A Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up in Roblox

Have you heard about Roblox but aren’t sure how to get started?

We will guide you through creating an account, customizing your avatar, finding and joining games, and connecting with friends on this popular online platform. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Roblox experience, we’ve got you covered with easy step-by-step instructions.

Let’s dive in and unlock the exciting world of Roblox together!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a multiplayer online gaming platform that lets its 40 million users create, share, and play online games with others.

The Roblox game creation system features a programming language called Roblox Lua that gives users light to full control over creation in enabling shadows, rendering, animation, physics, sound playing, and other aspects of their games. This enables a wide range of game experiences, from treasure hunts, deathmatches, beyond completion challenges, obstacle course games, competitions, and races to more fully-factored experiences like airplane flight simulators, role-playing games, social practices, public performance art, and educational games (over two million educational games have been developed in Roblox), paving the way for a planned addition of both a coding language and a VR headset experience development system to enable broad education in game design, coding, art, and skills of the future.

Players and creators upload their games to Roblox’s central marketplace where they can be accessed by other players. Plus an economy for in-game items, game developers and the strongest community builders can make money by selling access to their creations. As of October 2021, Roblox maintains 70% of sales made within its platform, with the rest distributed to game developers.

How to Create an Account in Roblox?

To create an account in Roblox, go to the Roblox website at www.roblox.com and enter the address in your internet browser. Click on the Sign Up button, which will ask users to enter a username, password, and birthdate. Users will then be prompted to login.

From here, users will need to either link an existing Google account, Facebook account, or e-mail account, or to signup with a new username and password that they have just entered. Users will then receive an e-mail confirmation.

Go to the Roblox Website

If you do not have an account, you can sign up by going to the Roblox website. You can use any browser you are comfortable with, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. On the main page, you will see two different types of boxes. The left box is for those who have an account and the right box is for those who don’t. You can either create an account with your email, or you can sign up from within an app if you have downloaded the Roblox app.

After entering your desired username and your birthdate, click on the Sign-Up button. A verification should then be sent to your email address. Once verified, you can then sign in with your chosen username and password. The Roblox Android and iOS mobile apps are also an excellent way for parents to facilitate signing up their children and encourage creativity and play in the game itself.

Click on the “Sign Up” Button

Roblox’s default home page is a login screen. If a user is not logged in, there are large green buttons in the middle of the screen, just below the horizontal menu that says Log In with fields for a username/email and password (or to log in with Facebook or Google), and Sign Up asking for a date of birth.

However, if a user is already logged in, the home page changes with the green buttons moving to the top right and a much smaller login and sign-up area at the top right of the screen of the homepage without a login. In this instance, one should still click on the Sign Up button located to the left of the Log In button. This will take the user to the registration page.

Choose Your Birthday and Gender

To sign up in Roblox, you will then want to choose your birthday from the dropdowns. While there isn’t much that can go wrong with this step, it is essential to ensure that your birthday is within the actual scope of reality. This has a few impacts later down the line, ranging from how old you are when choosing parental guidance features during the account creation process, to registration requirements, and parental permissions. The birthday policy is provided as part of the Roblox Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lastly, after choosing your birthday, you need to decide on your gender. You can opt for either Female, Male, or Prefer Not To Say.

Create a Username and Password

When you create a Roblox account, you will need a proper username and password. It is not possible to sign up into a Roblox account without the pick of a unique username and password so as to make sure all users are unique and the account is secure.

A username for Roblox must be between 3 and 20 characters long, start with a letter of the alphabet, be made up of characters/numbers from the Latin alphabet and/or numbers, and you cannot include repeating letters or numbers, or special characters like ‘*’ or ‘%’. After you pick your password, the system will guide you on whether it is strong enough.

Just a few favorites from the Roblox user list are iPolioPunch, Demonstruct, yoshio, moonleaf12, TechParaLord, Vxwqr, Mxster, Shmeat Hades, Robux, OfficialxExtreme. Passwords on Roblox must be a minimum of 6 characters. Roblox’s own guideline is to use a mix of numbers, symbols, and capital and lowercase letters. After you have retyped and confirmed your password, you are all set and your account is created (assuming all other details such as your age are accurately filled out).

Verify Your Account

After entering your birthdate, gender, and agreeing to the Roblox Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, press the Sign Up button. You will be redirected to a page that prompts you to verify your account. You will now be required to choose whether you prefer your Roblox verification to be done via your mobile phone or by email. You need a way to verify your registration in case you forget your login details. Roblox strongly recommends you use the mobile phone option. Once you choose your method of verification, you will receive either a code or a link to follow, depending on the option you have chosen. Follow the instructions and you will have completed your sign-up process. You have now created an account on Roblox and can begin playing and exploring the Roblox universe.

How to Customize Your Avatar in Roblox?

You customize your avatar in Roblox by clicking the 3 lines (settings) icon or pressing Escape once you are logged in. Under the ‘s Settings tab, you will see Avatar. Customize options for your Avatars, Animations, Body Colors, Clothing, Faces, Gear, Heads, Packages, T-shirts, Pants, Gloves, Hair, and Hat are displayed. If you’re interested in completely new items that different from the Roblox store, these can be bought from the Roblox marketplace via characters called Collectibles, created by other players with Roblox’s developer tools at least three days prior. They can either be free or cost Robux. You may also put on and try uniforms or items on the avatar screen using the Wear Item Button near each item’s price tag.

Go to the Avatar Section

After you have registered with Solver, the first step in the process is to select Getting Started from the main activity menu. This search section allows you to explore different articles and speaks to forming study groups, increasing productivity, and supplementing one’s income.

From that same main landing page, click the Roblox link labeled Explore Roblox world to advance to the Roblox homepage. Next, do the following on the Roblox homepage:

  1. Click the Categories field in the menu at the top of the page. This loads a selection of activities. Mouse over the Body category. Then select Avatar Shop from dropdown menu that appears. This loads the Roblox Avatar Shop from which you can customize your character.

If you like, add facial features by selecting the Face section on the sidebar. Choose something that looks similar to you, or something completely different. This is your virtual representation, and the purpose is to have fun and create something you can attach your personality to, so don’t take it too seriously.

Choose Your Avatar’s Appearance

After signing up for Roblox, you can choose from thousands of outfits, hats, avatars, and other digital objects. You are presented with three random outfits each time you start a new account. If you don’t like them, you can click the Randomize help me choose my outfit! button for another trio of outfits. Free avatar clothing can be found in the CATALOG section Avatar Shop, then clicking on Clothing. Some of these require purchase with Robux, while others are free.

Change Your Avatar’s Clothing

The next thing you need to do after signing up for Roblox is to customize your avatar’s clothing, gender, and body type. This feature is geared towards younger users and contributes to the playful and fun nature of the platform. Click Start Playing when you are ready. Initially you will have been given a random assortment of clothing items. To become more familiar with the controls and interface, you will find your starting look in the bottom-left corner. Click the character icon, specifically the t-shirt and pants icon, to start the process of changing your clothing for a new look. After signup, you can always go to the wardrobe section of your profile and change it whenever desired. The wheel of clothing categories will appear, and you will have multiple options for a brand new look. As you interact with others on Roblox, this is a small way to easily establish your individual identity and show off your new look without spending any Robux.

Add Accessories and Gear

The last step to learn in the Roblox user interface involves adding accessories and gear. Accessories are items that avatars wear such as hats, glasses, t-shirts, etc. This section allows you to browse all Roblox clothing and accessory items that other users have created. Gear are tools that go in your hand such as swords, magic wands, magic carpets, and other items which other creators can make available inside a game. If you are creating and selling your gear, this is where you would manage them. It is called the library option and is available under the Avatar Shop.

Both Accessories and Gear tabs will be available on this screen. One can browse, buy, or create items in these sections.

How to Find and Join Games in Roblox?

You can find and join games by clicking on the Games heading of the sno-cat website or by using the search bar. The default Discover tab shows popular Roblox games. Use Featured tab to view all categories. Use Top Rated and Trending inside the Featured tab to find popular games. Or click on See All to find games by registered developers.

ALTERNATIVELY: to find games based on your preferences, use the search bar at the top of the website.

Go to the Games Page

  1. Click on the Roblox logo in the top left on a PC.
  2. Click the Icon with the three lines in the top left of the mobile app.

These will both bring you to the games section where you can find and select various collections. With a Roblox account you can customize your own profile by clicking on the “About” button at the top of roblox.com, then clicking “My Roblox”. You can also customize your Avatar then and there.

There is not a permanent open Roblox beta, so you can only access Roblox beta when there is a beta release, such as the Roblox mobile beta, which allows users to try out early access features and provide feedback. With a free Roblox account, you can leave feedback by selecting the and then clicking “Submit Feedback”. Consistently leaving helpful feedback increases your chances of being chosen for a Roblox beta.

Browse Through the Featured Games

After creating an account and signing in, click the Discover button on the Roblox mobile app or the Games section on the website to browse through the list of thousands of games on the platform. You can view Featured Games, Popular Games, Top Earning Games, Top Rated Games, and Up-and-Coming Games based on user reviews, total visits, time spent, or other filters under the Fresh Section.

Games under the Top Earning, Top Rated, and Up-and-Coming tabs will start populating automatically as you scroll. Use the Search Box at the top of the website or app to search for specific games by title. The Developers tab allows you to search Roblox games by developer and the Play Together section has a targeted list for games that have the All-Playable Feature enabled according to your interests.

Search for Specific Games

  • Plus browsing sessions, the Roblox Home Screen allows you to browse individual game pages for individual games. The Homepage is navigated by clicking on the categories or places in the Discover section, which will then take you to a list of recommended games alongside their showcase image and short description.
  • To search for Specific Games on the Roblox homescreen, or just in general, enter the name of the desired game into the Search bar and then click the search icon. Typing @me followed by a search term (e.g. @me get a pet) brings up games using the tag #get_a_pet, along with the exclusive tags, products, models, creators, and game development groups. When you find the game you want, just click its entry to go to its game page.

Join a Game

To sign up in Roblox, join a game to play. Open the Roblox game from PC or the smartphones app. In the loading screen before the game starts, a sign up box with the headline Sign Up for Roblox will appear in which you can fill your desired basic information.

In this Roblox sign up box, you will be asked to select your username, set a password, enter your birthday, gender, and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy by checking the boxes accessible below the Sign up for Roblox for Free button. After filling all these and pressing the button, a verification message will be sent to the email address that you provided. Once you follow these instructions your account will be upgraded to a full Roblox account.

How to Connect with Friends in Roblox?

You connect with friends in Roblox by going to the Friends section of the home page. You can search for friends using the search bar, view the best friends leaderboard, view friend requests, or you can go to a friend’s profile to see how many players they are following, how many players are following them, and have access to their creations and avatar abilities. Friends are added by sending or receiving a friend request, or by being shown at the top of the best friends leaderboard.

Use the Search Bar to Find Friends

You can add friends to Roblox by searching for a friend in the User Search field at the top right of the screen. The search bar allows users to easily find their friends who are already on Roblox if they know their username. A preview of the Roblox social network feature went live during Q2 of 2021. Currently, the search bar can only find game and group names, then redirect you to those pages to browse other players and potentially find your friend’s username and send a friend request.

Send Friend Requests

Send friend requests to add friends to your account. To send a friend request in Roblox, do the following?

  1. Log in to your Roblox account.
  2. Go to anyone’s profile – on the website or in-game by tapping the gear icon in their player list pop-up.
  3. Click or tap the Send Friend Request button which should be under the user’s profile on the website and under their player list pop-up in games.

Accept Friend Requests

4 Easy Ways to Accept Friend Requests on Roblox are:

  1. Friend Request Notification
  2. People You May Know on Roblox
  3. Game Party with People
  4. Favorites on Roblox

When you receive a friend request, the most common way to accept is to click the green checkmark button in the upper navigation bar near the friend request bell. Roblox provides other suggested methods to help users accept friend requests.

Chat and Play Games with Friends

To chat and play games with friends in Roblox, you need to do the following:

  1. Accept or send a Friend Request.
  2. Add someone to open chat as a friend.
  3. Send messages.
  4. Start or join a game with friends in Roblox.

To add a friend on Roblox, visit their profile page. Under their profile picture, tap the + Add Friend option. There will be one of three options depending on whether they are your friend, the request is pending, or neither of these are true. If they are friends, it will show Friends; if a request is pending, it will show Friend Request Sent. From their profile page, users can also tap or click the Message button under the name and profile picture. If Roblox chat system settings on the account allow it, messages can be sent.

Users can leave a comment, check the victim’s inventory, change the game details, or consider reporting the user according to privacy settings. Users can also block a user who is bothering them or violating the rules. To do this the User hovers over the name of the person they would like to block, and an icon for Block User will appear. Simply click on that icon.

To start or join a game in Roblox with a friend, begin by visiting a Roblox game and look in the Friends Playing or Friends on Server category to see what your friends are currently playing at any given moment. If you want, you can join your friend by clicking on the green Join button on the game image or from their profile. You can even create a private server your friends can join by going to the game’s details page and switching on the Friends Allowed server setting. If you would rather your friends join a server which you are already playing on, share the game’s LT code with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is signing up in Roblox free?

Yes, signing up in Roblox is completely free. You do not need to pay any fees to create an account on the platform.

What information do I need to provide to sign up in Roblox?

To sign up in Roblox, you will need to provide a unique username, password, and your date of birth. You can also add an email address for account verification and security purposes.

Can I sign up in Roblox using my Facebook or Google account?

Yes, you can use your Facebook or Google account to sign up in Roblox. Simply click on the respective buttons on the sign-up page, and you will be prompted to enter your account details to link it with your Roblox account.

Why do I need to enter my date of birth when signing up in Roblox?

Roblox requires your date of birth to ensure that you are above the age of 13. This is to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States.

Can I change my username after signing up in Roblox?

Yes, you can change your username in Roblox. However, you can only do so once for free. After that, you will need to purchase a name change for 1,000 Robux.

Is it necessary to provide an email address when signing up in Roblox?

No, providing an email address is optional when signing up in Roblox. However, it is highly recommended to do so as it can help with account recovery and security in case you forget your password.

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