Mastering Minecraft: Learn How to Tame a Fox in 5 Easy Steps

Are you a Minecraft player looking to add a furry companion to your adventures?

We will explore everything you need to know about foxes in Minecraft. From finding and taming these cunning creatures to the different types of foxes you can encounter, we have got you covered.

Discover the uses of tamed foxes in the game, learn how to prevent them from running away, and even find out the best enchantments to enhance their abilities.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of foxes in Minecraft!

What is Minecraft?

  • Minecraft is a videogame that is essentially an open sand box for players of all ages. It was developed and is maintained by Mojang Studios – a game development team within Microsoft Corporation. They describe Minecraft as a massive survival video game in which players explore a blocky, procedurally-generated 3D world with infinite map size to build and destroy structures, craft goods, and engage in combat.

What is a Fox in Minecraft?

A Fox in Minecraft is a small, neutral mammal mob that spawns in taiga, snowy taiga, giant tree taiga, snowy tundra, or lavender fields. The fox entity is a variant of the wolf, so foxes attack players when they are attacked with the only base difference being that foxes do not howl when looking for other foxes.

This is primarily so a player will not know a fox is present in the area. Foxes are nocturnal mobs in Minecraft, so they only spawn in darkness. Arctic foxes can spawn during the day and the passive Inari Fox can spawn at any time. Foxes can also be bred by the player using sweet berries and having subscribe to Pewdiepie be read by the player or the system volume turned on. Foxes also drop leather, rabbit hide, and raw chicken and rabbit when killed let alone breeding.

What are the Types of Foxes in Minecraft?

There are two types of foxes in Minecraft: Red Foxes and Snow Foxes. They were first announced as additions to the game in the Minecraft snapshot 19w07a, and were released to the full game with the following update in December 2021.

How to Find a Fox in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can find Foxes in Taiga and Snowy Taiga biomes. The likelihood of finding them is greater in the Snowy Taiga biomes, according to information released by Minecraft. Furthermore, the probability of discovering a baby fox is three times greater during the spring. These animals often sleep during the day and go hunting during the night, although this pattern can switch up.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can tame a fox by feeding sweet berries (foxes 2-3 berries), and you can only do so in Java Minecraft. The same approach tames wolves. Having the wild fox gain your trust by breeding two wild foxes by you and feeding their baby often helps in acquiring a tamed fox. You can also put a leash on them to better control them in the wild. Tamed foxes become an ally once they bond with you and level up from baby to trained.

What Items Do You Need to Tame a Fox?

These are the items you need to tame a fox in Minecraft:

  1. Lead, which is crafted from a slimeball and three strings
  2. Rotten flesh or raw chicken for feeding
  3. Bone meal or a diamond for breeding

When you tame a fox in Minecraft, you will have to approach it more often using two pillars or a house rather than a one-block-high wall. But eventually, it is possible to tame a fox with a one-block-high wall. Before you try to tame the fox with rotten flesh or raw chicken, make sure you have a lead item in your hand as there is a high chance the fox will flee and you want it to come with you. After keeping your lead in hand, make it aware of your presence by moving in front of it. Their curiosity trigger always wants to know what is hiding in the area. If it starts walking towards you, there is a high chance of success in taming it as it trusts you to the point of engaging in personal walking distance.

What are the Steps to Tame a Fox?

The steps to tame a fox in Minecraft are as follows:

  1. Locate a wild fox.
  2. Prepare sweet berries.
  3. Build a fox-safe enclosure.
  4. Wait until night or dawn. Spin up a brand new day or set game to Night.
  5. Locate a wild fox during night or dawn.
  6. Around night or dawn, the fox will rest and allow you to breed it with the sweet berries.
  7. Keep the line-of-sight clear between you and the fox by creeping (C for Java Edition, pressing the crouch input twice for Bedrock Edition).
  8. Feed it again, and the fox will be tamed.
  9. Make sure it has enough space to move, as it will still need time to adjust, even if its ears are down.

It is important, when taming a fox in Minecraft, to try to surround it while keeping at least one square of space between you and the fox. If at any point the fox loses its connection with the player (e.g., because the player is moving too much), then taming progress starts over from 0. In a fox pen, several foxes can be kept and tamed one at a time, so even if taming progress is lost, the player can move to another fox and try again.


Additionally, Matelf suggested that the Minecraft player can appeal to the fox’s playfulness while taming it. This means that it is a good idea to leave a few toys in the form of blocks or other such items near the fox. They will then play with it when they are left alone in the enclosure, which will make further time in the enclosure enjoyable for it, allowing the player to more easily tame the new fox. Matelf further suggests that it helps to give the fox a block, as then they may be more likely to pick it up, because they do this a lot to the player’s detriment, and it calms them down and keeps them from trying to escape.

Can You Breed Tamed Foxes in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you cannot breed tamed foxes. Unlike wolves, ocelots, and cats, the tamed adult fox will not follow the player into love mode when holding their preferred breedable food block. It will not affect the fox’s status in any way. If you find a wild fox, you can have it become a tamed fox through the methods discussed earlier, but it will not be able to have baby foxes.

What are the Uses of Tamed Foxes in Minecraft?

The 4 main uses of tamed foxes in Minecraft are hunting, security, zoo attraction, and transportation. Uniquely, foxes can use their jumping ability to avoid being knocked back by multiple further hits during a fight. Foxes can hold valuable items without using them, so they’re good for carrying things you don’t want to lose.

Can Tamed Foxes Help with Farming?

Yes, tamed foxes can help with farming. When injured or attempting to protect a player, a domesticated fox located within 12 blocks of planted crops and sweet berry bushes will trample and destroy them.

Once tamed, a fox can assist you with free-range chicken farming. Foxes can automatically pick up raw chicken, raw rabbit, rabbit hide, and are able to attack and kill chickens by themselves. These tasks are useful for maintaining sustainable food resources on your farm.

Can Tamed Foxes Help with Hunting?

Because they wander around and kill anything they see on sight, foxes are of great use in Minecraft for hunting down creatures such as chickens and rabbits and even help protect players from Zombified Piglins. Once they have their food source, tamed foxes will not return it when told to stop attacking. This makes for easy training of new pets if they are nearby chickens or rabbits.

Can Tamed Foxes Help with Transportation?

Tamed foxes cannot help with transportation in Minecraft. They will follow players and teleport if they get too far away but they have no power of their own. While a few modpacks allow a tamed fox to pick up items and transport them in a similar manner to tamed wolves, this is not a built-in feature in any version of Minecraft released by Mojang Studios or available via either the Bedrock or the Java engine.

While foxes are relatively quick, the are slow and hoppy movers at best. They will run near their owners when walking, but not at significant pace. They teleport to the player if they’re over approximately 12 blocks away. In addition, unlike tamed wolves, a tamed Minecraft fox cannot be saddled and leashed (or at least not without additional custom mods that no widely recognized version of the game requires or give the power tos). Foxes are much harder (if not nearly impossible) to leash than wolves, as they will keep getting out of the leashes. Even if they could be leashed or otherwise controlled, they have only 20 health points (10 hearts) in most versions of Minecraft, making them a suboptimal choice for use as a pack animal in the game.

What are the Other Tips and Tricks for Taming Foxes in Minecraft?

Other items and tricks to tame foxes in Minecraft depend on the Minecraft neutral fox, which has very different mechanics than the wild fox. They are covered in these steps.

  1. Travel in Taiga Biomes for 64 blocks to attempt to separate parents.
  2. Parent foxes will recognize their offspring and have more trust.
  3. If you separate them and go mining for a bit, one or both will usually leave.
  4. Feed the non-parent a leather item or play friendly music.
  5. Parent foxes will breed in Taiga Biomes if they are away from their offspring by 64 blocks or more.
  6. In the wild if you feed two foxes any of a wide range of items, they will enter love mode and mate.
  7. Cure a fox of their infected wound and they will be grateful.

How to Prevent Foxes from Running Away?

You can prevent foxes from running away in Minecraft by leashing them to a fence post. This is done by crafting a Leash item and following the steps specified in the section “How to leash a fox in Minecraft?” for removing it.

Foxy Fatigue and Stalking Fox Behavior are aspects of foxes from the game that increase the difficulty for hunting, befriending, and taming foxes. When foxes run away from the player in Minecraft, they have a 20-second cool-down period before they can attempt to run again. This gives you, the player, a period during which foxes won’t run away. If the player is patient enough to calmly observe them or walk slowly while being in their proximity, the foxes will not run away during this time.

The Cat Mechanics in Version 1.14 update made foxes run away once they are tamed and after they have spawned a baby. This feature of foxes is unique to foxes, and the developer intended for tamed foxes to wander away after they have procreated in the game. Make sure to secure your tamed foxes from wandering.

How to Protect Tamed Foxes from Other Players?

You can protect tamed foxes from other players in Minecraft by building an enclosure around them and walling foxes in with solid blocks to ensure they cannot escape. When placing a tamed fox or multiple tamed foxes in your enclosure, put them in a sitting position to decrease their chance of wandering and to reduce the amount of necessary space. Foxes can only be owned by the player who fed them a food item, so ensure to inform other players politely that they are your pets so that they do not mistakenly kill them.

What are the Best Enchantments for Tamed Foxes?

The best enchantments for Tamed Foxes in Minecraft include the following three as they apply:

  1. Leather Armor. Foxes have relatively low health, and are often used in hunting and foraging. Equipping your tamed foxes with protection I or II and thorns II will help them stay alive when they get into dangerous situations.
  2. Lead. If you want your tamed foxes to be walking alongside you, Equipping the lead item makes them leashable.
  3. Sword. Foxes will help hunt and fight. A diamond sword with unbreaking II/III, Sharpness IV and looting III will enable them to effectively hunt and defend their human owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft?

To tame a fox in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. Find a fox in the game world. Foxes can usually be found in taiga or snowy taiga biomes.

2. Hold out some sweet berries in your hand and approach the fox slowly.

3. Right-click on the fox with the sweet berries to feed it. It may take a few tries for the fox to accept the food.

4. Repeat this process until the fox starts to show hearts above its head.

5. Once tamed, the fox will follow you and defend you from hostile mobs.

6. You can also breed tamed foxes by feeding them more sweet berries.

How long does it take to tame a fox in Minecraft?

The time it takes to tame a fox in Minecraft can vary, as it depends on the fox’s behavior. It may take a few tries to get the fox to accept the sweet berries, but once it does, it will show hearts above its head and become tamed.

Can you tame a fox in Minecraft without using sweet berries?

Currently, the only way to tame a fox in Minecraft is by using sweet berries. Other food items, such as meat or fish, will not work.

What happens if you try to tame a wild fox in Minecraft?

If you try to tame a wild fox in Minecraft without using sweet berries, it will not become tamed and will run away from you. However, if you attack or harm the fox, it may retaliate and attack you.

Can you have multiple tamed foxes in Minecraft?

Yes, you can have multiple tamed foxes in Minecraft. You can also breed them to create even more foxes.

Are there any special abilities or benefits to taming a fox in Minecraft?

Aside from having a cute and loyal companion, tamed foxes in Minecraft can also help defend you from hostile mobs and can be bred to create more foxes. Additionally, they can be used to transport items by holding them in their mouths.

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