Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft

Are you wondering how to find and activate the Ender Portal in Minecraft? Look no further!

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of gathering materials, locating a stronghold, and digging down to the End Portal room.

Once you’ve activated the portal, prepare yourself for the ultimate battle against the Ender Dragon. Learn how to gear up, enchant your weapons, and defeat the dragon to collect its egg.

Stay tuned to discover how to return to the Overworld after your victorious quest!

What is an Ender Portal in Minecraft?

An Ender portal in Minecraft is a player-built in-game structure that provides the player a fast-travel gateway to the End realm, where the Dragon lives, and to the Infinite >locations outside of known space< of the End.

An Ender portal contains 12 End portal frame blocks in a 4×4 flat horizontal rectangle, 10 of them filled with eye of ender blocks while two remain empty. Those need to be active to make the portal complete and function. A water bucket is required for the activation of 12th cage as water turns off the portal. On an Ender portal in Minecraft, using the end portal remains as simple as walking into it. You don’t need a sword, pickaxe, compass, or any pick up tools.

An Ender portal in Minecraft is not found in the wild but Instead crafted block by block and then activated. It allows player fast travel to the End dimension where they can battle the Ender Dragon, a boss mob. After defeating the Ender Dragon, another portal will appear and allow players to explore the endless void known as the outer islands. The outer islands present tough challenges but allow players a new source of loot and blocks only found in the end and an escape back home later on.

How to Find an Ender Portal?

Ender Portals can be found in Strongholds. They are naturally occurring structures and are the only method of reaching The End dimension and fighting the Ender Dragon. To locate a Stronghold, players can use the command `/locate stronghold`, then head to it. It requires 12 activated Eyes of Ender. Once inside of the main room of the Stronghold, players will see a portal in the center of the room that satisfies their desire to know what does the Ender Portal look like in Minecraft. This structure is the Ender Portal.

Gather the Required Materials

To make an Ender Portal in Minecraft, you first need to gather the following materials:

  • 12 end portal frames
  • The Ender Portal Frame
  • The frame requires 3 kinds of materials to build. You need 20 slender pearls for the corners and 12 eyes of enders for the middle and sides. These in turn require a total of 12 ender pearls (from killing Enderman enemies), 12 blaze powers (from killing blaze creatures in Nether fortresses) as well as 12 ghast tears (from killing ghasts in the Nether)
  • 12 Eyes of Ender – Used to activate the portal blocks
  • Complete the portal blocks – To complete the frame you need to right click in each block with your Eye of Ender

Locate a Stronghold

You must locate a Stronghold in order to find an Ender Portal. There are 128 Strongholds in every Java Edition world. Strongholds spawn away from the world center, scattered randomly. They are within a radius of 1408-2688 blocksHERE to read more locations to find strongholds easily.

Dig Down to the End Portal Room

Now you have to dig down to the end portal room (also referred to as the Stronghold). Do this using a staircase made out of blocks from the Narrow Stairs technique (Buy Ladder from the funds tab if you do not have enough blocks). This task can easily be the most time-consuming part of the Ender Portal process but has existed in the game ever since Strongholds were introduced to Minecraft in the Adventure Update 1.8.

Sometimes you have to dig in a straight line, requiring the construction of dirt bridges to cross over lava or other dangerous terrain. Do not fear, all of this can be considered the required construction and safety work recommended when digging to the End Portal, and all part of the technique for digging your Narrow Stairs. Use the map created earlier to better navigate your way down. It may be best to head down for a while, then head up a level so you do not get too deep where lava frequently appears, causing you to die and lose your loot.

How to Activate the Ender Portal?

The Ender Portal is activated after the eleven Ender Eyes are placed in their respective inversed `Eye of Ender` sockets. If the Ender Portal frame is fully built and this does not activate the Portal or if some End portal frame blocks are missing, destroy the nonfunctional end portal frame blocks and replace them.

The Ender Portal does not work in Creative mode for some inexplicable reason according to the Minegraft Wiki Fandom. While in survival mode the player has to manually maintain both health and food bars, the building of the Ender Portal in other available modes does not appear to require a diminished number of resources beyond the inherent differences in exploring.

Place the Eyes of Ender

Find the Strongholds: In survival mode, players must find a Stronghold first by throwing an Eye of Ender (an item) in the air. It flies in a specific direction towards the nearest stronghold and then falls, after which the player goes and retrieves it. On average there are three strongholds per world, each with nine Eyes of Ender placed in the End Portal Frame.

This step is skipped in creative mode as there is no throwing of the Eye of Ender and players can simply place any number of Eyes of Ender to fill the Frame. After entering the End Portal, players can mine their way to The End. Aside from The End, the stronghold itself is usually a large and multi-floored room with many corridors and chambers.

Complete the Frame

With your Eye of Ender in hand once again, use them by right clicking the slot at the center of your Ender Frame. A Portal Root End Portal Block will have a 15% chance of appearing, with a 13% chance for each of the four remaining frames. If you have followed the instructions up to this point, with the twelve additional frames, they will all now be present. This is a copy of what the setup should look like at this point:

  1. 4 Ender frames 2 blocks high, with 4 iron blocks at the top
  2. A loop of 8 neysite blocks
  3. 5 iron blocks, with the Eye of Ender inserted in the middle frame
  4. Ender Frame (#5) facing down into the water
  5. If you have any additional frames, add them in the #5 position

The newly appeared End Portal Blocks should be lit, giving you a good indication of a completed Ender Portal. If you have set everything up correctly and the newly appeared blocks are not lit, they will remain inactive. After completing this you will have successfully constructed a fully operational Ender Portal.

What Happens When You Enter the Ender Portal?

When you enter Ender Portal in Minecraft, you are teleported to the End dimension where you find the Stronghold’s End portal and battle an ender dragon to eventually obtain an end gateway key which takes you to an end island, where you start the process of obtaining the coveted elytra wings.

Upon using the stronghold end portal entrance, players encounter an initial staging area, a middle void area with the dragon, and then two zones of moving tall obsidian protuberances, the coreetweenlime islands. This is where the draress of end cities are located. Once you have defeated the ender dragon, gained it is loot, and entered the world of core, you must defeat the Shades of End.

Arriving at the End Dimension

Minecraft players can arrive in the End Dimension either by following the requirements in the Nether(building the entry portal in Overworld and arriving at a far-off location in the Nether), or via an easier means of teleporting via the /locate portal end and /tp end portal coords commands.

Ahead of the 1.17 update, these were not included in Minecraft Java Edition and it was necessary to go to the Nether to jump off after reaching Y=35 and begin constructing an End Portal. Start by creating a normal Overworld nether ignition portal by making a 4×5 frame of obsidian, and lighting it with flint and steel.

On the other side in the Nether, begin constructing a new far-off portal with the same configuration of obsidian blocks. Both dimensions are scaled at a factor of 1:8, meaning that every one block moved in the nether is equivalent to 8 in the overworld. After 128 blocks in the Nether have been traveled to take advantage of this ratio, players can save resources by building shorter passages in the overworld.

Note that the End Portal (Also Known as Ender Portal) is distinguished from the Nether Portal. Ender Portals almost can only be found in stronghold dungeons, containing Ages of End. They appear on the original strongholds’ inner or active rooms having a floor covered with the eyes on the side of the end portal having a gap of a maximum of two blocks. The slot can be increased depending on the number of currently needed eyes. Once completing the blaze rod and silver eye, activate the End Portal.

Alternatively, the following commands in the launcher may be used to skip such a setup:

  1. enter /locate portal end in the chat field to display the coordinates of the next closest End Portal.
  2. If applicable, write down the coordinates given. Use these coordinates to teleport to the End Portal manually by typing /tp (world) (Teleporting may be called cheating in multiplayer worlds)

Fighting the Ender Dragon

In the final step to finishing off an Ender Portal, you need to fight the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon is the final boss of the game, so be prepared for an intense and challenging fight. Take cover from endermen, bring a wide range of tools and armor, and try to climb on top of the obsidian pillars in the End arena which house Ender Crystals which can heal the Ender Dragon. The video below by iy ooll guides you step by step on how to finish the Ender Portal and defeat the Ender Dragon.

How to Prepare for the Ender Dragon Battle?

To prepare for a battle with the Ender Dragon, mine ender pearls from Endermen, decrease the difficulty setting, prepare armour weapons from enchanting and brewing, and mark the exit to the End so you can get out if you wish. The Ender Dragon has the highest health of any boss in the overworld and can negate your armour points, meaning melee combat is not recommended. A Strength potion combined with powerful weapons can help you deal significant damage to it and down it in fewer hits.

Mining Nether fortress to get blaze rods and wither skull to get their drops are most time-effective routes of gaining potions of healing, resistance, and strength and brewing use blaze powder. Zero-tick sugarcane farms result in more fermentable reagents, However, one of the fastest ways to gain blaze powers is to raid a fortress.

Gather Supplies

To make an Ender portal in Minecraft, you need to gather supplies including the following:

  1. Cobblestone for the frame
  2. Eye of Enders for the sockets
  3. Spare cobblestone for flubs
  4. Water and a bucket for making obsidian
  5. Fence gates for a door
  6. Weapons, saddles, and armor if fighting the Ender Dragon
  7. Pickaxes for digging in the strongholds
  8. Food and potions

Once you have all the supplies, cobblestone (or any kind of stone), coal blocks, 10 to 16 Eyes of Ender (which are made with an Ender pearl and blaze powder), and all the basic supplies for crafting, you’re ready to start. In Minecraft, the minimum raising the average 1 to 2 on adjustment month holds to make the marker strongholds are called, the means of the end first 12 Ender markers and various supplies are gathered and crafting is made in the image for you are collecting no need to fight your own james. Some players use the creative survival mode for convenience, in which they can generate enough Ender eyes to make it a less challenging but fast process of which some of the cardinal have adjusted based on the installation fulfilling within minutes with a test of a four times a gam├ępek got the game began.

Enchant Your Gear

An important part of preparing to enter The End is enchanting your gear. Endermen, a mob that players will have to fight in both The End and the Overworld, drop Ender Pearls upon death. These can be used to make the Eye of Ender. Eyes of Ender (mixed with blaze powder) are required to locate Strongholds.

When creating Eyes of Ender, the player can right-click with the Eye activated to begin the search. They can then follow the direction indicated, as the Eye will have been pulled in the direction of the nearest Stronghold. Players will then know which direction to travel and they can be ready to build the portal by collecting Blaze powder and Ender Pearls in addition to the items listed in the What is needed to build Ender portal in Minecraft?.

Bring a Water Bucket

When you right-click on End Portal Frames with water, a temporary cobblestone block will be generated. This block was utilized by builders to randomly create the portal but may not be essential anymore. With the 1.18 Update, the cobblestone block stopped being produced. Liberites, the newly added block, can cover the frames of the portal. Cover the rest of the space with Axilite and sprinkle it repeatedly with Water Buckets until the portal frame is completely filled. The portal is formed after inserting the Eye of Enders.

What Happens After Defeating the Ender Dragon?

After defeating the Ender Dragon, do the following. You will acquire 60,000 experience points, a portal to the End City, and a gateway to the Nether and Igniter items. The player will have a way to transport themselves to another dimension when they make their own Ender Portal. The portal appears randomly in the world but can be found fairly easily by throwing an Ender pearl and traveling in the direction in which the object moves.

Collecting the Dragon Egg

The first step on how to make an Ender portal is to Track Down and Collect the Dragon Egg according to our plan as shown above. You can obtain 1-2 Egg Types by defending the Ender Dragon as it flies around restoring health. When it dies the second time it will drop an Ender Dragon Egg (the rest is just an egg model which can be removed or vacuumed up for the purified dragon food). Take a hopper town portal to Creator Hall and assign a Dragon Nesting Ground.

Unlocking the End Gateway

The Ender Gateway is an End Portal that appears on the fountain in the center of The End after it has been beaten. It transports players from their main island to a remote island known as the Outer End Islands. It is useful for travel and for gaining endgame stone materials. Once the Elder Dragon is defeated, a new portal will be automatically formed in the central island’s fountain a few blocks away. If the original portal to The End was already opened, this new portal will only be comprised of two End Gate blocks.

To unlock the End Gateway you must throw a purchased Ender Pearl through the portal on the fountain to establish the End Gate while within The End. You would then step through the Gateway to the Outer End Islands, with a marker appearing back at the original location to assist in finding the return if desired. Throw a pearl through the fountain portal while in the central island of The End to create an ender portal between two gateway blocks. Stepping through the Gateway will permanently emplace the formation. The Gateway will shoot a rift into the sky between its two nodes making transit visible.

The location of the Gateway and the islands surrounding it contain a secret loot zone which can be a fun adventure for players to discover. The Outer End Islands feature several different useful endgame blocks, such as Endstone Bricks, Purpur Blocks, Chorus Blocks, Shulkers Shells, and Elytra Wings, that cannot be crafted.

How to Return to the Overworld?

To return to the Overworld, step into the Ender portal for the first time. The end portal exit to return to the End Dimension will automatically be created. You need to update to Update 1.16 and later Minecraft versions since you’re not able to place holiday update Bells in the End Dimension. And with the 1.16 Bells, you can easily navigate back to the Overworld.

Using the End Gateway

The End Gateway is a naturally-generated structure that links the main island and the central End island created after players defeat the Ender Dragon. When players pass through the End Gateway, it generates an End portal on the central island, The Spawning island. An End Gateway is generated after an Ender Dragon is defeated, and every new dragon will generate an additional End Gateway including portal within a certain range, which can vary from a few hundred blocks to over four kilometers.

When a player stands on the central island if the gateways are open, throwing an Ender Pearl will teleport a player to the central island. If it does not open (meaning the player spawned before activating the gateway), another dragon may resummoned and defeated to regenerate this effect. More than one player can pass through the same end gateway at once.

You will need to defeat the Ender Dragon to be able to have access to the End Gateway because at the end of the game, the The Way Back pops up on display the moment you deal the killing blow to the Ender Dragon boss at which point the central End Gateway activated leading to the Spawning Island.

Killing Yourself

The fastest way to get back to the world spawn point after finding and writing down the coordinates of an Ender Portal is to jump off a cliff or intentionally get killed in some other way. Your items will drop, then you can quickly erase your old spawn point by dying in some way such as zombies, husks, lava, sand, or deep water. Quickly move back to the world spawn point to save time and resources.

Using a Command Block

A command block is an item that allows for a line of up to 32,767 characters of minecraft commands to be run when activated by redstone, including playing a music disc, changing the weather, or changing whether or not the player takes various amounts of damage. If one has Command Blocks enabled on the server they are playing on, they can use them to generate an End Portal instantly even if they only have a small portion of the necessary eye of enders.

To place and use command blocks, you must be an operator of the minecraft server (have enabled cheats when creating a world) as the execution of the commands within them is only available to those in creative or survival mode who have cheats enabled. To use a command block to create an ender portal, type /give @p command_block into the chat window to receive the block. Following this, you will enter and execute the following command trigger in the command block interface.

replaceitem block type x y z slotBlockData blockEndcommand_block minecraft:end_portal_frame 0 replace {Items:[{idminecraft:ender_eyeCount:1b,Slot:13b}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Ender Portal in Minecraft?

1. What materials do I need to make an Ender Portal in Minecraft?

To create an Ender Portal in Minecraft, you will need 12 Eyes of Ender and 14 Obsidian blocks.

2. How do I obtain Eyes of Ender in Minecraft?

Eyes of Ender can be crafted using one Blaze Powder and one Ender Pearl, or they can be found in Stronghold libraries and chests.

3. Can I make an Ender Portal in any dimension in Minecraft?

No, an Ender Portal can only be created in the Overworld dimension in Minecraft.

4. What is the purpose of an Ender Portal in Minecraft?

An Ender Portal is used to travel to the End dimension in Minecraft, where players can battle the Ender Dragon and obtain rare items.

5. Can I make an Ender Portal in creative mode in Minecraft?

Yes, you can create an Ender Portal in creative mode by using the obsidian and Eyes of Ender in the crafting interface.

6. How can I activate my Ender Portal in Minecraft?

To activate your Ender Portal, place the Eyes of Ender in each of the 12 frame blocks, and the portal will light up, allowing you to enter the End dimension.

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