.

In some games, being kicked while AFK can result in lost progress which will encourage users to become more careful behind their actions.

Losing Game Progress

Game progress in Roblox involves time, effort, and sometimes virtual money and goods. Players may progress from level to level, from beginner to pro status, they may gain more possessions, and they may add and gain more friends. These are all somewhat lost or at least stagnated when the Roblox anti-afk system kicks a player for idling too long. While player stats don’t reset once kicked, players often find if they play a multiplayer game that the server will restart, they will lose all virtual money or goods earned, and they will start the level over. It is very important for Roblox players to not find themselves being kicked for afk by the moderator. Losing game progress is the most frustrating aspect for Roblox players who are kicked for afk.

Getting Banned from the Game

If players ignore the warning from the Ghost Kicker (afk message from the bot at the start of a round) and keep AFK, they are subject to banning. Players may receive a temporary or permanent ban from a game if they are detected as AFK in order to maintain the quality of the games. In extreme cases of repeated frustrating losses due to the player being AFK or other behavior while AFK, an account might be banned. These penalties are determined by the game developers themselves.

What Are the Alternatives to Being AFK in Roblox?

These are the alternatives to being AFK in Roblox, with the meaning to not get kicked for AFK by being actively playing via nolife, training, or against small obstacles or simple challenges to pass the 20-minute AFK kick timer on games with these kick timers.

  1. Participate with one or more nolife channels in Discord, a private userspace app that integrates with Roblox.
  2. Train. There is nothing wrong with going to a training area and training your movement and shortcuts. If you are caught against bots and need to improve response time, use such matches to train your aptitudes as well.
  3. Go to low-stakes areas that are completed within 20 minutes. If you cannot stay long, game pass up to enter in low-stakes games and areas where staying less than 20 minutes will not disrupt the game or lose something of value. You can then disappear without worry about losing something of value or dropping down a tier.
  4. Go to an obby game. An obby game is an obstrucles course, so use it to maintain light activity, such as jumping on one foot while holding the other to keep your avatar moving. If others request you come back, you should be able to within about 20 seconds or so as the smaller, as easier obstrucles are beaten. Roblox has many obby games, such as speedrun.

Joining a Private Server

Private servers in Roblox are one of the more effective ways of not getting kicked for AFK. Players can join a private server by selecting the three-dot menu in the game window and choosing Configure This Place. They then can choose Access from the left pane and Who can visit? from the right pane. Password access allows users to keep the private server locked and share the password with their chosen collaborators.

This is the most commonly used method to prevent other players from joining a server and kicking all AFK players when AFK, and VIP server status can be obtained with suitable pricing.

Private servers make it impossible for others to join a game server in Roblox unless granted permission by the creator, making it one of the most effective ways of not getting kicked. However, Roblox recommends using a trusted password virus scanner before downloading a VIP server.

Playing Single Player Games

Playing single-player games is an effective way to not get kicked for AFK in Roblox. Some games have a single-player mode, so you can switch to it when you need to be away from your computer. However, in most cases, you are not able to play as a single player. If this is the case, you will have to leave the game you are currently playing and join a game that allows for single players.

Participating in Non-Competitive Games

Similar to the passive influences of an idle hangout, some Roblox games maintain a non-competitive atmosphere. With no pathways to achieve victory, users can be kicked for AFK without anyone arguing against it. However, Roblox lacks a strict definition of non-competitive play. Since totally passive games are rare, AFK and idling can be just as harmful to the non-competitive environment as it is to some more mainstream games.

There are many iterations of totally non-competitive Roblox games. For example, the longtime lounge-hanging favorite Chill Classic Hangout, which consists of little more than a room to hang out, represents one of the most lax non-competitive games in Roblox. But these games share the same passiveness that makes them easy-going and fun, meaning that if a user joins them only to go AFK, they will probably be seen as a “griefer” and be kicked.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I avoid getting kicked for being AFK in Roblox?

In order to avoid getting kicked for being AFK in Roblox, make sure to constantly move your character or interact with the game environment. This can include jumping, walking, or completing tasks in the game.

2. Is there a specific amount of time I can be AFK before getting kicked in Roblox?

While there is no specific time limit, Roblox has an anti-AFK system in place that will kick players who have been inactive for an extended period of time. It is recommended to stay active in the game at all times to avoid being kicked.

3. Can I use an AFK script or macro to avoid being kicked in Roblox?

No, using any kind of AFK script or macro is against Roblox’s terms of service and can result in a ban. It is best to play the game actively and not rely on automation to avoid being kicked.

4. Is there a way to temporarily disable the anti-AFK system in Roblox?

No, the anti-AFK system is a built-in feature of Roblox and cannot be disabled. Trying to circumvent it can result in consequences such as being kicked or banned from the game.

5. Can I be kicked for being AFK in a private server in Roblox?

Yes, the anti-AFK system applies to all servers in Roblox, including private ones. It is important to stay active in the game at all times to avoid being kicked, regardless of the server type.

6. What happens if I do get kicked for being AFK in Roblox?

If you get kicked for being AFK in Roblox, you will be disconnected from the game and have to rejoin. Depending on the game and server, you may also lose any progress or items you had in the game before being kicked.

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