Unleash the Power of RTX in Roblox: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you curious about how to enable RTX in Roblox and what it can bring to your gaming experience?

We will delve into what exactly Roblox and RTX are, how to enable RTX in Roblox step by step, the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing RTX, tips for optimizing your RTX settings, and some popular RTX games within the Roblox platform.

If you’re ready to take your Roblox gameplay to the next level, keep on reading!

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a company founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 as a high-performance, cross-platform, scalable real time simulation and gaming platform specifically aimed at engaging young people in user-generated game development (Donegan, 2016).

It is inspired by motorized, programmable toys such as LEGO Mindstorms but entirely in digital form. It is both a platform for game development for children and a portal for online gaming for users. It allows people of all ages (although primarily children) to learn about programming, game development, and social online interactions with others. The company is now functionally an online gaming and social media company hosting other games and virtual worlds created by its users. It has grown quickly over the last decade and went public in March 2021, inventing new forms of entertainment content and becoming an important component of today’s pandemic-era education system.

What Is RTX?

RTX or Ray-Tracing, allows images to look photorealistic by focusing on the way light interacts with the environment. In Roblox, this includes the way light interacts with reflections, shadows, and materials, as well as with in-game users. Roblox describes RTX as a suite of cutting-edge cinematic and communication features including real-time global illumination, dynamic reflections, and high-definition rendering.

How To Enable RTX In Roblox?

Enabling RTX in Roblox is a one-click process. If you have the hardware capability and Roblox’s system requirements are met, you can enable RTX within your graphics settings on Roblox. Changing the graphics settings in Roblox is disabled by default, but one can simply enable the ability to change graphical settings in the system tab before launching any game.

To enable RTX in Roblox, select the game whose settings you would like to adjust from the Universal Game Selector and maximise your game window. Click near the right corner of the window to reveal the settings icon. Click on the gear-shaped icon to bring up the settings menu. In the settings menu, choose the Graphics tab, then go ahead and enable Advanced graphics, then adjust for ‘Auto Detect’ (let the Roblox engine detect your processing power), or adjust the DirectX version according to your preference, finally go to ‘Enable Raytracing (beta)’ and slide the switch to the on position as seen at `1:00` in this YouTube video.

The way to activate RTX depends on the hardware you have. If you have the necessary hardware and your system meets the system requirements for Roblox to run, you can enable RTX in a few simple steps. The user whosampledthis provides a detailed look at the steps involved in fiddling with graphics settings in Roblox in this YouTube video.

Check Your System Requirements

The first step in turning on RTX in Roblox is making sure your system and game meet the requirements of the feature. Your system must be equipped with an nVidia video card of the GeForce RTX 20 series, with at least a Good Tier of RTX-capable processor according to Logical Increments. Use pre-configured CCS Gaming PC Builds to familiarize yourself with different RTX-capable PCs that you can purchase at lower prices starting at $620.

RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 graphics cards meet the requirements. Below are minimal requirements for RTX on Roblox as of November 2021. Your computer must be running Windows 10 and using API DirectX version 12 or higher to meet the requirements to run Roblox with RTX enabled. Roblox screenshots will need to have the Print Screen Shortcut in Windows (Prtscn) enabled. You will need to download the Roblox app from the Windows Store based on the Roblox application to activate RTX gaming.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

You can update your graphics drivers in Windows by opening the device manager (WINKEY-X), finding the display adapters section, right clicking on your adapter, selecting Update driver, and then Search automatically for updated driver software. If there are updates available on Nvidia or AMD’s website, check to confirm whether they are applicable to your card and download them. Lastly, restart your computer.

Download and Install the Roblox Studio

To get RTX graphics in Roblox, you must download and install Roblox Studio, the game’s game-creation program. You will require this software to see the lighting and color workflows you have made with shaders in the programs for the NVIDIA architecture RTX collection. Please follow these directions to download and install Roblox Studio. Do you need to know where to change graphics card settings on a Windows computer?

Enable RTX in Roblox Studio

To have RTX on in Roblox Studio, first Check the Hardware Requirements mentioned in the Roblox RTX page. Ensure you have a supported NVIDIA RTX graphics card to both capture and view the lighting.

Here is how to enable RTX in Roblox Studio. Go to File on the top left, then click on Settings. The Studio settings will open. Go to the Rendering tab, and select the option to Manually Specify Graphics Adapter. Then choose the GPU Adapter, from the dropdown list, representing an NVIDIA RTX series graphics card. If the card supports it, there will be an option to enable Real-time Light Baking.

After selecting the correct settings, click Start Roblox Studio. There are two ways to run your game with lighting enabled. At the bottom of the page’s toolbar, click the Play button then click on Lighting Enabled. The Keyboard Shortcut for this is Ctrl + F8. Alternatively navigate to the top-left corner of the Roblox Studio window and click on File, followed by Settings. Choose the Rendering tab if not already selected and click on the button Engine Scalability Settings. Now toggle on the Apply engine scalability settings to Roblox Player option and click OK. Close out of the window and start playing your game. Repeat steps until you find the desired settings which will give you the best playback experience.

Test RTX in a Roblox Game

The Black Hole Simulator game by JenovaDeathStar serves as a perfect place to test RTX in a Roblox game. When you join the game, both the web player and the application version will display a notification asking if you want RTX mode on. This also shows the performance difference between RTX on and off. This is the only way to enable RTX is to check this in the Roblox launcher observer panel or to have it on in the settings prior to launching a game.

What Are The Benefits of RTX in Roblox?

The benefits of RTX in Roblox are higher quality game graphics, improved realism, almost real-time interaction of complex game lighting effects, dramatic differences between light and shadow, better performing gameplay with less jitter, and adding superior post-processing effects. The addition of real-time lighting and shadow effects (GI), light transmitted in fog, dust, and smoke, and reflections from shiny objects make the game more realistic. These effects especially improve the appearance of water. The following GIF demonstrates the differences in lighting between a non-RTX and RTX environment in the Roblox game Strucid by Frosted Studio.

The following video is of Roblox games applying water (ocean) lighting differences. Additional effects are like dropping performance of light and shadow effects when diminishing distance, creating natural flickers, being able to select between blooming PvP arenas or darker, more atmospheric labs are all benefits of nVidia’s Ray Tracing Patented technology. On medium settings Roblox when first released on RTX 3080s in mid-2021 had 58.3 percent faster framerates and 18.8 percent faster framerates on laptops with RTX 3080s as compared to Vulkan version.

What Are The Drawbacks of RTX in Roblox?

The drawbacks of RTX in Roblox are slower frame rates, overheating of user’s devices, and lower-quality graphics on low- and mid-range hardware. One user on the Roblox Developers forum reported their game dropped to 1 FPS and eventually crashed even when lowering graphics settings on high-end hardware.

How To Optimize RTX in Roblox?

You can optimize RTX in Roblox by changing display settings, utilizing in-browser and third-party performance monitoring, and using your own server.

Three common ways are to turn off or minimize RTX Global Illumination, increase ray bounces, and decrease RTX Sample Count. Additionally, Vlas Derkach, Computer Graphics Lead at Roblox suggests, “Players can look for a setting called ‘Display Noise,’ which helps determine how the game will look while a scene is processing. To lower the time lag, users can turn down Display Noise, though this may result in slightly less accurate scenes. As there is currently no experience of optimizing Roblox for a VR headset, the best approach is trial and error until the desired settings are achieved.”

Adjust Your Graphics Settings

Forcing RTX on in Roblox is not an option as of mid-2022. No updates or news indicate RTX features, as they are not listed on Roblox’s fledging Developer Hub for Graphics 2021 features. According to Gamepur, a tech news and how-to website, the only way players may continue to experience RTX is disabling it in Control Panel > Apps > Apps and Features.

However, players may want to make sure that you are experiencing the best possible graphic quality in Roblox. Follow the steps below to adjust Roblox graphics settings:

Click the gear icon in the upper right corner. Go to Settings. Move the settings slider to manual. Slide the Graphics slider as high as it can go. Apply the setting and start a new game in Roblox.

Use Third-Party Tools

Third-party tools are another alternative to run RTX in Roblox. The software Giant Crsytal claims it can run RTX features in Roblox games on older cards that do not support RTX. They offer benchmarks on this claim but the software is not publicly available. Users can register on their website to be notified of beta tests.

Another tool is raymentary, a Unity software for shaders without needing to know how to code in Unity’s shader language. Raymentary is in beta and requires a free account to access. You will require both the Raytracing and DirectX-12 shaders together to enable Ray Tracing in Roblox.

Utilizing third-party tools for RTX is complex and not really an option for non-programmers. It is advisable to have the game headache as the benefits of using this method are limited. This method of enabling Roblox RTX features is better suited for those wanting to experiment with the latest technology and see what the future of gaming has in store.

Keep Your System Updated

Make sure the operating system for your computer is up-to-date. Different versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux can run Roblox, but Roblox demands a minimum version. Roblox requires a minimum of Windows 7 SP2 or MacOS 10.10 for older Macs and no Linux versions work with Roblox. Roblox recommends Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14.

You can also run Roblox on a separate dedicated GPU or integrated with the motherboard. If you have an NVIDIA card check if the location where Roblox is installed has a file named Choice.ifo. If it does, delete this file as it can sometimes improve system performance for Roblox. VMware and other virtualization platforms are not supported by Roblox and will cause issues.

It is important that the installation location of Roblox has read and write permissions. You can right-click on wherever the Roblox folder is and select Properties. If you cannot see these options, you may need to scroll down and select the Security tab and add your user to the list, and ensure ‘write’ permissions are enabled. Restart your system and then try to install Roblox again.

If there are issues with running Roblox, trying to remove the Roblox app and then install it again may help. Uninstall by navigating to Roblox in the apps manager and uninstall it. Reinstall by running the Roblox EXE file again and follow the directions.

What Are Some Popular RTX Games in Roblox?

Some popular RTX games in Roblox include the following, searching for which on Roblox’s platform can help creators learn from others’ best practices.

  1. Bee Swarm Simulator by Onett
  2. Brookhaven by Wolfpaq
  3. Pet Show by Placeholder RPG
  4. Jailbreak by Badimo
  5. VEHICLES by carkito
  6. NPC TOWN by Focs
  7. Comfy Cafe by Kambi_K Moneybags Tours
  8. Teleport Car Racing by polymorphic
  9. Defense Alert by Gamesbite II
  10. Casey Tierro Roleplay World by SpaceCityBuilder
  11. All Star TD Roblox by TheGuy avail
  12. Blox Hunt Beta 2.5.3 by Aqualotl
  13. Tasty Planet Full by Dingo_Deeper

These RTX games in Roblox offer a wide variety of experiences and genres, and gamers looking to experience Ray Tracing can explore these titles to find the one that best matches their own Roblox interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enable RTX in Roblox?
To enable RTX in Roblox, you will need to have a compatible graphics card and the latest version of the game. Then, go to the in-game settings and toggle the “Use Experimental Features” option to on.

2. Can I use RTX on any device to play Roblox?
No, RTX is currently only available on devices with compatible graphics cards. You can check the system requirements on the Roblox website to see if your device is compatible.

3. What is RTX and why is it important for Roblox?
RTX is a rendering technology that allows for more realistic lighting and shadows in games. It is important for Roblox as it enhances the visual experience for players and allows for more immersive gameplay.

4. How do I know if my graphics card is compatible with RTX?
You can check the specifications of your graphics card to see if it is RTX compatible. Alternatively, you can use the system requirements on the Roblox website to see if your device is capable of running RTX.

5. Can I turn off RTX if I experience performance issues?
Yes, you can toggle off RTX in the in-game settings if you experience performance issues. Keep in mind that turning off RTX may affect the visual quality of the game.

6. Are there any specific games on Roblox that support RTX?
Yes, there are currently a few games on Roblox that have implemented RTX technology, such as “Islands” and “Build A Boat For Treasure”. More games are expected to have RTX support in the future.

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