Discover How to Easily Check the Shop in Valorant on Your Phone

Curious about what the Valorant shop has to offer? Wondering how you can access it on your mobile device? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Valorant shop, from the items you can find to the benefits of checking it on your phone.

Discover the requirements, steps, and alternatives for accessing the shop on mobile and level up your Valorant experience!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter game developed and published by Riot Games.

Valorant was launched in a closed beta testing phase on April 7th, 2020, and its official launch was June 2nd, 2020. The game combines the pace and mechanics of Counter-Strike with Overwatch‘s character abilities.

In Valorant, on a near-future Earth known as Planet Earth-1378, players create a Team Valorant of select Radiants or agents specialized in the use of specific weapons or powers. These agents are pitted against a team of opposing agents in a five versus five scenario. Each match is a best of twenty-five rounds. The objective is to either eliminate all five players on the opposing team or to complete the objective, which can include planting or defusing the “spike” AKA a bomb scenario, based on the attacking team’s goal arc.

What is the Shop in Valorant?

The shop in Valorant allows players to purchase weapons, shields, and abilities needed to complete each round. Additionally, players have the opportunity to share their arsenal points with teammates who may need financial support. The ability to check the shop and determine the best weapon or utility to purchase is crucial to a successful strike.

There are four main categories of equipment for players to purchase in the Valorant in-game shop. These include:

Pistols: Cost-effective weapons with sufficient firepower. Be sure to buy one in the eco round.

Rifles: Standard weapon of choice that combines range and firepower.

SMGs: Light and fast-firing weapons that help build up an arsenal quickly.

Snipers: Long-ranged one shot weapons for skilled marksmen.

Heavy Weapons including a shotgun, machine gun, and portable minigun are available.

Riot Games has a blog containing a glossary of Valorant gun terms for those looking to understand the different weapons and play styles. Players have the ability to buy shields, as well as different abilities including lethal, utility, and signature abilities. The ability to purchase and customize unique weapons using weapon skins is also available in the shop.

What Items Can be Found in the Shop?

Fifteen items including light shields, heavy shields, and the game’s five types of firearms. Each weapon falls into this default category, with different benefits such as one-shot kills or faster movement. All buyable weapons in the shop are categorized based on price and general category – Duelists, Initiators, Initiators’ Dualists, Sentinels, and Supporters, with the exception of knives that are for buying giggles. This helps ensure no two weapons play the same way with prices ranging from 200 to 5000 Credits.

How to Access the Shop in Valorant?

You can access the shop in Valorant by walking up to an armory crate and pressing the Buy option. Combined with other lines of the metadata as discussed further down.

For Defenders, Armory Crates appear at the Defenders spawn and in the choke point closest to the Attackers’ spawn. A smaller armory is in the attacker’s spawn. Game metadata in 2022 seemed to indicate that a manually-crafted buy phase was coming to replace the armory crates, but that has apparently been cancelled.

Is the Shop Available on PC and Mobile?

The shop is only available on the Valorant game edition for PC. The shop can be checked but not purchased from your phone on the official Valorant website at When checked from the mobile platform, the shop offers both in-game items that can be purchased and shipped items in the form of phone cases and mousepads. The shop has multiple pages per category, but not all categories are easily expandable. Prices are not readily available, but users do have the option to shop either in English or Japanese language.

Our team can think of no actual in-game scenarios when on-the-go shop monitoring might be useful so the absence of mobile shop browsing in the Riot API or Valorant’s Discord bot is not seen as a major deficiency or something that will be remedied soon. Nevertheless, it was an interesting query having our team delve both into the Riot API and official Valorant Discord bot data to learn how its absence is affected. Historically, phone aspects of Valorant have favored the more complex and deep aspects of the game such as post-round analytics or agent and weapon stats which can be referred to historically be useful on a minute or day-to-day basis.

What are the Steps to Check the Shop on Mobile?

The steps to check the shop on mobile are to first literally browse the internet and access a website that displays a representation of the in-game shop and its contents. The only way to fully check one’s shop in Valorant on mobile is to watch an uploaded game video with them.

To check one’s own in-game shop purchases while mobile, players would need to have acquired a rough content roster through game video during gaming sessions and then see the resolved decisions on their phone while they are away from their computer.

Fine-tune the accuracy of the shop check by ensuring video data on that day’s playing matches are up-to-date. Samples of some Valorant shop Glory items in a new daily deal taken from a random YouTube video on January 24, 2022, are shown below.

What are the Benefits of Checking the Shop on Mobile?

The benefits of checking the Shop in Valorant on Mobile with the app are to be inconspicuous and not broadcast your in-app shopping to opponents, and to access extra tips and arsenal information. It can be a strategic issue to be seen in active territories when purchasing in the game. Yet most players are curious about what their teammates are buying. In a professional or competitive set-up, it’s very important to keep the shop secret, and checking it on mobile instead of the in-game Buy phase accomplishes that.


The most appealing feature of checking a shop in Valorant on a phone is the convenience of having the information at your fingertips at all times without having to leave the in-game action. The shops and what players can get with their gun points (GP) are easily viewed in all the assistive apps mentioned above during loading times, or at any time when dead in-game.

A secondary advantage from acquiring assistant apps is players can easily find the latest information on the state of play in the game, including the current meta and tips from professional players. For example, Metabomb, Tracker Network, and official Valorant’s own game API mentioned above display up-to-date player statistics, as well as real-time leaderboards or performance metrics, and weapon analysis. Players may also use these analytics tools to track their progress and find recommended keybindings or use for cross-play benefits across PC and console.


This is how you check Shop in Valorant on the Phone with blocks on a Macbook or any PC. As of October 2021, there is no official support for mobile app development or use in Valorant by Riot Games themselves. Riot says that they have no current plans to bring Valorant to mobile or bring mobile integration to the game, but have not ruled it out entirely. It is unknown if third-party developers are working on mobile app development for Valorant at this time with Riot’s guidelines for Valorant community developers saying they do not publicly list applications nor the laws of third-parties making an unauthorized app.

Quick Updates

Customers can quickly see updates to the shop without having to log in and find the Quick Alerts line at the top of Valorant news. This line will succinctly show the last time the shop image was updated and the time of the next drop as well as the number of missed drops one has had since being away (thus showing new inventory).

The quick alerts news image occurs roughly every 15 hours but be aware that they may also include other game details such as if an esports tournament is taking place which is dropping codes. This information converts saves bonuses and versus rewards directly into points. A Versus Pod joins your team, and you have shared rewards when with a Versus Pod when one versus reward is dropped in your game.

What are the Requirements for Checking the Shop on Mobile?

Typically, the only requirement for checking the shop on mobile is that you need to have Valorant installed on your computer through the Riot Game Launcher. Once you are logged in to your Riot account on your computer and your phone, you can view the in-game shop and buy items on your phone, tablet, or similar device. Currently, players cannot purchase items in the mobile app with real or in-game currency.

A Mobile Device

Screen mirroring works well with any device. But since Valorant is a PC and PlayStation-only game and you need to see the shop, the closest thing is having the counter on a phone, tablet, or another computer. When trying to check shop link in Valorant using a mouse or touch links with a fingertip, it is essential that the shop is seen in real-time. Unfortunately, images and gifs used on YouTube and other platforms cannot provide this information in real-time.

Therefore, one must mirror a computer or PC screen to a mobile device as described above to effectively check shop while away. Here are some of the most popular free screen mirroring applications that work across all devices. BBC describes the pros and cons. For Android devices: ApowerMirror, Screen Stream Mirroring, TeamViewer for Remote Control, ADB Wireless. For iOS devices: Reflector 3, ApowerMirror, TeamViewer for Remote Control (Remote Device option), Google Home. Pros include streaming, mirroring, security, easy to install.

A Stable Internet Connection

The minimum requirement to check the shop in Valorant on your phone is a stable internet connection that can handle a fast stream since the image is dynamic. Speeds of around 2Mbps are recommended by Stream Pack. If you have a slower connection there will be enough time to buffer the transmission and allow live interaction. Unfortunately after this reading will be difficult as words in the display are slightly fuzzy.

A Linked Riot Games Account

To use Valorant Store mobile, users need a linked Riot Games account. This is a free account used not only on the Valorant website but on the websites of all Riot Games, including League of Legends. Users who do not wish to use their smartphone-based account to make in-game purchases can avoid linking their Google Play or Apple Appstore accounts and use a Riot account for these microtransactions.

Riot accounts are used for password recovery and play across devices, which means users who were playing on a PC can now play on their mobile device instead, using the receipt of the purchase as an initial method to link an old account with a brand new account created for mobile use.

Their ability to receive coupons from the Valorant app and buy the new content becomes the deciding factor for this alternative. To make a Riot account, users must first download a Riot game and create an account using that particular game’s website. If using WildRift, downloading the game from a region where Valorant mobile has been launched means the account will be available to login to and buy items in Valorant when it is launched later in their country.

New accounts have to go through the mobile unlock system, so users must have a pre-existing account to buy content with.

What are the Steps to Link a Riot Games Account to Mobile?

The steps to link a Riot Games Account to mobile by phone are to first be already logged into a Riot Games Account on the computer, then enter mobile view in the browser to generate a mobile code link, open the link on the phone and scan the QR code, and login to the Riot Games Account on the mobile after a quick setup. After you have linked or paired the account between your computer and your mobile phone, you should continue to have all the same account access on your mobile phone. There is even a “Remember this device” option which will remember your phone for future uses making the connection easier in the future and help with account security by requiring verification only when a new device is used.

What are the Alternatives to Checking the Shop on Mobile?

  • The most intuitive alternative to checking the shop on mobile is the TAB key on the keyboard. The shop’s icons will appear on the right side of the screen in a light gray color. This is useful to get a bigger view of the shop. In situations where you are under attack or need to check very quickly, you can glance at the environment to scout or see if opponents are around, which you cannot do easily or quickly with the TAB menu open. Hitting TAB to open the shop minimizes your field of vision with the in-game shop as your brain is focused on quickly getting the visual information before returning your focus to actual gameplay.

Checking the Shop on PC

The shop is a counter-terrorist area at the beginning of each game in Valorant. You buy weapons, shields, and abilities there. You can access the shop on the mobile for two seconds to check and even quickly purchase items.

Open the leaderboard screen and tap the list icon to check the shop. You cannot purchase items from this screen, and you will be unable to control your agent during the time you are in the leaderboard screen.

On PC, the typical method of buying weapons, abilities, and shields involves opening the shop by pressing B, scrolling through items with the mouse, and purchasing them by clicking the right buttons. Once you go past the buy phase, you can still use F1 key on PC to access the shop and check all shop items which include Top left: shields | Top right: pistols and SMGs | Bottom left: rifles | Bottom right: weapons. You can even purchase items by clicking strategically on the phone, and that will register on Valorant on your PC. After purchasing items, press F1 on the PC again to exit the shop.

Using Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps for checking shop in Valorant on the phone include YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Trello, and Telegram.

YouTube and TikTok offer numerous quick and entertaining site-by-site and item-by-item videos on shop items and locations.

Instagram, Discord, Reddit, and Telegram have mostly static information on which skins are for sale per region as well as update notices from Riot and official Valorant community sites.

Trello Vision is popular, Pinterest lets you organize more, and Flipboard and News360 provide articles and infographics from all over the web. Be aware that token purchases are currently only possible via the official Valorant website on a standard web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Shop in Valorant on Phone?

Can I check the in-game shop in Valorant on my phone?
Yes, you can access the shop in Valorant through the mobile app version.

How to Check Shop in Valorant on Phone?

Is there a specific app I need to download to check the shop in Valorant on my phone?
Yes, you will need to download the official Valorant mobile app to access the in-game shop.

How to Check Shop in Valorant on Phone?

Can I purchase items from the shop in Valorant using my phone?
Yes, you can make purchases from the shop in Valorant through the mobile app.

How to Check Shop in Valorant on Phone?

Will the items I purchase from the shop on my phone be available in the game?
Yes, any items or skins purchased through the mobile app will be available in-game.

How to Check Shop in Valorant on Phone?

Is it possible to browse all items available in the in-game shop on my phone?
Yes, you can browse and view all items available in the shop through the mobile app.

How to Check Shop in Valorant on Phone?

Do I need to log into my account to check the shop on my phone?
Yes, you will need to log into your Valorant account on the mobile app to access the in-game shop.

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