Effortlessly Create Rain in Minecraft Without Using Commands

Are you looking to add a touch of realism to your Minecraft world by making it rain? While rain may seem like a simple weather effect, it can actually have a variety of benefits and drawbacks in the game. In this article, we will explore different methods for making it rain in Minecraft without using commands, such as performing a rain dance, building a rain altar, finding a rain totem, or crafting a rain stick. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making it rain, as well as other ways to control the weather in Minecraft. So, grab your umbrella and let’s dive in!

What Is Rain in Minecraft?

Rain in Minecraft is a weather event in which water droplets fall from blocks in the sky, acting as a zone for special weather-dependent spawn events and particle production. Within the game, the amount and duration of rain can be determined through /weather command. Rain is easy to identify due to visibility reductions of rain clouds, 3 block tall sprinkling rain particles in affected areas, audio Sfxrain.ogg clips, and unique in-game mechanics such as providing a boost to forward speed on flat surfaces and assisting crop and flower growth.

How Does Rain Work in Minecraft?

Applies to 1.18 version with cave generation changes. By ID list and Enchanting Journals. Shows the representation of components of weather, improved by consuming Rotten_Horse_Items and miG_official items.

Rain is implemented within Minecraft as a weather state, which itself has two sub-states: rain and thunder. Under optimal conditions, one of these states will be active at all times and players can manually switch between them using the weather command. Wind affects how weather moves (or how cloud shadows are depicted). Minecraft’s newest technology will contain a brand-new weather system and dynamic cloud shadows, granting realistic air currents (called Aerodynamics) and auto-configuration from one of over 200,000 cloud behaviors. The system adjusts based on discovered locations such as Biomes, Dimensions, Weather, Zones, weather outside, intended aesthetic scenes, and preciseness of sunlight that day (Time of Day Harmony). Waterproof tech is the only documentation the developers have indicated for this, but it could also or instead include the Consumed Rotten_Horse_Items Enchantment_Options and miG_official Items.

What is the Economic Value of Rain?

Rain has major implications for two of Minecraft’s fundamental components: farming and mobs. For farming, wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, sugar canes, crops, and flowers depend on rain weather. These crops require roughly 35% dirt exposure to sunlight and enough water source blocks that some are directly on or on a non-drying block directly adjacent to farmland blocks within a 9×9 square centered on the moist farmland, and leaves of trees do not occupy any of the relevant spaces. spawning of the flourished plant particle effects that help seeds germinate. On the other hand, turtles, anehunda and axlotl mobs can only mate when it is raining. Rain weather also removes snow layers and fills cauldrons by one level, works in conjunction with bonemeal to speed up crop growth, and as explained by Andyisyoda provides an initial flow of animals to aid breeding when food supplies are low, such as when population increases finally outran resources.

Why Would You Want to Make It Rain in Minecraft?

You might want to make it rain in Minecraft, on purpose, while playing a game or during a live stream to help with farm production, prevent mobs from spawning, save time, and even just for its calming aesthetics.

While water can be irrigated from an infinite source block, playing the game while it is raining is more immersive and yields passive crops. Watering crops increases saturation, slows down the consumption of a food bar, and automatically cuts down the time they take to grow.

How Can You Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

You cannot make it rain in Minecraft without commands for the default version of the game. The game can only generate rain because it is written to do so by default. There are no in-game actions that cause rain to occur or to turn off in standard gameplay. Creative mode players have to use commands to change it from raining to stopped raining and vice versa; it cannot be done from the in-game settings themselves. To make it rain without commands, you would need to use weather mods like Tough as Nails or Local Weather Mod, but downloading and installing mods might not be possible on all platforms for Minecraft. Utility mods such as Not Enough Items (NEI) or Just Enough Items (JEI) will allow Creative mode players to switch between Clear and Rain weather settings.

To have control over when rain ceases falling, players need to be in Game State 2 when they turn it off (raining becomes weather clear). Because players can only change the weather from a scriptural angle, so to speak, and change the command from act to no act, this requires the use of cheat codes.

Using a Rain Dance

What some players may not know is that, in previous versions of Minecraft, all entities had a hidden attribute called RainTime. RainTime could be adjusted to simulate rain. Presumably, this was used for debugging the rain code or for messing around by the developers, who liked to code fun easter eggs into the game. With the June 2021 Caves and Cliffs Update, RainTime was removed from all entities once again, such as mobs and players. Without debug mode or commands, there is no known way to make it rain in Minecraft. Without debug mode or commands, there is no known way to make it rain.

Building a Rain Altar

A rain altar is a hypothetical construction created by the community for the purpose of making it rain in Minecraft and has been tried by many players. The main component is a big ‘H’ of pistons. Other components depend primarily on the creativity of the builder. One idea would be a glass ceiling to collect sunlight and direct it to beds that soak it up. When the beds are released, they shift, causing an H-shape underground housing a network of pistons to move, SleepyTuxedo demonstrated to form the bedrock of the altar.

Seth Bling, who first utilized this idea over eight years ago, features a very complex network of command blocks and repeated daytime commands to create his rain. If you want a more advanced, automated version, see his tutorial. Nathan Punwar created a tutorial for an altar he only somewhat jokingly created called the Rain Machine. It is built to easily turn on Minecraft rain using on/off switches. Other versions can range from very simple structures with just pistons as shown by PapaClawJr, to highly complex one where choice of elements is up to the creator’s imagination and building skills.

Building a rain altar is not an endorsed action in the game and some of the guides and how-to videos noted above continue to point out when creating them is not possible even in creative mode. There are three main reasons to be careful about experimenting with Minecraft outside of the normal operating conditions. Several reports have shown that it could corrupt the game’s running code, or even damage one’s computer if not interacting with the game’s code correctly.

Finding a Rain Totem

A Rain Totem is a rare item that is a part of the Asian Eastern Mythology Mod. After you install the mod, totems are scattered around for you to find, sometimes in abandoned mines or on the surface.

You can recognize a rain totem by the yellow case with a blue orb and ‘R’ symbol in it as shown in the image. An easy way to acquire a rain totem without just randomly searching is to use creative mode, type `/find “Totem of Rain”`, and explore the locations that come up.

A rain totem in your inventory is all that you need to make rain in Minecraft. To activate it, hold it in your hand and right-click. Lightning will strike the totem and it will begin to rain shortly after. Now you can achieve all your Minecraft rain goals!

Crafting a Rain Stick

A rain stick in real life is an elf-storage tube filled with small beads or pebbles, like metal bb’s, that sound like rainfall when flipped end over end. In Minecraft, it is a magical stick that legend says triggers rain when thrown on the ground. It is, in fact, a magic stick that creates controlled noise to amplify rainfall and the use of lightning. It does require three mods, including Baubles and Better Weather, both created by the user moritz.

Minecraft Rain Stick Recipe: Two sticks plus any Yellow Dye of either plant or craftable origin. Rain Sticks are a new item native to the Fantastic Fishing Mod that enhances Minecraft enjoyment without significantly changing the game. There is an experimental Rain Stick feature in version 2.0 of the mod which will allow a player to throw the Rain Stick and then trigger three hours of rain in that area. The Experimental Rain Stick is worth watching on the Fantastic Fishing Mod DeathBucket Teleportation Game! Mod by Pigmantas.

What Are the Benefits of Making It Rain in Minecraft?

The benefits of making it rain in Minecraft are that it offers a change from ordinary biomes, activates passive mob breeding, speeds up crop growth, can reduce fire damage, increases mob spawn rates, aids with fishing, and makes hostile mobs peaceful. Having it rain in Minecraft without commands can also lead to a higher saturation effect, which leads to Minecraft players being less susceptible to damage or needing to eat.

However, turning on rain in Minecraft decreases light visibility, hurts blaze, drowned, and magma cube mobs, and increases difficulties of tasks such as building or traversing the game world, so it is not good to have it raining all the time.

Speeds Up Crop Growth

Placing wheat, carrots, potatoes, and other crops under a transparent block (e.g., yellow stained glass, fencing, and iron bars) speeds up their growth. Crops need natural sky light to grow. But since the addition of Bees in Update 1.15, crops no longer require a specific level of light. This was done by a change in code, where Grow up, as opposed to blocktype != air, is hard coded for light levels of 0-7.

Fills Up Cauldrons and Water Bottles

Cauldrons are generally used in Minecraft to hold water, but there is a lot more that a cauldron can be used for that relays cause only fear. In the case of filling up a cauldron with water bottles, the player will find that a single placement in the rain will fill it up enough to perform three clicks and a total of three bottles of water.

Cauldrons even have their own logic, with a single water block filling up to cover a quarter of the possible level with water. The uses of rain-filled cauldrons are almost exclusively decorative or challenge-based such as passing fields of fire or lava. And of course, to constantly carry around eight full water bottles of rain to survive in the nether, ender, desert, or any biome without a water source.

It is important to note that a cauldron full of water only rains until it is emptied. There’s just nothing in Minecraft like the joy of rain to the face that ramrod-plank prohibition American can’t provide.

Puts Out Fires

Rainwater puts out fires by removing the oxygen from the fire and reducing the temperature. In Minecraft, you can douse a block that is on fire with rain by waiting for rainy weather.

In Bedrock Edition 1.4.0, fires extinguish and embers are created when blocks that are on fire are exposed to a snow layer or the ice block. Therefore, decorating with snow, or relocating blocks that are on fire to snow layers, will put rain out to good pragmatic use, albeit in a roundabout manner.

Attracts Animals

Rain is very useful if you are playing a survival mode game in Minecraft. You can produce at least one piece of bone meal for every 3 minutes that it rains. Bone meal is a powder item used to speed up the growth of trees, flowers, and grass. This can be a very useful and lucrative option in Minecraft.

Rain also interacts with wild wolves and Ocelots to allow them to be tamed and bred. Whether you need a pet, a source of resources like wool or you just want the achievement, rain can deliver for you. As long as the gamerule doMobSpawning is not set to false, animals are more likely to spawn during rainfall.

What Are the Drawbacks of Making It Rain in Minecraft?

The drawbacks of making it rain in Minecraft without using commands are the following three points:

  • The process is complex and requires clever optics. To achieve the proper texture for precipitation, the limited ability to change the weather in the Minecraft Bedrock Editions of the game can be taken advantage of only under limited circumstances.
  • Previously created builds and worlds may be lessened in impact because the affective properties of rain (whether it be gentle, heavy, or brutal storms) can be diminished if the setting is used at improper times, or if the view is too blocked by dug trenches or walls so that the rain cannot be appreciated as easily.
  • It can be time-consuming to make it rain in Minecraft without the proper command, making it a poor match for those who value their time as the most important resource.

Can Cause Lag

The regular Minecraft rain weather control method is a dynamic part of the game functions and usually provides players with an immersive and varied weather climate to experience. When set reliably to never rain, it serves to prevent all future weather changes or time-wasting events that players prefer to avoid.

However, a consistent thunderstorm regime can overload the game engine, and almost all players report that during brief or widespread thunderstorms, the game lags and reduces smoothness and game functionality.

Can Drown Players and Villagers

Drowned mobs can naturally spawn in bodies of water or underwater ruins with a light level of 8 or less with the help of a fishing trident. Thrown tridents are wielded by drowneds, so they can naturally spawn in rivers, underwater caverns, and cold/warm/light ocean biomes. According to the Minecraft wiki, the drowned is classified as a zombie-type mob, and because of this they will certainly drown to death if you construct wide enough canals that they can spawn in. To increase the chances of rain in Minecraft, set up a trident farm near the canals to expedite the death going back to the overworld.

Can Ruin Redstone Devices

Redstone devices in Minecraft are largely based on being dry. When water comes into contact with a redstone device, it disables certain parts and can ruin circuitry, complicating both organization and functioning. Even when water is not causing immediate damage, humidity lingering from rain may decrease the redstone components’ lifespan. To help minimize even this risk, the simplest method is to deactivate the redstone devices during rainfall.

Pistons can be launched by redstone mechanisms to move specific blocks, which will help obstruct places to keep off the rain. The block changing from glass to a closed trapdoor is a simple example. Disabling a redstone system with a lever can have similar effects, either shutting it down entirely or rerouting signal path to avoid short-circuiting. A small hole may be made in the ceiling of larger redstone systems to place a wooden trap door inside it. During observation of the rainfall, the trapdoor could be opened, consequently obstructing the water access while not interrupting the redstone system.

Are There Any Other Ways to Control Weather in Minecraft?

There is no other way to control weather in Minecraft. To change the Minecraft rain cycle or use another type of weather condition can only be accomplished either with the clear weather cheat when cheats are enabled in a world, or modifying the world’s settings in peace time using the rain mode in Minecraft Education Edition. There is no way to control either the frequency or duration of the weather effect and when it occurs as Minecraft randomly simulates the reality of our atmosphere swirling above us. This randomness is an integral part of the game that adds a level of challenge for players to navigate in.

Standard weather conditions (cloudy, clear, rain, or lightning) change every 92 seconds, so after 92 seconds of random chance, players are in a new weather environment. That duration can be customized in the Minecraft Education edition.

Modeling real weatherism locally stored data in Minecraft that users can access and adjust to see if different patterns of their choosing might more likely occur. A simple example of applied meteorology one could engage in would be to reduce the impact of raids by causing villagers to regularly wear fox heads. Doing so confuses the pillagers and the ocelot helps the user kill off the buffulti-taskig the challenges of the dual rain lords of the Minecraft skies.

Using Commands

The simplest way to make it rain in Minecraft is simply to use commands. Instead of the more complex weather editors, a player can use commands to universally modify the weather around them. This is achievable for players on any version of Minecraft, including the popular and latest Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

The main command to know when altering the weather in Minecraft is either the /weather command or the /toggledownfall command. The command /weather clear will turn off the rain in the game, while the /weather rain command will turn it on. Therefore, the user would use the following two lines of command on the chatline to switch the weather in Minecraft.

For Rain: /weather rain

For Clear: /weather clear

Alternatively, the /toggledownfall command will turn the weather on and off. Note, this method cannot control thunder and lightning, only rain or clear weather. Players must first enable cheats for the world they desire to make alterations in. This is done in the Settings menu for the world, on the cheats game rule.

Using Mods or Plugins

Minecraft mods have been around for many years and offer players the ability to dynamically change the landscape of their game, including customizing the weather. Minecraft mods are only available in the Java edition and not in the major Bedrock editions (XR). To use mods with Minecraft Java to implement your desired weather changes, Forge is required.

Forge is open-source software that lets players play and add modifications to its original version. It provides users the facility to install mods and make changes to a Minecraft instance. The Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod (WSM) by Coros was formerly a well-known mod that allowed users to select from a wide range of weather options, including scheduled rainfall. Unfortunately, this mod is no longer supported so while you may be able to download it from some of the famous Minecraft mod directories, be warned that you may not be getting an authorized version.

In contrast to mods for the Java version of Minecraft, plugins can be utilized for both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. The primary difference is that mods adjust the game client experience, whereas plugins are installed on the server to modify the server portion of the game. The EssentialsX plugin is the most popular and best-reviewed plugin, with over a million downloads according to the latest statistics. Developers have provided a wealth of information and resources for installation and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

FAQ1: What is the easiest way to make it rain in Minecraft without using commands?
One of the easiest ways to make it rain in Minecraft without commands is to change your game mode to “creative” and select the rain weather option from the weather menu.

How to Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

FAQ2: Can I make it rain in Minecraft without using any cheats or mods?
Yes, you can make it rain in Minecraft without using any cheats or mods. Simply change your game mode to “creative” and select the rain weather option from the weather menu.

How to Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

FAQ3: Is there a way to make it rain in specific biomes without using commands?
Yes, you can make it rain in specific biomes without using commands. You can do this by using the “/weather rain” command in a command block and placing it in the desired biome.

How to Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

FAQ4: Are there any special requirements to make it rain in Minecraft without commands?
No, there are no special requirements to make it rain in Minecraft without commands. As long as you are in “creative” mode and have access to the weather menu, you can make it rain.

How to Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

FAQ5: How can I make it rain for a longer period of time without using commands?
To make it rain for a longer period of time without using commands, you can use a redstone clock and a command block to continuously trigger the “/weather rain” command.

How to Make It Rain in Minecraft Without Commands?

FAQ6: Is there a way to make it rain without changing game modes or using commands?
Yes, there is a way to make it rain without changing game modes or using commands. You can find a village with a villager that has the “farmer” profession and trade for a “rain dance” potion from them. This will make it rain in your game for a short period of time.

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