Mastering Riptide in Minecraft: Tips for Using Without Water

Are you a Minecraft player looking to enhance your gameplay with the Riptide enchantment?

We will explore what Riptide is, its purpose, and how to use it in the game.

Discover whether Riptide can be used without water, alternative methods of travel, and the benefits of utilizing Riptide.

If you’re curious about mastering this enchantment in Minecraft, keep reading to learn all the tips and tricks!

Key Takeaways:

  • Riptide is a powerful enchantment for tridents in Minecraft that allows players to move quickly through water and rain.
  • Riptide can only be used in water or rain, but there are alternative methods for fast travel, such as elytra wings and horseback riding.
  • While there are no cheats to use Riptide without water, mastering its use can greatly benefit players with faster travel and the ability to attack enemies in a unique way.
  • What is Riptide in Minecraft?

    Riptide in Minecraft is an enchantment for the trident that uses experience points (XP) to send the player flying forward, creating a unique form of Minecraft flight. Using the Riptide enchantment without water means the player can fly, sometimes for up to 140 blocks, on land. The player must have Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 or higher, lapis lazuli, as well as experience points, to use Riptide. The maximum level of the enchantment is III, which allows a player to fly the furthest.

    What is the Purpose of Using Riptide?

    The purpose of using Riptide in Minecraft is to move rapidly across the ground when heavy rain allows for slipperiness in the Desert and Savanna biomes. Heavy rain and snowfall exist in the Desert and Savanna style biomes that have Badlands Plateau or Bamboo Jungle blocks. Entering light snowfall will give the player a Gentle V., Riptide, II status. Snowfall can be invoked by placing powdered snow or scaffolding from the inventory.

    How to Use Riptide in Minecraft?

    Riptide is an enchantment for tridents in Minecraft that allow players to use tridents as a means of transportation by propelling themselves through water. The extent to which the enchantment is used is entirely up to the player, but below are the basics of how you can use Riptide in Minecraft and some suggestions of its application.

    How to use Riptide in Minecraft without water: Even in the absence of water, players can use Riptide to damage enemies. Once the player has a skill level of at least Enchantment level AKA Enchanting experience – 10, they can put a trident in an anvil and equate a Preset enchantment with an item that doesn’t typically take on that enchantment. Agreement examples would include placing gunpowder into an enchantment book or levitation potions into obsidian.

    How to use Riptide in Minecraft with water: The principal use of the Riptide enchantment is to assist players in scaling walls and traveling through water sources in Minecraft. When the trident is selected, players can press the “use” key to utilize the trident’s “Riptide” ability. This power enables players to zoom quickly through the water, and instantly propel them in the direction they are facing. The power propels the player forward at a speed of 3 blocks per second, which is much faster than swimming or rowing in a boat.

    Riptide in Minecraft without an anchor – Beyond water, there really aren’t any other officially recognized applications of the Riptide enchantment.

    Suggestions for using Riptide in Minecraft – Players might be interested in using zero-point energy sea anchors to manage their ocean-speed energy capabilities since they are gathering it from a moving body of water. Actually, trident spinning when the player has the Riptide enchantment slows you down. However, there is some time when you are falling into the confined, non-flowing body of water that will help you stop for a time. If you see the water below and you are about to die from the fall damage, this might give you the extra half-second you need. Nevertheless, for the most part, spinning in place is worthless.

    Step 1: Obtain a Trident with Riptide Enchantment

    The first step to using Riptide in Minecraft without water is to obtain a trident with the Riptide enchantment. This can be done in several ways including:

    1. Killing a drowned
    2. Killing a drowned holding a trident
    3. Using an enchanted book
    4. Combining a trident and an enchanted book in an anvil
    5. Fishing (most methods)

    Trading with a librarian villager for an enchanted book is the most reliable way to get them. Check your librarian villager for Riptide enchanted books and simply purchase them from the villager until you find one.

    Step 2: Find a Body of Water

    Find a suitable body of water that meets the parameters of your project. If your project requires a y-axis (height) of fewer than -96 blocks, the ocean will do. If you require a negative height outside of this limit for your Waterlogged Wall floating cube, a warm, lukewarm, ocean biome, or river will do. A frozen river or cold, frozen, mountain biome will do if you seek an ice look. Finally, a warm, lukewarm, or mountain biome is needed if you want a coral project.

    Step 3: Equip the Trident and Use Riptide

    If you followed all the steps above, you will by now have equipped your character with a trident, used an anvil to add the Riptide III enchantment, and then added the Channeling enchantment to be able to call lightning. With these steps completed, you are all set. Hop onto Minecraft. As soon as you start lagging out from the game, just throw your trident. You will take off and can control your movement with the keys on your keyboard.

    Step 4: Control the Direction and Speed of Movement

    The player can control the direction they move using riptide by facing in the desired direction before launching themselves in in that direction. To curtail speed one just has to double tap the key to exit the trident throw action. Since stopping a trident throw mid-flight to change direction does not work as well as others have noted, one should take care to point in the desired direction from the beginning.

    Can Riptide be Used Without Water?

    Riptide in Minecraft is only used with a trident. The Minecraft Wiki clarifies that the riptide enchantment does not work in non-liquid materials, which means it only works underwater, in rain, and during thunderstorms. Any of these conditions will allow you to use riptide as normal.

    If you have riptide as an enchantment on your trident and it is not working, it means the material you are in is not wet enough. For example, it will not work if you are in lush caves or anywhere that does not have a water or rain block above it.

    You cannot use riptide without water in the game, but you can join a discord group or external site to seek similar interest to connect with other Minecraft players.

    No, Riptide Only Works in Water or Rain in Minecraft

    The Minecraft enchantment riptide only works in water, rain, buckets of water, or bubble columns. Its behavior is associated with its definition which is defined as the action of setting afloat. This may refer to a ship or other sail-craft, but it is also used to describe a current of water or air from which one is unable to get free. Because this is theoretically what riptide is, the enchantment only works in Minecraft’s current ways of simulating riptides – being in water or rain.

    The enchantment does not work in cauldrons, snow (including snowy soil, slabs, and snow block), ice blocks, waterlogged blocks, or (Chorus)f foliage types such as leaves. The creators at Minecraft Gamepedia go to great lengths to point out that it does not work in Chorus, despite that being in the game as a means of getting out of a riptide.

    What are the Alternatives to Using Riptide Without Water?

    The alternatives to using Riptide enchantment in Minecraft without water are to use it in a pool of Lava or act as if the enchantment still requires water and just swim vertically upwards.

    Use it in lava: User P1knam verified the fact that you can leverage the Riptide enchantment in the Bedrock Edition to swim upwards in Lava.

    Vertical swimming: In the Java Edition, users should swim downwards in water, and then transition to swimming vertically downwards. At that point when you are not making forward progress, you will start swimming upwards. This is a method that users can leverage for swimming upward if there is no water present.

    Elytra Wings

    Elytra wings are items used to glide in Minecraft. They are obtained in The End Dimension from regions of purpur blocks called end ships. By shifting Riptide onto the Elytra wings, the Riptide is then able to fly in areas without water. To obtain an Elytra, someone has to venture to the IEnd and destroy the end ship stored in the ship and levitate back. Replacing the cape slot with the Elytra still manufactures the wings when the user continues to jump off high locations. They can then develop a rocket in the chestplate range and begin to sprint as they use it to initiate a speed boost. In mid-air, doing that and changing to the Elytra on the player’s shelves allows the player to use them.

    Horseback Riding

    If you replace the water with blue RIPTIDE-ENCHANTED BOOKS, they will also allow you to emerge from the water, but they also let you travel quickly over land. The most mobile option is to use the Riptide enchantment on a Trident or matchbook. It can be a challenge to collect several copies of the book or the Experience Levels to combine them, but this will allow the player to emerge on any rainstorm act as quickly on foot or on horseback as when in the water.


    Minecarts are essentially independent solid transports on tracks that can be pushed to accelerate and braked to slow down. They are the simplest form of mechanized transportation in Minecraft and can be repurposed to act as an independent solid transport. A minecart can transport a single player and a single storage container, of any size that fits the storage requirements from the launch to the destination. This is a cycle that involves jumps, slopes, rollers, hoppers, and loaders, for which power of some form will be necessary to move the minecart from time to time.

    Teleportation Commands

    Many custom Minecraft servers use teleportation commands in their Riptide reels. You can do this with the pack by adding this command to function teleport_away function definition.

    /tp @p

    Then internally, the proper x, y, z value is obtained based on how the player is currently facing. With datapacks, it is unclear which options are available besides the custom ones the datapack defines. If other options are available besides teleporting with the Riptide staff, they would show up in the /function help commands list that all datapacks automatically generate. However, no such other options are used by the Riptide staff datapack.

    Are There Any Cheats to Use Riptide Without Water?

    There are no cheats built into vanilla Minecraft to use Riptide without water. As of the latest update, natural water bodies are the only source of mass required to use riptide enchantment, where a riptide enchanted trident deals its maximum damage of 8 hearts.

    But one can generate water indoors by placing water sources and breaking ice blocks, or summon rain outside. You could also employ command block cheats to simulate rain or rapidly teleport between points indoors.

    No, Cheats Cannot Override the Game Mechanics of Riptide

    Riptide works with commands that are only active in water. Even by using the unspeakable acts of Minecraft cheats, there is no way to permanently override this Minecraft game mechanic.

    1. -1011: This is the Riptide level command for an iron axe.
    2. /give @p minecraft:iron_axe{Enchantments:[{idminecraft:riptidelvl:-1}]} 1
    3. -1001: This is the Riptide level command for an iron sword.
    4. /give @p minecraft:iron_sword{Enchantments:[{idminecraft:riptidelvl:-1}]} 1
    5. 101: This is the Riptide II command for a diamond sword.
    6. /give @p minecraft:diamond_sword{Enchantments:[{idminecraft:riptidelvl:101b}]} 1

    These commands are not permanent, and for them to have more than 0 durability requires additional commands. Bringing a HUD such as TooManyItems to your game will show you all of the possible items in Minecraft, and then will show you which invalid versions it creates for the above command. There is no functioning version of this command for boots. To use another item with riptide in this way, follow the system in the examples above. Such a massive enchantment level is not active in vanilla Minecraft, so such items will never be possible for the player to use in normal gameplay.

    What are the Benefits of Using Riptide Without Water?

    The benefits of using Riptide without water are that you can launch yourself into the air by right-clicking while riding a pig or horse wearing a saddle with the loyalty, channeling, and riptide enchantments on the charged trident head. This provides advantages in vaulting structures, jumping into or out of ravines or pits, and delightful and surprisingly effective methods of warfare.

    Faster Travel and Mobility

    Riptide is used in Minecraft without water for the purpose of quicker travel and increased mobility. In this way it can be used for exploration or even combat. Since the item no longer used up visibility in the air, it is ideal for building due to its ability to immediately deliver players to the desired height and distance above the ground to allow them to attach or build from locations previously unreachable. Here’s an example. The obsidian fortress at 849 / 5222 with a concrete road leading away from the middle entrance.

    Can be Used as a Weapon Against Enemies

    Riptide is a powerful Melee Weapon for attacking enemies and can be advantageous when used during the rain, snow, or thunderstorm weather, dealing as much damage as with Iron Swords but with the added bonus of having the trident remain in the player’s hand as opposed to being thrown.

    Riptide also reduces the number of hits required to kill underwater mobs (Turtles, Salmon, Cod, Squids, Dolphins) and Guardians. Guardian health is lowered further when lightning strikes the underwater mob at which point only one additional hit will be needed to kill the weakened Guardian.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Riptide in Minecraft and how do I use it without water?

    Riptide is an enchantment for tridents in Minecraft that allows you to launch yourself in the direction you are looking. It requires water to use, but there are some ways to still use it without water.

    What items do I need to use Riptide in Minecraft without water?

    To use Riptide without water, you will need a trident with the enchantment, and either a waterlogged block or a rainstorm in the game.

    How can I use Riptide in Minecraft without water using a waterlogged block?

    Place a waterlogged block, such as a sponge, in the spot you want to launch from. Then, hold the trident and right-click on the waterlogged block to launch yourself in the direction you are facing.

    Can I use Riptide in Minecraft without water using a rainstorm?

    Yes, if there is a rainstorm in the game, you can use Riptide without water. Simply hold the trident and right-click in the rain to launch yourself.

    Are there any other ways to use Riptide in Minecraft without water?

    Yes, if you have the “Curse of Vanishing” enchantment on the trident, you can throw it and quickly switch to your elytra to launch yourself without water.

    Can I use Riptide in Minecraft without water in creative mode?

    Yes, in creative mode, you can use Riptide without water by simply holding the trident and right-clicking in the direction you want to go. This will work even without a waterlogged block or rainstorm.

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