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Find yourself struggling to explore the underwater realms of Minecraft without drowning?

Here, we discuss different ways to breathe underwater in Minecraft, from using items to crafting potions and enchantments.

Get tips and tricks on conserving oxygen, avoiding drowning, and safely navigating the depths of the game.

Ready to enhance your underwater experience in Minecraft? Keep reading to learn all about underwater breathing techniques!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by the company Mojang and released by the company Microsoft Studios. Minecraft first launched in public alpha on May 17, 2009. The official release was on November 18, 2011. There are Java and Bedrock editions of the game. Users can freely choose between Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator modes.

In Creative mode, players are free to build their own thought-of dwellings and a variety of structures. Survival mode requires players to find their resources, which in turn beginners and first-timers can get from other users in the game, but having gained, you have a benefit from it ever after so you can progress into complex gameplay modes. Minecraft doesn’t have subsequent games but each additional Minecraft expansion takes players to new maps, challenges, environments, and tasks fit for different playstyles. So you can find the best way to have fun with Minecraft underwater gameplay.

What is Underwater Breathing in Minecraft?

Underwater breathing in Minecraft is the ability to breathe underwater from wearing armor made from turtle shells or consuming a potion of underwater breathing. Turtle shell helmets grant the wearer 10 extra seconds of breathing time underwater per shell used. It is possible to fill all four armor slots with turtle shells for a total of 40 extra seconds underwater.

The player loses 1 moment of underwater breathing for every second they are above the surface which is not the beginning of a new second. These seconds first deplete the turtle shell’s underwater breathing time before depleting normal oxygen reserves. This decay of the effect only happens when in the water. Putting on water breathing armor, emerging, and then immediately submerging again beginning from zero does not conserve oxygen time and will not reset the water breathing duration of the armor.

A potion of underwater breathing in Minecraft provides oxygen to the player for 3 minutes. It is created by combining a Totem of the Undying with an Nether Puddle in the brewing stand. The potion cannot be extended but it can be amplified further with a Fermented Petal (Ally Daisy) to increase the effect duration to 8 minutes and/or amplified with Gunpowder to make it a splash version that affects others.

What are the Different Ways to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft?

The different ways you can breathe underwater in Minecraft are as follows:

  1. Rebreather/enchantment – To build a Turtle Shell Helmet for a rebreather or enchant armor with Respiration.
  2. Potion – To breathe underwater for 3 minutes, drink a water Breathing Potion.
  3. Conduit – To build an underwater breathing machine, activate a Conduit.
  4. Beacon – To breathe underwater for 20 seconds, use a fully powered Conduit and a nearby activated Beacon with Haste Level II, activated on land.
  5. Cheats – To grant yourself water breathing, use the `/effect @s minecraft:water_breathing 99999 3` command if you have the cheats ability turned on, where the 99999 is the duration in seconds, and the 3 is the level (maximum level is 3).
  6. Air pocket – Seal a room that you have filled with air and open it while eyeing the exit.

How to Prepare for Underwater Breathing in Minecraft?

To better prepare for underwater breathing in Minecraft one can take three important steps. Step 1: Acquire or craft undersea gear. Step 2: Prepare for fighting underwater. Step 3: Continually mine and acquire blocks.

To have underwater breathing in Minecraft players must be prepared for undersea and cavern exploration. Water can flow erratically when mining and it is easy to release a flood into an underground room and drown.

How Can I Breathe Underwater Perfectly? Enchanting diving gear only partially improves underwater breathing in Minecraft. Swiftness, resistance, and strength potions provide greater defense against underwater enemies than diving gear. If players plan to spend more time below the surface in caves and mining, they should focus on upgrading the number of protection enchantments they can place on armor instead.

What Items are Needed for Underwater Breathing?

The items needed for underwater breathing are the Turtle Shell, Potion of Water Breathing or Arrow of Water Breathing from having a Potion of Water Breathing fired into a campfire with the tip of an arrow and Coral Blocks. Turtle Shells are common drops from the rare oceanic-dwelling Turtle Mobs. Potions of Water Breathing can be crafted with a Pufferfish and are leaked in with a Mundane Potion. You can mine b with a pickaxe to smelt back to Corals to craft coral fans, blocks, or ladders.

How to Find these Items in Minecraft?

There are two ways to find items in Minecraft. The first way is to collect them from the environment. This is the most common way to find Turtle scutes. When a Turtle grows from baby small to adult large, 1 – 5 scutes can be dropped in total in the water. The player can find these scutes on the water surface, hover over them and pick them up.

Drowned underwater zombies are the most common underwater hostile mobs. They have a 11% chance to drop leather armor, 2% of which is a pair of leather boots. These leather boots can be re-dyed and used for the player’s underwater disguise.

To find items in Minecraft, players can do the following:

  • Turning on cheats: Players must be in creative mode for this or they need to have the mod
  • Enabling Cheats: Pressing the forward slash key (`/`) or just opening the chat and typing in commands
  • Entering the command: This command will give the player an item with a certain amount. For example, `give scute 5`
  • Disabling Cheats (optional): Press `/` and enter the command to disable them

The second method of obtaining items in Minecraft is the natural way through crafting or farming. For instance, Bamboo can be collected by cutting Jungle and Snowy Taiga biomes.

How to Breathe Underwater using Potions?

In Minecraft, you can breathe underwater by drinking the Potion of Water Breathing. This will give ten additional seconds of underwater breathing time for every level applied, after which the ten seconds will be re-added, effectively allowing all the time a player drinks the potion for them to remain underwater.

At standard survival play difficulty, the potion of water breathing is accessible if Pufferfish are caught and harvested, as they are required to make the potion. A Potion of Water Breathing can be brewed by combining a Brewing Stand, Blaze Powder, three Glass Bottles Nether Wart, and Pufferfish. It takes 20 secs to finish brewing. A standard potion provides 3 min of underwater breathing while an extended potion provides 8 minutes.

What are the Different Types of Potions for Underwater Breathing?

The different types of potions for underwater breathing in Minecraft do not include a regular water breathing potion. For 3 minutes, you can create a water breathing potion (extended) or a water breathing potion (II) for 1.5 minutes. You must brew regular water breathing potions or water breathing potions (splash) using the brewing stand process before using them. The three types of potions for underwater breathing in Minecraft are as follows:

  1. Water Breathing Potion (extended)

  2. Water Breathing Potion

  3. Water Breathing Potion (II)

Potion of water breathing (extended) makes 3 minutes breathe underwater and Potion of water breathing (II) makes 1 minute and 30 seconds. Afterwards, drink or splash these potions to activate underwater respiration and the effects of how long can you breathe underwater will be active, allowing you to breathe underwater for the appropriate time span registered under the effect

How to Craft these Potions in Minecraft?

All three types of underwater breathing in Minecraft require the brewing of Water Breathing Potions. These potions help you breathe under water and improve effectiveness over time and under varying circumstances. Check the Gamepedia link in the Key Information section to see the different rebreather equipment’s stats to see how they fare in and out of water under varying conditions.

Here are the steps and ingredients needed to craft a water breathing potion, a pufferfish-supported water breathing potion, and a diving helmet supported water breathing potion.

  • Water Breathing potions. Fill a bottle of water and place it in your brewing stand and fill another bottle with water. Now in all three door slots, add a piece of kelp, which should now be in the fancy recipe interface thanks to 1.13‘s Aquatic Update. Wait for both bottles of water to turn into bottles of water. Add Nether wart to the top center slot and soon these will be awkward potions.
  • On the brewing stand, place the awkward potions in any slot and add Pufferfish in the upper left corner. The potions will now brew for three minutes and ten seconds. Boom. Water breathing potions.
  • Frog Legs Mod. This mod lets you create the Drake Cap, which is a helmet that gives water breathing abilities. Because it is a mod, one must be monitored to make sure it doesn’t generate any unintended capability imbalances with the rest of Minecraft. Currently, the drop rate of the Drake Scale from the Sea Serpent is very low in the Frog Legs Mod. They are also added for 7.5%. LogsHere are the prospective ingredients to brew a water breathing potion according to what appears to be a rare/Tyler Gallon mod?

How to Breathe Underwater using Enchantments?

You can breathe underwater without the respiration enchantment in Minecraft, although this enchantment helps reduce the speed at which your air runs out underwater. Two other enchantments will help you with underwater breathing. The Aqua Affinity enchantment is an enchantment you can only get through books, fishing, or if you find it while in the dungeons or trading with villagers. Its primary use in Minecraft is reducing the time taken to break blocks under the water. Conduit enchantment gives you underwater breathing and night vision status effects. The more conduits (or blocks of the conduit pyramid) you have, the more blocks of water the conduits can activate. The more blocks of water you have, the more range points you will get underwater.

What are the Different Enchantments for Underwater Breathing?

The different enchantments in Minecraft for underwater breathing are as follows:

  1. Netherite helmet with Respiration enchantment
  2. Netherite helmet with Aqua Affinity enchantment
  3. Potion of Water Breathing
  4. Conduit Power status effect

Respiration enchantment: The best way to get underwater breathing. There are three levels of underwater breathing, with Level I being able to increase time to the first bubble from 15 to 20 seconds and increase the length of the total time by 7.5 seconds. With Level II, the times in brackets will increase to 25 and 12.5 seconds respectively. To mute the effects of the helmet being underwater, you need to have Level III. With the helmet not being submerged, there is a bonus beyond the 15 seconds of breath that is added which is good.

Aqua Affinity enchantment: Removes the slower swing speed for any kind of underwater breathing.

There are various other water breathing potions in the game as well, with underwater gravity being turned off with Liquids of the Sea Conduit Power status effect. All of these enchantments and status effects give alternate ways of having underwater breathing.

How to Obtain and Use these Enchantments in Minecraft?

These enchantments can be found almost anywhere and on anything in Minecraft that these types of items can appear. The easiest way to get them is through an enchantment table or an anvil, and past that, through trading with villagers and opening treasure chests. Enchantment Tables can provide you with any water-related enchantment randomly according to the level of experience you use for the enchantment. Beyond that, methods of obtaining them can vary widely according to item and system.

What are the Tips and Tricks for Underwater Breathing in Minecraft?

These are the tips and tricks for underwater breathing in Minecraft:

  1. Find kelp and turn it into dried kelp for underwater food and air.
  2. Create water dams or pumpkins to create underwater air pockets.
  3. Build glass walls underwater for a way to breathe air both underwater and above water safely.
  4. For emergency underwater air, build underwater airlocks.
  5. Swimming is faster than walking on the ground underwater, so it reduces the time needed for an external air supply from kelp, water air pockets, etc. when you really need it.

You actually can breathe underwater in Minecraft world without the need to download any special mods if you use a combination of intelligent play, resource utilization, and some simple underwater breathing devices. Paying attention to the following tricks and shortcuts is the key to success. Complete the sentence with introductory information about the fact you do not need to have downloaded any mods.

Modifying the game. In survival mode, kelp makes it easy to create a stock of underwater food and quick air supply for long dives by combining it with some coal or dried kelp. Without kelp, it is still important to create underwater air pockets to maintain your health.

The Reason Why You Should Swim Underwater. While walking underwater is possible in Minecraft, it is actually just as fast as walking on land, so swimming is the best way to travel in water and there are things you can only do while swimming, such as sprinting.

How to Conserve Oxygen while Underwater?

Oxygen is conserved while underwater by not moving and by using the sprint control to move underwater. The most efficient way to gather resources while underwater in Minecraft retains oxygen, wears Frost Walker boots, and does not make any sudden movements. Players will use the player controller to walk, not the sprint button.

When moving forward, often tap the move button rather than always holding it down since it causes the player to move more slowly. From an oxygen conservation perspective, don’t travel when in survival mode by sprint swimming and hopping when getting resources. If you need to move, jump and use the sprint swimming because while swimming, descending downwards will cause you to wallow quicker than walking on the land.

What are the Dangers of Drowning in Minecraft?

The primary danger of drowning in Minecraft is a rapid decrease of health points. Disadvantages of drowning include dot blindness and bad effects brought about by the vacancy of the underwater world. Players that are overly concerned about drowning (and especially about losing experience points when they drown in lava) can make use of god mode for breathability. But once you drown while wearing enchanted underwater gear or using the water-breathing potion, you’ll discover that there’s no laik anywhere in Eleutheria and the drops get underwater until you die.

That’s a Rise, Gamers moment. Sort of. If you want to feel secure from this horror, in reality, don’t use the elytra in the newly-discovered caves of Minecraft 1.18.1 while wearing armor for breathability, resin-soled boots for mining underwater, potion of water breathing, conduit, or turtle shell helmet as it will interfere with your PS6’s fluid intake. Damage over time if drowning in Minecraft is as severe as Minecraft Youtuber Cubey makes it seem? No. Mobility impairment if underwater may add to the negative reactions of drowning players in Minecraft, but your health points will still just drop rather than presenting a potential crowning moment of despair.

How to Avoid Drowning while Underwater?

To avoid drowning while underwater in Minecraft, players can equate any of the underwater breathing methods detailed above. While drowning can happen to even the most careful players, maintaining some of the following tips – even when equipped with underwater breathing equipment – will greatly lessen one’s chances of drowning in Minecraft. Be careful that you keep energy to swim to the surface or a nearby air pocket. Drowning in Minecraft is caused by a player’s air level decreasing to 0 while they are submerged, referred to as their oxygen saturation level.

Players are able to see a number of bubbles denoting their air level, displayed at the center your screen, when you are underwater – this number, when 0, means drowning is imminent. To check oxygen saturation levels, use `/data get entity @s {Air:0}` in the chat bar. Drying time in air is faster than standing still, so after descending from the world of the ice it is better to swim (if necessary) without staying on a single seabed or in a single air pocket to save time. Visibility distances in coral reefs, underwater caves (in locations such as the Drowned Fortress, or wrecks), and other areas are usually very short, so use the F3 key to track coordinates. This will enable you to plot a course back to the surface and breathe more deeply once you and your surroundings are hidden by water topped, since there is no map in the same location, so it is best not to take any risks in unrecognizeable locations on the map.

Players can monitor their drowning, aka their diminishing oxygen saturation levels, while submerged to ensure they still have time to return to the surface or an air pocket. Always return to the surface before your levels reach 0. Drowning and underwater breathing times are tracked in a player’s stats if they (deliberately or accidentally) die while a water-breathing buff is equipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft?

How do I breathe underwater in Minecraft?

You can breathe underwater in Minecraft by using a turtle shell, potion of water breathing, or enchanting your armor with the respiration enchantment.

Can I breathe underwater without any special items or enchantments?

No, you will need either a turtle shell, potion of water breathing, or respiration enchantment in order to breathe underwater in Minecraft.

How do I get a turtle shell in Minecraft?

You can get a turtle shell by killing turtles or by finding them in underwater ruins or shipwrecks.

Can I use a potion of water breathing indefinitely?

No, a potion of water breathing will only last for a limited amount of time before wearing off. You can extend its duration by using a redstone dust to create a potion of extended water breathing.

Can I enchant any type of armor with the respiration enchantment?

No, the respiration enchantment can only be applied to helmets in Minecraft.

Are there any other ways to breathe underwater in Minecraft?

Yes, you can also create a conduit by surrounding a heart of the sea with prismarine blocks and activate it with five nautilus shells to create a bubble of air that allows you to breathe underwater. However, this method requires more rare items and is only available in the Java edition of Minecraft.

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