Mastering the Art of AFK in Minecraft: Tips for Staying Full While Away

Are you a Minecraft player looking to maximize your gameplay without constantly being at your computer?

If so, you may have heard of the term AFK. In this article, we will explore what AFK means in Minecraft, why it is important, and how you can effectively AFK in the game.

We will also discuss the risks of AFK-ing and provide tips on how to stay safe while doing so.

If you want to learn how to AFK in Minecraft without starving and ensure a smooth gaming experience, keep reading!

What is AFK in Minecraft?

AFK is short for Away From Keyboard, a term used in online games to refer to times when the player is not available to play. Players go AFK if they are not able to attend to their computer at the moment but do not want to lose their progress by exiting the game. Players can still take off the headset, stand up, and do some tasks while waiting for their steaks to cook or mushrooms to grow, then put the headset back on and return to the game after spending some time AFK.

Players normally go AFK for a short period of time and then return shortly afterward, although sometimes players will go AFK overnight in certain games. AFK play is not new to the world of gaming. Most other online games, such as World of Warcraft or Fortnite, have this feature. In Minecraft, this AFK gaming is done for various reasons including mob, plant, and resource farming, fishing, villager breeding, and many more.

Why is AFK-ing Important in Minecraft?

AFK-ing is important in Minecraft for gamers who want to let certain processes run while they are away in order to grow crops or mobs, earn items, or conduct trading activities. For these reasons, some Minecraft servers enable semi-afk or even afk play, like Pixelmon which helps players gather resources before venturing out into the game. Without AFK-ing for significant periods of time, these processes would take much longer to complete in the game.

How to AFK in Minecraft?

To AFK in Minecraft, one simply places the player’s avatar somewhere and does not interact with the game in any way. Walking into a wall can let the player stay in motion and offset AFK timers. When setting to play a version 1.2.5 from 7 years ago or an earlier version, food consumption is likely not yet enabled so the player can remain in one place for a fair amount of time. Note that AFK farms are technically defined as ‘bots’ which can get players banned. It is best to err on the side of caution when passing long hours idling in your games.

Using an AFK Fish Farm

  • What is an AFK fish farm? It is a way to be AFK in Minecraft in which you stand or sit in a fixed location as a fishing rod automatically catches and loots fish.

AFK fish farms are the most popular mechanism for Minecraft AFK in survival mode and are a way to AFK overnight. Do be aware that they are considered an exploit of the game and therefore it is possible for the ability to build such devices to be patched out of the game, so they should only be used with your own judgment. You can build one yourself or watch tutorials on how to build them on and other video streaming sites.

General requirements to build an AFK fish farm system: 1 iron door, 5 trapdoors, 9 building blocks, 2 ladders, 3 powered activator rails, 4 detector rails, 6 redstone torches, 3 redstone repeaters, 1 daylight sensor, 24 glass blocks, 5 water buckets, or 1 bucket of tropical fish, 1 enchanted fishing rod.

Using an Auto-clicker

Auto-clickers are external software utilities that allow the user to record and generate automatic clicks in a selected area of the screen. Auto-clickers are often used by Minecraft players to mine resources more quickly by generating rapid mouse clicks. In a similar way, they can be used to briefly move within Minecraft so the player does not go AFK. Auto-clickers should not be used to automate key input for long periods, as Mojang’s enforcement team may be able to detect such patterns in game data and players who repeatedly misuse auto-clickers may be temporarily or permanently banned from Minecraft.

Here is how to move the player avatar slightly every so often with OP Auto Clicker:

  1. Download and open OP Auto Clicker.
  2. Click on the add points button.
  3. With Minecraft open to the menu position the mouse starting point.
  4. Enter an interval, such as 30 seconds, at which the mouse should return to the starting point, and click the for-loop option to make it indefinite or manually designate how many repetitions.
  5. Ensure the feature is set to right-click.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Test the process via the location of the mouse during mining.
  8. Open the F3 debug screen to ensure you will have continuous movement while AFK due to auto-clicking.

Using a Weighted Pressure Plate

Due to weighted pressure plates’ characteristics, you can set it easily so your character doesn’t get kicked for `AFK`. Weighted pressure plates in Minecraft are activated by players or entities of the same type. Means a stone pressure plate cannot be activated by dropping a flint and steel on it, and `Zombie` cannot activate iron pressure plate constructed above monostable circuit whereas a `Zombie` can easily jump onto wooden pressure plates and push it down.

All types of weighted pressure plate can be activated by a player or any tamed mob, allowing players to maintain in-game activity and not get removed to a different screen. The advantage of weighted pressure plates is inactivity. `AFK` players can be sponsored by nearly any item or weapon to hold a weight trigger open.

How to Avoid Starving While AFK-ing in Minecraft?

The following are ways to avoid starving while AFK-ing in Minecraft. Use /gamemode peaceful or activate to avoid the stress of mobs attacking you. Before AFKing, fill up every empty food slot in your inventory with either You don’t consume food consistently when AFK, so the abundance of food after an extended AFK session will prevent you from dying.

Eating Before AFK-ing

Eating before AFK-ing is a way to avoid hunger during AFK.

This can theoretically prevent starvation while AFK. In actuality, this does not do much. Saturation while AFK goes down at a different rate than Fast and Very Fast speeds of walking or sprinting. You need enough saturation to restore health and prevent starvation but excess beyond that is wasted during AFK. If you do then return, a pigmen farm only uses up approximately 2 units of saturation per second meaning any benefit from eating is even smaller. The best strategy if you are planning to AFK long term is to keep saturation above enough to heal when you return. If at high difficulty or with an older farm type you may also need some buffer so your MC player does not starve right after you leave the keyboard after your return.

Using a Food Farm

One of the unusual aspects of playing Minecraft is that you can get away with starvation by just sitting and doing nothing in the game. When you are AFK (away from keyboard) for longer periods of time or even overnight, rather than standing in a predictable and dangerous area you may want to wear scavenged gear with the aim of preparing for the next day’s battle while keeping your hunger bar full. If this is your intention, park yourself next to doors that can provide protection from light threats and try automatic-opening setups like note blocks or hoppers (illustrated under Section 1). Using a food farm in Minecraft will help you to automatically restock your food supplies. This technique is illustrated in the following YouTube video from Mythicleaf.

Using a Beacon with the Regeneration Effect

Minecraft can be AFKed safely using beacons offering the Regeneration effect, which can regenerate lost health. The Regeneration effect is a status effect that quickly heals all living entities except for the Wither, the Ender Dragon, and players in beds by six health points in 0.25 seconds (or 1.66 hertz).

A beacon is a highly luminescent light source, the structure that carries it is a stylized representation of a natural crystal made of some material, and it is used to light safe habitable areas of the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. The required components and fuel must be assembled at a Beacon Pyramid.

Beacons provide their light when fueled by three of the six specific legendary minerals, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Netherite Ingots, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Blocks of Iron, Gold, Netherite, Emerald, Diamond. Their light illuminates an area higher than light from any other source, cast downward two squares toward the block they sit on (negating a small area illuminated by the block) and maintain consistent full light to the edge of the influence zone, regardless of distance. This light can only be provided if the pyramid is built over the level achieved by experience and the material fuel appropriate to that level is fed into the various beacon blocks.

The size of the internal pyramid determines the number of mimic panes used in building the pyramid, the duration of time the beacon’s light can be discontinued, the protective shield area of land that can be added, and the specific status effect that can be toggled on and off at the beacon base. Selecting healing during daylight, with a safe place to sleep, and using a beacon effect with regeneration are some of the important factors to consider while safely AFKing and not starving in Minecraft. Having a regenerating beacon effect while safely AFK presented a new meaning of AFK, the gamer who first raised the question “How Can You AFK in Minecraft and not Starve?” Grian raised.

This video by the Farmer Shrekly YouTube channel demonstrates how to collect a beacon and show it is a practical solution to not starving while AFK.

What Are the Risks of AFK-ing in Minecraft?

The risks of AFK-ing in Minecraft can be classified into two sub-categories, namely the productivity risks of AFK-ing and the physical hazards of AFK-ing.

The primary productivity risk for AFK-ing comes from real-world< b> diseases lowering performance at school or work. While children might be able to play Minecraft for longer if they don’t need to be in physical control, it is still taking away from their education and family life if they use it for educational purposes, and especially if they misuse it.

Physical risks for AFK-ing in Minecraft are relatively minor but exist. Henry Trevathan IV, a tunnel rats engineer in the Medical Corps who has nine deployments behind him, warns against the habit.

Being Attacked by Mobs

If a player goes afk, default Minecraft does not automatically change the UI to a notification of the player’s afk status with a depleted food bar, or otherwise prevent this status from fully depleting organically, as of my last update with version 1.17. The food bar is depleted continuously by 0.1 points every 0.02 seconds the player is in need of food. For example, having a maximum of 20 food points and needing one point to be totally full will result in a depleted bar in the harmful status screen every 20 seconds. If more food is needed, depletion will be even more rapid.

Unless a player has sufficient energy in the food bar, players need to be aware of the current balance and consume food to avoid damage and not deplete the bar. Being away from the game when a player is depleting the food bar even time-consuming tasks like fish farming or finishing various animal farms before the afk status can reduce the player’s food bar. Frequent logins can help monitor the condition. If necessary and the player finds themselves at an updated Minecraft level, they can explore to find the new Glow Berries of the Caves & Cliffs update to the vegetation of numerous caves, large drip leaf plants, as they come with leaves on a stick and are edible.

When a player finds they are being continuously attacked by mobs and getting damaged, being near the ground or being within a secured enclosure that has been closed off to let the player heal before going afk is recommended. The player will heal on their own if they have enough health and food levels to allow them to, but proximity to a secure area and possibly an alternative bed location is a good idea. Players can go to bed to advance the time of day if mob spawning is not desired or is in the area, and have a safe and well-lit area.

Dying of Fall Damage

There is no way to prevent or mitigate falling damage, and it does happen when you are logged out but are in midair to the point of falling when you log back in.

Falling Damage is a type of physical damage when a player or certain mobs such as an Enderman drop from a height of more than 3.5 m to the ground or stop. It immediately hits players and panics them. If the fall is at least 3.5 blocks (7 feet) from the ground, then the player will receive 1 heart of hearts of damage plus 0.5 heart of damage at the same time. What kills players from a high drop is when their hearts reach 0 out of 10, as the player dies immediately like starvation and suffocation (without waiting for the respawn process).

One way to mitigate falling damage is to be sure to fly above 3.5 m before logging off if you are uncertain how long you will be offline.

Running Out of Durability on Tools

While running and jumping, delivers a small boost to gain distance quickly and when chasing piglins, it results in a 1:1 reduction in overall movement efficiency. In contrast to walking at 4.27 blocks per second, jumping moves at 5.55 blocks per second. The time from saturation to death in this mix is 0.76 days, with 324.52 jumps on average. Since food does not get used up during jump and runs more than walking, you will deplete the durability of your tools faster than normal. Walking is a better long-term strategy for saving food in this case.

How to Stay Safe While AFK-ing in Minecraft?

To stay safe while AFK-ing in Minecraft, periodically check the immediate safety from all standpoints, secure base, and the surrounding area. AFK-ing at sea preserves the best security, especially when the character overlooks a peaceful forest at sunset.

According to players in r/Minecraft, here is an AFK Checklist you should take note of when playing Minecraft to ensure your safety while you are not there. Make sure you are adequately protected with at least iron armor and shield. Raiding parties from pillagers can spawn and roam while AFK.

  • Am I AFK on my bed or on the ground?
  • Is AFK time updated so I do not starve?
  • Am I AFK inside or outside my base?
  • Are there any holes or uncovered bodies of water near my AFK point?
  • Am I wearing iron armor and carrying a shield?
  • Have I enabled cactus and fall traps?
  • Is there a 2-block window to check where my character is at?
  • Make sure eating is unnecessary while AFK-ing. Eating is often a sign that your character has taken damage. Therefore, consume edible items to fully heal prior to going AFK.
  • Try to play on peaceful difficulty. At the very least, prevent difficult trouble while you are AFK. It is significantly easier and less problematic to AFK in Minecraft if there are no monsters around.

Building an AFK Platform

An AFK Platform is one of the best ways to stay safe in Minecraft while AFK. Build a simple square platform with fencing around the edges out of blocks you do not care about and a hidden door to keep you safe. You can then ideally go far away from areas mobs will spawn in. If you follow the rest of the tips to no avail, an AFK platform is a helpful way to get around dying while away from your keyboard.

Using an AFK Pool

An AFK pool is a simple and effective way to AFK in Minecraft without starving. A pool is a 3×3 or larger block of shallow water with a hole in the bottom that leads to a hopper (or frequently a series of hoppers). You can simply step into it and then turn on the Minecraft auto function that causes your character to jump every few minutes. This pool can be built on your Minecraft island and configured for this automation with a small amount of redstone, or you can manually jump every few minutes or use Macro programs that assist with automation.

You can either afk in a local or server game. An afk pool made with soul sand or located close to the edge of quicksand or magma raises the possibility of getting stuck and dying.

Enabling Peaceful Mode

Enabling the mute switch grants some protection against starvation in peaceful mode and allows the game to still be paused. Peaceful mode in Minecraft is the lowest of four default settings and takes off all the dangers by setting the hunger metric at maximum. This allows the player a chance to leave their game on AFK even if they are not sitting by the computer. The game does not even need to be un-paused in peaceful mode.

Conclusion: AFK-ing in Minecraft Can Be Safe and Beneficial with the Right Precautions

Minecraft offers a variety of methods to AFK that enable players to make progress while they momentarily focus their energy elsewhere, including farms for experience, resources, and items. Players can additionally AFK towards safer of faster travel, for break-time socializing, and to save grief including when protecting items or accomplished construction work. These are Afk methods well known to the Minecraft online community, and they are often used with their unique strategies. Online Minecraft communities can shed light on specific devices, methods, and settings that can suit different play style needs.

Head on over to Planet Minecraft, the Official Minecraft Forum, the Subreddits r/minecraft or , the Minecraft Discord Community or YouTube Minecraft influencer channels to get responses from people who know how to AFK in Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Afk in Minecraft Without Starving?

What does AFK mean in Minecraft?

AFK stands for “away from keyboard” and it refers to the state of being inactive or not actively playing the game.

Why do I need to afk in Minecraft?

There are various reasons players may need to afk in Minecraft, such as waiting for crops to grow, smelting items, or simply taking a break from the game.

Is it possible to afk in Minecraft without starving?

Yes, it is possible to afk in Minecraft without starving by using certain methods and strategies to ensure your character remains fed while you are away.

What is the best way to afk in Minecraft without starving?

One of the best ways to afk in Minecraft without starving is by keeping a steady supply of food in your inventory, such as cooked meat or bread, and setting up a simple redstone timer to periodically feed your character.

Can I use potions to afk in Minecraft without starving?

Yes, you can use potions such as the Potion of Regeneration or the Potion of Saturation to keep your character’s hunger levels full while afk in Minecraft.

Are there any risks to afk-ing in Minecraft?

While afk-ing in Minecraft, there is always a risk of other players or mobs attacking your character, so it’s important to find a safe and secluded spot before going afk. Additionally, make sure to have a strong internet connection to avoid disconnecting from the game.

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